My Nurse, My Husband, and Me


My Nurse, My Husband, and MeMy Nurse, My Husband, and MeI’m Betty, a 61 years young married woman. My husband and I have been married for over 15 years, this is both our 2nd marriage. We are in business together, so we work, live, and play together. Basically we are together all the time and trust me, sometimes that working together gets on our nerves but it does have its benefits, nothing like a quickie between appointments when there’s time. I think for an older couple we are very sexually active. We aren’t afraid to explore our sexuality and try new things. There hasn’t been much we haven’t tried or done but we have always remained in a monogamist relationship. In short, there isn’t much that one won’t do for the other to keep things sexually exciting. I have always believed that a married woman wears many hats, she should be a home maker, cook, nurse, mother, wife, lady in public and a slut at home, and a tease when she is with her man. And, hubby feels lucky to have me as his wife and agrees with that totally. Especially the slut part, he says I am a perfect slut since I don’t know the word NO when it comes to sex. Since our c***dren are grown and gone, that leaves us alone in our home to play our games. When we travel, I am his devoted submissive wife and we have fun playing together, both in private and sometimes in public. I can dress seductively, but not trampish, as well as play the part of the seductress. There is nothing wrong with showing a thigh or deep cleavage when we are out on the town, or shooting a quick beaver shot at just the right moment as a tease. We have quite an extensive selection of sex toys as well as lingerie for me to wear for him. But enough of that for now and lets get to the reason I am writing about this wonderful adventure and the dream we live.I had the unfortunate opportunity to have some medial issues that lasted several months. They weren’t life threatening but there were a number of issues going on that I ended up having home nursing care for a couple of months. For the first several visits I always had a different nurse, never the same one twice. Then Holly came for the next 2 visits and said she was going to be my nurse and would take care of me. She would come 3 times a week to check on me, gather information, and log it into her computer so the doctors could track my progress. And she took excellent good care of me. Holly was in her late 40’s, very attractive with short blond hair, a very nice figure as best I could tell with her being in scrubs when she would come. She was married and had 2 c***dren in their teens at home. After the first couple of weeks we started to develop a good friendship. After removing my shirt with my boobs hanging out while she listened to my lungs, got my blood pressure, and examined my chest you do develop a friendship sitting there in all of your glory. Her visits would last about 15 minutes when she first started coming to the house. After a couple of weeks she started staying a little longer each time she came, 45 minutes would not be out of the ordinary. We started chatting more about personal things than just my condition and how I was doing as far as getting better. As time passed we became closer and a friendship developed. We exchanged cell phone numbers in the event that if I felt I needed her or we just wanted to talk. We discovered that we only lived about 10 minutes apart and on weekends she would call or stop over to visit and check on me. It was on the house as she would put it and stay for an hour or two as we would chat and became closer. During those times I discovered that her marriage was like my first marriage, basically it was her and the k**s, he was always working and they really didn’t have much of a life together. I learned that, on a Saturday when she used the excuse to stop by to check on me. She looked a little rough on the edges. I smiled and asked her, “Did you have a rough night last night?” Laughing, she said she got together with a couple of friends at one of their houses and they drank a little too much wine last night. She said that she needed a sanity night out away from the k**s and her husband. We both laughed and commented about how getting older is kind of was the shits when we over indulge, it took to long to heal from the night before. Holly laughed and agreed. I could tell that something still was bothering her so I asked her what was really the matter?She came right out and asked, “What is your marriage like, you both seem very happy.”