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Subject: Payback Is a Btch (ncest, authortaran) Thank you for readng my stores. Comments and questons are welcome at [email protected] If you’d lke to tp my venmo s @jack-parker-109 These stores are fcton, any smlartes n names and locatons are purely concdental. They nvolve ntmate nteractons between above the age of 18. Nfty s able to offer ths servce for us to share and enjoy stores. Please consder gvng below to allow Nfty the opportunty to fty/donate.html My name s Joey Powell, and let me tell you about my lfe. I was a graduate student at UCLA fve years ago. I had just marred my hgh school sweetheart, she had just gven brth to our frst son and I was workng as an assstant pharmacst at our local CVS. Lfe was good, I was on track for my masters, better job, better money, more stablty… everythng anyone could ask for. And the one nght I saw two cops kll a guy n the parkng lot. I was just gettng out of work and they had been questonng a couple of guys who had been parked there all nght. As I got nto my car I saw one of them fre three rounds nto the car, f the passengers weren’t dead they soon would be. I freaked out, rushed home as fast as I could, hopng they ddn’t catch my lcense plate. I had hoped n van. Two days later the polce showed up to my house on a report of chld porn. They searched my computer and found fles and fles… The two cops I saw n the parkng lot watched as I was handcuffed and put n the squad car. The younger one testfed aganst me, sayng he had communcated wth me on a message board where I asked for pctures of hs young son. No one lstened to my story about the shootng, I was convcted and sent up for fve years. I flunked out of college, my wfe, who beleved the cops, left me, took my son, wthn a month I went from havng the dream lfe to beng Jose’s btch. Jose beng my new cellmate. I spent fve years beng used and abused by most of the guys n my cell block. I looked up the cops, the older one was klled n a shootout a year nto my sentence, but the young one…the young one lved a charmed lfe. Hs name was Kevn Whte and he was had been the youngest guy to be made detectve n the LAPD. He had been a hgh school jock, marred and had a son wth hs hgh school sweetheart at 17, joned the Marnes, got out, became a cop…and then runed my lfe. As I sat n prson I saw as hs son became a local sports hero, makng the varsty baseball team by 16. I had planned on teachng my son to throw a ball, now I would be lucky f I ever got a photograph of hm agan. There was a small local news pece on the two of them wnnng a father and son body bulder contest, the two of them lookng more lke sblngs than anythng else. They looked happy, arm around hs son’s shoulders…tme n here had made me more than apprecatve of a man’s body and I could see they were both studs. It was at ths moment, ths mage, I began to plan. Fndng out where he lved wasn’t hard n ths day and age and hs kd was a popular jock wth socal meda out of the wazoo. He was a lttle stud, the knd of kd I would have loved my son to be lke, from there I found hs mom’s Facebook and from there I began to cyber stalk them. The wfe worked for a marketng frm, traveled a lot, nce lookng woman, but then Kevn was hot as fuck, so I wasn’t surprsed he had scored a babe. The more I watched them, the more I wanted to do somethng. I began to count the days of my release, makng my plans the whole tme. Beng a college graduate n prson s a rare thng and I had made some connectons dong thngs lke taxes for ther spouses and explanng legalese to the dmmer guys. So I had a lot of connectons on the outsde that started dong some ground work for me. Some gang guys got me a lot of pcs of ther place, looks lke son and dad had a lttle gym n ther garage and lked to work out together. It looked nce, I would have lked somethng lke that wth my son. The wfe dd a lot of travelng, cabs and ubers came and went at least once a month. Slowly a routne presented tself, and where there s a routne, there can be a plan. I spent all my free tme workng out, n prson there wasn’t much else to do and I had a lot of anger to work out. I went from a normal, college guy to jacked n the years I was there. I went from beng fucked every nght to fuckng guys myself, my atttude changed, my personalty, everythng. I evolved nto somethng else. I stll looked lke the same, clueless guy that had been thrown n here though, so my parole meetng went well and four years, 10 months to the day, I walked out a free man. The gang whose