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scotts taliorsPart 1″Hey dude, wait!”I turned around to see who was calling me. I was surprised to see it wasScott Collins, the star athlete of our high school. I didn´t know he wasaware of my existence.”Hi, Scotty.””Look, I heard you know how to use a sewing machine. They told me you´repretty good with it.”Well, that was true. My mom is a modist and she taught me to alter my ownjeans and shirts. I considered myself already quite an ace with themachine. I had done some alterations for my friends, too, and the word hadobviously gone round.”Well, yeah, kind of. Anything I can do for you?”I could do a lot of things for you, I thought to myself. Scotty was thehottest and most popular guy in school. He kept his straight blond hair cutshorter on the sides and long on the top, combing the thick mop backwards.He had a quick wide smile and perfect white teeth. Tall, good looking,athletic and confident, he draw the attention of most girls in the school.Well, some boys, too. Like myself.Now he was wearing a tight white tank top, dark blue jeans and Nikehi-tops.”My mom bought me these jeans,” Scotty said and pointed down with hisfinger. This gave me a natural reason to stare his midsection. Nudies,probably Thin Finn, I noted. I was quite an expert in boys´ jeans, asobserving them was one of my favorite hobbies.”They don´t really fit me well, but I can´t dump them. I think they mightbe pretty cool if they were skinnier.”The jeans had a snug fit, but they didn´t hug Scotty´s legs really tight.And he had long, solid legs and a firm butt that he obviously wanted toshow off.”Well, yeah, I can take the seam in. But you would have to come over to ourhouse so we can measure them.”Scott flashed me his shining smile.”Fucking great. We´ll do the measuring today and you can bring them to metomorrow.”Well, that was pretty brazen, I thought. But refusing to do a favor for aguy like Scotty was out of the question for me.”Okay,” I said.”Wait me by my car at four,” he said and turned around to greet some of hisjock friends.I waited by Scotty´s red Mustang at the parking lot. I saw him chatting andlaughing with a group of his friends. No need to hurry because of me,obviously.Finally he waved his hand to his pals and strutted to his car. He unlockedthe doors with the remote.”Let´s go,” he said and slung his slim body to the driver´s seat. I climbedin and he started the car, roaring the engine unnecessarily to drawattention to himself and his cool car.Before I managed to buckle my seat belt, Scotty backed the Mustang from theslot and slammed the gas pedal down. We took off like a rocket, leavingsmoking rubber on the asphalt.We got only a couple of blocks away from the school when he suddenlyspotted a group of girls on the sidewalk.”Holy shit! That´s Donna. I fucked her at Bobby´s party last week.”Scotty slowed the Mustang to a crawl at the street corner where the girlswere standing. He leaned over me to call Donna. I could smell his cologne.”Donna! Come on, I´ll give you a ride!”A beautiful blond girl turned around and smiled when she recognized Scotty.The other girls giggled.”Well hi, Scotty, sure!”He punched my shoulder with his fist.”Get in the back seat.”I jumped out, flipped up the passenger seat and squeezed myself to the tinyback seat.Donna sat down on the passenger seat. She was wearing a very short skirtthat showed most of her long thighs. Her thin top revealed a generousportion of her full breasts. Her tits pressed on Scotty´s bare shoulder asshe leaned over to kiss his cheek.”I´ve missed you, Scotty,” she said.He grinned and patted Donnas thigh. He left his hand there.”Did you like the way I treated you in Bobby´s bedroom, baby?” he asked.Donna blushed a little and giggled.”You know I did.””Yeah. You made a lot of noise,” Scotty chuckled and moved his hand higheron the girl´s leg.”How about another go?” he said and leaned over to kiss Donna. Donna methis lips eagerly, stroking Scotty´s thick hair.It was a long kiss. He fondled Donna´s breasts while Donna caressed hisneck and back.Finally the kiss ended.”Are your folks home?” Scotty asked. His voice was raspy.”Yeah, my mom is.””How about my place?””Oh, I´m sorry, Scotty. I promised to watch my little sister while my momgoes shopping.””Fuck!” he snapped and banged the steering wheel with his fist.”