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Subject: Off Limits Chapter 2 AHOY PEEPS!! O.M.G. I cannot believe how many emails I received since chapter one. My last story on Nifty completely flopped. I was seriously doubting my writing abilities. 31 emails since Monday and I’m in awe. Thanks for reading and THANKS for writing back to me xx I’m always up for a chat, so gimme a mail on [email protected] if you like my stories. Even if you hate them hahaha. I’m also on Twitter @liciousryan1 Enjoy the second chapter! Ryan xx OFF LIMITS CHAPTER TWO JJ was n enigma on his own. I tried my damn hardest to keep from looking at him. He was casually watching TV, spreading out his lanky frame on the couch whilst changing the channel every five seconds it seemed. Tiffany was busy making conversation and boy oh boy…I wish I knew what the heck she was saying because I only had eyes and ears for her teenage son… That…sounds bloody awful. JJ didn’t really help matters by running his fingers through his floppy black hair every now and then, cracking a smile when something funny was on, his serious face as he watched highlights from some soccer game. The way he would interrupt his mom when ever she said something that might even slightly embarrass him. My cock was so hard it started to a actually hurt. He was fifteen years old and the son of my life long best friend. Why was this happening? And to me? “You’re not listening to a single damn word I’ve said, have you?” Penny’s dropped for Tiffany. Time for damage control. “I’m just tired, what with the teaching hours and lectures. That and given a long afternoon at a high school soccer game. I dunno how you and Preston do it.” “Don’t speak about that piece of…” “Mom…that’s my dad your insulting…” The pain in JJ’s voice was immense. Yes, his father was a lot of bad things and he hasn’t always treated Tiffany the way a husband should, however, Preston was the only father JJ was ever gonna have. I am a firm believer that there is a bigger bond between a father and a son than anyone would ever expect. People always say a son is always close to his mother, because that’s the first female he would ever love. That invisible connection between a dad and his boy, especially when the boy looks as much as his dad as JJ did Preston, that’s a kinda bond for life. And here his mom was busy slacking that man off. In front of a semi stranger. I was stunned he even had the guts to say anything. My respect for JJ grew by the second. And so…did something else. I gotta get out of here. “That’s probably my que to go. Listen, we should do this more often. I feel like we never just hang out anymore,” I told Tiffany, pulling her into a enormous hug as I did so. Her arms went around my waist and she hugged me right back. “You’re right. Now that I’m getting divorced you will have no excuse not to visit me and JJ more often. You promised me way back that you would baby sit him if I ever wanted to go out and get wasted. You remember?” Oh boy would I enjoy baby sitting that hot fifteen year old god on that sofa. “No offence, Ryan, but I don’t need one of those,” JJ said, getting up from the sofa and placing the TV remote back into the coffee table. He walked over to where his mother and I were holding each other in an embrace. Was he going to… Of course not. He stretched out his arm and offered me his right hand. Because fifteen year old boys don’t give twenty-nine year old men hugs. How did I miss that? That just don’t happen no matter how much you wished it did. I released his mother and placed my hand in his, shaking on it. At once, that spark of electricity was back, the same level of charge that I felt when I first saw him that afternoon. He really, truly, had his mother’s eyes. Green, friendly, warm. I swear, the girl who would one day get to own his heart and be loved by him, was a very lucky one. He had suffered most of his life surviving through countless arguments that his parents had. No way, he was going to allow his eventual wife and kids to experience what he did. You just could sense it. He was a special kid. “Not many people would have driven all that way to watch a kid they hardly knew play a soccer match. Thanks Ryan, you dunno what it meant for me to have someone there today.” Don’t cry, Ryan. Don’t you dare fucking cry. “Pleasure bud. Me and your mom go way back. I’ll do…well…almost anything for her.” Tiffany pouted. “Oh piss off, numb nuts.” “You wish you had my nuts.” “Are we back in kindergarten now?” “Says the woman who never grew up…” “Bastard. I’m too tired to think of a come back. You