“Oh, we have a great marriage, we are best friends and lovers and make the most out of it, we work very hard at. Why?” “I was just wondering.” I knew that there was more to it than that. So I started asking her what was going on in her marriage. Well, 2 hours later listening to her describe her marriage I found out that it was worse than I thought. They lived more like 2 roommates than husband and wife. I was sitting on the bed so I spread my arms out and waved my hands for her to come to me, she leaned into me for a hug. I pulled her close and gave her a warm hug and a slight kiss on the cheek. I haven’t been wearing a bra since I am home all the time and the feeling of her breasts and body pressing into mine sent a tingle through me and I liked that feeling. I have always had a curious side and many years ago I experimented with another woman when I was in my mid 20’s, and enjoyed it. I just never really had an opportunity after Mary moved away to do it again. So when she didn’t pull away, we hugged longer and my mind started to remember those special times with Mary so many years ago. When we did separated she had a tear in the corner of her eye that started to run down her cheek. As I gently wiped it from her face I asked her what was wrong and she said that it had been a long time since anyone had held her like that. Laughing I told her “As pretty as you are, don’t mention that to my husband John, he will hug you all the time and you will have to fight to get away from him.” Holly grinned when she said, “That sounds okay to me.”Laughingly I said, “Trust me, if you hug him like that you will find his hands all over your butt.” We both laughed. Her response to that surprised me, “I might like that, it has been a long time since someone squeezed my butt, or as far as that goes anything else. As much as I would love the feeling of being in some ones arms, I would hate to jeopardize our friendship even more, so don’t worry.”I smiled at her, “Hell, go ahead, if you want, it will make his day, especially as attractive as you are my dear, he will think he died and went to heaven?”“Better be careful, I might just take you up on that that it sure would help my ego.”My mind started wondering. I wonder if we just might have found someone to share some time with. John always talked about bringing another woman in to join us but never did. He always said that he wanted to watch me with another woman and that he was okay with it, as long as he could watch and maybe play too but I could set the boundaries for him and he would honor them, that he would only do what I was comfortable with him doing. I never told him that it wouldn’t happen, but always tried to act put out by it. In reality, I was secretly hoping that maybe it might happen, at least, if it ever presented it’s self, I wasn’t going to discourage it. Holly said that she needed to get going, that her husband had some things to do and needed her home to be with the k**s. She leaned over and we hugged again and she kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for the laughs and making her feel better. As we walked towards the door for her to leave, I told her, anytime you need a place to hide, drink wine, or just a sanity check that our door was always open. And most of all what we do and say in the house stays in the house. Looking over her shoulder as she walked out to her car she said, “I will keep that in mind and don’t be surprised if I show up sometime.” “We will look forward to it.” Especially me I thought. It had been 5 weeks since we had talked on that Saturday late morning. I no longer needed home health care, my cast was removed from my arm, and I had been released from home health care. We were getting back into the swing of things as I was finally feeling great again since my health issues were now well behind me. My cell phone alerted me that I had a text. Looking at it, I seen it was from Holly, ‘What ya doing? Want some company? I have a couple of bottles of wine and looking for someone to share it with.’So I text her back, ‘You aren’t hear yet? Where are you? I am looking for you and don’tsee you.’‘Be there in 5.’I made a quick look around, picked up a little bit. I was wearing a button up flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, so I made sure the first 3 buttons were undone. Not wearing a bra my cleavage looked good as my breasts swung free. I was excited and anxious for her to get there.My husband John was out on an appointment then had some errands to run. I sent him a text and told him to bring home some wine and get something light from the store for dinner for 3. I knew that by saying 3 would get his attention and would get back to me quicker and questions as to who was coming for dinner. Meanwhile, Holly arrived. I saw her pull into the driveway so I went down to the garage to let her in. As the garage door was going up I could see right away as she sat in her car she had been crying. Here mascara was smeared around her red eyes. I opened her car door and when she got out, we hugged for a while. Darn, she felt so good I my arms against my body. As we started to break our hug she gave me a peck on the lips and whispered thank you I really needed that. My mind was yelling, Oh be still little heart. She grabbed a bag with a couple bottles of wine in it and we walked into the house with our arms wrapped around each others waist. I asked her what was wrong. She said that while she had to work this morning, her husband text her and said he was taking the girls Escort bayan to his parents house and would be back late tomorrow night. She looked me in the eyes and said, “The bastard couldn’t wait 3 hours so we all could go together.” I looked her in the eyes and told her, “His loss not spending time with you honey.”