Best Friends

ProgressionJust some more stuff about mila and how we got to where we are.Just tidbits , no real story.As ive said, aside from some drunken exhibitionist sex, some of which she wasnt even aware of, she likes to consider herself a straightlaced mom. But there have been times the slut in her has shown through< even if i nudge sometimes.A younger us, she assured me i was more than enough sexually and she was happy. She told me she really didnt think many guys were attractive to her , but she was lying to the teenage me who was jealous. We were in jamaica like a year after we married, just walking on the island, when we passed a little creek, i took some photos and looked toward her, she was redfaced, and actually mouthed the words OMG. I looked where she was looking and there was a local, bathing in the creek. He had like a 16 inch cock< really! She lingered sooooo long there just oogling him. I spoke to her and she didnt even hear me she was so focused. We got in the a taxi to go back to sandals and she was like an a****l, she pulled my hand to go up her shorts, and her thigh was wet before i even got to her pussy. My shy wife had her legs spread, i was rubbing her clit and she was pulling on her own nipples moaning loudly in the taxi the whole ride back. She was so turned on. I noticed differences in our sex when we got back. Usually in doggie i would grab her waist and thrust into her, but she wasnt having it. She had my back against the headboard, and was backing into me hard, i used to have to say stuff like talk dirty to me or ask her questions. But this was her time, she was telling me" give me that cock: i love getting fucked.it was at that point that not only seeing another man touch her, turned us on. Also her reaction to it, but i knew she was thinking about the guy bathing as she slayed me. She was insatiable for the rest of that tripHer bachelorette was lame, i know because both her and my mother were both there. But as our friends started to get engaged, i heard, mostly from her, how things went at the parties, and the description got worse as she went to more of them. Sometimes she would come bahis siteleri home wet, ready and domineering, sometimes a lil disgusted by the behaviour of friends. She had some slut friends. i began to notice that on early sunday evenings, she would be in the same horny mood when football was over. I started asking her how she kept busy while i watched the games, she said she surfed the net. I checked browser history and saw that she had been watching CFNM porn, where women would blow strippers. This gave me all kinds of thoughts…… was this what she actually did?????? and how bad were her friends at other parties when she came home disgusted. I thought about my “good” wife being drunk and horny enough to put her mouth on a strippers cock……. and i got a raging hard on.She caught me webcamming one night, about 20 years ago when it was semi new, trying to get regular milfs naked and talk dirty to me, she watched me show my hard cock to one of these housewives and chimed in. She was a lil mad at first, i told her it was just for fun , and was alot of fun . i told her to go put on something sexy and come back in to the computer. I sat her down in the chair, turned on her cam , and in an instant she had guys messaging her , saying she looked so hot and could they private. she asked me what to do, so i told her go for it, at first she was amazed at how ez it was, for the first guy she asked me what to say to answer their questions. But then the slut in her , appeared and she ran with it. She was masturbating and talking like a whore. She got like 10 guys off< saying stuff like ....ohhhhh pleaseeee cum on me you make this pussy so wet then she decided that each time, right after she got their cum, she would call me over and start sucking my cock on cam and laugh as the guys tried to get hard again while they still had the cum on themselves> honestly she had guys coming for about 4 hours straight , one after the other,she said the same things to me while we fucked after , the bj thing was a lil mean i thought, but i had fun. the next day we spoke about it , but she turned into the church lady again, canlı bahis siteleri blushing when i reminded her of how filthy she was the night before. But admitted it was fun< empowering ,having control of all those cocks and cum, she felt sooooo sexy. she felt powerful.We had a pool put in , and i noticed her looking at the young shirtless workman. and that her nipples would harden when she spoke to a certain one of them. That night we role played that i was that guy and she wanted extra work done for free. She went right with it calling me dave asking if he could do some stuff while her husband was out because i wouldnt pay for it, all i had to say was whats in it for me she instantly took out her tits and said,ive been watching you all day dave, what if i suck your cock . I dont think i spoke again, but she did ...... alot . For the rest of the night she fucked me, like in jamaica, all the while calling me dave.The next day i bought a dildo with a suction cup and mounted it to the wall above our bed and told her i wanted her to back into it while sucking my cock. After a few minutes she said ohhhhhhh fuck me dave, fuck me while i suck this cock and i filled her mouth with cum. I said sorry, but that was soo hot. she laughed she asked if the thought of another guy is what made me cum so quick, i said yes. She asked me to get hard again, when i noticed she hadnt even paused in backing into the dildo, in fact , she was going harder. i was laying there as she told dave i could go again, and not to stop fucking her as the puddle on the sheets got larger and larger. imaginary dave and i switched positions and i came again in her pussy watching her give a dildo a blowjob and saying dave ......i want you to cum in my mouth Last tidbit.... we were at a large party, and mila was drunk, i was the sober driver. A neighbors friend was up from florida and i saw the same things in milas face..... but she was flirting with him openly she was with a girlfriend asking where johnny went, her friend pointed him out, mila looked at him talking to other women, pinched her nipples to hardness and approached him, canlı bahis she grinded on him to the music a little they seperated the party continued some point later i saw mila standing in front of another friend who i know loves her tits, but she thinks is creepy i slid between them from left to right and when i was passing behind her i grabbed her left tit she turned left and saw my friend, not me on the right she had words with him and lightly slapped him in the face about 10 minutes later, i did the same thing again, but to johnny she looked at him and backed into him against a car she turned around, put her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a long hug . i didnt hear what was said a little while later, mila was yelling johnnys name wheres johnny i told her he had gone to piss behind a car she pinched her nipples again , pulled her t shirt down tight and walked up to him she was about 6 feet away. directly in front of him, they were facing each other i got closer and heard her talking she said omg johhny i cant believe you have your cock out on the street. she started pointing at it and yelling johnny has his cock out and is pissing like anyone cared she then told him that he had a verrrrry nice cock btw, he just laughedwe both know what would have happened , but johnny was too close to home to invite mila was game, but i knew by morning that all the neighbors would know , hell , the way she was acting, they all probably knew anywayShe was mad she had to settle for the dildo again, she wanted a younger, larger cockThe next day she agreed that i made the right choice for her, even if she couldnt So we spoke openly with each other. it was obvious she wanted him. Its obvious she likes the feeling she gets when she turns men on, when she makes them cum,she told me she wonders if all mens cum tasted the same, maybe she feels a bit insecure about getting older and her body, after 3 k**s, and thats fine with me from my stories, its obvious that i like watching the effect another mans touch has on her,i loved watching her suck the dildo with her potty mouth im no longer the jealous guy i was, or the lover i was when we met as teens the only issue was , not letting everyone we know……….knowso we discovered craigslist, adult theaters, gloryholes, nude beaches, usually from porn we see on this page But those are other stories

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