Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 20 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 20 Before my meeting with Sir at 1230 I really had to find Charlie and have a talk with him. Abandoning the elevator I went to the Purser’s office, but there was no sign of him. I asked Stewart if he knew where Charlie was. “He went up to Deck 7 with a message about five minutes ago. Do you need him?” If only he knew. “Yes. Can you ask him to meet me … ” but at that moment he appeared. “Come on Charlie,” I said, “you’re needed,” and before he could ask any questions I bundled him off into my elevator. As there was no-one else there I gave him a quick kiss. “Oh Patrick,” he said, “I’ve missed you.” “And I’ve missed you, but I’ve been so busy.” “Who needs me?” “I do, silly,” I said, kissing him again. Before we got too involved – the elevator door could open at any minute – I took us up to the top deck. “Where are we going?” he asked. “Out on deck where we can talk.” “Won’t anyone mind?” “Who cares? We need to talk, and that’s far more important than what anyone thinks. Come on.” I led him to the rail overlooking the ocean. There was no-one nearby. “I wasn’t completely honest with you the other day,” I said. His face fell. “No, it’s not bad news, Charlie, I promise. I said you were special. That’s true, but what I should have said was that I think I love you. I’m only 14 and apart from Tim I’ve never loved anyone. I love Tim because I’ve known him all my life, but I love you because I found you all by myself and … oh, I’m not making much sense. I don’t just want to love you, you’ve taken over my whole being and I’d be empty without you.” “Patrick, that’s exactly how I feel about you. I wanted to tell you that I loved you, but I was frightened of the word, and frightened that if you felt another boy loved you you would be turned off.” “Oh Charlie, we are a daft pair, aren’t we.” I looked at him. His eyes were wet with tears, and so, I admit, were mine. Thank goodness there weren’t any passengers nearby. We were both silent, coming to terms with the feelings we’d had such difficulty in expressing. It seemed an age before either of us spoke, but it couldn’t have been more than five minutes. “What will we do?” he asked. “I don’t know,” I said, but I’ll think of something. “Come to our cabin tonight at 2100 and we’ll talk.” “I’d like that,” he said, “it’ll be fun, won’t it?” “Oh, it’ll be fun all right,” I said, glad that we had negotiated the risks of a declaration of love without being shipwrecked. We went back inside and returned to our duties. If Charlie and Tim and I could become sexual partners then gently introducing Charlie to a more adventurous diet might not be too difficult. I remembered someone saying that a friend who had come late to the joys of wanking was unstoppable. Charlie might be equally keen – he certainly was with me anyway. The obvious guy to use would be Larry in the pool. Charlie would always have fond and vivid memories of the pool. It needed careful thought. At 1230 I presented myself at Sir’s. “Come.” I went in. Sir was sitting at a small table on which were laid two place settings. “Join me for lunch, Patrick.” This was a surprise. Maybe I was being promoted from apprentice junior partner. “You’ve done a sterling job in recruiting Sam and Peter. Cabin 1 will need to explain a few things to them, but they are both willing to join our group, and they seem very keen on sex.” “Yes, they are. I haven’t reported our goings-on for the last few days as it’s been rather hectic. We’ve been hard at it for four consecutive nights. I needed to find out about whether Sam and Peter would be willing to be fucked by men, so I invited one of the chefs one night, and one of the stewards last night. They both fancy boys, so when I let them know that I was both interested and available it wasn’t difficult to arrange.. I’m fairly sure that six of the other seven aren’t going to be right. I think six is the right number.” “I agree, Patrick, but why do you think six is right?” At this point there was a knock at the door and Phil came in with two trays – our lunch. “I didn’t know you’d be here, Patrick,” he said. I gave him a big smile – he was still on my list of crew members to invite one night. When he left I had had time to think about what Sir had asked. “There’s a few reasons. When I suggested we had an empty cabin somewhere you didn’t think Cunard would have one. That means that we need one of our cabins in case of a client who’s married. Three cabins is right for six boys – it’s been fun fucking with three or four boys, ataköy escort or crew members, in our cabins, but they’re far too small to bring passengers into. If you can promote the other six and give them crew accommodation somewhere else then we can turn our part of the ship into something special. It would be good if we didn’t have to worry about meeting one of the others in