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Subject: Nosotros 5 The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I don’t encourage nor condone diddling in the taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present. So hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to chat me up and give your own words. You could always not use real names in case of anything. Also, donate what you can. Tons of us still jerk to the great stories at our leisure. Do you part you horny fty/donate.html ———————————————————— With my head snapping towards the door, guilt and fear made me sit still, and put a look of shame on me as Xander walked through the door. He softly walked half way to the bed, asking again in a loud whisper “What are you doing to dad? And why are you naked?” I didn’t know what lie to say, so somberly, I gave in and started to confess. As I said “Well, I woke up and..”, he instantly cut me off and said “You know dad is leaving for a work trip today. Let him sleep a bit more. Come on, you gotta go get your things from school for when you go back, so go get dressed.” All I could do was eargerly nod in agreement as he put his finger to his lips to be quiet and nodded towards the door to get a move on. After that, he walked out of the room, but not before mouthing “Come on” as I continued to sit still. Right as I was bout to move, I jumped a mile high as I felt a strong hand pull me onto my back. I barely calmed down as I realized it was dad! With a groggy voice, dad gave me a “Morning mi amor” as he strong hand kinda landed on my cheek. “Whatcha doing?” he asked as I rub my face into his palm. I softly reply “Nothin dad. Xander says I gotta go get my schedule and more from school, and not to wake you up.” Dad gives me a big sleepy smile before simply saying “So wanna tell me why my morning wood feels a lil wet and good?” My face fully turns red as he must have realized what I did to him while he was sleeping. Shly, I look away, waiting for him to scold me for not asking and being a good boy. To my surprised, he pulls me to him and plants some more besitos, chuckling while informing me again “Just be careful when you do mi amor, okay? Don’t want anyone catching you” he softly yet firmly tells me while running his fingers through my hair. “I’m sorry dad, it’s just that it looked so good, and I wanted more, and I couldn’t help myself” I confess in a loud whisper, hoping no one else would hear what I’m telling him. Dad chuckles some more before moving my face up to his with his right hand by holding my chin. Tingles run through me feeling his manly warm lips on mine, so soft and so dang good. And dad’s mustache feels so so good too, making the tingles grow and feel stronger. I can’t help but whimper as he keeps giving me besitos, and I try to not go crazy and copy what he does. “Come here mi amor” he softly says, sliding his left arm around my neck, pulling me down with him as his left hand grabs and feels my butt cheeks. My whimpers grow as his finger lightly tickles between my cheeks, right before pushing its way inside. I “squeek” loudly as the tip of dads finger tickles my lil hole, getting a deep growl out of him as he plants besitos on my neck, sucking it some too. “It’ll be real quick mi amor, sit on my face” he commands as he starts to move around a bit. Wamr shivers run through me as I look down for a second, and see dad’s hairy hard dick bounce around a bit. The sight of his strong hairy legs and manly feet make me tingle more for some reason, and I love it. Dad easily grabs onto my right leg and drags it to the other side of his head the second I finished kneeling next to his head. I get a lil nervous being over dads face, wondering if he can breath. “DAAAAAD” squeals out so sharp as one of the warmest feelings washes over me, something so wet, soft, tickly and strong touching and playing with my private parts. I try hard to look down to see what it is, but the feelings are too strong and making me so weak. Laying my head on dads lower tummy, his arms wrap around my waist, holding me in place as that warm squishy feeling drives me crazy. “Ughh, dad, dad, dad, dad!” comes out desperately as my body shakes and feels crazy good. I finally realize what’s going on as Dad quickly lifts my waist up, letting out a deep growl before telling me “You taste so good mi amor!” I “gasp” in really knowing that dad has my private parts in his mouth, just like I did to him and Arthur! Now I know why they liked and wanted it so much! Another “gasp” comes