Random Casino Fuck


Random Casino FuckI was so bored Saturday night that I decided to try my luck at the local casino to see what kind of mischief I could get myself into. I had a feeling this would not be hard since I was dressed in something short and provocative with five inch stiletto heels. I thought to myself that these heels needed to be wrapped around someone’s neck tonight.As I enter the casino, I noticed a gentlemen who, come to find out, had been gambling at the casino all afternoon and things had not been going his way. During the course of the afternoon we happened to sit next to each other playing the slots. We exchanged some light conversation as we played. I was dressed in a very sexy revealing dress and he took notice while I took notice of him noticing me. After gambling awhile I had gone my way and he had gone his way. As I cruised the casino looking for some fun, I noticed him sitting alone at the bar. I figured what the hell and sat down next to him. He recognized me from earlier in the day and asked how I was doing. He told me that muğla escort he was almost broke, but was hoping his luck would turn around with what he had left. I told him that I was in the same boat and just taking a break before hitting the slots again. He asked me if he might buy me a drink and I agreed saying that I could use the company. After a drink or two I learned that he was from out-of-town and had checked into the hotel for the evening and would be leaving in the morning. I confided in him that I was a working girl and that I occasionally went to the casino to check out the “action.” At this point I noticed that he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of my cleavage or my legs. I asked if he would be interested in spending some time with me. I sensed he was inwardly ecstatic based on the bulge in his pants. He confessed to me that while he found me extremely beautiful and couldn’t want anything more than to spend some time with me, his losses at the tables and slots had tapped him out cash-wise. muğla escort bayan He thanked me for the offer, told me that it was nice meeting me, wished me luck, and said good-bye. As he started to leave I grabbed his hand and said “This is your lucky night sailor. I’m off the clock and just out to have some fun anyway and the offer still stands. And I think you are going to be fun. Are you a lot of fun?”Needless to say he was speechless and not exactly sure where to go from here. He was thinking do we go to the room together? Do I go ahead and have her come up a couple of minutes later? Or do I give her my room key and give her time to get “fixed up” before I come up? He was a little tipsy and had a good feeling about me so he gave me the room key. He gave me his phone number and told me to text me when I was ready. I headed up to the room to get ready for him to come and join me for an unbelievable night.As he entered the room, he saw me stretched out on the bed looking sexy as all hell. escort muğla I got up and went to him and started kissing him deeply and passionately and then I started to remove his clothes slowly, one piece at a time. I then proceed to tell him that I had to have his cock in my mouth right now. I got on my knees in front of the mirror and started to give me him the best sloppy blow job he had ever had. This stranger was entranced as he watched me take him deeply into my moist mouth, my tongue bringing him to the verge. Not wanting to cum too quickly he told me it is my turn and he removed my clothing and laid me out on the bed going down to taste my sweet nectar. After a prolonged period of licking my pussy, I told him I wanted his cock again and started sucking with renewed enthusiasm. After a few moments I moved back up to him and kissed him deeply and passionately and whispered in his ear that I had to have him inside of me. He willingly complied. And the lovemaking continued until we are both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. When we woke up the next morning, we spent two hours lingering over each other’s bodies ending with two strong orgasms and my pussy full of his cum.This had been a great night at the casino and I told him to call me next time he is in town.Hugs Shelby, “The Undercover Milf”

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