On A Mission Ch. 03


Note: I’ve had several requests for another installment of the “Mission” series, so here it is. I guess it’s only fair to let Dr. Hile have his shot at Katie. This is just a short little story to tie up loose ends. If your feedback leads me to believe you want more, I’ll do more. As always, thanks for reading my stuff. Traci.

Katie Sherwood had succeeded in turning the happily married, beautiful Kristen Hile into a full-blown bi-curious lover. Katie, 19, and Kristen, 28, had more in common than they thought at first. Most importantly, they both yearned for sex nearly 24 hours a day and now that Kristen had discovered the wonders of another woman, her chances of being satisfied instantly doubled.

Dr. David Hile knew of the women’s attraction toward each other by observing them make love by the pool on a warm early summer day. And Katie knew he knew. Not that the young, lovely Katie needed a reason to capture the doctor’s attention. He lusted after her long before she flaunted her control over his wife…and him.

She had teased him, put her precious lips around his rigid cock, and left him to suffer without satisfying him. She was like that. And he loved it.

Now it was time for the women to address the issue of getting David involved in their action. Kristen felt comfortable enough—after several times in bed with Katie—to introduce her husband into the mix without jeopardizing their marriage. To the contrary, she saw it as an opportunity to make the marriage better.

Kristen had always been naïve.

Katie baby-sat for the Hile children every day, all day. It gave her and Kristen ample opportunity to talk…and other things. It was during one of these talks that the subject of David came up once more.

“I think he’d be fine with it,” Kristen was saying. “Isn’t it supposed to be every man’s dream to be with two women?”

“I guess,” Katie shrugged. “But you’re his wife and it’s possible he’ll be possessive and not want to share.”

“So he says no. That won’t affect us, will it?” Kristen asked.

“Of course not.” Katie thought for a second while they both drank iced tea. “But isn’t the idea of the three of us together something that you just have to try?”

“Yep. And if I know him as well as I think I do, he’ll do anything to keep from losing to you,” Kristen said. “Let’s ask him the next time we’re all here together and see what happens.”

“OK. I’m ready.”

Their opportunity arose two days later. David had worked late the night before and got out of bed after Katie had arrived in the morning. He was finishing breakfast when the two women sat across from him at the table.

He looked up from the paper with a questioning look.

Kristen spoke before he could. “David. Katie and I need to ask you something.”

Only for an instant did his mind go back to the day he looked out the window at the two women by the pool.

“Honey, you know I love you more than anything in the world,” Kristen continued. “I only want you to be happy.”

David’s eyes shot back and forth from his wife to the younger girl.

“I’d do anything for you, you know that,” Kristen said. “And I know how much you appreciate Katie.” She fell short of actually saying she knew how much he lusted after her. “Well, we want to make an offer.”

David waited during the brief silence that filled the room. Then said, “OK.” The newspaper was laid on the table.

Kristen swallowed hard. “We want to know if…if you’d be interested in…if you’d want to be with Katie and me in bed sometime. All together.”

The final two words were said almost in a whisper. David’s mind, in the meantime, was back at the window and the pool and the two naked bodies.

“We think it would be cool if the three of us got together one time and just…tried it,” Katie added to Kristen’s request. The sparkle in her eyes gave away how badly she wanted it to happen.

“You want what?” David asked.

“We want to try a threesome,” Kristen said as firmly as she could.

“And what answer were you expecting?”

Katie laughed out loud for a second before catching herself and placing her hand over her mouth. This caused Kristen to snicker, görükle escort which in turn brought a smile to David’s face.

“Is that a yes?” Kristen managed to ask.

David now had the opportunity to ask what he’d wanted to ask his wife since that fateful day. “Are you saying you would have sex with Katie?”

“If you’re there,” Kristen said with a straight face.

David glanced at Katie, who simply smiled back. “No restrictions?”

“None,” Kristen answered.

The bulge between David’s legs should have provided the women with all the information they needed about how the doctor felt. But they each gave reassurances that they were good with the idea and eventually set a date based on David’s hectic schedule.

It was determined that it would be best if Katie just stayed with the couple one night. That way the kids wouldn’t interfere and she’d be available for the following day.

All three of the adults were exceptionally horny by the time the designated evening arrived. The kids thought it was neat having Katie stay for dinner and Kristen was afraid they’d be up all night knowing she was staying. But by 8 p.m. the kids were worn out and easily went to bed.

Kristen re-joined David and Katie in the family room. A bottle of wine was opened and the party began.

Katie was not a huge wine drinker and it didn’t take long for the effects to take hold. Her desire for the gorgeous Dr. Hile was growing by the minute, heightened by the knowledge that she would, in fact, have him soon. Kristen sat next to him, her hand on his leg.

