Sarah Fucks Her Flatmate Ch. 02


Well, that was embarrassing. My gym card wouldn’t work and so I am standing at reception, waiting for the manager to see me.

While I wait I sense other staff take notice of me, with fleeting looks, their glances, and the whispers – I feel gossiped about.

Eventually, when he came out, I had to go to an office and explain myself regarding the incident that took place in the changing rooms during my last visit.

He’s tall and muscular and must be in his twenties. He doesn’t want to be having this conversation. Talking to a hot, forty-four-year-old milf, about perving over naked women in the changing rooms. He doesn’t use those words, he’s talking vaguely. His eyes dart, and he can’t look at me.

“It was a misunderstanding,” I told him. I was brushing my hair and she stood drying herself in front of me. I did nothing wrong. “Where was I supposed to look?” I asked.

He said that I have to think about the other people using the facilities. The changing rooms are small and we need to show each other some dignity.

Nothing was resolved, it was an embarrassing conversation for the two of us.

Anyway, I’ve got a towel for this visit. So I will stay a little longer, I’ll be careful this time.

After my workout, I had a horrible shower. I should have told the manager about the poor cleaning. I would complain, but I think I need to keep a low profile. I wore flip-flops and put the towel around myself and walked to my locker.

A brunette woman leaves the shower just as I was drying off. She must be in her thirties, younger than me, and wearing a wedding ring, but that doesn’t mean anything in my experience.

She stands a few lockers down from me. Her hair hangs wet onto her shoulders. Her boobs aren’t big, but they look full and blue veins seem visible.

I dry myself, my legs, pussy and bottom. I check her out as my hair falls over my face, she can’t see my eyes as I bend over.

Her legs are fit and long, and she has a nice arse too. Her tummy is a little round and soft. I think she may be nursing, and has given birth a few months ago. I surmise, she’s here losing her pregnancy weight gain. A few stretch marks, but not too bad. A small tattoo on her ankle. I try to look closer. She’s definitely cute, I love pregnant women, I love women who have given birth, I just find all women so sexy and alluring.

I feel myself gawping a little. I look up, she looks at me, a little longer than I’m comfortable with. I stand and sweep my hair back with my right hand. I deliberately open my towel with my left, making my shaved twat visible, and my fleshy tits hang.

I smile at her. “Hi, I’m Sarah,” I say.

“This is a fucking changing room, it’s not a room to be perved over.” She answers, not the response I expected.

“Sorry,” I say.

“Just because you’re hiding behind your hair doesn’t mean I can’t see you looking at me. Do I have to get the manager?” She’s very cross. Definitely not him again, I don’t think he’d cope, I think to myself. I almost laugh.

“No, not all. I apologise, I’m sorry if you think that, I wasn’t…” I’m embarrassed, she won’t let me explain.

“For fucks sake, we may as well share changing rooms with men.” She says loudly and storms to another part of the changing room to dry off.

Another girl glances and turns her back to us. I feel small and want the ground to swallow me up. I want to check her out, but think better of it. The gym changing rooms aren’t a good pulling ground.

I’d better find another gym.

I get dressed and tie my hair up and exit quickly. I feel wet having not dried properly. I’d better leave it a couple of weeks before my next visit.

I go to Sports Direct to look at new running shorts. I find some cheap Nike ones, and head to the till.

In the queue I notice a young mum trying to control her kid. She’s buying football boots. Her jeans are tight, they’re black, and her arse looks squeezed into them. Her waist isn’t bad, when she turns to chastise the brat of a child running amok I notice her rack behind her loose, 1980s, Back to the Future T-shirt.

She has tattoos running up her arms, her makeup is pale, and dark lines are drawn around her mauve lipstick, as well as her eyes.

Her dyed black hair is tied back, she has a red bandanna with a knot tied in it at the top of her head.

She’s a cute bit of rough, I think to myself. I look down her legs at her thick black boots and back to her arse. I’d fuck it, hard. I could imagine she’s a noisy fuck. güvenilir bahis I’d squash her into the corner of my bed and fuck her harshly. I’d bend her right over, holding her hands behind her back.

