My sister


My sisterMy sister is a fabulous and wonderful girl. I have always wanted to touch her very gorgeous body and feel that wet damp patch between her legs with a firm finger. I used to watch her shower or bath through the bathroom ceiling, her naked body was tight and i regularly masterbated about her. I used to lie naked with my covers pulled off me and i pretended to be asleep so she could see me naked when she came up to bed, we were still living with mum and step dad then.She got married and so did I, one year she asked me to look after the house while they holidayed, i went over during the day and searched for pics of her, i found quite a few naked ones and some very seductive ones, i went home with them and filmed the pictures with my video camera, making a short film that i could watch in the future. I watched it and had to wank myself as her body was so tight and lushous.Eventually she split up with her husband and went travelling for a month or two and when she came back she moved in with my wife and I for a coupleof weeks……this was the best two weeks of my life.Wheni showered i made sure i went downstairs in my robe which i had folded in such Escort a way that my cock peeped out every now and again….my wife was working so no worry of her catching me. I could see my sister kept looking down at the gap in my robe each time i moved, i made her some tea and she followed me to the kitchen she’d recently showered herself and was smelling fresh and very sexy, she wasnt wearing a bra and had a strappy top on which when she bent down revealed a beautiful cleavage, her nipples were hard. She looked down at my cock again and i couldn’t help myself my cock began to harden, she smiled and walked over to me alright brov she said, i quicly changed the subject and said we should take the tea into the lounge. We sat and chatted for a while and i pretended to yawn, we drank our tea and watched a film, this is when i thought i’d prtend to fall asleepand see what she did. As i closed my eyes she looked over at me, and smiled,my eyes half open i could see her glance down at my robe. After about ten minutes she called my name quitely, i didnt answer or move, i could feel her move along the sofer towards me and start to breath on my face Escort Bayan she pinched my leg and then i could feelher very gently pull my robe over my leg, my feet were resting on the poof so as the weight of the robe fell the robe opened exposing my cock…i heard a little shortness in her breath….then mmmm, very quitely my cock hardened and was stiff in seconds, still i prtended to be asleep….she ran her fingers up my leg and pulled on the hairs…still i didnt move….she touched my ball sack very gently then moved her hand up the stiff shaft of my hard cock, she gripped it and began to wank me very slowly, her grip increased as she speeded up, i opened my eyes and showed a face of dibelief and pleasure…..she looked at me….oh Annie you naughty girl what are you doing to me. I moved to her and kissed her cheek then round and down her neck, then to her lucsious lips. My tongue probed deep into her mouth and we kissed pasionately, my hands found her soft breasts and i began to play with her hard nipples she sighed, and then pulled off her top revealing her firm breasts, i sucked each nipple enjoying the hardness in my muth and clsped Bayan Escort my hands around her breast as i sucked, she reached down for my cock and wanked up and down the shaft…drops of seamen came from the hole and she dove down to suck the sap from me….she removed her shorts and nickers to reveal the most gorgeous small triangle of pubic hair…well groomed….she pulled my robe off ahdn i kissed down her body to the mound between her silky smooth thighs…..i could smell the juices in her cunt ….i had to taste them…my tongue played around the creases of her cunt and then i thrust my tongue deep inside her, she whimpered, as my tongue darted in and out and up to her clit…..fuck me please….ipulled her down and lay her on the sofer, me kneeling on the floor, my huge erection entered her juicy cunt with ease as i thrust into her…at last i was fucking my sister…we fucked for at least half an hour until Annie began to cum the pulses of ectasy ripped through her tort body and her cunt juices flowed over my cock….my cock began to throb as the cum rose in the shaft and explode into my sisters gorgeous wet cunt….we fell into each others arms and laid there while my cock was still inside her…..we’ll have to dothis again that was unbelievable, better then any sex with my wife……she moved out after a fortnight and got herself a flat….now thats another story.

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