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!””Please don´t be mad at me, Scotty,” Donna pleaded, kissing his neck. Sheplaced her hand on his thigh.”I´ll make it up to you, I promise”, she said, caressing Scotty´s thigh.She let her fingers brush his groin. I could see he had a hard-on.”Okay, babe, I´ll keep that in mind,” he finally calmed down.We drove Donna home. I had to witness another lengthy session of teenforeplay before Scotty reluctantly let her go. This time he leaned overDonna and fumbled with his left hand until he found the lever he wassearching for. The back rest of Donna´s seat fell back so that the couplepractically landed into my lap.Scotty slid his hand between Donna´s thighs, looked up and grinned at me.Then he let his hand disappear under Donna´s skirt and kissed herpassionately. Suddenly I smelled something. It was something bittersweet,something I had never experienced before. It would take some time until Ilearned that it was the smell of pussy, the smell of a girl waiting to befucked by a boy. Scotty worked with his hand under Donna´s skirt until shesquirmed under him and fondled his back.Finally Scotty settled down on his seat again and brushed his hair with hisfingers. His hardon was now bulging proudly in his jeans. He didn´t botherto try to hide it from either Donna or me. Then it was time for the lastkiss. Donna whispered something in his ear and rubbed his crotch. Then shewas gone.I had developed a painful hard-on in my pants while watching the beautifulyoung couple play with each others right in front of me. I wished I hadbeen there in the front seat instead of Donna, running my hands all overScotty´s body. Sigh.Finally we got to our house. I led Scotty straight to the basement where mymom had her workshop, complete with different kinds of sewing machines,mirrors and mannequins.”Holy shit. This yours?” he asked when he saw the studio.I explained him my mom´s business and how she had taught me to do all kindsof alterations to clothes. Scotty´s interest didn´t last long.”Let´s get to work. What do you want me to do, man?””Well, for start, I need you to take those jeans off for me.”Luckily, Scotty didn´t notice the double meaning of my request. He emptiedhis pockets on the table and without any hesitation kicked off hissneakers, unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper of his jeans.I tried to keep my cool despite the stunning young stud stripping in frontof me. My mouth felt dry and I could feel my cock stretching my pants. Igrabbed my mother´s apron and tied it around my waist. It was a prettynatural thing to do, as she kept his scissors and other tools in thenumerous pockets of the apron.Meanwhile, Scotty pulled down his jeans, revealing his tanned, muscularlegs. I noticed that his shins were covered with downy blond hair, but histhighs were almost hairless, showing the details of his well-trainedmuscles. Soon he was standing in front of me, wearing only a tank-top andall-white American Eagle boxer trunks and white sport socks. His packagewas stretching the cotton of the tight boxers.”U-hum,” Scotty interrupted my trance.I blushed as I realized I had just stood there, staring at his half-nakedbody. I looked up and saw him smirking at me.”Stop staring me, dude. And try to breathe,” he said and flung the pantstowards me with his foot. Escort bayan I picked them from the floor.”Sorry, Scotty, I didn´t mean to stare,” I stuttered.He chuckled.”Yeah, right.”I removed his belt and squeezed my arms through the legs of the jeans. ThenI turned them inside out. The denim was still warm and a little moistaround the crotch. The thought that Scotty had been wearing these jeansless than a minute ago made my cock pulse.”Would you put them back on, please.”Scotty took the jeans and pulled them on.”You want me to zip up?””No, that´s all right,” I said and and took a pin cushion from one of theapron pockets.I kneeled in front of him and pinched the leg opening between my fingers.”How skinny do you want them?””I want them fucking tight all the way here,” he said and pointed hisfinger to a spot on his thigh just below his crotch.”But I don´t want them to crush my balls.””Alright, Scotty. I can do that,” I said and started pinning the outsideseam upwards. Several times he told me to pin the seam looser. Then, afterposing in front of a large mirror, he changed his mind every