out as dad drops me back to his mouth, licking and sucking and tasting me. My hips start to push into his face, the warm feelings too good to stop, and I just want more. A second later, my head starts to tremble a bit as dad reaches down and starts to play with his dick. Although it feels funny, I can’t giggle as dad taps the top of my head a few times with his dick. Shakes and quivers rock my body as some really strong warm waves start to grow deep inside me, making me moan and whimper as dad continues to taste me. I can feel my privates flex and my butt squeeze as dads other hand spreads my cheeks open, a lil swish of air feeling so damn good as it passes by. Then, dad does it, and makes the waves crash into me extra hard, as he sucks on my balls and the tip of his finger rubs my lil hole, making me push my face and hips harder into him. “Daaaaad, ugh-huh, daaaad!” squeals out so hard a second before my body gets real stiff and it feels like I exlode inside. The smell and feeling of dad makes the crash of feelings so damn good, barely able to hear dad moan and groan as his body shakes and jumps every few seconds. After a few crazy seconds that felt forever, dad just growls lightly as we lay there, both of us breathing hard from the good feelings. Right as I’m about to fall asleep, dad lightly taps my cheeks and mumbles out “Okay mi amor, time for you to head out.” I lightly groan asking “Uhggg, dad..nooo..I wanna stay right here” before he starts to lift me off of him, but not before getting one more taste of me. That does the trick and wakes me up enough, as a lil part of me wanted some more of dads mouth. My fists ball up and rub my eyes as he ruffles my hair, and notice him checking to see if there’s any mess on me. “You’re all clean mi amor. Go get dressed and get your things from school. And remember, you better behave while I’m gone. I should be back in a few days, okay?” he sternly lets out his hands caress me. “Okay dad, I will. I won’t fight with Jace either, promise” I mumble out as he plants a besito right on my lips. I smile as his hand holds my chin istanbul travesti and says “That’s my good boy” before leaning and giving me a besito on my forehead too. I shake my head “Yes” and give him a big ole warm hug as he growls out “You better behave or else..understood?” knowing well us boys have a tendency to fight a lot when he’s not around. I shake my head yes and give him another big ole besito on his cheek before he says one more thing. “I love you mi amor, Ima miss you.” I smile real big as he grabs my hands and gives it a few final besitos. “I know dad, Ima miss you too. And promise I’ll behave!” And with that, I give him a big hug and I scamper off the bed, running to my room to get dressed. While doing so, Xander pokes his head in and tells me “Hey, get movin. Tucker already got a head start, but I told him to wait for you at the Park. So go straight to the school together, okay? I gotta get somethin from my buddies and I’ll go get you guys after.” I give my “Okay” as I finish tying my shoes. I know he’s going to get some weed from someone, cuz he says that mostly when dad will be gone for a few days, and he can really smoke it. Well, him and Jace. Making my way to get a drink of berry punch, I hear the main door close and know that Xander left already. Grabbing my sweater, I start to make my way to the park, hoping tucker isn’t mad that I’m taking long. I don’t really like to be up in the mornings at all, but it’s always nice to feel the cool air and shiny sun light early in the day. But best part is, when dad gives me some tasty breakfast before I leave! Walking several blocks to the park, I start to think bout the things that happened so far. From that handsome man in the bathroom, to dad beating him up, me snooping around all my brothers room, seeing so much naughty things, and now, doing so many naughty things! I just couldn’t believe it all, and how scary it felt but so good too. Making my way around the last corner, I finally get to the park but get pushed out of my daydreams as I realize I don’t see Tucker. Walking around and peeking over the edge of the hill, I start to worry a bit as there’s no sign of anyone. I put my hands in my sweater pocket as I start to get a lil pouty. “TUCKER, WHERE ARE YOU?!?” I yelled out with my voice cracking a bit, hoping it was enough to get his attention. I stood there for a few long quiet seconds before I decided to yell out once more. Still, nothing. As the seconds pass by, it feels like the silence is