“So I decided that I might as well pick up some wine and call a good friend and have a party.”Laughing I told her, “You came to the right place. Come on in and let’s get started.” She was wearing her scrubs and white tennis shoes, her usual uniform, for making house calls. That is a lot less flattering than a tight pair of jeans and blouse. But that was fine. As I started to open the wine I told Holly to get a couple of glasses out of cabinet. They were on the top shelf in the cabinet, I watched her stretch to reach the glasses, her scrub pants pulled tight against her shapely bottom, and there was that tingling sensation again running up and down my body again. After a couple hours and almost 2 bottles of wine, we were both giggling and laughing. Holly seemed to be relaxed and the stress of the situation was gone. We both had a good buzz going. As always, when drinking and women are together the discussion always turns to sex. She told me that she hadn’t had sex in over 3 months. She asked me about my sex life. I just laughed and told her that John and I have a great sex life. Holly then asked me, “Hasn’t it gotten stale?”Laughing I basically told her that our sex life is anything but stale. We don’t say no in the bedroom unless something is painful, that we play with toys and I wear lingerie in and out of the bedroom. John is so creative when it comes to sex and our pleasure in private or pubic. I knew I had Holly’s attention when she said, “Public?”I laughed, “Oh yes, one time I had an orgasm in a restaurant eating dinner.” I noticed that her nipples were starting to poke out against her top which excited me and I knew I was becoming aroused too. I didn’t need to look, I could feel them and Holly kept glancing at my chest looking at mine. With glazed over big eyes, she asked, “Please tell me how that happened, I can’t imagine.”So I told her about our trip to Baltimore to The Inner Harbor. We went for a couple of days during the week in late spring as a get away. We were going out for dinner on a warm night. I was wearing a halter style maxi dress and a light sweater to cover my arms and shoulders since it would be a little cool by the water front and to keep my nipples from being my focal point me. John told me to wear a pair of panties, which was strange because generally I didn’t. When I was finally ready John gave me a wonderful hug and we kissed with passion. He started to pull up the front of my dress, pushed my panties to the side and slid his middle finger in me, I was so moist and excited it slide in very easily. I was ready to just stay in the room and jump his bones. After stroking his finger in and out several times, he reached over and picked up an egg shaped thing, it was around 2 ½ inches long and maybe 1 ½ wide. I was watching him when he slowly slid it deep up inside of me with his finger and put my panties back in place. I asked him what he was doing and he just smiled, you’ll see. Smiling he said, lets go. As we walked from the room to the elevator it felt kind of exciting as I felt it move around inside of me, not really uncomfortable, but just different. On the elevator ride down it was just him and I. All of a sudden I felt this vibration deep up inside of me as the silly thing came to life. I gasped and grabbed a hold of John’s shoulder to help hold me up as my knees went weak. Holly’s eyes were big and her nipples were hard sticking so for out against her top they looked like stones were under her top as she kept crossing her legs, left over right, then right over left and moving her hips on the chair. I continued with the story. I gasped and looked at John, he was grinning, I asked him what are you doing? He just laughed, and said it looks like it works. You could barley hear the slight humming from the egg he hid between my legs inside of me. The buzzing was really getting me excited then he turned it off. Talk about a let down. I noticed Holly hanging on every word and drinking her wine as I told her about the time I climaxed in public in a restaurant. Not to mention the heat and excitement levels seemed to be rising in the room. And to tell you the truth, it was just one of those fond sexual memories between me and John. Not to mention, it was making me so horny as I told Holly the story. As I continued Holly was all over the kitchen chair like she had ants in her pants. So I continued with my story. Once we left the hotel lobby I could feel the wetness on my panties. While we were walking the couple of blocks to the Inner Harbor when ever someone was walking towards us, John would reach in his pocket and turn on that damn thing on again. I had my arm around his waist to help hold me up as the buzzing would only excite me more as it continued to build my excitement