win.” “I always do,” I said, gently caressing the side of her face. I loved this woman. My best friend. As I got into my Uno, both Tiffany and JJ were standing on the porch to see me off safely. I waved at both before finally exiting the grounds. I cannot believe soon this entire humongous house would belong to Tiffany. If she genuinely had proof that Preston was cheating she would smash him in court AND take him for everything he had. My mind just drifted off to JJ every few minutes or so…and I wondered how HE would be affected by all these changes. He clearly loved both his parents. Whilst they were getting divorced, who’s gonna take care of him? How he feels? Ryan. Stop. He’s fifteen. He’s not gay. Even if he was, he’s off limits. Danger zone. You can’t park there. I sighed. I needed to get a fucking boyfriend. I need sex. Meaningless, gay sex. If I had that, I wouldn’t be drooling all over teenage boys. ** A week had passed ever since I got to know JJ and attended his soccer match. In that week, I wrote my final exams and now faced the anxious wait to hear whether I was now a qualified teacher or not. I had sent out my CV to many schools in the izmit escort area and I really hoped I would get a job relatively soon. You hear about all these graduate students who studied their asses off for their degrees, only to find out the hard way that getting a job was not that easy. I needed to earn. I needed to get out of Lavender Cove and its poverty and gang violence. I was putting my books and study material into the back of my Uno when my phone beeped. Message from Tiffany. “Numb nuts! Having a BBQ this afternoon. I know you’re finished with your exams so don’t even think of saying no. Couple of JJ’s buddies will also be here. Bring your swim trunks, the water is fantastic. Laterz!” Oh joy. Me, the resident gay male teacher who just happens to be attracted to teenage boys these days, is now forced to go to a BBQ where will be…that’s right… shirtless teenage boys. You just couldn’t write shit like this. (!) If I didn’t go Tiffany would just call her tits off phoning me all afternoon or even worse, drive to my apartment and drag me there. Sigh. It wasn’t fair on her to feel this way. She didn’t know I was severely attracted to her son. How could she? It wasn’t her fault that I felt a connection with her son, that I have never, ever felt with another male. Should I just cancel? Again, the guilt. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, before starting to type a reply. “Hey there, Stone Eater. It’s a date. See ya later. Remember I only drink mineral water.” The reply came within seconds. “Fuck off. You can have a Diet Coke.” I smiled and placed my phone back into my Jean’s pocket. So…I’m gonna do this. Spend an afternoon with Tiffany and her stud of a son. No to mention the other teenage boys that will be there. Holy smokes. Was I a paedophile? God. No. That’s the last thing I wanted. However, my heart told me that my brain was totally lying. I wanted JJ. More than anything at that moment. I held his precious little body in my arms when he was born, and now, fourteen years later, I was sexually attracted to him. Life was weird. Life was cruel. Life was telling me to get my swimming trunks and get the hell over there! Pulling into the estate that would soon belong to Tiffany, I could already hear the voices and the shrieking sounds of boys in a pool. Water splashing everywhere and music blasting across the yard. How the heck did Tiffany cope with all this? I sure as fuck couldn’t. Maybe that’s why God intended to create me as homosexual. Go figure. Who knows. I grabbed the food and drinks I bought and walked into the estate, open door on the patio, at the back of the house. The pool was an absolute mess. Four teenage bodies, all in swim wear, their perfect abs and biceps, their stunningly sun bleached skin, their wet floppy hair, their unbelievable lust for life that many teens didn’t have these days came flooding towards me. JJ was in the middle of the pool trying to show his friends he could pull off a handstand underneath the water. He dived down, and presumably, balanced his body upwards on his hands. Only his ankles and feet showed above the water. I watched them for what had to be more than a minute, before JJ crashed to the water surface, struggling to breathe and coughing out water furiously. I wanted to rush to him and make sure he was okay…only he was already slapped on his back to rescue, by another boy. A fucking hot boy. Blond hair, muscles everywhere…again, just what are they feeding teens these