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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 54 – New Friends.

Things returned to normal now that Labor Day weekend and Michael’s visit were both behind us.  The boys were all doing well in school, enjoying the extracurricular activities they were involved in, and we were also going to the home games for both the high school soccer and football teams.  This wasn’t a problem like it might seem, since the soccer team played right after school and the football team played under the lights on Friday night.  The boys were also making friends, which I was thrilled to see. 

In fact, when Dakota came out of the art club meeting on Tuesday he seemed very excited, so I decided to ask him about it.  “I take it you had a good day?”

“Yeah, I did.  Do you remember the boy I told you that I met in art club?” 

“Yes, I do.”

“We’re becomin’ good friends and I was wonderin’ about somethin’.  Do you think I could ask him to stay over on Friday night?”  He must have noticed the look of surprise on my face, because he quickly added.  “Don’t worry, he’s just a friend and I’m not tryin’ to replace you, but I like him a lot and think we could become really good friends.  I think he might be gay too, so is it ok if I invite him to stay over on Friday?” 

“I’d like to meet him and talk to his parents first.  Do you know his name?” 

“Yeah, it’s Reece.”

“Like the candy?” Glen asked. 

“That’s Reeses,” I corrected.  “Do you know Reece’s last name?”

“Yeah, it’s Morenus.  Do you know him?”

“Yes, I’ve met him before.” 

“So can I ask him?” 

“Let me think about this and we’ll talk about it more when we get home.”

I definitely knew Reece Morenus, because I’d been asked to speak with him to see if the other students were picking on him or if he had problems at home.  I’d been informed that his dad was an alcoholic and could be quite mean and abusive when drunk, so the teachers wanted me to see if Reece was being physically abused whenever that happened. 

When I sat down to interview Reece, though, he didn’t want to talk about his family.  He eventually admitted that a group of boys had been picking on him, so I spoke with those boys as well.  It appeared that things improved after my discussion with them, but I noticed that Reece didn’t seem to have many friends.  In a way, I was glad that Dakota had hit it off with Reece, since I knew they both could use a friend. 

I also realized that it would probably be a waste of time to ask to meet with his parents, because it was difficult to get them to come in to school to meet with us.  In that case, I’ll have to feel Reece out about how he thinks his parents might react to him staying with us, rather than asking his parents directly.  I guess that just helped me make up my mind. 

When we arrived home, I told the boys to finish their homework first, and explained that once they were done they were on their own until we sat down to eat dinner.  Once they took off to do this, I started preparing what we were going to eat. 

It took me nearly an hour to get our meal ready, and then I called the boys to the table.  As soon as he filled his plate and took his first bite, Dakota confronted me again. 

“So can I invite Reece to stay over on Friday?”

“There’s a home football game we’ll probably be attending on Friday, so do you think he’ll want to go to the game with us?” 

“I don’t know, but I’ll ask when I invite him.  Do you think he might be able to stay over on Saturday night too?” 

“It’s ok with me, but it will depend on him and his parents.  They may have other plans.” 

“Ok, but I still want to ask him.  We got a lot in common, cuz he likes the same things about art that I do, and like I said before, I’m pretty sure he’s gay.  I feel bad for him too, cuz he doesn’t seem happy and I think he might be getting picked on a lot.  So if he can go to the game with us, then you don’t mind if I ask him to stay both nights?”

“That will be fine, because I’ve met him before and know who he is, so you have my permission to see if he wants to spend both nights.” 

“So do you think he’s ok?” 

“Yes, I don’t have a problem with him.”  I thought Dakota was going to make another comment, but Jamie asked a question first. 

“If we go to the football game, can I sit with my friend, Aaron, and can he sit with us too?”

“Do you know his last name?”

“Yeah, it’s Becker.”

“Ok, but I don’t recall meeting him or his parents before, so I’ll want to talk to his mom and dad first.” 

“But you’re not doin’ that with Kota’s friend.” 