and frustration to maintain my lady like exterior. The more it buzzed the more sexually excited I got. Then I discovered it had adjustable speeds, he left it on a low hum vibrating up inside of me. As I walked I could feel the damn thing moving around inside of me, touching this and that. It wasn’t enough to push me over the edge and cum, but just enough to make me want to more and more. By now I was a wreck, my nipples were poking out against the top of my dress and I was so horny I would have fucked the Baltimore Oriels baseball team. John was holding me tight against his side, he slide his hand onto my left breast and tweaked my nipple between his finger and thumb, that just added to the sensation I was feeling, my juices were now starting to flowing down the inside of my thighs. All I could do was bite his shoulder and moan hoping no one heard me as we got closer to the crowded sites of The Inner Harbor. I wanted to cum so badly and he wouldn’t let me. He would turn it off or down low just when I was about too. Holly had glazed over eyes and was breathing deeply as she slowly placed her right hand on her lap under the table where I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but I could see by the slight movement of her arm that she was rubbing herself under the table. I wanted so badly to go over and help her, to kiss her, to feel her body against mine. I emptied the rest of the 2nd bottle of wine into our classes and continued my story. Thank God, when we walked into the restaurant, he turned the thing off so I could regain some of my composure. We went and waited at the bar for a table to open for us. The bartender came over to get our order, he was a handsome young man and in my excited condition I wanted to jump his bones so badly, he stared straight at my protruding nipples sticking out from my chest as he asked us what we wanted. John ordered us each a shot of tequila and Manhattan for us to drink. He had plans for us because nothing ever good comes from me drinking tequila. As we toasted the shot and slammed it down with the salt and lime he ordered another one. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes before our table was ready, that damn little egg would start buzzing then he would shut it off, I was so wet I was afraid I was going to leave a wet spot on the back of my dress. I could feel my 2 shots of tequila taking affect as I started to relax and loosened up. As we walked into the dinning we walked past a mirror, my face and chest was flushed from my excitement and my sweater was open and my nipples were sticking straight out for all to see and I didn’t care. The egg inside of me started a new vibration, it would start low and then build up to a fevered speed then slow back down. When the waiter come over I was having trouble concentrating on what to order, John ordered for me as I sat there in frustration wanting to have a screaming orgasm so badly. I looked at the waiter and he was starring at me and asked if I was alright. I told him yes and maybe a glass of water please, but in my mind I said, nothing that a long hard cock can’t fix. As he walked away I grabbed the edge of the table and was about to climax, all of a sudden it shut it off. I groaned and moaned a little louder than I thought I did because the couple at the next table looked at me. John had me right where he wanted me. I just smiled at the couple and looked at John, I was so frustrated, horny, so ready to fuck anything that moved, I had lost all dignity, my nipples were so sensitive from the stimulations my vagina was sending to them and the fabric rubbing on them. John let me eat in peace, thank God. We had another drink and a delicious desert that we shared. I thought I had made it, John hadn’t turned on that damn egg anymore and it was a good thing since I was so ready and wanted to climax so badly. Just as I took the last bite of the desert the damn thing started up on super high speed. Since I was sitting it put extra pressure on my g-spot and I felt my body begin to tremor. I grabbed the table again, starred at John and a started to cum right there in the restaurant sitting at the table. I was holding my breath, I could feel sweat on my face and running down my cleavage between my boobs. It took all my will power not to scream. As my vagina started to spasm time and time again I closed my eyes and rode the wave of pleasure. I have no idea how long it lasted, none. John finally shut it off and I slowly started to come back to reality. The waiter approached the table and handed John the bill to sign. I didn’t remember John ever giving him his credit card. I felt and looked flushed and the couple that looked at me earlier was looking at me again with grins on their faces. John smiled and asked if I was ready to go back to the hotel? I moaned a yes as he helped me from the booth and we left the restaurant. I have never had an orgasm like before, Bayan escort I don’t know if being in public and trying so hard not to draw attention to myself or just the