Night of Passion


I walk home from working smiling wondering if he was going to be at home tonight or not, just the thought that he might be was enough to make me get wet and flush with anticipation…. Remembering what they had go up to the last time they meet was enough to make me so horny that I know where or not he was at home I would have to come and come soon.

My steps getting faster as I remembered how it felt to have his head between my thighs his tongue lapping so softly at my clit the feel of his warm breath as it vibrated of my wet hot slit the tingles that he makes run up and down my spine.

As I turned into my drive I nearly ran to the door so desperate now to be naked. The house was in darkness this in itself was not normal, my breath catching in my throat as I realised he was home after all. Opening the door wondering if he was behind it calling out “Honey I’m home” getting no reply I did not turn on any of the light as I know this was all part of the game.

Slowly stripping off all my cloths, my nipples already hard and I could feel the wetness starting to run down my thighs walking slowly from the door never knowing when he was going to walk out of a doorway this just made me all the more excited. My hand sliding up to cup my hard nipples as I walked from room to room, I could see a warm glow of candles coming from the living room as I got closer wanting so much to run to this room I know this was not allowed trying to slow down my breath as the excitement pulsated though my body, pulling on my nipples so hard now, just the though of what was about to happen was enough to make me feel as if I could come without even being touched.

So I walked slowly to the room Betturkey my bare foot trod on a piece of paper laying on the floor, bending down from my waist my legs straight and slightly open so that if he was watching he would get a glimpse of my wet slit in the candle light, on it I know would be the rules of tonight game.

. No talking.

. Do not acknowledge me at all.
. Go to the sofa and lie down legs spread wide. . Play with yourself like you would if I was not here.

Feeling my face go red as I read this, it was as if he could read my mind, how could he know just what I was going to do? The though of pleasing myself like this knowing that he would be watching was just to much a soft moan escaping my lips as I felt the first of many orgasms rip though my body ” ohhhhhhh godd” pulling on my nipples harder, biting down on my lip standing very still till I felt as if I could walk once more. The piece of paper now a crumpled ball in my hand.

Walking slowly in to the room seeing him out of the corner of my eye so wanting to run over and kiss him but knowing if I do so the game will end. Not wanting this to happen I do as I am told and walk slowly to the sofa. Laying down as told one leg out straight in front of me the other still on the floor knowing that the candle light was reflection off my now dripping pussy and making my golden skin glow.

Taking my hand with the still rumpled piece of paper in it and running it over my lips, neck down to my hard nipples using his rules to excite myself, gasping as I do this, throwing it to the floor my pussy now convulsing at the though of my touch, sliding my other hand down my body till Betturkey Giriş it cups my pubic mound, feeling the wetness spread over my palm wanting so much to bite down on my lip as I begin but knowing that is, not allowed as he wants to hear as well as see everything I do. Still cupping my pussy in my palm I take one finger and start to move in small circles around my clit, throwing my head back my neck strained as I do so, small moans of pleasure escaping my lips. Moving faster my hips now pumping against my hand closing my eyes as I slide first one then another finger inside my already soaked pussy pressing upwards as I do so knowing that this way I will hit my g-spot, total lost in my own pleasure now as I fuck my hand harder taking my nipples between finger and thumb and pulling on it hard…”Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk goddd yessssss” as I feel my pussy contract around my fingers riding out my orgasm my hips fuck the air.

Hearing the sound of a zipper-opening fill the room wanting so much to look up. My juices running over my fingers and down the crease of my ass, sliding my hand from my nipples down over my belly and caressing my hand still imbedded in my pussy as I slide passed it pressing it into me hard once more as my fingers slide down to find the tight hole of my ass, sliding my body down the sofa as I throw my leg over the back, opening myself up complelty. The sound of your heavy breathing fills the room as I hear you start to play with yourself. Lifting my head slightly off the sofa so that I can have a quick look at you as I slowly start to play with my tight opening with my finger mixing my juices all the way around it, as I hear your breathing getting Betturkey Güncel Giriş faster I slowly sink my middle finger in my tight ass all the way in. Groaning out loud as I do so. Lifting my hips right off the sofa as I start to fuck my pussy with my 3 fingers once more feeling more juices run down the crease of me ass using them to wet the next finger in my other hand as I slide a 2nd finger into my tight hole pressing down and upward at the same time, the feeling of being total filled consumes me as I fuck my pussy and ass so hard ramming my fingers in time and time again knowing that I can not hold out much longer” Ohhhhhhhh Godddddd ” biting down on my bottom lip as my hips buck off the sofa my body total out of control now, the sound of you wanking in the corner fills the room I so want us to come together, matching the speed of both my hands to the sound you are making, my fingers sliding in and out of both my holes with ease now.

Feeling as if both holes are joined and not separate, fingers hitting off each other though the thin bit of skin that separates them. Taking my leg of the floor and from the back of the sofa I place my feet flat, as I fuck my self harder and harder as I feel my pussy and ass tighten, screaming out your name as I feel myself come once more ” Goddddddddddddd Baby yessssssss fuckkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssssssssss” Knowing that you are watching each and every move I make needing to hear you cry out with me. My fingers still slamming into me as I ride out my orgasm, hearing a loud cry from the corner of the room I slow down, ease my fingers from both hole and sit up. Looking over at you as I see you spill your seed all over the floor.

Smiling at you as I stand and walking over to where you are sitting, letting myself onto your lap curling into a ball as I sit down and lifting my soaked fingers to your mouth so that you can also taste my come. Placing a soft kiss on your lips and whisper ” Hello Darling”

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