time and mademe pin tighter again.When I got past Scotty´s knee, my fingers were touching his thigh. I couldfeel his hard muscles move under the denim when he shifted his weight. Tomy disappointment I had to stop right under the level where his bubble buttbegan. Then I repeated the measuring with his other leg.”Alright, I think we´re good now. If you take them off again, I´ll sew aninitial seam. Then you can try them on once more before I finish them. Butbe careful, they are full of needles.”Scotty eased the jeans carefully down and handed them to me. I noticed abulge in his boxers. It looked like his cock was getting hard. That´s justwishful thinking, I thought.”There´s a TV in the lounge corner. That´s where my mom´s customers waitwhile she is working with their clothes. You can find some sodas in thefridge.”Scotty moved over to the lounge and bent down to open the small fridge.This gave me the opportunity to admire his apple-like butt muscles thatwere covered only by the thin cotton of his boxers.He settled down on the sofa and started flipping TV-channels. Soon he founda sports channel of his taste and rested his feet on my mom´s table.I started to work with Scotty´s Nudies. I drew a thin line on the denimwith white chalk, following the pins. Then I removed the pins and sewed anew seam, using thin yellow thread that matched the original seam color ofthe jeans. The whole operation took me less than half an hour. Then Iturned the jeans inside out again.”Alright, Scotty. You can try them on now. But be careful, please, the seamis frail.”Scotty got up and took the jeans from he. He squeezed his feet and anklescarefully through the tightened leg openings. Then he pulled the jeans upslowly. I was glad for the cover the apron provided me while I watched himstruggle with the skinny pants. Finally he pulled the zipper up andbuttoned the top button.”Fucking tight. I like that,” he said turning himself back and forth infront of the mirror.”Yeah. But the denim is mixed with elastane, so they should be comfortable.And the chicks will love them,” I said.Scotty gave me a self-satisfied grin.”I know they will.”He kept posing in front of the mirror.”You could make them a bit tighter here,” he said, pointing to the spotwhere his thigh met his butt.”Sure,” I said and kneeled down in front of him.”I´ll just take the seam in a bit here,” I said, pinching the denimtighter. My fingers were brushing his butt muscle.”Yeah, that´s better,” Scotty said. His voice had turned a bit husky.I fastened the last pin and started to get up, when I felt his hand on myshoulder, pressing me back down.”Scotty, you can take the jeans off now,” I said, surprised.He was silent for a moment, keeping his hand on my shoulder. Then he said,”Why don´t you take them off for me, dude.”I gasped. Did he really mean that or was he making fun of me?”You see, I´ve got this little problem”, Scotty said and rubbed the bulgein his jeans with his free hand.”That bitch got me all hot and hard. I gotta shoot a load or my fuckingballs explode. You can help me with that.””But Scotty, I can´t… I´m not…” I started to stutter, but he interruptedme.”Those guys in your class, Rod and Alex, who told me about your sewingskills. They told me something else, too. They say you’re a homo.”It felt like a blow of a sledgehammer. Rod and Alex were supposed to be myfriends. And I had always thought I had a good cover as a pussy-lovingordinary guy. I could feel my face turn red.”Come on, dude, I don´t care if you´re a fag. I just need you to finishwhat Donna started.”I didn´t come up with anything to say, so I kept my eyes on Scotty´s feet.He lifted my chin with his fingers so that our eyes met. He gave me a cockygrin.”Dude, I´m offering you an opportunity to give head to the hottest guy inschool. Some of your fellow fags would pay me for the privilege. So, howabout it?”My answer came out before I had time to think.”Okay.”I felt immediately terrified. I had just declared myself a cocksucker.Panicking, I tried to reason him.”But first you´ll swear you won´t tell…”Scotty interrupted me again.”Dude, don´t tell me what to do. But I´ll keep your secret as long as youmake me happy. I´ll show you what I want. Got it?””Yes, Scotty.””Good. Now, I haven´t got all day,” he said. Then he stripped off histank-top and threw it on the floor, revealing his tanned, V-shaped upperbody