fact that it was building for over a couple of hours but I was totally exhausted from it. So once outside John hailed us a cab that took us back to the hotel. Once we were in the room I fucked him like a crazed woman way into the night. The next morning I asked John what happened when I had my orgasm in the restaurant, all he would say, Nothing why? That is basically what happened when I climaxed in a restaurant at the Inner Harbor. I could see Holly just sitting there, her face was flushed, her breathing was rapid, her nipples were sticking out and she looked so horny sitting there with a far away look in her eyes. I was ready to walk over to her and give her a long hot deep passionate kiss when the dogs started barking, I figured John must be home and he was. Damn the timing, as he came walking into the kitchen with his hands full of bags from the grocery and the liquor store. Holly smiled and said hello in a weak raspy voice, John noticed her nipples sticking out against her top and the flushed color on her face and neck. He is such a trooper, he never let on as he walked over to her after emptying his arms. Holly stood up and melted into his hug pressing her body tightly against his and kissing him on the cheek, she lingered longer than customary, maybe hoping to feel him grope her ass. I was jealous for just a second wishing it was me, I would grope her ass and a whole lot more.John seen the empty bottle on the table and stated, “Never fear ladies, supplies have arrived, ready for another one?”I quickly said, “We already have had 2, do you think we need another one?”Holly was quick to respond, “Open it up, I’m ready for more, how about you dear?” She was looking deep into my eyes. Before I could respond John spoke up, “Okay, but we won’t let you drive home drunk, that is against the house rules. Either your husband will have to come and pick you up or you spend the night, your choice?”Holly smiled and said, “I have nowhere to be, I am single tonight, so I am here with you two.”I quickly explained to John that her family went to visit his parents and she is our guest. John simply smiled looking me in the eyes, his face said more than the words. I could tell he was thinking nasty thoughts. That damn pig and I laughed in my mind. Well, since we are going to make a night of it then, why don’t you girls go and change into something more comfortable while I whip up a little dinner us. Holly grinned and said, “Ah, I don’t really have anything else to wear.”John looked at me, “I am sure that you have something comfortable to wear that is fitting to a night’s relaxation and enjoying good company. Don’t you?” His smile said volumes, maybe I was going to have some fun with Holly and John was going to have his dream come true, after all. “I think this will be a formal dinner tonight, a gown should be in order, don’t you think?” I knew exactly what he meant. I have some Olga gowns with the spandex bodice and the long full flowing bottom. John loves it when I wear them with a robe. They show enough to be enticing but there is still a little bit of modesty to them, very little. Besides, I love the feel of the soft material on my nipples and they hold my breasts so nice and sexy. And I am sure Holly will love them too. I have just the one for her, fuchsia in color and I had a pair of high heels that matched perfectly. Holly commented, “Formal?”“Yes, Betty has some gowns that are comfortable, long, and made for relaxing in, I am sure you will love them and besides, they fit all sizes. Now go on you two.”I took Holly’s hand and we went up the stairs to my room to get us dressed for dinner. We giggled like teenagers playing dress up when we got into my room and I pulled out the gowns. Holly’s eyes got big as she looked at the fuchsia colored gown I handed her. I think the color is perfect for you. She looked at me and then the gown, I could tell she was wondering about wearing this in front of John. I smiled and started to unbutton my shirt as she watched me. I told her to come on, let’s get ready for dinner, I’m hungry. She pulled her top off, her breasts covered by her bra, this was the first time I had a chance to see her breasts. Even in her bra they were beautiful and full. She was between a C and D cup. The sheer lace of her bra didn’t hide her larger than normal protruding hard nipples. They were absolutely beautiful and I wanted to right then place my lips around one and suck on it. But I refrained from making any gesture like that yet. She started to pull the gown up over her head. I stopped her and said, I am sorry, but you can’t wear a bra with the gown. The gown will fit you better without anything on under it and there is a robe that goes with it too. With doubt in her eyes, I pulled my black gown over my head and pulled it down over my breasts. A pull here and there they were in place, the lace showed the middle of my chest and sides of my breasts but my nipples were hidden behind the fabric of the gown. Then I reached up under the lower part and pulled off my