“That’s because I’ve already met Reece’s parents,” I fibbed, “so I just need to see if they’ll let him stay overnight with Dakota.” 

“Oh,” Jamie uttered. 

 “Now I’m beginnin’ to feel left out,” Glen mumbled. 

“I’m sure you’ll make a friend soon.” 

“Yeah, I know, and there’s a boy in the band that I’m getting’ to know.  He seems pretty nice and I’m hopin’ we can be good friends too.” 

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Dakota didn’t say anything more about Reece the following evening, but the issue had slipped my mind until Thursday night, so I decided to confront him about it while we were eating dinner.  After chatting with the other boys about school, I turned to him and spoke.

“Did you get a chance to ask Reece if he could stay over Friday night?” 

“No, I didn’t see him at school.  He’s not in any of my classes and the only place I’ve seen him so far is at the art club.” 

“Well if you haven’t asked him yet, then there’s no way he can get permission from his parents to join us tomorrow night.” 

“I know, so when I see him at art club I’ll lara kendi evi olan escort ask if he wants to stay over next Friday night and maybe Saturday too.” 

“That will work, but I want to know it’s ok with his parents by next Thursday night.  I don’t want any last-minute surprises.” 

“K, I’ll make sure to ask him then.”

Instead of meeting up with Reece at Friday night’s football game, I was introduced to Jamie’s friend, Aaron, and his parents instead.  It happened shortly after we arrived at the field and Jamie asked me a question. 

“Aaron said he comes to all the games, cuz his brother plays on the team, so can I go sit with him for a while?” 

“Do you know where he’s sitting?” 

“Yeah, he says his mom and dad sit with the parents of the other players on the team and they have seats next to the band.” 

“Well I’d like to get to know his parents a little better before I let you spend time with them.  I’d also like to make sure they don’t mind if you join them.”

“K, come on and I’ll show you where they are.” 

Since the teams were still warming up, I followed Jamie over to meet these folks.  When we got there, Aaron spotted Jamie first and waved to get his attention, and when we got closer he spoke.   

“Are you gonna be able to sit with me?” 

“Yeah, but my dad wants to meet your mom and dad first.  He wants to make sure they’re ok with this.”

Aaron immediately turned toward his parents, who were busy chatting with the other parents who were sitting next to them.  When their conversation ended, Aaron spoke to them. 

“Mom, Dad, this is my friend, Jamie.  I asked him to sit with us, but his dad wants to make sure it’s ok with you first.” 

The man he’d been addressing stood up and spoke.  “Hi, I’m Ed Becker, Aaron’s dad, and your son is more than welcome to join us.”

“And I’m Karen Becker, Aaron’s mom,” the woman sitting next to him stated. 

“It’s nice to meet both of you and I’m Eric’s Schultz, Jamie’s dad,” I responded as I offered my hand for each of them to shake. 

“Aaron has been talking to us about Jamie a great deal,” Karen stated, “so it’s nice to meet both of you.” 

“And Jamie has been telling me a lot about Aaron as well.  It seems they’ve hit it off.” 

“Yes, but I’m surprised they haven’t met before this.” 

“I just enrolled Jamie and his brothers here this year.” 

“Oh, and how old are his brothers?” 

“They’re both thirteen.” 

“Are they twins?” 

“No, one is a few months older than the other.  I adopted all three of the boys this past summer.” 

“I see, and Aaron has a brother too.  He’s sixteen and is on the football team, but he’s not a starter.” 

“I’ll be looking for him just the same, and I wanted to make sure you didn’t mind before I allowed Jamie to come over here to join you.” 

“It’s perfectly fine and Aaron can join you and your other sons sometime if he wants.” 

“Can I do that at halftime?” Aaron asked when he heard his mom say this.

“Sure, it’s ok with me, as long as Mr. Schultz doesn’t mind.” 

“No, not at all, and please call me Eric.  In fact, I’m glad Jamie has made a friend already.” 

“Yes, it’s always difficult for any new student to do that, seeing the other kids have known each other for several years.” 