days? God. “Ryan! Finally! I was about to drive to your apartment, numb nuts! What took you so long?” See? “Had to grab these. Help me,” I said giving her the drinks and food I had in my hands. Already I could smell that tantalizing flavour of meat on a barbeque. I felt at home. This was going to be a good day. I could feel it. I had my best friend back in my life. I’m watching four boys in swim wear shoot the shit. Oh yeah, and I’m sexually attracted to at least two of them. What could possibly go wrong? JJ got out of the pool, and headed straight to the buffet. He grabbed a hand full of crisps, French fries and marshmallows. Within a few seconds he had the lot stuffed into his mouth. I had to stifle a laugh. The blond kid he was with in the pool doing the handstand, was close to follow. For the first time that afternoon, I sneaked a good look at the boy. He was more muscled than JJ, his abs more defined. His ass was a work of art, the thunder thighs that he had earned from no doubt, being outdoors much, really complemented a sexy teenage boy. Within seconds, he too had scoffed some food into his mouth before joining JJ on the side if the pool. Both had their feet dangling in the water whilst their upper bodies laid on the warm cement tiles. It looked like they were having a discussion of some sort. Tiffany was at the grill overturning the meat, so I took my chance. There was a definite cock showing going on in those tight fitting swimming trunks. The two boys were on their backs, the meat they were packing was clear to see, even more so as they were still wet. I was stunned that they didn’t care who saw it. Did they even realize? What the heck, were they talking about? And was THAT the reason for the show I was being treated to? When the barbequed food and as all done and ready the dour boys came running towards me and Tiffany like bees to honey. Each boy held out their plate and Tiff and I dished up for them. JJ was about 70% or so dry by now, and his eyes were sparkling. Most probably because of hunger. “Hey Ryan. I wanted to come say hello earlier but…” “But there’s a pool and snacks, right?” I joked back. He grinned and placed his arm around the mysterious blond boy. “This is Max, my best friend. I told you about him last yahya kaptan escort week, you remember?” “Dude, you talk about me to strangers? Awkward much,” Max said and held out his fist towards me. Okay, I’ll bite. I clenched my hand into a fist and greeted Max on his own turf. “Fuck about. Nice to meet ya. JJ, I’m going to the living room. Riverdale is almost on.” I looked the stunningly handsome boy in the eyes before he left. I knew that look. Was he flirting with me? And why? “Uhm…can I have that sausage?” I heard JJ ask. “Sausage?” “Yeah, the one you’ve been holding now for over a minute.” Oh… he meant the grilled sausage on the barbeque pitch fork… “Sure buddy, enjoy.” “You wanna join us for a swim later? I won’t try to drown you,” he asked, his lively eyes full of mischief and laughter. Did he think I couldn’t swim? “You’re on. Wanna race a couple of laps?” “Fuck yeah! Shit…man, I did it again…don’t tell my mom I said fuck…oh shit…yeah, please don’t tell her that either. She hates swearing. “Yet she calls me numb nuts.” “Yeah, what’s up with THAT?” To emphasize…I was speaking to a fifteen year old boy I fancied the shit of, about my balls. “I…I was kinda kicked…there…when me and your mom were playing in the park one afternoon…” His face went from interested to disgusted in 0.75 seconds. “You’re joking. Wait, you’re not?” “No bud. She kicked me real good. Accident of course and I had to be taken to the doctor just in case, but from that day, she’s always called me Numb Nuts.” He picked up a glass and poured himself some of the Coke I bought. He took a sip, never once taking his eyes off mine. His biceps bulged as his lifted his arm to drink. “I gotta go inside. Max is probably jacking off to KJ Apa as we speak,” he said before once last wink, and he was gone. Suddenly it hit me like a hard cock on my face. Last week, he specifically made the point to tell me, that he knew I was gay, and that he had no problem with it. I also, I remember now, he told me that his best friend was gay. Max was his best friend, he said it himself. Wow. That beautiful muscled fifteen year old god was gay? Ideas and thoughts ran through my perverted (god!) brain like the Comrades Marathon. If Max was gay, and JJ was his best friend…have they ever like…have they done stuff? Sexual stuff? The mere thought od those two boys getting ANYTHING sexual on was too much for my neglected penis to