leader I had helped nsde had some people watng for me when I walked out. They had a place I could crash and had collected the rest of the thngs for my plan. See what I had leaned nsde was ths. There was a pretty large number of corrupt cops n the force, Kevn’s partner had been one and brought hm nto the fold pretty quckly. More than a few guys nsde had been busted by these guys, and they were just lookng for a way to get back at them for what they had set them up for as well. Bascally ths had gone from me wantng revenge to a group project wth nvestors. I cased the place, walkng past ther house a few tmes a week so I could see thngs for myself. Hs son was magnfcent, my god what a stud! Nearly sx feet tall, toned, smooth, huge arms and ass from baseball…as I watched hm lft n the garage I felt my cock str. I wanted that kd badly. A couple of days later I saw Kevn and was struck by twn mpulses of lust and fury. He had gotten much better lookng, flled out a lot, bg motherfucker, huge tree trunk legs, massve guns and damn…he no longer looked lke a fresh faced rooke. Ths was a fuckng DILF…all the way. They were lftng and I watched as he dd squats…and knew after all ths was done…I was gong to have that ass. I watched them for two weeks before I was ready to strke. Accordng to the wfe’s Facebook she was headng out of town ths Thursday, that would gve me a whole weekend wth them wthout anyone knowng what was gong on. Kevn usually took the weekends off, whch meant after Frday nght, no one would be expectng them anywhere untl Monday. Plenty of tme. The kd got home from practce around 4 n the afternoon on Frdays, Kevn got off at 6, I had a two hour wndow to get thngs set up. The gang members wanted to help but they lved n a real hgh class neghborhood and a bunch of strangers showng up would just draw attenton. Snce I had not gotten any nk on the nsde, I stll looked lke a nce, young man so when I jogged the neghborhood no one looked at me twce. The gang members couldn’t say the same. That Frday I had a lftng tank, short shorts wth no underwear and a par of whte kcks on when I jogged by the house. The kd was already out there lftng, lookng lke a fuckng snack. I had worked up a decent sweat by the tme I got there and paused on the sdewalk and looked n. He paused hs pump and looked at me questonngly. “You’re Baxter Whte rght?” He smled and şişli travesti nodded. “Man I saw you on the news! Dude…” I walked up and held out my fst for hm to bump, “You look swoll.” I could see the complments were httng home and he sad, “You too man, lookng good, what’s your name?” “Adam,” I led, “Ths s nce setup,” I sad lookng at the equpment.” “Yeah my dad s serous, you wanna lft?” “Really?” He nodded. “Fuck yeah man, let’s do t.” We began to work out, the whole tme I was checkng ths lttle stud out. It was an hour before hs dad got home and I asked f there was a bathroom I could use. He nodded and we walked nto the house as he showed me where t was. I took a rag out of my pocket and shoved t over hs face from behnd. He struggled twce and then slumped nto my arms… Part one, check. Kevn came home after sx, he called out for Baxter but got no response. He went upstars to check the kd’s room, opened the door and froze… Hs son’s arms and legs were ted to the corners of hs bed, rag n mouth, completely naked. “Bax!” he cred, rushng nto the room to unte hm. He got two steps before I put the rag over hs mouth and watched hm slowly fall to the floor, hs son screamng nto the gag the whole tme. As the cop who runed my lfe fell unconscous to the ground I knew, I had done t. It was tme. Kevn Whte I slowly woke up and had no dea where I was. My head was thck and my vson was blurry. As I came to I realzed, I was n trouble. Ths was my garage, but a lot of the gym equpment was moved around…and someone was on the weght bench. I blnked a few tmes and I saw t was Baxter! He ted down on the weght bench naked…a gag n hs mouth. I tred to move and realzed I was ted to char as well! What the fuck? Someone else was n here wth us! I looked and there was ths jacked guy leanng aganst the far wall, just watchng me. “Who the fuck are you?” I growl, tryng my best to ntmate hm. He chuckles and shakes hs head, “See that’s cold. I’ve spent the last fve years thnkng of nothng but you and you…you don’t even recognze me.” Who was ths fuck? Why was t so hot n here? I was sweatng lke a fuckng pg… “I’m a polce offcer, you pcked the wrong house to break nto.” He laughed, “Kevn, what knd of detectve are you? I know who the fuck