and tight sixpack. His torso was almost hairless, only a dark lovetrail ran down on his lower abdomen, disappearing under the waistband ofhis boxers.I was mesmerized. I had never touched another boy in a sexual sense. Andnow this teen stud was expecting me to make him feel good. I had dreamed ofthis scene countless times while laying on my bed, me kneeling in front ofScotty and him telling me what to do. My fantasy led every time to apowerful orgasm. And now that fantasy was becoming true.I touched Scotty´s ankle tentatively. He didn´t move, so I slid my handhigher on his denim-covered leg. Encouraged, I used my both hands, feelingthe hard muscles of his shins.My cock was now fully hard under the apron. I let my hands wander higher,stroking his thighs. His muscles felt hard and warm under my palms.I was now on autopilot, flying through fag heaven. I wrapped my fingersaround Scotty´s slim waist and felt his butt cheeks and thighs. It was likesqueezing warm pumpkins. I drew him closer and pressed my face on the bulgein his jeans. It smelled of denim and boy. Scotty put his strong hand onthe back of my head and pulled me closer, grinding my face on his crotch.”Yeah, that´s the way. You´re doing fine. Now open my jeans.”I popped his top button open with my shaking fingers. Then I took thezipper handle between my fingers and started to slide it slowly down. Myface was so close to his pelvis that I could feel the heat radiating fromhis groin as I opened his jeans. I unzipped the jeans all the way down. NowI was staring at Scotty´s white boxers that were tenting from the pressureof his hardened cock.I pressed my palm on the bulge. I could feel his fuck organ pulse under thethin cotton, waiting to be serviced. But first I had to get rid of thejeans. I started to pull them off him slowly. When I got them down to hisankles, he steadied himself on my shoulder and lifted his feet a little sothat I was able to pull them off. Then I removed his socks.Scotty was now towering over me, dressed only in his white boxers. I rubbedthe bulge in the boxers gently with my Bayan escort palm. The cotton felt moist andsticky. It felt just natural for me to lean over and lick the cotton of hisunderwear. For the first time in my life I tasted another boy´s precum. Iknew I was going to taste a lot more of it. And I knew Scotty was going tofeed me a full load of his cum before our session was over. I could hardlywait.I hooked my fingers under Scotty´s boxers and started to pull them down. Myfingers were brushing his butt cheeks. The skin felt smooth and warm andhis muscles were rock hard. When I got the boxers beneath his pelvis, hiscock sprang out. It appeared to be a man-sized 7 inch fuck-rod and itscared the hell out of me. How was I going to fit that in my mouth? Well, Ijust had to find a way.I didn´t really know what to do but I had to start somehow. I leaned closerand pressed my lips on the underside of Scotty´s cum-gun. I didn´t have anyexperience in kissing, but I managed to make a sucking motion with my lipswith an audible slurp.”Yeah,” Scotty encouraged me, gripping my hair with his strong hand.I was clearly moving in the right direction, so I took his boy-hose betweenmy fingers and gave it a tentative lick. My wet tongue dissolved the driedsweat on Scotty´s cock and I got the first real taste of his teen manhood.I have never tasted champagne, but it could not taste better than Scotty´scock sweat. I licked his pussy-banger over and over again, being carefulnot to miss a spot.Scotty´s neatly cropped black pubes tickled my nose when I reached the rootof his cock. I took his low hanging ball sack gently into my hand andbathed the dark skin with my lips and tongue. My face was now smeared withhis precum, but I didn´t mind. It felt right.Scotty spread his legs slightly to give me room to lick the skin betweenhis ball sack and thighs. The taste was strong, as his sweat had beenstewing there all day long.After a minute or two of worshiping, Scotty took a hold of my jaw with hishand. I looked up. He met my gaze with his blue eyes.”It´s time,” he said.I was out of breath, so I just nodded. His boxers were still bundled aroundhis ankles so I eased them off his feet completely.Scotty was now going to use me to get his satisfaction. And I was happy tobe there for him. My only wish was to bring Scotty pleasure, to make himfeel