I’d finger her fat arse, whilst I used my strapon in her pussy. She’d have the fuck of her life. I feel myself arouse. A flutter between my legs. She turns and reaches to grab her child who’s about to run off for the fifteenth time.

She looks young, too young to be the mother of the 6, maybe 7-year-old brat she’s trying to control. She smiles at me and shrugs. I’d fuck her throat, while those eyes stare at me. I imagine the scene now.

“I’d so fuck that arse.” I hear myself say as I imagine it naked, being toyed. I wasn’t meant to say that out loud. She looks at me again, quizzically. “What?” She says.

“I was trying to work out where I’d put the car park pass,” I say as I open my bag.

She looks confused and turns back around. Eventually, she’s at the till.

I wait a few minutes for my turn to pay. The girl behind the till gets my attention. A young girl, tall, her hair is dyed red, long and straight.

She looks sullen and her tits look massive behind her cheap polo shirt. I bet she struggles to get the right size, they’d probably be too tight on her chest, or too baggy on her waist. She’s gone for the tight look, or it shrunk in the wash. Her face is narrow, and her features are dainty and feminine. She wears eyeliner, eye shadow and a subtle pink lipstick.

I can’t wait for my turn. I gaze at the arse of the young mum paying at the till and then at the tits of the cashier. I daydream, of them both, both on my bed. I think I’d fuck the cashier, whilst she eats the arse of the mum. Maybe I bend them both over and take turns eating their arses together, maybe I just lie there, redhead on my face and the mum eating my pussy. Oh those tits, I’d bury my face into their firm orbs. I imagine tits and nipples, both girls sitting on my knees, a knee each, butt naked with my face buried in their tits.

Someone taps my shoulder, and I come to, the cashier is free.

I’m greeted, no smile. She only asks “Just those today?” Taking my shorts.

“Yes, please,” I answer. “Aren’t you pretty?” I add. Her eyes flash up, and I see her look me over, she smiles, not so sullen now.

“Thank you.” She responds, she types into the computer and scans the bar code. Her hand is dainty too, fake nails adorn her fingers.

“I bet they get a lot of attention,” I say nodding to her tits.

She giggles in response.

“I’d play with them all day,” I add.

She giggles and blushes. “You’ve got your own.” She stutters out. She’s unsettled.

“I know, but that’s no fun, playing with my own. Those look much more fun to play with, I’d make sure you’d enjoy it too.” I say.

She looks at me open-mouthed. I can see chewing gum dangling, half squashed, between her back teeth. She gazes at me in astonishment, she’s taken aback by my being so forward.

I’ve learned as I’ve got older, that you have to be forward, confident and shower women with compliments. Make them feel special. It doesn’t always work, but you’d be surprised how often it does.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You must be bored of all the boys, and girls possibly, ogling you?” I continue, I whisper teasingly. I throw in a suggestion about girls looking for a reaction.

“Well, err.” She’s flustered.

“Oh, don’t be shy. I’m sure you are worshipped by your boyfriend?” I test her, I want a response. “Maybe you yearn for a woman’s touch, you know soft, gentle, caressing?” I say.

“It could be fun.” She admits.

“Can I have your number?” I’ve pushed it, if I get her number, I need to call it tonight.

“That’s £9.99 please.” She looks at me, her smile has gone. I’ve blown it, plenty more fish in the sea. I’m disappointed, she’s very attractive. I also feel as randy as hell now too.

She places my shorts in a bag and tears the receipt from the till. She takes a biro and writes something. She hands me my bag and receipt separately.

“Have a nice night!” She grins at me, I smile, turn and take a couple of steps as I look at the back of the receipt. Her name’s Daisy, she’s given me her number. Her zeros are heart shapes and the y in her name is a flower.

I turn back to her, and she smiles and gives me a little wave. My stomach has butterflies as I wave back.