growing and getting heavy. With a shaky body, I get a lil fire to make sure he’s here. I walk around the park as I yell out “TUCKER” a few more times, as I fiddle with my fingers, and my tummy feels tight. I’m extra nervous and worried and thought, “What if something happened to Tucker?..What if he went to the school without me? Should I go?!?” It almost felt like I had to pee, as I started to freak out more and more. But somehow, I got the idea to climb on the tall play equipment and stand on the highest part to see if I could see my brother. Then, I got even more scared, as I remembered I’m scared of heights! My lips got even more pouty, my eyes starting to get a watery as I looked up at the tall play equipment and then looked around. The silence was scaring me some as I started to desperately hope Tucker was being a meany and playing a joke. “HEY, YOU OKAY!?” came out of nowhere, making me spin around faster then I could realize. My mind was racing too much, as I couldn’t find who said that while I scanned the area. “HEY, OVER HERE!” echoed as I kept lookin around, and then realized it came from a black muscle car nearby. “ARE YOU LOST!?” asked the man as I shook my head no. With a weak voice, I replied back “N-no, I’m not sir..I’m lookin for my broth..” and I almost started to cry while not being able to finish the sentence. He yelled out “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” while I rubbed my wet eye with my hand. I don’t know why, but I decided to go to the man. He couldn’t be mean, as he was asking if I was okay and what not. While I walked to him, I wiped my eyes clean to hide my tears and noticed he turned off the car as I got to him. Once seeing his face, I realized that he was a very nice looking man too. He had brown eyes like mine and skin color too, and his hair was so black. “What are you doin out here alone? You okay?” he asked as he leaned out his car window a bit. I finally had a lil energy to reply “I’m lookin for my brother..he was supposed to be here at the park waitin for me, but I can’t find him. And it’s been a few mins.” Lookin me up and down, he gently said “Oh, ok cutie. What’s your name?” While holding my hands together on my tummy, I told him “I’m Joey..Joey O’Steel and my brother is Tucker. Whats your name mister??” I don’t know if my answer was bad or something, but his eyes seemed to come alive and look me up and down more, and we stayed quiet like that for a few long seconds. Finally, he broke the silence by saying “My..my name is Adan Cuervo. It’s nice to meet you Joey” but somehow, I could feel how warm it was when he said it. And if I wasn’t mistaken, I could see his eyes get a lil wet like mine. Maybe the chilly morning air made his eyes water like mine did. He stuck out his hand, and apprehensively, I took and shook his hand. I could feel his strength and even more warmth from him as he said “So, If I can ask you Joey, what’s your dad’s name? And he’s not here watching you? I quickly replied “Well, my dad is Hunter, and he’s leaving for a trip right now. So it’s me and my brothers at home. And well..” My throat couldn’t help but choke up as I remembered I was lookin for Tucker, and the fear I had of not knowing where he was at, or what to do. I barely noticed the handsome man touched his eye a bit as I cleaned my own, my lips getting a bit pouty as I looked around. “Uh, well” he let out after wiped his eyes and checked to see if he was okay, “I think I saw your brother a bit ago. Does he have a nice black and yellow hat with a big letter “T” on it? And brown hair?” I smiled greatly as I shook my head “YES”, as Tucker loves to wear his cap a lot a lot! With a very kind smile, he told me “Well, if you go on the path and go to the stone seats, he was around there with a friend of his. But please be careful from now on and don’t come out alone, okay?” I frantically nod my head “YES” as I realize he’s still holding my hand. His eyes looking so deep and warm, he lets go of my hand and tells me “Ok, hurry up and go look for my brother..and promise you’ll be safe.” I give him a huge “Thanks Mister!” as I start to scurry off to look for Tucker. As I do so, I look back every few steps and notice he keeps an eye on me. Once I make it to the entrance of the forest trail, I see him lean back into his seat and drive kadıköy travesti off. I stand there for a second to watch his car go out of my sight before making my way down the trail. It’s a good thing I’ve been here several times, as the trail has many lil paths to go