My Lucky Night


My Lucky NightI had just turned 17 and we were looking for a way to celebrate. My friends family owned a dance club located near several hotels that we could always get into. So the 4 of us went there. My friends were 17 and 18, none of us old enough to drink. It was a sasauge fest and we were getting cock blocked at every turn. We did get to dance with some very good looking women. These two older women, I am going to guess late 50’s were dancing with us and flirting. We did not think much of it as they were way older and looked like school marms. They were drinking heavy and getting very drunk. Even though they were flirting with us we never thought about sex as they did not look like they would have sex, too classy and up-tight, you know what I mean. We were thinking we were not going to get anywhere and started to talk about going home when the ladies asked if we could help them to their room as they were way drunk, they could hardly walk. We walked them to their room and they asked for us to come in and make sure they got settled. I felt like I was with my grandma. One lady was around 5ft8in tall salt and pepper hair, not very exciting, kind of chubby. The other woman was the same height, auburn hair in a bun, kind of skinny. they both had wedding rings on. They had a two room suite, Mike and I helped the skinny one to her room and then the bathroom as she thought she might barf. We stood there with her but she did not barf but she did start to remove her clothes, down to just her panties. She Escort had a nice body and a real nice set of tits much to my surprise. We helped her to the bed, Mike and I both had raging hardons at this point and she must have noticed as she said she could help us with “those” and that she felt she owed us for helping her and her friend. She reached for Mike’s pants and pulled them down. Mikes boner sprung forth and stood at attention. She had her hand around it and then her mouth. I knew this woman was very drunk but I really needed to get laid. My cock was so hard it hurt. Mike was looking at me as if he wanted me to join in. I smiled and put my hand into her panties and felt her hot wet pussy. I played with it for a minute and then smelled my hand, her pussy smelled great!! I was afraid it smell old I guess. This was all I needed to get me going. I pulled her panties down to reveal a very hairy light brown snatch. Inside of that was a very pink wet pussy all open and ready for business. She opened her legs wide giving me room to work. I played with her clit for a minute and then decided that I should get to fucking before she throws up or passes out. My young cock slid easily into pussy, and to my surprise, it felt really good. I was afraid that it would be all loose and yucky. I drove my cock into her with force knowing that I would not last too long as it had been awhile since my last pussy. My balls were already boiling and I reached the point of no return, I pushed as deep into her Escort Bayan cunt as I could and released a giant load of goo flooding her insides. As soon as my balls were drained I pulled out and Mike moved in and quickly drained his balls deep inside her cunt also. We laid on either side of her and she seemed to be sobering up some and started to say that she has never done this sort of thing before and hoped we did not think of her as a slut. As she said this she was playing with my still hard cock. She said that we could jump back inside her for another round if we wanted. Mike rolled on top of her and started to fuck away on her. I thought I better go check and see what the rest of the crew was doing. They were in the other room fucking that other woman. I watched for a minute or two till my cock was hurting and then went back to our woman. Mike had just pumped his second load into her and was heading into the bathroom so I climbed on her for another ride. This time I lasted much longer, and was able to fuck her good. We fucked for many minutes and I was enjoying watching her boobs shake to my thrust. I could tell she was nearing her own orgasim and was holding on. She finally let loose with a massive orgasim, I thought her pussy was going to rip my cock off. With that I again flooded her womb full of my hot semen and we collasped into each others arms. All three of us fell asleep, my limp cock still inside her wonderful gooey pussy. I awoke several hours later with my dick hard Bayan Escort and still inside her, I started to pull it out but she stopped me and asked me to cum inside her again. We laid there and slow fucked for a minute and then I filled her full of cum a third time. We all got up and walked into the living area, the other three were in there all naked and well fucked. The other lady looked at us and asked if we had enjoyed ourselves? Our woman smilled real big and said that we were real gentleman and treated her well. The chubby woman then asked if we could go one more round, maybe we could swap things around. I looked down at her hairy old well fucked pussy and said that we could swing it. Mike and I pushed the woman onto the couch and he pushed his cock into her mouth and I went into her pussy. Her pussy was not as nice as the first woman’s, very sloppy from all the cum, but I was going to get a nut inside her all the same. After a couple of minutes I added my sperm to the other guys that was deep in her cunt. Mike then mounted her and soon added his to her collection. The other two guys had finished and we all sat there smilling. The chubby woman said that the husbands would be showing up later today but we were welcome to stay and fuck till then. Both women said that they had never fucked so many men at one time before. The chubby one said that she had had a couple of one night stands before but nothing like this. The dark haired woman said she had never done anything like this at all, she claimed to have ever been with three men in her whole life. We stayed till about an hour before the husbands were to show, we had to slow fuck as everyone was getting sore. We all did manage to pump another load in each woman before we left.

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