content and pleased with my services.Somehow, I immediately knew what to do. It seemed clear that this was whatI was born to do, to give pleasure to other boys. I took a hold of Scotty´steen mast, breathed in and opened my mouth. Scotty gripped my head with hisboth hands and pushed his rod inside my mouth. I felt relieved as it slidin pretty easily.Scotty rocked his hips slightly and eased his cock deeper into my mouth. Igagged at first and he paused to give me a second to breathe. Then hepushed his rod even deeper and started to make tentative thrusts. This wasa moment of truth for me. I managed to relax and discovered that I had nomajor difficulties to take his cock in. Yes, I was born to suck cock.Little by little, Scotty´s thrusts became more powerful and he tightenedhis grip of my head. I kept my lips pressed tightly around his shaft tobring him maximum pleasure. My hands were stroking his thighs and buttockswhile he plugged my mouth with his schlong.”Yeah. Ahh. Yeah,” he moaned.I glanced up. Scotty´s long blond bangs that were normally carefully combedbackwards, had fallen down on his forehead, partly hiding his eyes from me.His sixpack was working rhythmically in pace with his fucking thrusts.Sweat drops were running down the mounds of his well-trained abs, wettingmy forehead.Scotty was now lost in his own pleasure, banging my face with his proudyoung pole that was now covered with the mixture of his precum and my spit.My knees were hurting, but I didn´t care. I was there at Scotty´s disposaland he had every right in the world to keep using me until he found hissatisfaction.And eventually he did. He fucked my face forcefully until his hip movementssuddenly slowed. Then came the three final thrusts that filled my mouthwith warm young jizz. It tasted salty and bitter, but first of all ittasted of Scotty. My baptism as as his cocksucker was now complete.Scotty let go of my head and slipped his cock out from my mouth while Iswallowed his load. A drop of pearly jizz was hanging from the tip of hiscock. He looked straight into my eyes and lifted the softening rod with hisfinger. I took the hint, wiped my lips with my hand and leaned closer tolick the cum-drop off his schlong.Scotty grinned.”Good boy. Now go get me a washcloth.”I stood up clumsily, the apron still covering my painful hardon, and limpedto the bathroom. I took one of my mom´s towels and moistened it with warmwater. I went back and handed the towel to Scotty. He wiped his dick andgroin and threw the towel on the floor. He fetched his boxers and socks andpulled his tank-top on. Then he settled in front of the mirror, styling hismessy hair back to the familiar cool Scotty-style.He spoke to me, still facing the mirror.”Go get my shorts from the car, they´re in my bag.”I took the car keys and limped to Scotty´ s Mustang. I found his largeduffel bag in the trunk and opened it. The bag was full of Scotty´s jockstuff: cleats, shorts, shin pads and things. His shorts were neatly packedinside a plastic bag. And there was another plastic bag full of his dirtylaundry. I looked quickly around and searched the bag until I found a pairof Adidas boxers and white sports socks. They were still moist from hissweat. I stuffed them in my pockets, zipped the bag and closed the trunk.I went back in and handed the shorts to Scotty. He pulled them on.”Thanks for the blowjob. I needed that.””You´re welcome, Scotty.””You´re a great cocksucker, dude.””Am I supposed to be proud of that?”He laughed.”Well, I can see you enjoyed it,” he said, pointing my apron with hisfinger.”I did, Scotty. And I´ll do it again. Anytime you want, just let me know.””I don´t need the jeans tomorrow. Text me when they´re ready. I might stopby for another blowjob,” he said and left.Chapter 2″I might stop by for another blowjob,” Scotty said and left. I heard theengine of his Mustang roar before he took off.I sat down in my mom’s armchair, trying to comprehend what had happened tome today. When I woke up in the morning, I was expecting just another dayat school. But before dusk, I had become a cocksucker. And a cocksucker didnot really stand on the top ladder in the social structure of teenagedboys. But I didn’t care. Pleasuring Scotty had been the most mind-blowingexperience in my young life.I was shaken from my thoughts when I glanced at the clock on the wall. Itwas almost six