My Master Fantasy Part 2


My Master Fantasy Part 2Once again I invite any females who would like to make this a reality!The knife blade is tight against your throat, and small beads of sweat are beginning to form on your temples. I trace around your neck with the blade – not breaking the skin but still leaving a mark.”Cut me Master” you whisper “Leave your mark””When i’m good an ready……..and who gave you permission to speak!”My grasp on your long black hair tightens and i force you to your knees. Pulling your hair back you open your mouth in a gasp and i simultaneously spit into it.Your eyes widen and you swallow.A painfull slap is delivered to your cheek turning your whole face red.I order you to stand at the wall, you know whats coming. With your hands outstretched, palms flat against the wall you lean back awaiting the cane.With all the force i can muster the cane is brought down on your ample ass”1” you start the countI return to my coffee savouring the aroma of the expensive beans which is mixing in the air with the scent Escort of your sweaty fear.after what seems lke an eternity the cane makes contact again and again”2″, “3”, “4”, “5”Your ass is already starting to produce nice blue black weltsAs the count reaches 10 you are struggling to stay up and one of the welts is already bleeding.I turn you around to face me but you know better than to make any eye contact, instead hugging the floor with your tearful eyes.Examining your cunt i pull roughly at your labial lips, then thrust three fingers into you.”mmm you are nice and wet” i say”thank you master””bend over bitch”You comply bending forward and hold open your painfully sore ass cheeks.Straight away i start forcing first two then three fingers into your spread asshole. Its so tight and i know its hurting you but i don’t care. I reach forward and spread some of your leaking cunt juice over my fingers and resume fingering your asshole. eventually i am able to get almost my entire fist into Escort Bayan you and you are gasping and moaning. As my hand dissappears into your shit box you cum causing your ass to spasm and clench even tighter forcing your orgasm to continue rather than subside. using my other hand i pull violently on your clitoris keeping the momentum of your orgasm, pulsing my hand within your asshole until i know you can take no more, as suddenly as i have started violating you i stop, pulling out in a quick motion leaving your gaping asshole convulsing empty and stretched.Normally this would be all for the session but today i am feeling particularly evil.”Now i’m going to cut you you worthless cunt, but you don’t deserve the knife!”I go back to my coat on the hall stand, from my pocket i retreive a length of electrical wire.”Stand to attention whore” i bellow.Shocked back into reality you stand with your hands folded behind your back. A whooshing sound is made by the cable as it moves through the Bayan Escort air before making the most painful of contacts with your 38D tits. Again and again the cord marks your breasts leaving perfect red lines across them.You know that i’m not going to stop until i draw blood and you pray that your skin will split quickly.by the 14th stroke your breasts are a mess and one of the biggest welts which i have been working on decides that it has had enough and a trickle of blood drips down to your stomach.”Enough” i call.”Thank you Master”You are left standing in the room dripping blood and shaking from the pain. As you hear me moving upstairs you relax in the knowledge that the ordeal is over for this time. You hear the sound of a bath being drawn, but you know that you have not been invited yet.Then it comes……….”Lauren……come up here” my voice is softer…….no menace this time.You ascend the stairs naked and tired , The bath is full and very bubbly. I offer my hand to help you in then help clean your wounds. Then i leave you to continue on your own. I make my way to the bedroom and undress climbing into bed. You appear naked but dry and get into the bed with me.”Thank you Master” you say as you drift off to slep in my arms……..

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