jeans. Holly turned her back to me and removed her bra and pulled her gown down and adjusted her breasts in place turned to face me. Darn she looked lovely in the gown as if formed to fit her body. She then reached up under her gown and removed the rest of her scrubs. I could tell that she still on her panties, I smiled and said nothing under the gown, you don’t want to ruin the way it hangs on your body, do you? So she reached up pulled them off. I noticed when she placed them on her scrubs that the crotch was wet from her juices. I wanted so badly to hold them to my face. We walked together and stood in front of the full length mirror in my room looking at ourselves and each other. She moaned slightly and said, “We look absolutely beautiful, don’t we?”“Yup, I think we look great, you want to add a little more pizzazz to the outfit? “Sure!”I walked into my closet and got out 2 pair of stay up stockings, 1 fuchsia and 1 black. I handed her the fuchsia one and I took my black ones which matched my gown and started to put on my stockings. Holly stood there watching me with a questioning look on her face. “Here, sit on the love seat with me and I will show you how to put them on.” As I patted the cushion beside me she walked over and sat beside me. While I watched her put on her stockings, I couldn’t help but watch her breasts through the soft spandex top, her nipples were poking out so far I wanted to just lean over and suck them into my mouth. Once we had our stockings on and smoothed out I handed her the shoes hoping that they would fit, they did. We stood up on our 3 inch heels, long flowing gowns and our chest thrust forward, I walked up to her and told her she was beautiful and we hugged. Again the feeling of her breasts pressing into mine sent shivers up my spine. I handed her the robe and when she put it on, she pulled it tight around her body to cover everything underneath, where mine was loose and would show a glimpse of my breasts. I knew that in time her robe would loosen up and I would soon be seeing hers too. We were now dressed and ready for dinner as we went down stairs arm in arm. When John seen us walking down the steps I thought his tongue was going to hit the floor. Holly giggled and so did I. I ask John, “What’s the matter?” He was speechless which is rare for him, he just stood there stuttering. As we got to the bottom of the steps I saw where John had prepared a nice light dinner for us. There was a Chicken Cobb Salad for each of us with fresh wine classes filled with more wine. The bread was sitting in the middle of the table and a glass of water for each of us if we wanted any. We toasted our glasses and started to enjoy our food. In the normal conversation I asked John what all he did this afternoon trying to catch up. He said that he had visited Maria. I look at him, “Did you get anything from her?”Smiling back at me, “Of course, you know how she takes such good care of us.”“What did you get?”“A half.” Is all he said.Maria is a dear friend of ours and occasionally we get a little pot from her now and then, something else that we do to keep things exciting, all inhabitations are gone when we smoke pot. Some of our best fuck sessions have been under the influence. And that is all you can call it, cause it sure isn’t tender love making, it is just plain out, anything goes, fucking and raw sex. The half meant that he got half an ounce of primo pot.I seen Holly sitting there with a questioning look on her face so I briefly explained that sometimes we smoke a little pot, it keeps things interesting. “Do you smoke?”“No, I tried it when I was in high school, a very long time ago, why?”“Oh, I was just wondering.” I was going to drop it.“But I would be willing to try it again.” Holly said in a shy voice with a smile. Okay, when we finish dinner we will have some for desert, how does that sound?”Holly had only one word to answer, “Exciting!”After we were done eating, John rolled us a joint. I asked her if she remembered how and she did. So John lit it for us and then started to clear the table. Holly asked me, “Where is he going, doesn’t John smoke?”“Oh yes, but trust me when I say this, you don’t want to see him stoned. Neither one of us will be safe in the house, he gets so horny.” Holly just smiled which got me to thinking naughty thoughts again. While John cleaned the table and did the dishes he turned on some soft easy listening music, the kind you want to romantically dance too. Holly was starting to grin a lot, she was starting to get a buzz and as I knew would happen, her robe had opened up and I was looking at her magnificent chest, God her tits were beautiful. The pot was good, so smooth and I could feel it starting to flow into my body as we finished the joint. I was starting Escort to get that super horny mellow feeling that I get when I smoke. Holly and I were just sitting at the clean table, sipping our wine and giggling while we starred at each other swaying to the music letting our minds go with their own thoughts. Mine was taking