Revenge on Cheating GF Pt. 01


It had been about 8 months since we started dating. Adya was studying medicine in a college in Pune and I was doing my Engineering in Mumbai. Everything was going quite well in the relationship. We would text throughout the day and talk occasionally. She would come back to Mumbai couple of times a month. Whenever she was back, we would spend the evening hanging out, catching a movie or dinner. Her entire family was working so her house would be empty throughout the day.

When she would come back, I would end up bunking my lectures and go over to her house and we would end up fucking pretty much all day. After years of jerking off to porn, this was something I definitely got used to easily.

One weekend she was returning for the weekend early on a Friday afternoon. I left my lectures halfway through the day and went ahead to pick her up at the bus station on my motorcycle. She only had a backpack for luggage. As we reached her building, she asked me to stop ahead of the gate, which was a usually routine to avoid being spotted.

“You go ahead, I will follow you in a couple of minutes,” I said. I always had to stop before her building’s gate so she could check if the coast was clear.

“Alright,” she sighed, “Let me go home and check if we are clear and I will text you.”

I got her text. I parked my car and went to her house. As soon as I got there we starting kissing. She had already closed the drapes so it took us no time to drop on the couch. We started feeling each other’s bodies as our tongues were tied up. She pulled my shirt off and started kissing on my neck. I unbuttoned her pants and started to reach for her pussy.

She stopped my hand and said, “No, not there today. I am on chums.”

She continued kissing me on my chest and started going downwards. I pulled her loose pink top off her head and unhooked her bra. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. My 6 inch hard cocked right up in her face.

She held my cock and put her soft lips on the tip of my cock. She knew I loved watching my cock make a slow entrance whether it was her vagina or her mouth. She slowly took the head of my cock and started kissing it passionately. She continued to stroke my cock with her right hand while slowly taking more and more of my cock in her mouth. She took all my cock in her mouth and lightly fondled my balls. I took her bra and started smelling as I could feel my cock growing inside her mouth.

The precum on my cock and her saliva made my cock sloppy. The sound of her lips slurping on my cock and the sight of her head bobbing up and down was too much for me to control. I tapped on her shoulder indicating that I was close to coming. She pulled her mouth out and started stroking my cock really hard determined to suck every bit of cum in my balls. She took her bra out of my hand and covered my cock with it as I came inside the soft inside of her bra.

That was the best head I had ever gotten. In fact she had never been able to make me come by her mouth itself. If I had waited any more second kaçak iddaa I would have come inside her mouth and I knew she would have hated it.

She came back to kiss me and then went to the bathroom to wash up and take shower. I cleaned myself put my clothes back. Just as I was doing that, I heard her phone beep and a notification come up. It was a snapchat notification. I was surprised at that as I was oblivion to the fact that she used snapchat at all. Being her long distance bf I was thinking that is something I should know. It was a notification by a guy named Anish. I wanted to see but I did not know her lock. I decided to play it smart.

Once she got back and waited for her to pick up her phone and unlock it. I continued talking to her as she was looking at her phone.

“Listen, we got to leave soon to make the movie in time.” I asked.

“Alright. Be right back,” she replied.

“Alright, go ahead and change. I will put your phone on charging,” I said that and swiftly snapped the phone out of her hand before she got the chance to lock it.

I pushed her quickly to go change and made sure the phone didn’t lock. As soon as she went in I opened her phone and opened her snapchat. The message was gone. Oddly enough there was only one person on her snap chat list. Anish. I opened her WhatsApp and did not see any history of conversation with the guy. I suspected she must have deleted. I looked in her setting and hit the jackpot. I saw that the daily automatic backup time was set to just to four hours before that time. I clicked on load the last backup.

It started loading as I heard her open the door. I put her phone upside down again making sure it wasn’t locked. She walked out wearing a casual top and denim. Nothing fancy or impressive. I wanted more time.

“You really are wearing that?” I said with an unimpressed expression. I knew even in her worst mood she would take that comment seriously.

“Is this not alright? Okay, let me change into something else,” she replied as she went back in.

I quickly took the phone and took her phone and saw the data was restored. I opened the chat and I was right. She had just deleted it before meeting me. What I read in that short 30 second shocked me. There wasn’t much of conversation apart from plans to meet up in his dorm room or asking when she was leaving. That was enough of an evidence for me. My gf was fucking this guy throughout the week while I was here.

I kept my calm and did not react right away. I was frozen, I did not how to. We went for the movie, which was good as we did not have to talk a lot.

After movie I insisted to not go for dinner and dropping her home. She promptly agreed too.

Just as I dropped her to her building she said, “hey listen, I know it is kind of last moment, but a friend’s parents are planning to sell their home in Lonavala. She wants to have a sell away party. We are thinking of taking next Friday off and spend three days at the home. Can you come?”

What was she thinking? She is cheating on me and still wanted to kaçak bahis invite me to a party with her friends?

“Maybe,” I replied, “Who else would be there?”