Back in the flat, I’ve changed into a loose T-shirt and a short skater skirt. It’s warm güvenilir bahis siteleri tonight, humid and sticky. It’s the weather like this that forces my libido to rocket. I could masturbate, but it doesn’t calm me down for long, and I find when I’m over it I feel even more wanton and desperate. I’m totally gagging for it.

Diane is in the lounge, she’s wearing skimpy knickers and a tight vest top. Her cleavage is looking good, I can see her nipples bulge against the fabric. Her legs are long and smooth. I decide that I can’t stay there with her. I’m turned on to the maximum, her legs and tits are divine and I don’t want to be a pest to her in her own home. She’s a flatmate, not my lover.

In the weeks or so since our little tryst, I’ve made a rule, I will happily fuck her, but only if she asks for it. I now start to consider that maybe she is asking for it, albeit in a very subtle manner. I decide to let it go. What is it if a woman can’t wear what she wants without it being a sign she wants sex? I go to the kitchen to heat some Covent Garden vegetable soup.

I think about Diane, she behaves towards me like nothing ever happened. Absolutely nothing has changed between us. She let me fuck her, and then, she walked out of my bedroom, and it’s like it didn’t happen.

She closes the bathroom door now too. It’s disappointing, but I don’t blame her. I close the bathroom door, but I felt it was a sexy foible of hers. Alison still leaves it ajar, but she showers mostly when we’re not around, or still in bed. You can hear the shower run it’s not muffled like when the doors fully closed.

I go back to the lounge and ask Diane if she’d like some soup, she’s on her phone and signals that she’s fine.

After my soup heats through I take it to the dining table in the lounge. I try not to get distracted by Diane. Her soft voice talks in whispers occasionally. It sounds like she’s talking to her mum.

I ignore her as best I can, but my mind and eyes wonder over to her, all too frequently, she’s a distraction.

I eat my soup and look through sex apps on my phone. As usual, I don’t read profiles, I look at the pictures of women seeking women. I do find straight girls more attractive, and I sometimes skirt through them looking and fantasizing.

I suddenly remember the phone number from Daisy and I go to my room to grab it. I take a photo of her number and enter her details into a new contact.

Googling Daisy, sports direct and the name of the town results in none descript images that bear no resemblance and have nothing to do with her.

Googling Daisy, redhead teen, finds images for porn. The last thing I need is to watch porn. But I scroll through the thumbnails for a moment looking.

I’m bored and frustrated. I think about masturbating, but I want to fuck. I fidget as I look over at Diane. Her long legs crossed straight and her feet on the coffee table. I look at her toes, she sometimes spreads them and looks at them as she talks on the phone.

I’d take her feet and kiss and cherish them. I’d suck each of her toes, and nibble at her heel and ankle. I’d love to explore up her legs, they’re long and elegant. I want to feel them, I want to kneel between her thighs. I want to eat her pussy.

She looks at her fingernails, well looked after and not too long. I look at her face, she’s concentrating, her thick shaped eyebrows arch over her eyes, she gnaws a little at her fingernail then looks at them again. Her lips purse, so kissable. I can’t take it.

I stand and take my quarter-full bowl of soup to the kitchen and pour it down the sink. I cover the remaining soup in the saucepan and wash my bowl and spoon.

I pace back into the lounge and look at Diane. Still on the phone. I turn and walk to my room. I sit on the edge of the bed. Picking up my phone I decide to text Daisy. I remind her of how I was so taken by her when she served me, I tell her my name, Sarah, and ask if she’d like to go for a drink or a meal. The end result will be the same, I’d have her on her back, fucking her with my face in those majestic breasts.

I gaze at my phone. I want a reply. I wait. I watch. I give up. My pussy is driving me wild.

I get up and walk back to the lounge.

“Got ants in your pants or what?” Diane says. She’s off her phone now.

I sit on the sofa. She brings her feet onto the edge of the coffee table. I can’t see her face, her legs and knees are in the way.

I look at the TV it’s on mute.

“Well,” Diane says.

I iddaa siteleri look over at her, she opens her legs, she deliberately looks away, to her phone. I look through them at her, her stomach has very small rolls from how she is sitting, and her vest top has ridden up, from the tightness of having to cover her vast chest.