“Yes, and I thank you for doing this.” 

“It’s not a problem at all.”

I left Jamie with them to watch the first half of the game, and then both boys came over to join me and the older pair at halftime.  It gave me a chance to get to know Aaron a little better as well.

“So do you like coming to these games?” I asked. 

“Yeah mostly, but even more now that Jamie’s comin’ to them too.” 

“I see, so what position does your brother play and what jersey number is he wearing?” 

“Larry’s on defense.  He plays end and he’s number 87.” 

“I’ll be looking for him now that I know his number.” 

The home team ended up winning by a touchdown and Aaron’s brother got to play quite a bit in the second half after the team’s other defensive end got injured.  Larry did quite well and was able to turn some plays inside where his teammates made the tackles, but he made a nice tackle as well.  It was obvious that Larry had taken after his father in size and build, while Aaron appeared to have inherited his size from his mother.  That was ok, though, because it put him and Jamie on equal footing.  Maybe that’s why they had been drawn to one another. 

When the game ended, Aaron went back to join his parents, but he said goodbye before he left.  “Thanks for lettin’ Jamie sit with me earlier, and for lettin’ me sit with you guys too.” 

“You’re very welcome and I’m glad to have met you,” I told him before he took off. 

“He’s nice, isn’t he?” Jamie followed. 

“Yes, and you two appear to have a lot in common.” 

“Yeah, we’re not as big as the other boys in our class.” 

I wasn’t going to mention that fact, but those two obviously knew the score and I was glad they now had each other.  I took the boys home, and since it had been a long and tiring day, we turned in shortly after we got to the house. 

Saturday morning was spent doing household chores.  I was busy doing the laundry and fixing meals all morning long, so I asked the boys to help clean the house.  To reward them for doing that, I took them out for another ride on the four-wheelers after lunch.  This time, however, when we reached the boundary line of my property, rather than turning down the field the boys wanted to keep going on the trail that ran along the edge of government land.  I agreed to let them do this, seeing I hadn’t checked the area out before either.  I’d used the SUV to drive around the government land so I could see how extensive it was, but I did it on the roads, not on the trails, so we continued on. 

I knew this could be a lengthy drive, so I had to watch how far we went, because I didn’t want the ATVs to run out of gas before we got back to the house.  The boys were amazed by how far we went and we still weren’t at the end lara otele gelen escort of this section of woods under government control.  Even though the boys wanted to keep going, I explained we couldn’t do that and I had them turn around so we could make the return trip home.  As soon as we shut off the engines and hopped off the ATVs, the boys started asking me questions. 

“Will we ever be able to go to the end of that trail?” Glen wanted to know. 

“No, we would need more gas than the tanks will hold.” 

“Can’t we just take more with us?” Dakota followed. 

“No, there’s no way I’m going to let you ride with a container of gasoline attached to your ATV.  One spark could either start a fire or cause a small explosion.” 

“So we’ll never be able to see how far it goes?” Jamie asked next. 

“I’d be willing to drive you around it in the SUV, but that’s all.” 

“K, then maybe we could do that sometime,” Glen suggested. 

“Ok, just let me know when you want to do it.”

We took off our riding clothes and headed up to shower, and when we finished I allowed the boys to do whatever they wanted until dinner was ready. 

After we’d eaten and cleaned up afterward, I went to the family room to watch TV with the boys and we did that until we finally went up to get ready for bed.  As soon as we got upstairs, Jamie asked me a question.

“Can I shower and sleep with you?” 

I glanced at Dakota before I answered and he merely shrugged his shoulders, but I could tell he wasn’t happy.  When I turned my attention back to Jamie, I could see this was important to him, so I responded. 

“I suppose that will be all right.” 

He was thrilled and we all got undressed before heading into the bathroom.  Once I’d adjusted the water, we got in and I washed the two boys first, and then they washed me.  After we dried off and returned to the bedroom, Jamie asked another question. 