you are, I know exactly who you are. Ths sn’t some random robbery, I’m not just some thug…you took my lfe away from me and I’m here to replay the favor.” He walked towards me and Jesus he was rpped…who was ths guy? “Nothng?” he asked, “Man, how many people have you sent to jal on bullsht charges?” My head was so fucked up…but as he came nto the lght he looked famlar. Sent to jal? Oh sht. “Joey?” Hs smle became predatory, “Welcome to the conversaton.” Fuck, ths was the guy we planted chld porn on to dscredt hm from tellng people what he saw us do. Sht t’s been fve years, he just got out…fuckfuckfuck. “Look Joey…” I began to ask and he held up a hand. “I’m gonna stop you rght there. It’s lke ths, f you don’t know a magc word that can gve me back the lfe you took from me then there s lterally nothng I want to her from you. So save the explanatons, sorry, the threats, everythng. Don’t say another word or I wll start cuttng thngs off.” He held up a set of wcked lookng wre cutters. “You got t? Shut the fuck up.” I nodded quckly, both Baxter and I were fuckng naked, I couldn’t have ths guy gettng worked up. “So ths s the game, I am gong to tell you to do somethng, you’re gong to do t. No argument, no denal, nothng. You push back and I start cuttng. A fnger, a toe, maybe a tongue, I really can’t tell you, but t’s smple. I say, you do, everyone keeps ther sht. Got t?” I nodded, feelng a lttle dzzy when I do, what the hell was wrong wth me? “Great, so let’s get your unted,” he cut the bond and I jumped up and swung at hm. And fell forward to the floor, my head spnnng. Hs foot pressed aganst my back, “That’s your one freebe, I can’t blame you for tryng, try agan and I start cuttng. Do you need an example to see I’m not fuckng around?” I shook my head, feelng lke I was half drunk. “Great crawl over to your boy…all fours..e on.” I had to do as he sad, I slowly crawled over to the weght bench, Baxter had hs arms stretched over hs head, he was sweaty and hs cock was rock hard! I had never seen my boy naked and hard before,…I was so proud he had nherted my cock. What the hell? I shook my head as I got closer…why was I so unfocused? He grabbed the back of my har and dragged me up to the weght bench, eye to eye wth Baxter’s dck. “You have a fne lookng kd here, I mean look at that cock…that’s a handful.” He was rght, I had a huge cock, a source of prde for me all my lfe and my boy got the same dck. He was easly over rght nches, he be more than nne lke mne n a year or two. I’m sure he pulled down major pussy as I had at hs age. “Come on Kevn, take hold of t…grab your boy’s cock.” I looked up at hm and say he was serous, sghng I reached out and took hold of my son’s cock…t was so warm! He was thck, t was lke holdng my own cock… “Gve t a stroke..e on dad…show hm some love.” I slowly started to stroke hs cock, my bran was so fogged…I couldn’t thnk…but t was a bg dck…lke my own… Baxter whmpered through the gag, lookng down at me as I held hs cock. Joey reached over and took the gag out of hs mouth and Baxter gasped, “D-dad…what are you dong?” “Daddy s gonna make you feel good kd…” Joey answered for me, “Just st back and enjoy t.” “Fuck off freak!” he raged and I felt a pang of fear for my son. “Your boy s worked up…let’s calm hm down,” he told me, “Why don’t you take a lck?” I looked up wth desperate eyes and saw he was watng for me to argue, he wanted to cut somethng off! I slowly moved towards Baxter’s cock. “D-dad! Dad! Don’t…don’t…!” I lked the head of hs dck and he gasped and let out a loud moan. I swrled my tongue around hs head, I’d never touched another man’s dck before so ths was all new to me. It was warm and I could taste hs sweat as I slowly lcked… “Oh god…” Baxter panted as he threw hs head back, “Please dad…please stop…” Joey’s mouth was on my ear, “Keep gong dad, or you’ll have a daughter n one snp…” I took hold of my son’s cock and began to lck down hs thck shaft, I could feel hm shake as he felt hs father’s tongue move down hs length. He moaned agan as I moved back up, he really dd have a great cock. I magned all the pussy he had tagged wth ths and felt myself get a lttle turned on. What the hell… “Come on daddy…suck your boy’s cock…” I moved over to hs head and slowly slpped my mouth over t, hearng Baxter whmper turned me on agan and I was losng control… “Cover your teeth,” Joey nstructed, “Make sure you’re usng your tongue…” I dd as he sad and Baxter began to moan louder as he protested, “Dad…don’t please…oh god dad…fuck…” beylikdüzü travesti he sad as