Ryan and His Stepsister Part 3


Ryan sat down at the dinner table with his mom, step-dad, and step-sister. His day had been terrible as his community college football team lost the game. It had been a blowout and he felt anger and embarrassment at the loss. His team just could not get it together tonight. He was bruised up and tired.His step-dad had chosen to order Chinese food to cheer him up as it was his favorite food. His mom had already made him a cheesecake so that was something he was looking forward to. His step-sister Maddy had teased him about the loss and it had made him even madder. She was two years older than him and always picked on him. He was quiet and shy and Maddy made fun of him for it. Sometimes, he really hated her.They were all sitting around the table eating and Ryan picked at his food. He felt dejected from the loss and could barely look at the food on the table.”Come on, Ryan. Eat something,” his mother said with a look of concern on her face. Ryan looked at her and felt bad so he put some food into his mouth. His mother smiled at him. Maddy laughed and Ryan glared at her.”Alright, Maddy. Leave him alone,” his step-dad said. He was always telling Maddy to stop güvenilir bahis bothering him ever since he was younger. Ryan’s mother and Maddy’s father were married when Ryan was five years old. Maddy was nice to Ryan’s mother but mean to him.”I’m not doing anything,” Maddy said with a fake shocked look on her face. “It’s not my fault his team sucks.””My team does not suck! You suck!” Ryan yelled at Maddy. He felt that familiar anger boil up in him. Maddy always had a way of getting him really upset.”Ryan, calm down,” his mother said in an effort to maintain some peace at the dinner table. Ryan glared at Maddy who was grinning at him. She knew that she had pushed his buttons.”May I be excused?” Ryan asked his mother.”Yes, honey.”Ryan took his plate and put it in the microwave for later and then headed up the stairs to his room. He closed his room door behind him and collapsed on his bed. Usually, he would go straight to his desktop computer and play video games or even look at porn but he was too defeated to do either. He stretched out on the bed for a moment before getting up and grabbing his tablet. He clicked on Netflix and chose a comedy movie to güvenilir bahis siteleri help cheer him up. He found one that he had been wanting to watch for some time and clicked on it.After some time, his mood started to change as he found himself laughing at the movie. He had pushed the game from his mind and just accepted that he had to get over it. He heard a car pull up and he walked to his window. He saw Bradford step out of his Honda Civic. Bradford was Maddy’s boyfriend. He was popular back when they were in high school when he played on the basketball team. He was the team’s star and Ryan idolized him. Bradford always treated him kindly even when Maddy was picking on him. He even stood up for him when Maddy was giving him a hard time.Ryan continued to watch the movie and felt his stomach grumble from hunger. He decided to head downstairs to get some food. He walked into the living room and saw Maddy and Bradford cuddled up on the couch.”Hey man. Tough loss,” Bradford said as he saw him.”Yeah, but we’ll do better next time,” Ryan said.”Definitely don’t let it get to you. You’ll only come back stronger,” Bradford said.”You mean weaker in iddaa siteleri his case,” Maddy said with an evil grin at Ryan. Ryan felt his blood boil again.”Don’t say that. That’s not nice, Maddy,” Bradford said as he looked at her. Maddy didn’t say anything but looked at Ryan with that same sinister smile on her face.Ryan grabbed the food from the microwave and went back up to his room. He continued to watch the movie as he ate his food. He heard Bradford’s car pull out of their driveway a few hours later.After some time, he went to his incognito browser and typed in Pornhub. He scanned the videos and came to one of two lesbians. He watched the women eat each other’s pussies. His cock started to get hard and he began to massage his cock through his pants.His door opened and Maddy walked in. “Hey, I…” she started to say but stopped as she saw him massaging his dick. She looked at him in surprise then she started to laugh.Ryan was extremely embarrassed and felt his face flush. He quickly closed his tablet and put it to the side. His cock was still hard as he tried to cover up the bulge in his pants.Maddy closed the door behind her and continued to laugh. “Were you jerking off?!”Ryan didn’t say anything. He looked at the ground. “What–What–do you want?””I was going to see if I could borrow your workout speakers but little did I know you were in here jerking off!” she said with another laugh.

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