It had been a hot early summer day and all three wore shorts. David loved legs and had difficulty keeping his eyes off the two pair in the room with him. Perhaps it was the two pair of breasts pushing against the women’s t-shirts that distracted him more.

The conversation was mainly about trivial matters such as music and TV and movies, until Katie broke the ice with the help of one more glass of wine.

“Have you guys done it in the pool, yet?” she asked.

David and Kristen smiled broadly and neither answered at first. Finally, David said, “We’ve started in the pool and ended up in bed. Does that count?”

“No,” Katie said firmly. “I mean in the water.”

Kristen’s hand rode up her husband’s leg until it reached the bottom of his shorts. Katie watched as the woman’s fingers disappeared under the pant leg. Above the hand she saw the doctor’s cock harden.

“Not yet. Is that something you’d like to do?” David asked, trying to ignore his wife.

“Any time.”

Kristen had reached her target and had David’s thickening cock firmly in her grasp. The women watched as David repositioned himself, allowing Kristen to point the shaft down his leg. Another inch and he’d be sticking out from under the pant leg.

Instead, Kristen withdrew her hand, lifted her husband’s shirt at the waist and unzipped his shorts. They fell open as the woman knelt on the floor in front of him. She used her fingers to slide the cock up until Katie saw the outline of it pointing toward David’s stomach.

Kristen unhurriedly pulled down the top of his boxers until the tip of her husband’s cock appeared. Finally, the entire shaft was visible. She leaned forward and slid her tongue from the base of the cock to the top. She repeated the process once more before engulfing it with her mouth.

David and Katie looked at each other expressionless, until David closed his eyes. Kristen’s head was beginning to bob up and down on his rock hard cock. Katie felt the wetness between her own legs grow as the scene unfolded.

It wasn’t long before David said softly, “We better move this to the pool, babe.”

Kristen took one more long lick before allowing her husband to pull his boxers up over his rigid cock. They stood up and David closed the zipper on his shorts. Katie didn’t need to be told to join them as they began heading outside. David let the women lead the way, his eyes planted on the firm ass of the young girl ahead of him.

When they got to the pool, David faced the two women. They stood side by side, each taking quick glances at the swelling under bursa escort bayan David’s shorts. But he would make them wait. He started with his shirt.

Katie stared at the man’s bare chest. It rippled with small, well-defined muscles under a thin layer of hair. His waist curved in slightly under his shorts, which she knew hid a delicious, thick cock.

The girls quickly followed suit and removed their shirts. In the cool evening air, with the anticipation of group sex before them, neither woman was surprised at the erect nature of their nipples.

Their eyes were on the single man by the pool. His eyes were on them, alternating between the breasts he was so used to and the younger breasts he so desired.

He didn’t hesitate in removing his shorts. The pressure his cock was exerting needed to be relieved. It sprang up as he dropped the shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. To say he was ready to fuck somebody would have been a gross understatement.

Katie was first to push down her shorts. Kristen was close behind. A moment later, they were naked with panties piled on top of their other clothes.

David didn’t know where he wanted to start. Luckily, the choice was going to be made for him.

“Let’s go. Everybody in,” Katie shouted out. She turned and David and Kristen watched her dive gracefully into the pool. If David hadn’t already been hard, the sight of the girl’s ass and long legs sliding under the water would have done it.

Kristen grabbed David’s hand and they jumped into the water together, feet first. When everyone was back above water, they gathered around each other in a small circle. The lights inside the pool–and the porch light outside–allowed faint outlines to be seen under the water. David watched the women’s breasts bob as water splashed over the top of them. The women, in turn, caught distorted glimpses of the man’s still-hard cock pointing up at them.

Eventually, the three people were close enough to put their arms around each other. David’s hands found the women’s asses, and pretty soon each person held a cheek in each hand.

They laughed as the circle became complete and their bodies squeezed together in a tight ring. Each of them fought the craving to embrace one of the others and initiate sex. The expectation that hung in the air like a fog was intoxicating enough. This was foreplay at its very best.

David was the first to yield to the temptation. He moved his hands from the ass of each woman to a breast. He cupped one from each woman, not attempting to make any comparisons. The feeling was overwhelming enough without getting into a scientific study. He pressed the nipples between his fingers and got moans of pleasure in return.

A second later, two hands were fighting for space on his cock. This was a first for him and he nearly came because of the unique sensation. His cock was squeezed and stroked until it ached from numerous attempts to grow beyond its limit.

“I need to be inside somebody before I explode,” he said desperately.

The girls smiled and looked at each other.

“Go ahead, Kristen. He’s yours,” Katie said shyly.