hs head slammed back aganst the weght bench, tryng to deny the pleasure I was brngng hm. “Yeah feel hm squrm under you? Lsten to how much you’re turnng hm on…” Hs words were lke a fuckng paraste, burrowng nto my bran, takng root…t was hot to hear my boy moan. I was gettng off on t…my cock was hard as a rock and as I worked hs cock wth my tongue I felt myself start to get nto t. “Come on daddy,” Joey sad pushng my head down onto hs cock, “Don’t hold back.” “DAD!” Baxter yelled as he felt me start to gag on hs cock, I had hs whole length n my mouth and I could feel hs hps started to push up automatcally. I could taste hs precum leak from hs tp as I let my son facefuck me wth hs fuckng thck ass jock dck. “Dad…oh god dad I’m sorry…” he sad as he thrust up, gaggng me each tme as he started to really shove hs cock nto my mouth. “Yeah fuck your dad’s face..e on punk…get t!” Joey raged. Hs words seemed to spur Baxter on and he stopped pleadng and really thrust hs cock up, “Yeah…fuck yeah….” he moaned as I gagged. I held hs hps as I let hm fuck my mouth, hs body was so smooth, so strong…wth a fne sheen of sweat he glstened lke a young god…how had I never seen how hot he was? Or had I…and just dened t? Joey grabbed my har and lterally pulled me off Baxter’s cock, my tongue fell from my mouth as I looked confused to what happened. Baxter looked up, cock drppng wth my spt, confused, so close to cummng… “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Joey sad, “You can’t just suck hs dck, what about hs balls?” He shoved my face down and I was face to face wth Baxter’s bull szed balls. They were shaved, smooth as a baby’s ass…I felt my head pushed once and I slowly began to lap at them wth the tp of my tongue. “Oh fuck dad…” he sghed as he felt me slowly begn to worshp hs overszed balls. He squrmed as I moved from one to the other, fnally takng one nto my mouth and rollng t around, “Oh sht…yeah fuck…dad…” he cred out as I began to go to town. “Yeah work those baby makers,” Joey whspered, “Don’t be afrad to go lower…” I played wth my son’s balls for a bt, makng hm babble and beg for more…and then lcked under hs sac, causng hm to pause for a moment as hs dad’s tongue touched hm where no one had before. I had a whore n Sngapore do ths to me on leave, I began to lck at hs scrotum, the senstve area cause hm to squeal n joy. I spread my boy’s legs wde as I began to gnaw on the area lghtly, I remember when ths was done on me t felt lke fuckng nrvana. Sure enough I see hs toes curl as he spreads hs legs even wder and he lets out a gaspng, “Daddy…” The word sends me nto a frenzy as I gnaw and tease hs tant, hs whole body shakes as I hear hm cry out n ecstasy. I move to start jackng myself off under the weght bench but Joey stops me, “Nope, not yet.” Instead I grab my son’s hard, muscular buns and pry them open as I go lower…I am desperate now to brng hm pleasure…the more he moans the more I am turned on. My bran s on fre…I ddn’t care about anythng any more except gettng my boy off. Spreadng hs muscle apart I see hs tny lttle jock hole and I am strcken for a moment, what was I dong? “Snp, snp daddy…” Joey sad behnd me and I knew, I ddn’t have a choce. I leaned n and lcked around hs hole and the reacton was nstant. “DAD! OH GOD PLEASE….NOT THERE! PLEASE DADDY…NO…NO!!” He screamed as I pushed nto hm, hs hole gvng way to hs dad’s tongue…he was to tght…so warm…I could hear hm sob as I slowly began to lck hs hole…volatng hm n hs most prvate spot…the one place no man wants volated. “Oh god…oh god…” he chanted as I felt me push nto hm, I had been eaten out a few tmes n my lfe and I knew how dsturbng t felt at frst, and how quckly t became addctng. No straght guy wants to admt he lkes hs ass beng played wth but once a tongue got up n there…all bets were off. After about a mnute he let out a low, “Shttt….” and I felt hs hole open completely as I pushed all; the way nto hm, “Dad…fuck…oh dad…” he whmpered as he Once nsde I knew he had surrendered, I ass relaxed, hs legs were splt wde, I wasn’t pushng them open any more, he had them spread by hmself…for a moment I was remnded hs mom was the same way when I ate her out and I felt another surge of lust move through me as I began to tongue fuck hm merclessly. “Dad…dad…dad….” he was pantng as I pushed n and out of hs quverng hole, I was losng t agan, hs moans were turnng me on more and more… “Yeah lck your boy’s pussy,” Joey whspered, “Work that jock cunt…lsten to hm whne…he loves t daddy…he loves your tongue. Agan hs words were