on. A lot in sight and some hidden, as the forest was huge and also, all the trees with full of leaves and all types of colors. After a small struggle to remember some turns and hidden paths, I finally make it to the seats made out of rocks, I look around for any sign of my brother, but nothing yet. I figure, maybe I can jump out and scare him, as I decide not to call out to him. So as quiet as I could, I made my way down one path as I remembered a small open creek next to a crater we discovered one time. “Hmmm, maybe Tucker is there throwing rocks or trading cards again” goes through my head as I push branches out of my way. After a few more steps, I stop dead in my tracks as I hear “OOWWW!” echo through the trees. My ear tries to focus on any other sound, but all I could hear was nature itself. Not being sure if it was my brother, I quietly continue my path until the sound of voices appears out of no where, and grows louder as I keep trekking. My heart is already beating fast, hoping it’s Tucker and not some other kids or guys. I’m getting a lil scared, but calmed down a bit when I figured I could peek to see who it is, and quietly leave if not them. I could barely see the egde of the path as I fully slow down, and watched how I took every step. I could hear some noises, making sweat come out and so nervous, and somehow, I started to make out some mean and scared tones. Right as I thought I found a good spot, I softly start to push some branches aside as my eyes focus real hard. The noises started to sound like words, making my heart beat faster and sweat build more as it sounded so strong and weird. And once I finally got a good view, it took me a second to realize what I was seeing. My body tightened up as my eyes shot wide open, my lungs barely able to pull in any air around. Right in front of me, Tucker on his knees and with some blood under his nose. And standing in front of him with closed fists, was one of the known bullies at school. ———————————————————— “You gonna suck my cock fag?” came out in such a dark tone, that it made me wish I could crawl away forever. “I saw you lookin at my cock while I pissed, you like that, huh? You wanna drink my piss to you fuckin queer!?” I felt numb as I didn’t like the way he was talking to me, yet, it turned me on a bit. I dind’t know what to do, being pulled in so many directions at once. I was so damn mad at myself for getting into this, and also being talked to like a piece of shit, yet my dick was so hard and I thought I felt it wet. But maybe it was from the water from the ground, after he had knocked me down with one good punch. “SLAP!” shot through the air as the bullies hand swiped across my cheek, knocking the sense out of me. My body jumped a bit, cold waves grasping every fiber in me as my eyes watered, and my cheek so sore from protecting my teeth. I truly wanted to cry, as I let out broken whimpers, yet, my mind wouldn’t let me do it. Instead, it fought back, as I tried to figure out how to break free from his power grip on my whole being. “You like cock, piss and cum you dumbshit loser!?” He kept asking, more mocking, me over and over while pushing my head around, til somberly, I shook my head “Yes” while looking at the ground. Swiftly, the bullies hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, almost giving me whiplash from doing so. His other hand frantically reached down and unzipped his pants, murmuring something under his breath. I felt like such shit as I got excited in hearing his zipper open up and seeing a peek of his boxers. “Yea, you want this bad, huh fag? I can see it in your eyes” taunted the bully for a few seconds before saying “Tell daddy how much you want it, NOW!” he growled out as I was giving in and going to do as told. “SMACK” rang out as he knocked me to the ground, right before giving me a hard kick to the stomach. Tears ran down my cheeks as I couldn’t bare the pain, my body and lungs struggled to get some air in as I suffered in trying to hold in my cries. I was so damn fucking mad at myself, so furious at my choice of making a sound while I watched him pissed. I couldn’t believe my love for cock got me in this much deep shit! I was so nasty in wanting to watch him piss, but I loved seeing it so much! Yet, I somehow thought his smile was genuine when he caught me looking, that he would play with me and I would finally know what it was like. The voyeur vids could only do so much that every time I went to use the public bathroom, I couldn’t help but steal glaces at those hairy