the middle of the night in the showers or the toilet.” Sir smiled. “Yes, I can understand that. Who is your possible number six?” “Charlie, but he will need careful handling.” “I’m surprised. He seems a very quiet boy, with little experience of the world beyond his village.” My loyalty to Charlie far exceeded my loyalty to Sir. “I think he’s developed a lot since we started. I’ve got to know him well – none of the others have, apart from Tim – and he’s … really interesting.” “And he means a lot to you, Patrick. I’m not blind, you know.” I was alarmed, and it must have shown. “Don’t be silly,” he said, “there’s nothing wring with being fond of him. I think it’s good that my boys are special to each other.” There was that ‘special’ again, I thought. Sir seemed to have eyes and ears everywhere. “I agree with your idea,” he said, “and I will be making changes when we get back to Southampton. The Purser doesn’t need boys to act as messengers, although we thought it would be useful. That’s what these first few sailings are about – finding out what works and what doesn’t. I will have the six of you on elevator duty where passengers can see you and examine the goods, as one of them put it to me yesterday. And I’ve found a way round Alan’s problem. All our clients know that you’re all under age – that’s what they’re buying. I tell them the price for whatever service they require. What’s new is that I will insist of holding their passports while they have a boy with them. I thought of asking for a deposit, but having their passports is bettor. That way passports won’t have to get lost.” I blushed. By this time we’d finished eating. There were things I wanted to know, and this seemed a good time to ask. “Is there a similar arrangement for passengers who want to fuck men, rather than boys?” I asked. “I wondered when that would occur to you. Yes, there is, but very little of it is to do with me. You saw Phil just now: he and one or two others help me with that. Queer passengers are capable of getting together with other queer passengers, just as they do at home. There are a number of queer crew members who are available for a fee, just as you are.” He paused. “Tell me, Patrick, do you enjoy what you’ve been doing?” “I can truthfully say that I’ve loved every minute – well, apart from Alan’s beating, that is. I love sex with boys and the sex I’ve had with men – crew as well as passengers – has been pretty good. Sometimes bloody fantastic.” I smiled as some of the bloody fantastic moments replayed in my mind. “Good, I’m glad. And the others, do they feel the same?” “I know Tim does, and I’m sure that Alan does too. He doesn’t seem worried about today’s session.” “Good. Now you must go and get back to flaunting your delightful body before your adoring public in your elevator.” It was the first joke Sir had made. “I will, Sir, I will. Thank you for lunch,” Do I kiss him, I wondered. Oh, hell, why not? I stood up and gave him a quick touch on the lips. “Thank you, Patrick, that was kind. Now off you go.” At 1430 precisely I knocked on the door of 611, all nice and showered, my cap set at a jaunty angle and my arse well lubricated with vaseline. The door was opened by a man of about 40. “Come in,” he said, “I’m glad to see you. I was a bit abrupt in the elevator – you must forgive me.” This was the man who’d said ‘do you fuck, kid’. I smiled. “I quite understand, sir, assignations have to be arranged quickly. But now I’m here we can take our time. I wasn’t told what you require, however, so … ” I left a space for him to fill. He was American, rather stout, about 5’8″. I would like to have been able to say he was well-dressed, but all he had on was a dressing gown. “Sit down,” he said, patting the bed, “what do I call you? I’m Al.” “Well Al, I’m Patrick, and it’s very warm in here. Do you mind if I take off some of my clothes – or would you rather take them off for me.” Al was kneeling at my feet in no time, taking off my shoes and socks. I was amused that he had a good sniff as he did so, and it occurred to me that my showering might not have been what he wanted. Still, it was too late now. “Take off your jacket,” he said. Removing this was clearly not sexy enough for him to wish to be involved. My jacket off I sat back down again, leaning back slightly to let Al see my flawless young chest (I wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath, nor was I wearing pants, although Al didn’t know that yet). He leant forward and undid my belt and the top buttons of my trousers. I stroked his hair as he did so. He undid more buttons and I stood up, allowing Sir Isaac’s wonderful discovery to cascade my trousers to my ankles. Al was transfixed. merter escort “Wow! Patrick, you’re something.” This would not go down in the notes for my memoirs as being a statement fraught with meaning, but I got his drift all right. “Yes, Al,” I murmured in my best sexy voice, “and