handle. Way, way too much. The boys were watching Riverdale whilst eating. I gotta admit, Max had good taste. I had been into KJ Apa ever since he was in Shortland Street. He was cute then. He was a beast now. Looking back, yeah…there were some happenings in my life that pointed to me be attracted to teenage boys. I just never really placed two and two together and got four. Instead, I meet my bestie’s son after ten years and suddenly he is ALL I can think about. I couldn’t even look at Tiffany for the rest of the afternoon. What would she think if she knew how I felt? She would kick me out and made sure I never sat foot near her son again. No mother would willingly understand that. Our life long friendship would never be able to survive that. I helped Tiff do the washing up before the was reminded by JJ that I still owed him a race around the pool. “Get ready to lose, boy” I said in the best American accent I could muster. “You’re gonna get your ass creamed, old man!” he shouted out, pure gangster style. “JJ! Respect! Ryan could have been your dad!” Tiffany yelled from the kitchen. Please don’t put that into my head… As we got to the pool, it was big enough to have a decent race for maximum two people, I suppose. I proceeded into getting my shirt off. I heard a whistle sound from someone. It couldn’t have been JJ, he was standing right beside me. Sure, enough, it came from Max. “Dude! You’re ripped! “he said before making his way over. “Do you mind?” Jesus, no. I shook my head. Max tentatively stuck out his left hand and gently cupped my pecs. One by one, until he had caressed and nudged each and every one. Once again, I saw it in his eyes. Lust. Greed. Horny much. JJ confirmed Max was gay and here was the proof. “Are we gonna race or what?” “Fucker,” Max said and took his hand from my stomach. My eye caught his. Unbelievable. It was clear as day. Somehow, some way, this stud of a fifteen year old wanted me. I’m NOT a paedo. I can’t go there. I just can’t . JJ was ready and into the diving position. I stood next to him, fleetingly noticing the little hairs on the back on his neck. My cock tingled. JJ was so beautiful, he actually made my teeth hurt. But for now, my aim was so show him who was boss in the pool. We dove in at the exact same time. I stayed underwater for a linger period than he did, plunging myself to edge ahead. Rising head first out of the water I was indeed ahead if him. I delved my arms into the water and swam the freestyle like no one’s business. JJ was slowly catching up with me however, his limbs younger and more muscled than my own. We did a somersault and kicked the wall a mere 2 seconds apart, forging ahead for the lap back to the start if the so -called race. Halfway point and JJ managed to sneak ahead of me, he was determined as hell not to be embarrassed by a man fourteen years his senior. Having swam since I was three years old was determined not to allow a little shit to beat my own ass. After a strong plunge of my arms, I dived head first into the water and pushed my legs and quads for extra speed. Being underwater allowed me to retake the lead as JJ had used up majority of his energy. Under water it was much easier to get ahead, as you’re using only half of your strength gebze escort and velocity. I touched the foot of the pool a mere four seconds before him. I had beaten him. And he knew it. “Dude, your ass got OWNED!” I heard Max say as I got out and stretched my arm out to help JJ. He enthusiastically grabbed it and patted me on the back. “Not bad. Not bad at all. You wanna show me how its done sometime?” I could feel his warm breath inches away frim my chest. I had to will myself to keep from getting hard. Hus wet, muscled body didn’t help one bit. Nor did his lower body which did nothing to hide his VPL. “Sure. If it’s okay with your parents.” He leaned into me and whispered into my ear… “You’re on!” As he and Max walked away and left me to dry off, I wondered just exactly what JJ’s game plan was. He told me, he was straight. He specifically made the effort to tell me. His actions however…was it innocent teenage banter…or was it something more? I wanted to get home and jack off. My best friend had other ideas and insisted that I slept over. Max was also sleeping over and both boys had dressed into their PJ’s once I returned from my apartment to collect the necessary for a sleep over. As I was brushing my teeth, I heard someone enter. It was JJ. He grabbed his own toothbrush from the cabinet, smeared some Colgate on top, rinsed it under the tap and started brushing. All that could be heard