kllng me, the second he called t a cunt I felt my cock throb as I began to eat hm out earnestly. Hearng my son squeal and cry as hs vrgn ass was slowly pred open by hs old man’s tongue…oh god I wanted ths…I wanted ths bad… “Oh dad…oh god dad…” I heard hm beg, he was pushng back onto my mouth now, he had gven up, surrenderng hs jock hole to me. The thought of my super straght jock son gvng up hs fuckng pussy to me was lke catnp, I was so turned on now…we were both sweatng and my cock was drppng precum on the floor as I kept makng my son cry out my name. “Don’t you want to fuck hm?” Joey whspered and I felt my mnd scream. I pulled off hs ass and looked down at hm, hs muscled body was heavng, he looked up at me wth an open mouth, drool sldng down hs chn and hs cock slapped up aganst hs sx pack. I was tryng to see my lttle boy, my baby…but all I could see was the fuckng stud he had become…and how bad I wanted to own hm. “Come on Kevn, show your boy how he was made, don’t you want hm to see how you fuck?” My mnd was scrambled, I needed to fuck somethng now. My entre body needed to cum and I found my resstance meltng under the heat. I knew ths was wrong, I knew I shouldn’t want ths…but as I got to my feet and slowly stroked my cock lookng at my son’s body…I knew I was gong to anyways. “You don’t want to hurt hm,” Joey whspered to me, “Let’s get your prepped.” He led me up to Baxter’s head, “You sucked hm off…only far rght?” I nodded as f n a dream and I moved one leg over the bench, straddlng hs chest. “Dad?” Baxter asked pancked, “What are you dong?” “Open up for daddy,” Joey sad as he grabbed my cock and put t up to my son’s mouth. “Dad?” Baxter pleaded as my cock got closer, “Please don’t…” Joey pushed my cock aganst hs closed mouth and the contact made me shver…god I was horny. Joey grabbed hs throat and made hm gag, when hs mouth opened my cock slpped n and I felt my son’s nexperenced mouth surround my cock. “Cover your teeth,” Joey told my son as he pushed my ass forward, my eyes fluttered as I felt my son’s tongue move around my cock, “You feel that?” he asked, “That’s the cock istanbul travesti that made you…don’t you thnk your daddy s bg? Bg fuckng cock huh?” It felt lke hs words affected hm because Baxter;’s tongue became a lttle more engaged and he began to lck around my head as I face fucked hm. My hands grpped the back of hs head as I began to pump nto hs mouth on my own, I ddn’t need Joey to spur me on…ths felt so fuckng good… I head my son whmper around my cock as I made hm suck my cock, hs mouth was extended around my shaft, I was showng my boy what a real cock looked lke…and he looked so pretty suckng t…so much lke hs mom… I heard hm gag as I ht the back of hs throat and he looked up at me wth wde eyes as I slammed my cock nto hm, I watched hs eyes water as he struggled to take my whole length. I loved hm so much but the desre to own hm, to fuckng make hm take my load…t was too much. I was losng my mnd. I heard hm choke as the tp of my cock sld down hs throat, god I loved seeng whores chockng on my cock. I fuckng lved seeng sluts struggle to take my fuckng cock…the way they pleaded, begged for ar as I slammed harder and harder…I fuckng… “Hold up Kev,” Joey’s voce came from nowhere, “Don’t forget hs ass…” He was rght! I dd want to fuck hm, feelng that tght, jock hole grp my cock… I sld my dck from hs mouth and he began coughng as I moved down the the other sde of the bench. “Dad…please…” he sad mserably but who ths lttle stud was kept slppng from my mnd. He had a tght fuckng body and I wanted to show ths punk who was boss…make that muscled body shver around my cock… I pushed hs legs open and he began to panc. “Dad! Please…please don’t fuck me…please daddy…” I loved t when they called me daddy. I felt my head push aganst hs hole and he closed he eyes and whmpered, “Dad…” He tred to tghten t up but wth all the spt and the exhauston, I forced my way n wth a loud groan from hm. “DADDD…” he sad and then gasped when my head popped n hm, “Oh god..dad…please…you’re n me!” And he was my lttle boy…and was scared…as I slowly pushed n I sad, “Shh…just relax…t’s ok…daddy’s got you…” FUCK he was so tght! It was lke an oven up n hs ass, my cock was grpped wth a velvet vce and I growled as I kept gong… “Please daddy…no…oh god…please don’t fuck me…you’re too bg! FUCK!” Jesus ths kd had to be vrgn! Fuckng jock vrgn hole all mne…and fuck yeah keep callng me daddy…fuckng slut…fuckng beggng faggot slut… I had nne nches of fuckng marne cock to feed ths jock, he