I’m all yours.” Al took off his dressing gown to reveal a very hairy body. His cock, already half stiff, was only about 5 inches, cut, and, like Al, rather stout. He wasn’t my idea of a fine piece of manhood, but he was paying, so I played my part. “I like it, Al,” I said, “I hope you’re going to fuck me good and hard.” Being fucked would at least mean that I didn’t have to get my lips exploring the hairy jungle from which his cock was peering. I really don’t like hair. Grit your teeth, Patrick, and hope he doesn’t invite you to explore the deeper jungle by his arse. In order to move things in my preferred direction – his too, remembering that it was fucking he’s enquired about during our brief encounter – I got down in front of his cock and stroked it with one hand while fondling his balls – hairy, of course – with the other. “Like what you see, Patrick?” “You bet Al, and the sooner I can’t see it because you’ve put it up my arse the better.” “You English kids make me laugh, it’s an ass you got back there.” Should I point out that what he has may well be an ass – I didn’t really want to find out – but what I had was an arse? No, Patrick, just smile winningly. Better still get up, turn round and bend a bit so that he can see the target – arse, ass, whatever he fancies – and hope he just gets on with it. “Mmm, kid, that looks so young and virginal.” That was more like it. “Yes, so you must be gentle with me – don’t hurt me.” Well, he didn’t hurt me, thanks to vaseline, Father Corrigan and countless other explorers who made a path for him. He stuck it in with me on my knees and once it was in he fucked me hard and enthusiastically for several minutes of grunting. Each time he pushed it in my knees were forced a tiny bit forward, and by the time he finished I had practically crossed the room. It did hurt actually, but my knees, not my arse. He came suddenly with much oohing and aahing and I felt several pulses as he shot his load. “Oooh! Al, I can feel your jizz inside me.” I was glad I remembered to call his spunk by a name with which he would be familiar. Al didn’t say anything, but he remained at his post while things calmed down. At no stage had a hand crept round to wank me, or even to cop a quick feel. Al clearly wasn’t interested in giving me any pleasure. His cock slipped out; he stood up; I felt cum – jizz – leaking, but having no idea whether he planned to deal with it (as many clients, and almost all the boys I knew, wanted to do) I just let it leak. Al said nothing; I stayed kneeling as warm cum slowly ran down the inside of my thighs. At last “OK, Patrick, you can get up now. Suck my cock clean, there’s a good boy.” It could have been worse, I thought, and bent to my task with what I hoped he would construe as a will. I made a quick job of removing all trace of Al-spunk and me-arse-juice, smacking my lips noisily. “Mmm, tasty,” was all I felt able to say. I wondered whether Al wanted a second round, and if so whether I should sit on his bed, what with my spunky legs. While I was hesitating he said “thanks, Patrick,” patted my arse, discovered that he had patted a spunky boy, wiped his hand on my naked back, told me to get dressed. gave me $5 and pointed to the door. “Thanks Al,” I said, stuffing the bill into my hastily-donned clothes, now with a coating of spunk down the inside of the trouser legs. I was out of 611 in well under half an hour. I would enjoy reporting all that to Sir and the others at 1630, or maybe at 0915 tomorrow. I didn’t know what Sir was intending to tell us. During the hour between showering after Al and getting ready for Sir at 1630 I had an interesting time in the elevator. A man got in with what I assumed was his son along with several other passengers. I didn’t think anything about it, but a few minutes later the man and the son got in again and rode up to the top deck. The boy, who was about my age, smiled and said ‘hello’, so I said hello back, and were they enjoying the voyage. They were, the boy said. They got out. About five minutes later the elevator was called to the top deck and the man got in again; there was no sign of the boy. I got a big smile and, to my surprise, he got very close. “My boy likes to play with boys his age,” he said quietly. I nodded. While this was unusual it was certainly something I was happy to entertain. I got his cabin number and told him he’d be contacted. At 1630 the five of us were waiting outside. “Come,” and in we went. “Sam and Peter, each morning at 0915 all of you will report to me here on all the sexual goings-on you have had in the previous 24 hours. Patrick, Tim and Alan have been doing this since we left Southampton, so I already know a great deal about the fun you’ve had with each other. I expect to hear about sex with passengers, sex with other crew bahçeşehir escort members, and sex with other bell boys. You may be embarrassed at first, but if Tim and Alan are anything to go by your embarrassment won’t last more than a few days.” Tim grinned. Sir went on, “three of you have had clients this afternoon. Were there any problems?” Three of us shook our heads. “Good. Details at 0915 then. Now I’m going to make some big changes when we get back to Southampton. I’m telling you now, but you are not to tell any of this to any of the others. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir,” from five bell boys. “Patrick has encouraged me to hope that a sixth boy may be joining us, but we won’t know for a few days. If that happens then I don’t want more than six of you. The cabin arrangement isn’t ideal, and that’s the main reason for change. With six boys active I don’t want any of the other six boys to have any idea of what’s going on. I know that some of you have had sex with some of the others, but none of them has shown any interest in sex with men, rather than other boys. I am moving all six of them to different tasks on Queen Mary – they won’t be bell boys any more – and that means that they’ll be sleeping elsewhere. They will be told that they are being promoted, so I doubt if any of them will regret moving away from their present cabin. You six will be entirely on elevator duties. That way any passenger who wants sex with a nice boy will have the chance to make that fact known – after a certain amount of window-shopping no doubt.” Sir smiled. “Any questions? You know the drill. If you get an approach do not say yes, or no. Get his stateroom number and tell him he’ll be contacted.” Sam asked who the sixth boy would be. “I’m not able to tell you, and you are not, any of you, to try to find out. Sam and Peter were recruited directly because Patrick was fairly sure you were likely to be willing. Patrick is in charge of that side of things. Leave it to him. Any more questions? No? Then I will see you all at 0915.” Tim and I were the last to go. I had to see Sir about the boy in the elevator, so I waited for Tim to go. When he didn’t I wondered whether also he had a booking to arrange with Sir. I told Sir what had happened, and Tim burst out laughing. “The same thing happened to me,” he said, “except that it was the man who told me he wanted sex with me. Cabin 902.” I nodded – it was the same cabin. “I need to think about this,” said Sir. The night with Charlie was going to be very important. He’d already spent the night with me when Tim and Alan were all over each other, and while I was the only one he’d done anything with he’d watched the other two 69ing and had 69ed with me, swallowing my spunk happily. He hadn’t seen anybody fucking, so that would be a big part of tonight’s widening of his horizons. I had a word with Tim as we were leaving Sir. “Charlie’s coming for the night and I want him to see you fucking someone, or someone fucking you. Who do you want – Sam or Alan?” He said he didn’t mind. “In that case I’d prefer if it was Sam. Charlie’s seen Alan and the more of us he sees naked the better. Besides, Sam’s cock is more spectacular.” Tim grinned. “You’re right there. I’d welcome having that up me again.” “OK, I’ll fix it. Thanks.” “You don’t need to thank me. Anyone with half an eye can see you and Charlie are in love, and that makes me happy too. Oh, for fuck’s sake don’t get all weepy, you silly prick. It’s good to be in love. I love you and you love me, but it’s not the same as ‘being in love’, is it?” “No, it’s not. It’s a wonderful feeling, and it’s also bloody terrifying, like being balanced on the top of a wobbly ladder. I don’t want to lose him, and I don’t want to hurt him.” Tim then said the wisest thing he’d ever said to me. “Has it occurred to you that he feels exactly the same? You’re the brainy, experienced one, so it’s up to you to help him love you properly. It will be great if he joins Sir’s group, but if he doesn’t you’ll still love him. You’ve got one big thing on your side.” “What’s that?” “His cock. You’ve shown him what it can do, and he’s very keen to find out if there are more exciting things. When he sees Sam fucking me I bet you he gets curious to try it.” I really do love my kid brother. “There’s another reason for having Sam,” he said, “I’ve just thought of it. Sam hasn’t had a client, so he’ll be able to fuck more than once.” A pleasing thought. I fixed it with Alan to have another night with Peter: they both seemed enthusiastic. I wondered what Roger was making of all the bed-hopping. Sam was pleased to be asked to join us again, and I told him to be there just before 2100. “Who else is partying tonight?” I told him he’d find out when he got there. I didn’t want him knowing about Charlie beforehand as there was a danger he might have bumped into him and said the wrong thing. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 21 as Charlie’s development continues. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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