“Just really pent up,” I say. “I can’t concentrate, I feel hot,” I add.

She stares at her phone, I see her grin as she closes her legs and slowly opens them again. She knows what she’s doing, and it’s doing nothing to calm me down.

“Shit, stop doing that with your legs.” I plead. She drops her phone and looks up at me. She smirks, she’s controlling me.

She puts her feet down from the tables edge to the floor. The way she’s now looking at me, it’s in a way that makes my cunt swell and leak. She walks over, bends down with her cleavage just out of reach of my face, and takes my chin. She gently tilts my head bringing my focus on her eyes

“Is mummy getting cross?” She whispers seductively. She kisses my lips.

“If I do this for mummy, will she calm down?” She says this turning me on some more and sits next to me. I look at her expectantly.

The palm if her hand rubs up and down against my leg. Her fingers draw the hem of my short skirt up. I inch my bottom up and pull my thong down my thighs. The gusset is shiny and slivery with my slick lady fluid. They sit stretched between my knees.

“Oh look, Mummy is a bad, bad girl, look at her dirty little panties.” She’s breathy, whispery and seductive, I feel her breath in my ear as her head leans gently into mine.

She reaches towards my taught knickers, and extends her middle finger. She slowly draws it through the glistening puddle. Her finger tip shines as she brings it up. I follow it up and turn my head towards her.

She holds her finger suggestively between our mouths. She teases it towards my lips, as I go to take it with my tongue, it dances seductively and she sucks at it delicately.

“This is our little secret. Ok?” She tells me as she pouts. I nod impatiently. I want to kiss her, but I see for the moment she seems so meaningful, this is not the moment.

“I’m no lesbian, and I’m only doing this because you’re my friend.” She adds. She’s looking intently at me, her palm runs up the inside of my thigh. I’m dying here.

“I’m serious, do you understand? This is a one-off, don’t expect a habit of it will you?” She says, her eyes bore into me and I shake my head. She kisses me.

I consider for an instant, that she’s not a lesbian, she’s told me this both times now, this being the second. Each time she instigates a one-off, she’s adamant both times that it won’t happen again.

Her hand finds its way to my hot, sweaty and swollen pussy. The touch of her hand against it is so sensitive, it’s exhilarating. I feel a rush of excitement flow through me. I’ve been yearning for a woman’s touch all day.

I find myself exhaling, losing my breath. She’s soft and gentle. Her hand glides over me. It presses my clitoris and slides down the wet passage between my lips.

She has her arm around me, pulling me in for a long wet kiss, her other hand is now spreading me. I feel her fingers probe and snake around my pussy.

Suddenly she’s there, her thumb circling and pressing my clit, two of her fingers gently pushing in and out of me. She starts to fuck me. Her kissing is deep and passionate. Her fingers delve deeper each time, her thumb circles and presses.

Her pace picks up with her finger banging. I pant into her open mouth, she knows what she’s doing, I feel weak, I feel like I’m being made love to. Her fingers hit something within me, they’re expertly touching, pounding, touching and pounding. My clit is excited and throbbing.

The wave of my orgasm builds, it sends a shudder through me. I let Diane and God know, loudly, that I’ve been sent to the moon, now I’m waiting to float back down.

I sit back on the sofa and Diane feeds me her fingers. I lick them clean, I lick the length of them, I lick all the way down between them. Diane licks them too, we share my flavour and muskiness. We smile and share a quick kiss.

“It’s a one-off, I’m not doing this again.” Diane reiterates, she places a hand on my cheek delicately, our foreheads touch. I see she closes her eyes we hold for a brief moment.

She pulls back and breathes in. She looks at me seriously, stroking my thigh. I try to work her out. She opens my legs to view my freshly fingered, hot and wet twat. She smirks, as she gazes between my legs before getting up and leaving me there. I pull my thong back up and turn the TV off.

In my room, I check my phone. Excitement builds as I see Daisy has replied.

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