cocks pissing. I guess it’s a good thing I’m young, as most scoffed it off and didn’t say a word, and a select few made a show of it for me. But that’s it, nothing more ever came of it. I even got a lil crazy and tried to take a peek at dad or my older bros. Yet here, this sexy bully was so damn pissed, more than I thought he could be at me watching him. I don’t know why, as I didn’t touch him or anything. But fuck, it had cost me so much, as he hurt me, and now, smacked the stupid out of me. “Fuckin pathetic, you can’t even do that right!” He yelled out, scolding me before spitting directly on me. His right leg suddenly pulled back and swiftly swung again, giving another painful shot, but this time, my body curled in to block some of it. “Stop blocking your punishment fag!” he yelled out while trying to land more kicks to my side. Somehow, I kept protecting myself and didn’t let him win over me. But what happened next surprised the hell out of me, and shamefully, turned me on also. Roughly, he grabbed me by the hair and back collar of my shirt, and pulled me up real hard. He somewhat let me go, causing me to stay in a kneeling form, as I looked away a bit, using my hands to brace myself for whatever may come next. My lungs still staggered for breath as I heard some rustling, and a second later, I agonizingly realized what he was doing. A soft, warm liquid started to spread all over my body, and seconds later, the smell hit my nose and I knew he was pissing on me. Slowly, I took a peek, and sure enough, there he was an inch or so away from me, with a wicked smile and holding his cock. He quickly aimed his stream at my left cheek and mouth, making me sputter and spit some as I half wanted it in my mouth, but also didn’t want to show him I wanted it. My body started to shake in wanting both outcomes, or wanting to open my mouth for his piss and suck him, but also punch him in the balls and bite his dick for hurting me. My head snapped bakırköy travesti up to look at him as he said “Look at my fag, you know you love this. You wanted it, so here it is.” I know he didn’t care that my face screamed out anger and sadness, resentment and having enough of this shit. Yet, my body betrayed me in staying in place. A second later, he pinches his foreskin, and holds it hard, commanding “Kneel the right way, NOW! Or I’ll beat you worse than I did a minute ago.” Defeated, I knew he would deliver on his word, so with a somewhat cold body, I struggled to move myself into position. He snickered as I kept my gaze down, tears rolling down some as I reached his wanted position. A split second later, I could feel the warm piss hit the top of my head and start to soak me, as I took my punishment. “Fuck, I wanna go home!” screamed in my head as his piss finished up. “Yea fag, time to lick me clean” came out so dark as he took a step to stand directly in front of me, smacking the top of my head with his hand, and then, his dick. I wanted to taste and play with a dick, and good looking guys, but not like this. Never like this, I wouldn’t do that to anyonre. Why didn’t I just go to school, why didn’t I listen to my gut and walk away instead when I still had the chance? My face must have showed how sad I was, my eyes filled with water now as his left hand held my chin while his right rubbed and smacked his dick all over my face and lips. He kept murmuring through his teeth “Open up fag, time for you to pleae me, you fucking cock hungry fag” while he kept his balls on my chin, and tried to cover my face with his cock. I wanted dick so bad, but the beat down was too much, and I started to resist. Somehow, I start to beg and apologize, telling him “Please let me go, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I didn’t mean to..please” which only seemed to piss him off more as he told me through gritted teth “Shut the fuck up and open up bitch!” “LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!” sent chills through me as it came out in such a high shriek and so angry too. Through watery eyes, I tried to see who it was, his hands letting me go as my own quickly wipe my eye clean enough. For a split second, I hear a loud “SMACK” and an equally loud “GASP” before I was able to see. “Who the fuck are you, you lil fucking shit!? You earned that for hitting me!” angrily came out as I tried to make out what was on the floor, and once I did, the air was knocked out of me again as I recognized the cries. “No no no no no no!” chanted frantically in my head as I desperately tried to make my