thirty. My mom would be home any minute now. I sprang intoaction and opened the window to air out the smell of sex from my mom’sstudio. None too early, as I already heard the familiar rattle of mom’s oldNissan from our driveway.I had to hurry. I scanned the crime scene with my eyes and spotted thetowel that Scotty had used to clean himself after his blowjob. I grabbed itquickly and stuffed it into the bottom of the waste bin. Then I untiedmom’s apron from my waist and placed it back to the coat-rack. I was gladthat my hard-on had by now somewhat eased so I was able to cover the bulgewith my hands.My mom opened the door with her keys and looked slightly surprised when hesaw me in her studio.”Why Rick, have you been doing some sewing today?””Hi mom. Yeah, I helped a friend with his jeans.””Well, I’m glad to hear that. You don’t have Escort too many friends. Remember tobe nice to him.””I will, mom.”My mom placed her handbag on the table and leaned closer.At that moment the earth froze around me. My mom was going to kiss my cheekthat was covered with Scotty’s dried cum. And there was absolutely nothingI could do to prevent that.Mom kissed my cheek.”Why Rick, you’re wearing a fragrance. What’s it called?”I knew absolutely nothing about fragrances so I had to make something up.”Well, yeah, it’s… it’s called… Fresh. Fresh Load.””Where did you get it?””I got it from Scotty. The friend of mine.””Well, that was nice of him.”Mom leaned closer to sniff my cheek again.”Fresh Load? I like it. The scent is youthful… but somehow masculine. Andyour skin looks brisk. This lotion really suits you.””Umm, thanks mom. I’ve better go upstairs to do some homework.””Good. Anytime you need to use the studio to help your friend, just let meknow.””Thanks mom.”I grabbed my backpack and ran the stairs up to my room. I locked the doorand sat down at my desk. I opened my computer and chose an image from mypicture files. It was a very good shot of Scotty that I had taken for theschool paper after a victorious lacrosse game last spring.Scotty was posing for the camera shirtless, his chiseled body glistering ofsweat, a black band tied around his thick blond hair. He was holding hisstick behind his neck, showing his biceps and clean-shaven armpits. He waslooking straight into the camera, grinning triumphantly. His shorts werehanging low, showing the three-stripe waistband of his light blue Adidasboxers.I turned the screen so I could see it from my bed and emptied my pockets onthe bedcover. My fresh loot consisted of Scotty’s light blue Adidas sportboxers, possibly the very same he was wearing in the picture, and a pair ofhis white Nike ankle socks. The socks were still moist from his sweat. Istraightened them and smelled the strong aroma of high school jock’s feet.Then I lay down on my back on the bed and pressed Scotty’s boxers on myface. I took a deep breath through my nose, fumbling with the zipper of myshorts and focused my eyes to the image of Scotty on the screen. He seemedto be looking straight into my eyes, grinning cockily. I didn’t manage toopen my zipper before I shot a huge load of cum in my pants.——I finished Scotty’s Nudies the same evening. Then I gave them a gentlehand-wash in a wash tub and hung them on our backyard drying rack. Nextmorning I woke up earlier than usual so that I had time to iron the jeans.I folded them neatly into my closet so they would be ready any time Scottywanted them. I sent him a text message to let him know that his jeans wereready.I waited three days, but there was no message from Scotty. I saw him atschool several times, but he ignored me. He was always surrounded by hisjock buddies or a group of aspiring girls, so I didn’t have the courage toapproach him.Finally, on Friday afternoon, I saw him alone in the hallway, leaning onhis locker, chewing gum and tapping his smartphone. He was wearing a greyHollister hoodie over a black tank top that revealed his tanned chest. Hisexpensive looking factory-worn jeans had rips in strategic spots showingsome tanned skin of his thighs. The jeans and his backwards turned whitebaseball cap matched perfectly with his slightly scuffed white hi-topConverse. Damn, how did he manage to look so hot, just standing there?I walked over to him.”Hi, Scotty,” I greeted him.He glanced up and frowned when he saw me. I could tell from his hostilegaze that I had made a