“It’s my friend Ananya’s house. Her bf another couple and a girl from my lab,” she replied.

“I think I would be. I will tell you by tomorrow?” I replied

“Alright. But please try,” she replied.

My head was going at a thousand miles an hour. What was she trying to pull here? Was she indeed cheating on me or that was something totally different I saw? Or was this guy her fuckbuddy that she had no feelings for? Either way I felt I needed to get this out in the open with her. Then I thought to myself, she most likely is cheating on me and irrespective of why she was doing I did not want to continue this ahead. Why should I end it now when I can spend an entire weekend of debauchery with her and then confront her? I text her agreeing for the weekend plan.

The week passed by and I left for Lonavala in a bus planning to meet Adya and her friends there itself. I got down and took a cab to that place. Usually I would text Adya as I was about to reach but my mind was in a different place. I rang the bell and an unknown face opened the door to me.

She was about 5’4″. Her side parted straight black hair were just about touching her shoulder. She had a slightly pointy nose and a sharp jawline. She was wearing glasses with thick black frame. She was wearing a full sleeve white top and a black skirt. Her top was fairly loose but her figure was still quite evident. She had a pencil thin waist and curves to compliment it

“Hey, I am Om. I am with Adya,” I said with a courteous smile.

“Oh hey, I am Shirin. I am Adya’s lab mate. Come on it,” she said with an evident disinterest.

I remembered about her now. Adya spoke about her quite often and never in a positive note. They were lab mates who were extremely competitive and did not get along with each other. They hung out together by the virtue of being in the same group of friends.

She informed me that a couple of them had arrived and some were on their way and gave me directions to my room. She didn’t seem too interested in any conversation that was unnecessary. It was quite apparent that she was not too fond of Adya’s bf.

I got to the room for us. I kept my bag on the side and decided to take a shower. All the while I couldn’t stop thinking about Shirin. She was quite unlike other girls I had interacted in the past. Wasn’t sure if it was her sandglass figure, her almond smooth complexion or a sharp discontent for me that I got hard thinking about her.

To my luck my boner would not go to waste. I heard Adya enter the room and call me out. I called her in the bathroom. She came in to see me naked and already a boner.

“Wow. You were missing me a lot,” she said with a smirk on her face.

“Of course?” I said knowing in my head it was for another beauty downstairs. “Get off those clothes and hop in,” I continued.

She slid her yellow sundress down. To my surprise that was pretty much illegal bahis all she had on. Her pussy was completely shaved.

“Surprised?” she said with lust dripping off her face, “This is my gift to you for the weekend,” she said as she locked the door behind her and joined in.

We started kissing passionately. This was the first time we were having shower sex. In fact, it was the first time we were having sex anywhere not a bed. I knew this was probably the last weekend we were together, and I wanted to fuck her every way I could.

The water was raining over us as I pulled held her hair and pulled it a little to expose her neck to me and bit it. I knew she loved my biting her neck but this time I made it just a little bit more painful than usual. I knew that was going to leave a mark.

I was kissing her, squeezing her boobs but thinking about Shirin all the time. Usually I licked her pussy and made it real nice and wet before I go in, but this time it was all about me.. I lifted her left leg up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and with a single thrust pushed myself all the way.

She left a moan out of little in pain. I could feel that she wasn’t wet. The water from the shower helped but still we both felt friction. I continued fucking her against the wall as she dug her nails in my back. The friction faded away pretty soon and I continued to fuck her in that position for about 10 minutes.

I turned her around to fuck her from the back. I pulled her left arm behind her back and pinned her against the wall. She left a slight moan of pain.

“That’s right, this is going to be just a little rough,” I whispered as I parted her legs and positioned my cock over her vagina. I started fucking her from the back. I pounded her hard for another 15 minutes in that position. She was loving it. I loved fucking her from the back. I loved feeling her bubble butt around my crotch as I continued slamming her.

“Aaaah fuckk.. don’t stop…fuck me hard Om I am coming don’t stop,” she continued moaning loud as she climaxed.

I could feel her juice over my cock. I was close to coming. I pulled myself out and turned her around. I kissed her as I pushed my finger in her cock to feel the juices.

“Get down,” I ordered her. She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. The feeling of warm water on my back and Adya sucking my balls as she stroked my cock was too much for me to hold myself back anymore.

I put my cock back in her mouth and used my hand to push my cock deep in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat with my cock. I could not hold myself anymore and came right in her mouth. She tried to pull herself back, but I held her there as I continue to shoot in her mouth. I had never ejaculated on her before. I didn’t intentionally plan on doing it, I just didn’t care, I suppose.

For a short second I could see my cum all over face and dripping off her mouth before she spit it out.

“WTF man? You were supposed to pull out. You know I hate it,” She said in anger.

I was still reeling from the orgasm to reach back to her. She headed to the wash basin and washed herself off and steamed out of the bathroom. I had a situation to handle but first I wanted to complete my hot shower.

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