way to Joey, only to get pushed down by the bully. “Joey, joey, are you okay!?” I cried out as the bully held me down with a foot on my back. “Get off of me!” came out desperately as he spit on me again before he said “Good, now I have two fags to please me.” And right as he finished his words, he swiftly kicked me in my ribs, making me writh in pain while we walked over to Joey. Seconds later, a scream yelled out right before I looked up, and saw him grab Joey by the ankle and drag him towards me, my baby brother crying as he held his chest. The second he was near me, I frantically hugged and held him to me, even though it hurt so much to move. Joey quickly hugged into me as I covered his face, looking the bully right in the eyes as he leand down saying “”So you know this faggot, huh? You must be a lil faggot yourself then..bet you suck each othes lil dicks all day too” he sneered right before spitting on both of us. As he started to crack his knuckles, his smile turned so evil as he cock his hand back, causing me to close my eyes and hide my own face as he said “Listen you lil shit, this is….WHACK!” That’s all that I remember hearing, as something seemed to hit the floor hard. A nasty “gasp” made me open my eyes and look, as it sounded so sick and in pain too. My eyes water once again as I see what happened. “You gonna pick on my baby bros, huh mother fucker?” came out of Xander’s mouth as he stood above the bully who’s vainly trying to get up. Before the bully could even think of protecting himself, Xander swings and plants his closed fist right in the middle of his face. I jump a bit hearing a sick “THWACK”, my arms hugging Joey a bit tighter as I’ve never seen Xander fight or be this mad before. “I’M TALKING TO YOU BITCH!” comes out in a way that made me a bit scared, as he is the calmest between us brothers, yet so protected knowing it was him. I can see blood dripping from the bully’s face as he sputters a bit but falls back from being dizzy, and a second later, I could only hear and see “POP POP POP POP POP” from Xander landing each hit directly to his face. “XANDER!” comes out desperately from me, trying to stop him from killing the guy, as I still blamed myself. For a second, I see how wild Xander’s eyes look till he saw us hurt, then rushes over to make sure we’re fine. I let go of Joey enough as he asks “What happened to you guys, didn’t I say straight to school together and right back home?” I couldn’t help but cry as I apologized from my heart saying “It was all my fault Xander, I’m so sorry.” He wipes my cheek as he says “No, no, it wasn’t, it’s okay, let’s go home” as Joey is already hugging onto him. As he helps us both up, he tells us “Wait one second, I’m not going to jail for this fucker” as he walks over to the bully and drags him to a nearby tree. Xander sits him up enough before making sure we’re fine and then tells us “Okay, let’s go home.” It hurts to move, but I know I’ll be okay as we make our way out from the creek. Right as we’re about to lose sight of the bully, I notice Joey take a look back before softly asking Xander “Is he dead?” “Naw, I just knocked the fucker out. He’ll be fucked up but alive.” After making our way out of the trail, Xander hugs us and firmly says “You guys head home, I’ma go to school and get yours things. No bullshitting around this time, got it?” Somehow, his tone sounds just like dads, so we knew he meant business. He gives us another hug before parting ways from us. Both of us limping a bit, we make our way home, both of us quiet and glad we’re okay now and out of that nightmare. For the first time in a while, Joey grabs and holds onto my hands, giving me a warm goofy smile as we somewhat limp home. My gaze drops a bit sad, feeling guilty for him getting hurt, all cause I wanted dick and fun. It felt like in no time, we made it home, and once there, I tell Joey “Hey, I need to shower, I’m real dirty after everything” to which he simply says “okay”. I know he couldn’t help but give me another hug right before he says “I love you muchos Tucker” before going to his room. Calmly, I make my way to the main bathroom, as my eyes start to tear up, playing everything that happened over and over in light speed. Not wanting to, I start to cry as I undress and turn the water on kinda hot, as I feel that’s the only way I’ll ever be clean or get it all off of me. Softly, I step into the shower and pull the curtains closed, standing under the spray as I continue to sob.

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