Rubber Ball


Rubber BallHi All,This is my first ever real attempt at writting a story to post. It is ALL fiction, and most of it is just made up and what I think it would be like but never experianced. I was inspired to write this after looking at some pics from a friend. I have an overactive imagination which is probably much better in my head than on paper. I suppose I should have proof read it, but I’m assuming I’ll probabl be the only person to read it. Please have mercy when commenting… if anyone reads this at all.I scurry up the sidewalk quickly, thankfull that its night and no one seems to see me approach the house. I’m wearing my favorite pink party dress, pink 2″ heels and petticoats with my little dickie tucked away in nice pink lacy panties, and have never worn them outside before. I am so nerveous and doubting the wisedom of the choices that have led me to this point. I don’t know what I was thinking. Sure when I started chatting to my new gurl friend SissyLaytex on line it sounded like a good idea to get toghether, but now that its a reality it seems too strange and scary. Our chats were interesting and titillating. I was enthralled by her strange interest in latex and rubber, and she was a submissive sissy just like me. Every exchanged text was exciting, we talked about make up and frilly dresses and servicing men, but it was her talk of rubber dresses and pvc that tickled my imagination. After two weeks I found my self squirming in my panties wanting to meet her face to face and see with my own eyes the outfits she described, black rubber hoods, pvc boned corsets, thigh high leather boots….oh my.Taking a deep breath a ring the door bell, and no sooner than my finger leaves the button the door infront of me opens a crack and loud music issues forth. “Hello” I say, and after a heart beat i walk inside when no one answers. Once inside I find standing in the hall way a figure in a total black rubber body suit. It must be SissyLaytex I think to myself, wondering why she isnt talking to me I quickly relize she has a ballgag in her mouth and her arms are bound infront of her. The music is louder in here, but it seems to be coming from speakers in the Bayındır Escort walls, and it seems that its a whole house system, since i don’t see a stereo here and the music seems to be even louder coming from a set of doors on the other side of the room. She bats her eyes at me, and briefly I think to myself…ohhhh the things I could do to her. Her leather bound ass looks tight and shiney and the rest of the outfit she’s wearing makes whats left of the dominant side of me want to surge to the fore. Its obvious from her movements though that she wants me to free her arms and mouth so we can talk. So I first unbuckle the ball gag from her mouth and gently pry the ball from her lucious red lips. Lips that the more I look at the more i want to kiss and feel wrapped around my dick… she stirs desires that warm my sissy clitty. She asks me if I can unbind her arms once the gag is free. “Of course” I say, “does it hurt?” “Oh, no it doesn’t hurt” she tells me “Its the most incredible feeling to be snug and wrapped in the latex, you shouldl try it.””Ummmm I’m not so sure I say, I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I’m more pink lace, satin and petty coats then black latex, corsets and bondage gear””Youd look lovely in black Sally, here take off your pink heels and try on these thigh high leather boots to get the feel”I look at the boots, they are monsters, with at least 6 inch heels and tops that will reach my crotch… but SissyLaytex’s enthusiasm and ummmm she didn’t ask me to try them on she told me to. “Ok” I say and she helps me put the boots on and after getting them both on my legs I feel so unbalanced but incredibly sexy. The boots feel tight and alien on my legs, sort of stiff but a nearby mirror has me at a loss for words. My pink dress with these boots sticking out from under the boots. “Oh” I gasp and SissyLaytex is now behind me with her hands on my hips keeping me steady. One hand reaches around and grasps and gently tweaks my nipple applying increasing steady pressure. I moan softly, not expecting that this gurl would so quickly capatilize on this bit of achillies heel that i had mentioned to her. As Bayraklı Escort she squeezes and plays with my tit and nipple through the silk softness of the dress I swoon with pleasure. SissyLaytex keeps me up with one hand never leaving my tit and the other slowly sliding around to firmly press against my little cock and push me back up against her. I can feel her own gurl clitty getting firm against my butt. Without asking she reaches down and slides my dress over my head.. “whaaaa” I start to say, and she “shussshs” me. Of course I comply, my head is spinning as waves of pleasure ripple through me and its all i can do to maintain concentration so i don’t topple from the boots. “So Hun, you like? How’s the boots?” “Ohhhhh, Uhhh ummmm luv… luv the boots… feel wonderful…mmmm” I can barely muster words never mind a complete sentance.”Would you like more?” She says, as she gently thrusts against my butt. “Oh god yes” I’m not even really thinking I just know i want more.”Here sugar, put your arms in here.She holds up the arm binder infront of me and a jam my arms into it as fast as possible. The longer she is holding it the longer it will be before she plays with my tits and peenie again and I’ll do anything to shorten that time.My arms are now bound and its even harder to balance and I sway dramatically and she catches me and props me up.”Oh love, be carefull, don’t want you to hurt yourself. Hmmmm, hold on for a sec”She disappears from behind, and i stand thier swaying remembering the pleasure i had just been provided and eager for it to continue. What seems like an eternity passes, but is actually probably only 10 seconds. “Here hun, raise your arms up over your head so i can put this on your waist, this will help if you fall” she says.Obediantly I raise my arms up and all of the sudden she produces a huge rubber ball, which must be at least three feet in diameter and the ball oddly has a belt which she straps around me. “What the???” I think to myself. Momenterly stunned and confused.I now have a huge ball strapped to my stomach, if i was to trip now I’d bounce on my tummy. Odd but I suppose effective. Bornova Escort She has me lower my arms and by pulling on a zipper releases my arms from being connected, but now its like I am wearing two long fingerless gloves. I can move my arms but my hands are virtually useless. I am top heavy, I think to myself, that this what it must feel like to be pregenant. I feel very very vulnurable, off balance, and a little scared… and I relize i kinda like the feeling.”Ok, this was fun but i really can’t do anything like this” was what i was going to say. “O” is all I did say, since when i opened my mouth SissyLaytex popped in a ring gag. Shocked and suprised my first thought was “Holy Crap…. that’s AWESOME!!” “Oh, Sissy Sally I know you never asked for this, but all the conversations we’ve had I think this is exactly what you need. Your ass and mouth are about to get a work out and your going to be treated like a sex toy and an object.. and if, and I do mean if, you are a good little gurl maybe I’ll let you cum tonight too. I know your gagged and bound so communicating can be difficult, but if you want to stop now moan once, if you want to continue moan three times.””Eaaasee Eaaaasee Eaaase” I grunt out try to say please three time to show my lust and encouragement. Heh, and I’m drooling hmmm, I think to myself ring gags make you self lubricate. I never dreamt that things would go in this direction but so far so fun…”Ok, you asked for it” she says and with a gentle push to the back she topples me off my heels and “boing” on to the ball strapped to my stomach. My arms instinctivly shoot out to stop myself from falling but the ball takes the brunt of the fall and my arms only reach far enought to stop me from rolling too far to one side or the other. I quickly find out that I’m like a turtle on his back, I can’t stand up or move myself. Thought I can move my head and slowly spin in a circle. SissyLaytex walks across the room to a set of french doors on the other wall and swings them open. OH MY GOD!!! There is a party in there, and Men, woman and gurls all turn and look at me. Sissy latex reaches down and slides my panties off, grabs my dick and gives it a little tug and uses it to spin me around and around on my tummy ball, as I spin she slaps me on the ass and says”Ok everyone, lets play with our new toy… its only new once so line up and choose a hole.”I don’t know if I should be excited or scared, so i decide to be both and enjoy.By Slutty Sissy Sally

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