“Will you suck our cocks before we go to sleep?”  I looked at Dakota to see his reaction. 

“Yeah, let’s do that,” he reluctantly agreed. 

I was surprised that he was willing to do this, but it made Jamie very happy.  I sucked off both boys and provided them with the relief they were seeking, and then we climbed into bed, with me in the middle.  After turning off the lamp and pulling the covers over all of us, both boys cuddled with me and we fell asleep.  I felt like a little kid with a stuffed animal tucked under each arm, even though these two were very real. 

After we had breakfast the next morning, Jamie talked the other pair into watching cartoons with him, and while they were doing that I had some time to think.  My first thought was about Shawn and I wondered how he was making out at the juvenile detention facility.  I know that ending up there was his own doing, but I still felt badly that it got to the point where he felt he had to run away.  I’d actually been hoping that he might get over his problem with the boys’ being naked and then he’d fit in and become part of the family.  He was a cute kid, although he definitely had a stubborn streak and a typical teenager’s defiance to authority, but I was hoping we could work through that.  Unfortunately, we never got the chance.

After I thought about Shawn for quite a few minutes, my thoughts turned to Michael next.  It had been good to see him again, but there was no way things would ever work out between us.  He appeared happy with his life and career, and I was happy with the boys and having Dakota for a lover, but I was glad Michael and I could still be friends and I looked forward to seeing him again. 

After I finished thinking about those two, my thoughts turned to the boys’ friends.  Aaron was definitely a little cutie too, and I was glad he and Jamie were becoming friends, and then my attention turned to Reece.  I knew him and what he looked like, and I also knew about his family situation.  He was a good-looking boy too, and I hoped he and Dakota would become good friends, because they each needed one.  Now, I wondered who Glen would befriend. 

I was still deep in thought when Glen came out to speak with me.  “Do you think you could drive us around the government land in the SUV today?”

“Yes, I could probably do that, but do the other boys want to do this as well?” 

“Yeah, we was just talkin’ about it and I told them I’d come ask you.” 

“Ok, then let’s plan on doing that after lunch.  I’ll go out and fill up the gas tank on the SUV now so it will be ready when we go to do that later.” 

He was happy with my answer, so I went out to fill up the SUV, since I didn’t want to run out of gas when we were out in the middle of nowhere.  When I came back inside, I started a load of laundry next, and after that load finished I moved it over to the dryer and started another load.  I then went out to the kitchen to fix lunch, and when it was ready I called the boys out to eat. 

“So you’re gonna drive us around the government land?” Dakota asked as he sat down at the table. 

“Not all the way around, but I’ll show you how far it extends in the direction we were heading yesterday.  I’ll even show you a bit of the other side, but we’re not going to be very close to it in some places, because people own the land between the road and the government land, the same way I do.  However, this will give you an idea about how big it is and how easy it would be to get lost in there.” 

“K, I can’t wait to see it.” 

“Yeah, me too,” the other pair chimed in. 

Once we ate and cleaned up afterward, I folded the clothes that were in the dryer and moved the clothes from the washer over to the dryer.  I then put a new load in the washing machine and I’d let those run through the cycle while we were out on our ride. 

Now that those things were taken care of, I led the boys outside and we got in the SUV so I could take them out like they wanted.  It was actually a pretty boring trip, since I merely drove and we looked at the trees in the distance, so Dakota turned on the radio so they could listen to music at the same time.  When we reached the point where the government land lara rus escort ended as we traveled north, I turned down another road heading west to let them see a bit of what that side looked like as well.  Once the boys understood the government land went on for a while in this direction too, I turned around and headed back to the house. 

“I hope that satisfies your curiosity.” 

“Yeah, and we’d never be able to ride that far on the four-wheelers,” Glen agreed. 

“No, and you’d probably end up with a sore butt from bouncing up and down on the ATV if you did.  It’s kind of like what used to happen to people who rode horses on a long trip.” 

“I never thought of it like that,” Dakota mused. 

“It’s not exactly the same thing, but its close enough,” I added.

