Neighborhood Adventure 6


Neighborhood Adventure 6Tina and Tom, our next-door neighbors of the past 20 years have gotten intimate with Sophie and I (Ted). I am a crossdresser and Tom is as well. We both love bisex and heterosex and our spouses are bisexual lesbians. We all jive very well and have recently been turned on by extreme sex, including piss, whips, paddles, and the usual cross-dressing and sucking everyone off as much as we can.Our latest adventure started with Tina and Tom saying they had teamed up with the two trannies we saw on their monitor the first night we observed Tina and Tom in their bedroom. Sophie and I jerked off to their acts of sex and we were thus turned on to them, and lucky for all of us.We had all taken a sort of caused called divergent, meaning something sexual that is off the beaten path or the beaten butt, anyhow, that is our latest thrust, haha. We had invited Tina and Tom over to our den which was all set up with the usual entertainment stuff, we also had a 3 camera set to video our wild activities which provided high-resolution video of the hot times.Tina told Tom, “hurry up we want to get there sooner than Ty and Zy, our lovely tranny dears don’t you?” Tom was pulling on his stockings and girdle and already had his big boob bra filled with silicone. All that was left was the thin nighty, makeup, and wig. Tina helped him with his makeup and smoothed out his nighty and off they went, of course,Tina was carrying their toy bag and more. Tina decided to make Tom be subservient before they go over there so she walked him down the street all dressed in a gorgeous nighty that came to his calves. Only one woman saw them walking down the street from her porch, she looked hard, in the dim light, and Tina smiled and waved. The woman said, “good evening, and it looks like you two are going out for some hot times, wish I were going too.” Tina said, “maybe someday, see you later Liz.”Tina and Tom got to Sophie’s and Ted’s soon enough, knocked on the door, and Ted opens the door, he is dressed in white this time, his balls were in a cock ring and tied up so they stuck out from his groin pushing the white nylon panties out about 7”. His big white bra held his big breasts, and these were there for all to feel as they walked in. Tom also gave Ted’s cock a tug and Ted said, “can’t wait for your lips honey, I am feeling very fem tonight and will become a sissy boi quickly, this is the new divergent path Sophie wants for me, she says it fits my personality, so Tomita, please come and give your sissy honey a kissy pooh, let me lick that tongue of yours, it is so sweet my dear.” Tomita was also feeling the vibe and loved Teddy’s cock all bound up like that, he wished he would have thought güvenilir bahis of it, he only put a butt plugin and it was doing its thing. Teddy reached around and felt Tomita’s slippery nighty, thinking they could both sleep like that and have fun all night long. Tomita was feeling Teddy’s balls and how big they were due to the wrapping. Teddy felt up Tomita’s breasts and compliments her on how real they felt.Sophie came out and welcomed them in, kissing Tina which broke into a prolonged tongue thrashing endeavor. Then they started feeling each other up and breathing heavy, I said, “my lovely divergent lesbian girls, I love seeing you hugging and kissing, but we have a lot of time to get orgasms so we better take our time eh?” Tina gave me a dirty look and said, “look here sissy Teddy, we know how to pace ourselves, just because you two sissies can’t keep your cocks from squirting does not mean we will squirt so soon.” Teddy nodded and then leaned over and kissed Tina just to give her respect. “No maim, I am certainly going to listen to you, in fact, tonight I am your sissy man and please treat me like a subservient sissy boi and I will be glad to follow your divergence.” Tomita agreed and loved how sissy Teddy put the words, he said, “I have wanted this role play for many years Tina, please allow me to fill the fantasy tonight.”, Tina agreed.Sophie said, “Sissies, please get our drinks.” And off Tomita and I went to the bar, we were gibbering like a couple of old women, complimenting each other on our dress. I asked Tomita, “what is with the nighty, thought you would be more street clothed dressed.” Tomita said, “well I liked the soft flowing nighty and thought maybe it would help me be divergent.” I had not thought about that and agreed it did.We took the drinks to our wives and curtsied as we gave them their drinks. Tina said, “OK sissies, you may kiss each other and thank us for inviting you over.” Tomita and I eagerly kissed and said, “My dearest wives we love you both so much especially for letting us express our sissy selves and be the most divergent as possible with you as observers.” Tomita, I said, “if it were not for your sassiness I would never have gone this far, we have to work this out on a long vacation sometime, like be sissies for a couple of weeks, wow would we have fun.”Then there was a knock at the door, Tina said, “must be Ty and Zy, they are early but who cares we all can’t wait till our divergence starts. We all went out to meet them, they were a dress to kill, Ty was tall, thin, had on a long skirt, blue, with a white blouse and big boobs, nice makeup, and really long hair. Zy was also skirted and low-cut blouse with real big boobs not fake ones, güvenilir bahis siteleri he was crossing over. We invited them both in and down to our den.They complimented everyone