“No. You’re the guest,” the other woman said in a teasing tone.

David couldn’t wait. “Will somebody please lean against the side over there and let me fuck them.” He hesitated, then added: “Please.”

Katie laughed and turned toward the edge of the pool just a couple feet from where they stood. She took two long strides and reached out for the edge, bending at the waist. Without having to be instructed, she spread her legs and raised her ass.

Both David and Kristen marveled at the magnificence of the sight that confronted them. The roundness of the ass. The curve of the hips. The inviting, neatly shaven pussy. It was all perfect.

Kristen kissed her husband and watched as he moved behind the younger woman. Small waves climbed Katie’s back as David approached. Her breasts were half in and half out of the water. She felt marvelously sexy.

Katie felt David’s hands on her waist, then the first touch of his hard cock against her ass. He let it ride up the crack as he pressed against bursa escort her. David instantly got harder just feeling the young woman’s body in the water.

David leaned back slightly and placed his cock between Katie’s legs. She quickly took the lead and placed the tip of the cock at the entrance to her cunt. She wanted it inside her so badly. Katie prayed the man wouldn’t make her beg for it and David answered her prayer.

He pushed the cock into her with speed and ease. With one wet plunge, he filled her until his legs hit her ass.

“Oh, my God,” Katie groaned. “That’s so good.”

With his hands firmly gripping her waist, David began fucking Katie with long, steady thrusts. Up until now, Kristen looked on with interest, but did not interrupt the pair. The scene in front of her now, however, was too erotic for her to be the simple bystander.

Kristen walked to the edge of the pool beside Katie. The younger woman looked over with a satisfied smile while David continued to pound into her from behind. Kristen leaned down and kissed Katie, then lifted the girl’s arm and moved directly in front of her.

In a single athletic move, Kristen lifted herself onto the edge of the pool, facing Katie and David the whole time. Katie’s face was just inches away when Kristen leaned back and lay flat on the ground.

David plunged into Katie harder and faster at the sight of his wife lying prone in front of them. He knew what was coming next and the excitement of it thrilled him.

Katie’s head tilted toward the exposed pussy in front of her as Kristen spread her legs wider apart. The young woman braced herself against the tiles under Kristen’s ass and let her mouth fall upon the pink skin.

Kristen shut her eyes and felt the lips, then the tongue, of her young lover cover her cunt. Within seconds, the tongue flicked inside her, licking the top of her cunt in short jabs. She grabbed Katie by the back of the head and pulled her closer.

Katie was almost overwhelmed by the dual sensations of David’s rock hard cock stabbing her from behind and her own mouth finding Kristen’s pussy. She wanted to cum soon, but also wanted what was happening to last all night.

Eventually, Katie’s tongue found its way up to Kristen’s clit. The older woman shouted out with pleasure when Katie began sucking and licking as if she wanted to remove the clit from Kristen’s body.

Kristen put a hand to her breast and tightly rolled a nipple between her fingers. Waves of delight flowed through her entire body like she had never felt with David alone.

The man, meanwhile, was close to cumming. The sounds made by the two women alone would have brought it on, but the feel of the young woman’s tight cunt wrapped around his cock aided in the process. He grabbed the front of her legs to hold her more securely and thrust into her wildly.

“I’m going to cum,” he grunted above the splattering sound of the water.

Kristen spoke, as if on behalf of Kristen. “Oh, yes. David. C’mon.”

David pushed as far into the girl as he could, then held the cock in place while his balls contracted and poured cum into the shaft. Two more quick thrusts and he began to cum.

His moans echoed among the surrounding trees and Katie felt the warm fluid filling her cunt. She squeezed him harder and pressed her legs together the best she could. David unloaded several more spurts of cum as a result.

Kristen listened to the sounds of their sex and that put her over the edge.

“Yes, Katie. That’s it. Suck me. Yes.”

Her orgasm lifted her ass off the ground and harder into her lover’s mouth. Katie tried the best she could to suck and lick the clit that was now moving up and down in swift, uncontrollable motions. Plus, she continued to be fucked by a cock whose flow of cum seemed to be endless.

Finally, she herself came. She put her head on Kristen’s stomach and lost herself in the ecstasy. Luckily, David’s cock remained rigid enough just long enough for her to cum a couple times in succession with the aid of Kristen kneading her breasts. When David pulled out, Katie moved her hand to her clit and finished the job. Her body twitched involuntarily as she rubbed herself harder and harder until she lay spent on Kristen’s body.

In the sudden calmness of the evening darkness, three people reveled in their happiness. They each had various reasons to be happy. But, for now, the enjoyment of pure sex was sufficient.

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