Holly, just licking, sucking and tasting every inch of her body, I have no idea what she was thinking. Sometime during all of this, John went upstairs and changed into his lounging clothes. He put on a nice sweat pants outfit with a matching zip up jacket that was half unzipped and his slippers. When he came down the stairs he walked up to both of us and told us to get up that we were all going to dance. As we rose he embraced us, one on each side of him. We hugged with arms around all and slowly started to dance. The heat coming from Holly and John against my body felt wonderful. Holly and I both placed our heads on each side of John’s neck and slowly danced around the room. When the song ended we continue to dance together. John then kissed us on the cheek and we both kissed him back. Holly and I looked at each other and giggled. John asked if we wanted another joint. Holly and I looked at each other and said sure. John rolled one. He lit it, took a pull and leaned over and kissed me forcing the smoke into my mouth and down into my lungs. I held it for as long as I could before I let the smoke escape through my nose. It was such a rush; I felt it all the way down to my toes between the kiss and the pot. Holly was standing beside us, John handed the joint to Holly when he kissed me, she pulled a couple hits while we kissed.John took the joint from Holly and handed it to me and said, “Your turn to give one to Holly!” My insides jumped with joy, I wanted to feel her lips pressed against mine. As I sucked a mouthful of smoke I stared into Holly’s eyes. They were hazy with wine and pot, as we looked deep into each others soul. When my mouth was full, I handed the joint to John and placed my hand on the back of Holly’s head and pulled her to my lips. As our lips touched we both moaned into each others mouth as I pushed the smoke into her lungs. As her tongue touched my lips I sucked it in and we started to passionately kiss. It felt like the 4th of July as the fireworks started going off in my mind. My right hand went around her waist to pull her tight against my body as our tongues danced in the others mouth. Our passion rising as our bodies pressed firmly together. We were trying to become one as we ground against the other. The feeling of her breasts pressed so firmly into mine, I could feel my juices leaking down between my thighs. A moan escaped from her throat as the passion grew even more. I pulled my right hand around her and gently squeezed her left breasts. As I started to massage it she started to grind her pelvis against my thigh, I could feel her wetness. I pinched her nipple and felt her moan into my mouth. Holly and I were one, our bodies were molded together as I pushed her back against the breakfast bar. She was frantically grinding her pussy against my thigh and mine against hers as I played with her breast and nipple. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes, I seen lust in them. I pushed her robe and her gown straps off of her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her breasts and chest down to her hips. They were beautiful, so full and with a little bit of sag she had they were tear dropped shaped with large hard nipples sticking straight out. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as she moaned thrusting her hips towards mine. I wanted her more than ever. I wanted to make love and have sex with her all night. I looked over and John was standing there smoking the rest of the joint grinning. Holly saw me looking at him and turned her head towards John. In a low voice he said, “I think we are going to have some fun tonight.” Holly and I giggled catching our breath at the same time said, “Ya think?”John leaned in to us and kissed me hard on the lips, of course I returned his kiss just as hard and full of passion has his. Then he turned to Holly placing his hands under her arms whispered, “Jump!” She gave a small jump, with his help she sat on the edge of the breakfast counter, he leaned in and kissed her again. I gently nudged him to the side while they were kissing. I reached down to the hem of her gown and wrapped my hands around her ankles. As they continued to kiss and John gently teasing her nipples I slowly slid my hands up her smooth soft stocking clad legs. As I got to her knees she willingly spread them for me as my hands slid her gown up higher exposing more of her legs and thighs. As I got to the top of her stockings, I started to massage the bare skin above the stocking tops. I could clearly see her neatly trimmed blond hair over her womanly lips. They were so beautiful, swollen and full with her inner lips exposed peaking out. Her thighs around her pussy were wet and glistening from her flowing juices and her fragrance was delicious. Nothing is better than the fragrance of a woman’s sex. As I massaged her thighs I pushed my thumbs up to massage around her womanly lips, her moans increased from my teasing and kissing John.As John continued to kiss her he was stroking her breasts and nipples, she