was the sounds of teeth being cleaned and brushes scrubbing. It was intensely erotic. Weird, but erotic. I was done first and made my way out before I heard a noise. I turned around and JJ was signalling to me, not to go. To stay. I swallowed. This was getting too much for me. I shouldn’t be alone in here with him. He washed-out his mouth and rinsed his tooth brush before turning towards me. “Ryan, I just wanna thank you. My mom hasn’t looked this happy in…actually, I can’t even remember when. I love my dad. He’s my hero. And I may be fifteen, but I know he’s not been very nice to my mom. She’s a different person, now she has her best friend back. She used to tell me about you guys all the time. It was her bed time story to me. How you guys got together and all the stuff you went through growing up. She always said I would have liked you.” He edged closer. “Now I see she was right. You are pretty terrific.” I was like a statue. I couldn’t get a word out. Coming from him, this was so special. So incredibly moving and sincere. I still stood on one spot long after he left the bathroom. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. My chest was warm and fuzzy. I felt weirdly content. What I was experiencing had a name. I just wasn’t ready to face it. Not yet. And not when knowing nothing would come from it. I said goodnight to the boys, who were still watching some action movie, and to Tiffany. Oh, she wanted to stat up late and have another beer with me, but I had enough for one day. I needed sleep. Badly. Perhaps with sweet dreams. Hopefully ones with no teen boys in them. ** Something woke me up. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I was out of it for a few seconds before I heard it again. Someone was groaning. Someone in pain? I stood up and walked quietly up the stairs. The noises were clearly heard now. And what I heard…shocked me to my very core. I didn’t wanna believe it. No. Anything but this. I had to see. I had to see if what I was hearing was true. It sure sounded true but please God let it be something…anything else… I peeped inside of JJ’s room. The noises got more louder than before. A knife pierced my heart. Max was bobbing his head up and down JJ’s teenage dick like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t actually see his dick because Max was facing away from me but JJ sure looked like he was enjoying the blowjob his own best friend was giving him. It had to be his first as well, because sure as hell that glazed look in his eyes had never experienced a mouth on his dick before. I saw JJ reach out and lovingly run his fingers through Kane’s hair. Wait a fucking minute…suddenly it hit me like a hard dick in my ass. Just like earlier…All the time they had spent together today at the barbeque. The chats they were having with semi tented swimming trunks… how close they seemed… even for best friends. Could it… Be…love?? JJ’s breathing began to quicken, his stomach was heaving up and down at an alarming rate. He clutched the duvet with one hand as he suckered up everything his best friend’s mouth and lips was doing to his teenage dick. The more I wanted to fuck off out of there, the more I wanted to see him cum. JJ suddenly squeezed Max’s hair tighter than before, with a loud gasp he arched his back, with a deep moan, a massive rumble erupted from his chest as he ejaculated and he fell back down, exhausted. “Oh fuck…fuck…oh fuck…” I could actually hear Max’s throat gobbling up all that teenage goodness that JJ had to have had drowned his mouth with. “Oh my god…oh geez…” Max finally got up from his kneeling position and sat next to JJ on the bed. It’s a miracle they didn’t see me. Max, with a lustful and longing look in his eyes, pulled JJ towards him and softly kissed his lips. JJ, at first, seemed to be too tired to reciprocate. But then…and this shattered me once and for all…he slowly hugged Max, pulled him close and kissed his shoulder. It was as if he had been wanting that closeness with another male all his life. I swallowed slowly and turned back around and crept back to my room, careful not to alert them that I had seen it all. What now? What happens now? I had feelings for JJ but clearly, so did Max. Obviously JJ wasn’t so straight as he had claimed either! Did I even stand a chance? Could something really, truly happen between me and the son of my best friend? One thing was for sure though. JJ wasn’t as OFF LIMITS as I thought… THANKS FOR READING!! Xx Want more chapters? Lemme know, and I’ll get writing 😉 Peace and ail

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