had sx and I could hear hm moanng lke a fuckng stuck pg…vrgns asses always took tme to adjust and wth a slab of meat lke mne t hurt n the meantme. As I kept pushng I looked over at…the guy…whoever he was, “Can you shut hm up?” He was holdng up my phone, flmng me ral ths slut. He nodded and reached nto hs pocket and tossed me a small bottle. He ndcated I should put t under the kd’s nose and went back to flmng. I opened t and fuck t stank, t was poppers! Oh ths was perfect, I closed one of the kd’s nostrl and put the bottle under the other, “Inhale.” “D-dad….please…” “INHALE!” I barked and I could feel hm jump around my cock, he locked eyes wth me and slowly nhaled. I moved t to the other nostrl and he dd t agan. “Good boy,” I sad puttng the bottle down, “Let’s do ths…” I pushed n and the kds eyes rolled back as he moaned, the poppers ht hm and he had no dea what the fuck was gong on anymore. I slammed the rest of my cock nto hm and he grunted as I bottomed out n hs jock cunt. Oh god he felt so good, that muscled ass spasmng around my fuckng shaft as t adjusted to havng a real cock n t. I pulled my cock out slowly and he moaned, thrashng hs head back and forth as hs drugged out mnd reacted to the feelng…I pushed back n, usng hs stupor to break hs tny hole quckly. As I fucked hm he began to mumble, callng my daddy and some nos… kept fuckng hm untl hs ass gave up the ghost. I plowed hm for mnutes, watchng that muscled body slowly gyrate under me, hs abs flexng, hs cock slowly hardenng agan…he was pushng back nto my thrusts, stll out of t from the poppers. But hs body lked t, wanted t…as he slowly came back to realty I was takng all nne nches easly, moanng wth each mpact. “Dad?” he slurred as I fucked hm, “Oh! Dad…dad…ohhhh…..” he whned as I sld my cock across hs prostate, makng hs cock fully harden. “Yeah you lke that? You want more?” I asked, holdng hs thck legs apart, slammng that pussy over and over… “Oh god…dad…dad…!” he cred archng hs back, “Ooohhhh…..” Hs cock was smearng precum over hs perfect abs, I was struck by my boy’s cock agan as I began to really gve t to hm. My son was whmperng lke a whore under me and I watched hm push back onto my cock lke hs mom dd when I fucked her. I leaned n, shovng every nch nto hm and hs eyes got wde as I smled at hm, “You lke daddy’s cock? You want that?” “Oh dad…fuck…oh please dad…harder…oh fuck me…” “Unte hm,” a voce called out and I realzed he was stll ted up. I undd hs arms and he threw them around my shoulders, I pulled hm up and he sld down my cock wth a loud groan, “Oh daddy…fuck me…fuck me…” I held hs wast as he began to rde me, hs cock trapped between our abs, hs moans spurrng us both on. “Take t cunt…take daddy’s cock…beg for t..e on beg…” “FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!” I was slammng hm down onto my cock now, each mpact causng a burp of precum to ssue from hs cock. The lttle whore’s head was thrown back so I leaned n and started to gnaw on hs neck, he squealed as marked hm as my whore, he looked down and I loved hm so much…my hot, fuckng boy… We kssed as I fucked the lfe out of hm. I felt my balls tngle and I broke the kss, “I’m gonna breed you boy…you want daddy to get you pregnant?” “Oh daddy…do t…breed me…shoot n me…oh…oh!” I felt my cock pulse as I began to shoot nto my boy’s cunt, he felt hs daddy’s cum and hs own cock went, sprayng us both wth hs hot load. We cred out as we came…out mouths meetng agan as our cum smeared tself over out bodes. “Love you daddy…love you…” he sad, kssng my face, lckng hs own load off my cheek. “Love you too…” I sad, kssng hm back, my cock pantng hs guts wth my seed. We stopped fuckng, stng there, holdng each other, covered n sweat and cum, I had never felt so close to my boy before. We began kssng agan and after awhle I lad hm back on the weght bench and made love to hm properly. Hs legs straght up, beggng hs daddy to fuck hm harder. By the tme we passed out and came to, Joey was long gone. Baxter wouldn’t look at me as he rushed upstars, I found my phone and saw the vdeo, of me, fuckng my son lke there was no tomorrow. Even now I felt my cock pulse watchng t, but I had to destroy t. I had to get rd of t before… There were two texts on my phone. One was from an unknown number sayng, payback s a btch The other was from my wfe demandng to know what hs vdeo was. There was a poundng on the door and I heard the polce tell me to open up and I knew… Ths was the prce I pad for screwng hm over.

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