continued to moan into his mouth as they kissed. Her breathing was fast and shallow. I placed my hand on her chest and gently pushed her back to lie across the breakfast bar on her back. Her hips on the edge in front of me gave me complete access to her as I started licking and sucking her clit between my lips. She spread her legs wider to allow me more room to lick her. She squirmed and moaned laying there allowing me to lick and suck on her womanly sex. I was so full of lust I wanted to do so many things to this willing beautiful hot woman. As I sucked on her clit I easily slid 2 middle fingers up inside of her. She placed her legs up over my shoulders as I continued to suck and like her clit. The feeling of her soft smooth stockings rubbing on my bare shoulders and neck sent erotic sensations through my body, no wonder John loves for me to wear stockings when he goes down on me. She was so wet her juices were flowing down my hand and the crack of her lovely ass. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me hard against her sex as I sucked her clit and fucked her with my fingers. I started stroking my fingers in and out of her she started thrusting her hips to match my thrusts. Her breathing was fast and furious as her moans and screams of pleasure filled the room. My started nibbling and pulling on her clit with my teeth, I easily slid my index finger in to join the other 2 and was working them in and out of her hard and fast. I curled them up to stroke her g-spot, her body tensed as she squeezed my head between her thighs as her first orgasm went through her body. I could feel her muscles spasms insides as she squeeze my fingers hard and her juices flowed freely running over my hand to the counter top. I listened to her moaning and gasping for breath, “Oh God!” over and over again through her orgasm. Her soft stocking clad legs holding my head in place with her orgasm. I slowly removed my dripping fingers from her as I stood up and looked at her post orgasmic bliss. Her head was hanging over the far edge of the counter, her mouth was gaping open gasping for breath as John stood there watching the entire thing. He was gently stroking his blood engorged hard on with one hand. His other hand was gently massaging her breast and tugging on her nipple looking at me smiling. She was gasping to catch her breath I watched her flushed colored breasts and hard nipples rising and falling with each breath. I leaned over her and gently kissed each of her hard nipples giving her time to come down from her orgasm. She raised her head looking me in the eyes. I stood up and we stared at each other and a content smile appeared on her face which said volumes. She tried to rise up to a sitting position, I took her hands and helped her to sit on the counter in front of me. Again, I sucked her nipple into my mouth as I started squeezing her right breast. She pushed my gown off of my shoulders and down my body exposing me to my waist and my breasts hanging out for her to look at. She reached down, pulled my face to hers as she kissed me deep and hard pulling my body tight against hers. It was the erotic feeling of her sweaty breasts rubbing against mine was sending me over the edge. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my hips close to her. With her legs around my body holding me in place, she pushed her hands between us and grabbed both my breasts and squeezed them, it sent shudders through my body as she kept squeezing them. Still kissing me she then took my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed them hard, I felt pain and pleasure at the same time go straight down to my pussy, as the sensations overwhelmed my body I felt the orgasmic sensation go through my body as I had my first orgasm of the night, when I came I felt my knees weaken as she held me up with her legs and I wrapped my arms around her to help hold me up. I laid my head on her shoulder with my mouth next to her ear, I whispered softly to her, “Thank you.” Whispering in my ear she also said, “Thank you.” My mind was in shock, I had never had an orgasm without at least clitoral stimulation. The only thing that crossed my mind was it was just everything that happened throughout the evening. In short term, Holly and experienced something that was truly loving and wonderful and it was the beginning of a wonderful night with a number of firsts for all of us. And for John, he finally got what he wanted, to watch me with another woman. But don’t worry, John was well taken care of and still is.The long term, Holly is still married and a very good mother to her c***dren. She is still sexually frustrated at home. But that is okay, because I now have a sister-wife and we are trying not to kill John in keeping us happy. I am not a writer, but if you enjoyed this fiction /nonfiction story, please comment and I would like some constructive criticism in the event that we might share any more of our fiction/nonfiction events. Taniel XOXO

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