on our dress and wondered about Tomita’s nighty. He said Tina had suggested it since it was slippery, light, and could be pulled up to get to things easily. Zy was obviously the fem side of the couple, we totally enjoyed her. She said, “We are so happy to be here with you guys tonight, we hope you will entertain our divergences, we have spoken with Tina and Sophie about theirs. Tomita and I looked at each other, wondering what they might have in store.Zy said, how about if we get started. Tomita, you take off your nice big sissy boobs and your nighty, it looked really nice and you can wear it to bed but not now. Teddy, you take off your top as well, bare your real nipples. I pulled off my top and showed all my shaved chest which made me look much more fem. Ty then produced a set of nipple clips with chains on them. They put one on me and one on Tomita, so we have chained nipple to nipple. Then Ty pulled out a rope and tied a thick coil of rope around my cock and then around Tomita’s cock so they could pull us together.The girls were really enjoying the show, they were kissing and feeling each other up like no tomorrow. Then Ty pulled out some butt plugs and Zy and he inserted them, one in my butt and the other in Tomita’s. Then Ty got some electric sex toys out. They had bipolar nipple clamps and put one on each of Tomita’s and my nipples and connected them into a 4-channel electric box. They put a rope between our butt plugs and pulled it tight between our legs and could push on it with their foot and the plugs would tip up into our prostates.Tomita and I were looking at each other like two well had sissies. We wanted to kiss again but stopped since we were waiting to be told what to do next. Zy said, ladies, err, sissies, how do you feel?” I piped up, “well I feel like us sissies are kind of connected, I love being a sissy with all of you watching and am wondering how this will play out.” Zy turned on the electric and both Tomita and I felt a twinge through our nipples, the impulse we low at first then got more intense. Tomita looked at me and you could see in her eyes that the sensations were making her high. Each pulse on her nipples was sending her cock into hardness and making her ouh, ahhh, and ouhhh repeatedly as each wave came through her nipples. Of course, I was feeling the same thing and loving it, kind of like pinching my nipples hard and then letting go repeatedly. The ladies were watching intensely since it looked like we had outdone them for the divergent award for iddaa siteleri that evening.As Tomita and I were enjoying the sensations, Zy and Ty were feeling us up, kissing us both and the girls were feeling each other’s pussies. Sophie had a very large dildo going into Tina’s pussy, almost as big as a fist. Then Tina said, “Sophie dear, please, please put your fist into my pussy, fuck me with your whole hand, my pussy is so big for receiving you.” Sophie pulled down Tina’s panties and spread her pussy and lubed up her hand and pushed 4 fingers into Tina, making her moan for more. Zy went over and pushed an electrode plug up Tina’s ass, it had two wires on it. Zy hooked up the wires to another electronics box and turned on the juice until Tina was moaning and groaning, “oh oh oh oh, my ass is tingling, out, it feels so intense, I never knew I could feel this way. Sophie was interested in this sort of divergence, something that was not dirty but exotic. She asked, “can you wire my ass up like that, and Zy replied, “of course keep fucking Tina.” Zy then pushed another butt plug up Sophie’s ass and connected it. Then Zy put nipple clips on Sophie’s big nipples and turned on the electric. Sophie was about to jump out of her skin, “Wow she said, this is amazing, my nipples, ass, and pussy are all alive and tingling on fire, I am getting so turned on I can’t stand it.”Hey, we were all wired up and Zy and Ty were watching their wire job in action. They stepped back and were feeling their cocks, stroking to keep up with the sissy, lesbian, pile of flesh action. We were all in love with each other at that moment. Tina was incredibly happy since Zy and Ty topped the action for the evening. Then Zy pushed Ty over and plugged Ty’s ass with her cock and pounded her hard, making her moan and scream, “fuck my ass Zy, you do it so well, make me cum, come on, I can’t wait to cum from your fucking. Ty then started to release and moaned, Zy you are the best fucker, Yesss, Yesss, I am cumming, Sophie leaned over and took Ty’s cock in her mouth sucking up her cum and then sharing it the Tomita and me, as we were jerking each other off and kissing.I was about to cum but wanted Tomita’s cum in my mouth first, and sure enough, Tomita said, I think I am cumming just from the electric, Teddy, get down there and suck my cum, don’t forget to share it. I got down so the wires followed me. Tomita said, Teddy here I cum, you are getting my juice, oh oh oh oh oh oh wow oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh wow, take that load, my dear. I sucked a large load from her cock and got up and shared it with Tomita and Sophie, then Tina. Finally, Zy and Ty came over and shared some of their cum with ours and we were one big happy ball of flesh. We had all cum at some point and Sophie went over and turned on the video which was a repeat of tonight’s performance which we were all interested in seeing. We were looking back for an hour or so into where we hand cum together.

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