mistake.Scotty looked quickly around to see if someone was watching us.”Don’t you ever approach me in public, dude. Ever,” he hissed.”Sorry, Scotty,” I mumbled, regretting my mistake.I was just about to walk away when he said,”You know the old football team locker room in the basement?”I nodded. The team had been rewarded with a fancy new locker room afterthey won the state championship last year. The old one was now deserted.”Be there in five minutes,” Scotty said and turned away.I waited in the hallway, checking the time from my phone. After fourminutes I headed downstairs to the basement. I had to wait another fiveminutes until Scotty came down the stairs. He fetched a key ring from hisbackpack and opened the door. Obviously he had somehow gained legal accessthere.Scotty went in and I followed him. The football team locker room was anatural environment for him but a strange and intimidating place for me. Itreeked of jock sweat. He locked the door, removed his hoodie and hung it onone of the hooks on the wall.”I’m sorry, Scotty,” I started.”I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just wanted to ask if you want yourjeans back now. Just let me know and I’ll bring them to you.”Scotty didn’t pay any attention to my babble. He glanced at his TagHeuerwatch.”I’ve got ten minutes,” he said, chewing his gum.I just stared him, puzzled. He didn’t need ten minutes to tell me when hewanted his jeans back.Scotty stripped his tank top off and threw it on one of the wooden benches.He looked at me with an impatient expression on his handsome face.”Why the fuck are you still standing there, dude?”I tried to swallow, but my mouth had suddenly turned dry. I sank down to myknees on the cold tiled floor. Scotty stepped closer and put his hands onhis hips. I reached out to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. Then Ihooked my my fingers under his pearly-white boxer trunks and pulled themdown with his jeans below his balls.I wrapped my fingers around his half-hardened cock, put Scotty pushed myhand away and took a hold of his hose with his fist. He yanked it a fewtimes, looking straight down into my eyes, until his pussy-banger grewfully hard. Then he pulled my head closer. I opened my mouth to let Scottyslide his teen gun into my mouth.It became immediately clear to me that Scotty was not planning a smoothride. He just wanted to get his rocks off. He grabbed my hair with his bothhands and started to rock his hips back and forth, pulling my face closerwith every thrust of his cock. The rubber soles of his Chucks squeakedagainst the floor tiles as he fucked my face. I started to gag from hisfierce thrusts, but he didn’t care.”Try to take some more.”I tried not to panic and eased my throat muscles as much as I could. Aftera couple of thrusts the stubble of his pubes was scratching my nose. Ilooked up. Scotty’s eyes were closed and his lips were pressed tighttogether. His baseball cap had fallen down on the back of his head so thatthe brim was pointing down. His tight muscles moved in pace with hisfucking thrusts.I slid my hands under the back of his jeans and took hold of his boxer-cladbuttocks to help him reach his goal.After a few more forceful thrusts he was there.”Nhhh… Nhhh…” he grunted and shot his load into my mouth. He pulled out abit too early, and the final spurt of jizz landed on my forehead.He stood still for a while, panting. Then he turned around and went to theshower room to wash off. I stayed on my knees on the locker room floor,trying to catch my breath.Scotty strutted back to the locker room, adjusting his package into hisboxers. He grinned when he noticed my cum-covered face.”Sorry for the facial, dude,” he chuckled, clearly satisfied with himself.He zipped his jeans, pulled on his tank top and buckled his belt. Then hetook a moment in front of a mirror to fix the wisps of blond hair thatwere sticking over the strap of his baseball cap.”Wait ten minutes before you leave,” he said and left.I sat up on the dirty floor and leaned my back on the wall. Scotty’s cumwas dribbling down my face. His taste was strong in my mouth. This time Imanaged to open my pants before I shot my load.My own mother told me that Scotty’s cum on my face suits me well. She eventasted it herself. Who am I to question her judgment?Comments welcome!

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