When we got back, I took the clothes out of the dryer and folded them, moved the clothes out of the washing machine and into the dryer, and then I went out to start working on dinner. 

After we ate, I asked the boys to finish their homework and then bring it to me so I could check it over, but they didn’t all do this at the same time.  The boys ended up coming to me one at a time throughout the evening, and in between I spent the time thinking about other things, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  They were basically just around the corner on the calendar, but try as I might I didn’t have a great deal of success doing this.  The good thing was that there was still plenty of time to make plans for those holidays, so I gave up and sent the boys upstairs to get ready for bed. 

Nothing much happened at school on Monday, but when Dakota came to join us after his art club meeting on Tuesday, I wondered if he had remembered to talk to Reece. 

“Dakota, did you ask Reece if he wanted to go to the game with us on Friday and then stay overnight?” 

“Yeah, I did and he said he was gonna ask his parents if it was ok.  I guess he doesn’t usually go to the games, cuz his parents don’t go either.  I also asked him to see if he could stay over on Friday night and maybe Saturday too.” 

“Ok and I hope you told him he could wait around with us on Friday before the game, and then we would give him a ride home after the game or after he stays over with us, whichever he decides to do.” 

“Yeah, I did, so I hope he can go to the game and spend both nights with us.” 

“How are you going to find out, if you only see him at art club?”

“He’s gonna hang out with me after school while we’re waiting for you to pick us up.  We gotta wait for Jamie to get outta chorus tomorrow night and then for Glen to finish band practice on Thursday.”

“Ok, that works, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he says.”

Nothing much happened during the day on Wednesday, but Dakota had something to tell me as soon as I saw him later. 

“Reece left already, but he said he can go with us to the football game tomorrow night and he can stay with us Friday and Saturday night too.” 

“That’s good, but I’m surprised his parents didn’t want to speak with me about this first.” 

“Reece said his parents know who you are and that you’re the school psychologist, so they felt it would be alright.” 

“I see, and that’s very trusting of them.  The only question I have is if you told him to bring extra clothes with him?” 

“Yeah, and he said he’d put them in his backpack.” 

“Won’t he need that for his books?” 

“He said he could fit both in there.”

“I’m not sure how he’ll arrange that, unless he doesn’t bring many clothes or he leaves some of his books behind.” 

“I don’t know, but he said he knows what he’s gonna do.” 

Dakota was walking on air for the rest of the night.  He also started to clean and arrange his room so it would look good when Reece stayed over, but I wasn’t sure what specific plans he had in mind to do with him.  Hopefully, it won’t be anything that will get us into trouble, but I’ll speak with him about this before then, either tonight or tomorrow.

Nothing earth shattering happened on Thursday either, although when Glen showed up after band practice he seemed unusually excited, at least for him.  It didn’t take long before I learned he had something to tell me. 

“I was talkin’ to my new friend before band practice today and he said he’s gonna be at the football game tomorrow night.  He told me his parents always take him to the games, cuz his sister plays in the high school band.  She plays the flute, but Brady plays the French horn, so can I sit with him or ask him to sit with us?”

“Yes, although I’ll want to do like I did with Aaron and meet Brady’s parents first to make sure they don’t mind.”

“Yeah, I figured you’d wanna do that, so I told Brady you’d want to meet his mom and dad.” 

“So what’s Brady’s last name?” 


“I thought it might be, so that would mean his sister is Amanda.” 

“I don’t know, cuz he never told me her name.” 

“I’m pretty sure it is, and I guess I’ll get to meet Brady’s parents tomorrow night at the game. 

This meant there would be a lot going on tomorrow night.  Jamie and Glen both want to sit with their friends, so they won’t be sitting with me for the entire game.  I suspect Dakota and Reece will, unless they find another friend they want to hang out with, and if that happens I might end up sitting alone for part or all of the game.  I didn’t mind, though, because it was what I used to do before I adopted the boys.  I’m just happy they’re making friends.



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