Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 27 All the usual disclaimers apply. Pls support Nifty. We must keep this hot site going and the creamy loads flowing ! Seriously. Donate ! Nifty Stories Archive fty/donate.html Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Running With The Big Dogs 27 It was second semester and spring break was coming up fast. Ky told me Coach has been emailing with Buck, one of the Rancher dads from Missouri. The older man looked out for dad in college when Buck was a Big Brother advisor to dad’s frisky frat. Not sure if they did anything. Dad just smiles. But it was that connection that got the three ranchers with the pierced cocks invited to the orgy. Buck and Joey and their son, Jade were super nice, chill and very popular ! Now dad says the Missouri ranchers have invited a bunch of the Big Dogs to their awesome ranch for a two day stay during spring break. Ky and I gave each other excited looks and yelled in unison, “Big Dog Road Trip !!!!” The drive would take two full days to get from Buxton, Indiana through Illinois and on to the northwest part of Missouri. We took two vans and the dads and Kolby shared driving duty. Our group consisted of Coach Kevin Walker and his sons Kolby, Ky and Kipper. My dad Mark istanbul travesti and I were joined by Mikey Dicks, Joe Boxer and his little bro, Camo. We also brought Big Dog Dayton who no longer lives with his super religious parents who told him he was gonna burn in hell. We also invited Adam, The Pole Vaulter who was nearly 10 inches when hard. When Ky and I told Dayton and Pole about the trip, they begged us for an invite and hugged us when we told them they were in. It was clear these two good looking guys were more than ready for some Big Dog action ! Oh, I almost forgot. Our team mascot, Billy the Bulldog was going along for the ride. I swear, that lovable pooch likes to cuddle with naked runners and watch Big Dogs have fun together ! Everyone was in a good mood the morning when we loaded up and prepared for a long day on the road. There were a few highlights along the way. One was a rest stop bathroom. When a bunch of us went in to pee we expected to see urinals but all we saw was a long, slightly tilted, porcelain trough. No privacy partitions here. So all the guys whipped out our dicks and started pissing like racehorses. The situation struck a few of us as funny and laughter broke out. Coach and my dad came in and squeezed kadıköy travesti in to drain their big snakes and they started chuckling too. A couple of our guys left so there was room for two strangers that were likely a father and his 14 year old son. Those two started pissing strong yellow streams while checking out Pole’s ten inches of cut cock. Several of us noticed they were staring intently. I then realized Pole had stopped peeing and was slowly stroking his impressive and hardening cock. He was enjoying the attention of the father and son as well as the looks of envy he got from his fellow Big Dogs. Now no one was peeing. We were all jacking our dicks together. Coach and dad, Kolby, Ky and me and Mikey, Joe Boxer and tall, blond and fit, Dayton. The dad had a hairy crotch and 6 inch cut cock and his teen son looked almost that big. You could tell that boy was loving this horny bathroom scene. Mikey squatted down and announced he wanted to suck cock and swallow loads, starting with the fourteen year old boy. That would have been so fuckin’ hot but we got interrupted by a loud group of bikers. They took over the piss trough and all the stalls as we scrambled to zip up and get out of there. The two youngest, Camo and Kipper were on dog bakırköy travesti duty and as soon as they scooped Billy’s dog poop, we could get back on the road. At a diner, Mikey passed a note to a good looking Hispanic busboy to meet him in a bathroom stall if he wanted a killer blowjob. When Mikey came back to our table, he had a big, satisfied smile on his handsome face. We drove until 11 pm when we stopped and got three connected rooms at a pet friendly motel. Coach told us no messing around. We needed to conserve our sexual energy if we wanted to keep up with our horny hosts, Buck, Joey and Jade. We hit the hay hard that night. The next morning we were up early and showered quickly, two at a time. Breakfast burritos, OJ and coffee at a drive through. On the long drive, we were entertained by Camo, Kipper and Mikey pulling down their track pants to moon truckers. Their goal was to get the drivers to blow their air horns on their big rigs. Three young, high and tight, very fuckable teen asses got a bunch of horn blows all afternoon. Good clean Big Dog fun ! We pulled up about midnight to a huge Victorian style home and standing on the porch were our hosts for the next two, possibly three days. Rancher dads Buck and Joey stood with their son and sexy stud, Jade, between them, arms on shoulders and big, huge, welcoming smiles on their handsome faces. Buck said in a commanding voice,”Welcome, Big Dogs, to our piece of heaven !” Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thank you, guys !

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