Rainy Day Fantasy Ch. 01: RAIN


How long have I been here like this? It seems like an hour, but it’s probably only 15 minutes. Being in the dark and unable to move has made me lose all sense of time. How did I get in this predicament? Earlier this afternoon I was sitting at my computer, playing solitaire. It had been raining unceasingly for 3 days, so I had pretty much done anything productive that I could do around the house. Suddenly Ellen called to me from the kitchen. “Mario, could you come in here for a minute?” I entered the kitchen and she said “Would you do something for me?”

“Sure, I replied, what is it?”

‘This may sound strange, but I want you to go and take a nice hot shower, and then meet me back here in the kitchen, naked! Don’t ask why, just do it.”

Strange, indeed! Uncharacteristic of Ellen, but perhaps she’s horny and wants a little fun in the afternoon, I thought. “OK, if that’s what you want. I’ll be back in a little while”, I replied.

The hot shower felt good on this dark, cold and gloomy day, and I lingered there contemplating what Ellen might have in mind for us. Finally I dried myself off and marched naked into the kitchen where she was waiting by the window. “You coffeedonutfest.com look good enough to eat”, she said. “Or at least parts of you. Come over here by me and look out the window.”

I looked, but didn’t see anything but the downpour that had been non-stop for days. Suddenly I was in darkness as Ellen slipped a blindfold over my head! “What’s this?” I blurted out in surprise.

“Relax, Mario. Just go along with me and do what I say. You’ll have a good time…maybe!” I felt Ellen putting something on my left wrist. I realized that it was probably a leather wrist cuff. She must have gotten it from the attaché case where I store some BDSM things (which we’ve used only a couple of times, so I was surprised that she had gone there.) What else might she have gotten? Then a cuff was put on my right wrist. Next, she held onto the rings attached to both cuffs and led me slowly into the dining room. I could feel the soft carpet on my bare feet as I left the tile floor of the kitchen. “Just follow me.” We turned toward the front door, walked a few feet, and then stopped. My feet were half on carpet and half on tile again, so I guessed that we were in the doorway between the dining room and front hall. She dropped my hands and told me to stand perfectly still. At this point I was literally in the dark as to what was happening, but thinking of the possibilities was starting to arouse me.

I heard some metallic “clinking” sounds and then felt my right arm being moved and pulled up toward the ceiling, followed by the same thing with my left arm, until both arms were stretched upward and outward. I tried to pull them down, but found them fastened firmly to something above me. Ellen told me not to worry about hurting the ceiling because she had a friend build a special framework that would more than hold my weight. She had told him that it was for the garden to hold some large potted plants. She said that it was easy to assemble, and, in fact, she had put it together while I was in the shower!

“Alright! Now that I have your complete attention, here’s the deal. For 3 days now we’ve been stuck inside the house because of the rain, and you have run out of things to do and are at loose ends. You’re driving me crazy. I can’t concentrate on the things that I have to do around the house, or that I want to do. So, I’ll keep you here, where you’ll be out of sight and I can go about my business. Don’t worry, though, I’ll check up on you once in awhile to be sure you’re OK. I’ve read enough about bondage to know to do that. Oh, and, by the way, let’s use a safe word, ‘enough’, if you absolutely must be freed. Just remember, though, if you use the safe word, there won’t be any more ‘parties’ for, say, at least 2 months…so think twice. Now, just one more thing before I leave you to your thoughts.”

I heard more metal rattling (sounded perhaps like chains). then I felt ankle cuffs being attached to both legs. My legs were then pulled apart and fastened somehow to the door frame. Now I was standing upright with my feet about 3 feet apart and my arms stretched tightly upward, also about 3 feet apart. I was blindfolded, naked, stretched in the shape of an “X”, with my cock and balls right in the center, unable to move my body in any direction. “I’ll leave you now”, Ellen said, “but I’ll be back in a little while to check on you, and, who knows, maybe entertain you a little.”

And so, that’s how I ended up here, waiting in the darkness, hearing nothing but the constant rain. I think she closed the doors to the rest of the house so I have no idea what she’s doing or where she is. How long will I be kept like this?

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