Late December and the nights were close and cold, moonlight, like spilt milk swept across Lisa’s garden.

Every so often the wintry breeze would expose a gap in the linen curtains of Lisa’s bedroom and the moonlight would divert its attention to the naked valley of Lisa pert breasts.

Lisa only ever slept naked, no matter the weather or time of year, it made her feel femmine, to feel the soft sheets draped over her just-bathed body. Tonight was no different, Lisa had bathed, moisturized, snooped on a few people on social media and as part of her nightly routine she had fallen asleep to a sleep talk app.

Lisa lived alone, yet tonight in the shadows of her room stood a tall bearded man, this man stood naked at the foot of her bed, gazing down lustfully at Lisa’s naked feet, with one hand he was stroking his penis and with the other he was pinching his own nipples. Lisa had no idea what was to happen, blissfully asleep she let out an occasional sigh.

The man slowly made his way around to the side of the bed, carefully pulling back Lisa’s bedsheets down from her belly to her knees, so to expose her smooth neat little pussy, so perfect in every way. The man inhaled deeply resisting the urge to thrust his throbbing cock between her thighs, instead he composed himself, remembering the plan.

The man, slowly got to his knees by the side of the bed and gently blew on Lisa’s lower lips, Lisa moaned a little and unconsciously parted her legs a little wider, seeing this made the man grow harder..and more bold… He lent in and kissed yalova escort each thigh, before moving to her pussy. He began to gently lick her now hardening clit all the while playing at his thickened vein cock. Lisa moaned again only this time she stirred herself almost awake. The man stopped. Careful not to waken her. The man changed sides of the bed and this time he rubbed his cock gentle over Lisa’s boobs.. His precum glistening in the moonlight. Again Lisa stirred but this time she awoke… Opening her eyes to the man’s cock inches away from her face… The man did not move… He froze… Time stood still… Lisa opened her mouth as if to scream… To let the world know that this was happening.. To beg for help… But she didn’t.. Instead she lent forward and took the man into her mouth, moving her tongue around his gland.. Gently biting his shaft… The man shuddered with pleasure.. Tensing up immediately… Still with her mouth full lisa whisperered to the man to relax… Your too tense she said… And he did.. The man relaxed and surrender himself to her warm welcome mouth. Lisa moved her hands up from the bed and gently carrassed the man’s balls and with her one spare finger she drifted her hands near his bum… Again the man clenched up tensed up.. This time Lisa laughed… You think that’s funny the man said.. With an air of menance… I’ll show you funny… With this he thew himself on top of her and held down both her arms with one hand and with the other he Began to play with Lisas clit, slowly at first from side to side.. Then speeding yalova escort bayan up into a circular motion.. He continued this until she began to squirm and struggle but still he pinned her down kissing her neck, biting her shoulder, nibbling at her ears.. Fingers side to side.. Circular.. Up and down, inside of her.. Hard.. Then soft… Around and around… In and out soft.. And slow… Fast and frantic… Lisa couldn’t bare it… It was to much.. She wanted him to stop and yet for it to never end… It was heavenly… Lisa felt the orgasm coming.. Warm in her belly.. Electric running through her veins straight to her groin… Until she came… She shed a loud groan and almost seemed to convulse… I’m not done with you yet said the man.. Lust and passion wideing his eyes… And with one quick swoop he had Lisa onto her back.. Without thinking Lisa immediately arched her bum into the air… Parting her legs a little… Readying herself for him… The man reached down the side of the bed to find the bottle of lube he had on his jeans pocket… But Lisa looked round… You won’t need that… I’m wet enough already.. I want to feel you in me now… The man smiled… This girl was easy prey… And without a second thought he entered her greedily

.lisa felt him.. And shuddered with warm glow… The man spread her butt cheeks slightly so he could see her arse and began to fuck her hard… His balls slapping against Lisas bare skin… He then moved he hands between her legs to rub her tender little clit… Lisa thrust back into him.. Both of them escort yalova finding a perfect rhythm.. Like an unspoken poem.. A perfect Balance of pleasure… Two people acting like a single sexed entity… The man pushed slapper her bum.. It made him feel alive.. In control.. Powerful… He then pushed her flat to the bed… Flattening her with his manly weight.. Still thrusting away.. Lisa could feel him even deeper like this.. Her face smudged into the pillow… Her body crushed into the bed… Utterly at his will.. His demand… It was exquisite… The man could feel his orgasm coming as did Lisa.. She could hear his grunt become louder and more frequent.. He pounced hoarded and harder… Lisa whispered to him.. Cum wherever you want… I’m yours…. The man didn’t hesitate… He knew where… He had known from the moment he had crept into the house.. Up the stairs… Into her room… Beside her bed.. Watching the moonlight spilll itself over her perfect pert tits…the man was going to be that moonlight he would spill himself over her tits.. She was his…. The man withdrew just before climax and emptied himself all over her tits and chest… Groaning like a lion who had just felled its prey… He collapsed beside Lisa and they both lay there not a single word said.

Some time later the man got up… Put on his pants and turned to Lisa… I love you he said… I love you to Victor said Lisa… Tonight was fun… I cant wait to see what game we come up with next.

Victor went over to Lisa kissed her tenderly on her sweat beaded head… I’ll get us a drink my love… Thank you said Lisa.. And remember to lock the front door… I don’t want some stranger sneaking in taking advantage of me!! Victor chucked to himself as he left the room.. Grinning from ear to ear.

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