Sex With Your Best Friend


Divya’s PoV:

There had always been a chemistry between them. They had been friends for over 8 years now, there was a level of comfort that could only come with time. They could enjoy each other’s company even in silence. They would often meet up for random things like working from home for instance – it was comfortable and less lonely that way. Between calls they would talk and catch up, dance to a random song for a quick break, share hugs and eskimo kisses — it was like hanging out with a boyfriend but platonically.

Today too they had met at his home, to work together — but with both on separate calls, working on

different laptops, but in the same room, his bedroom. He had a couple of long calls to take today, where he had to pay attention and take notes, but not say much. So he had chosen to work from his desk — with the laptop, phone and notepad set up on the table, with him sitting on the swivel chair.

Divya didn’t have much to do today as her jobs for the day didn’t have a strict deadline. She was lounging on his bed, with her feet resting on the arms of his chair, and her laptop propped on her thighs. She had worn a short dress today, which elongated her legs, and it went up a notch up her thigh when she first put her feet up on the arm of his chair. She ensured her feet were together so she wouldn’t give Siddhant a deeper view and make him uncomfortable.

As she worked on her laptop in silence, the heat from the laptop started burning her thighs — and she pulled a blanket across them underneath the laptop. While balancing her laptop on the blanket though, Divya ended up spreading her legs a bit wider, forgetting and not realizing that a lot more would now be visible to Siddhant who was seated in front of her. Siddhant didn’t notice either at first, he was busy with his call, the two continued to work in silence.

But once, when asking her to pass something, Siddhant noticed the view he had — his eyes stopped for a long second at the depths that were now visible to him. He fumbled and forgot what he wanted to ask from her, and Divya noticed what had happened. It was only a couple of seconds, but Divya realized what had made Siddhant falter. She chose to act like she didn’t though, and continued to be seated in the same position.

Divya caught Siddhant stealing glances, and realized he wasn’t getting uncomfortable at all. He seemed to be enjoying the view, if anything. Newer possibilities and dirtier ideas started opening up in her mind and the thought excited her. Siddhant, was hot after all — they had just never considered going about it that way. Divya decided to test it today.

She rearranged her legs so they were slightly further apart than before. Siddhant’s eyes popped out a bit the next time he stole a glance, and his eyes lingered on her legs a bit longer — but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He didn’t even point it out to her to cover them up, although she was sure he couldn’t really see much other than her legs and inner thighs disappearing into the shadow of the blanket.

After about 10mins, Divya decided it was time to take it up a notch higher. She got up, and excused herself to use the washroom. Inside, she took her shapewear and panties off so she now only had her short Black shirtdress covering her legs and neatly shaved pussy.

She also proceeded to pop open 2 of the top buttons on her dress so her cleavage would be visible when she bent over. She got back to the room and settled back in her original position, making sure her pussy would be slightly more visible than before.

Siddhant’s PoV:

It was a boring day today, but at least he had Divya for company. It was nice to have her around, to fool around with between calls, to make jokes, to randomly dance around as a quick break. It was good to share even the silences with her – felt nice and peaceful.

It would feel nice to get up between calls, stretch, and proceed to nuzzle his face against her hair for a second while she worked — they had those comfort levels after having been friends for so long. It felt just right when she was around. She was hot and pretty, the hot girl-next-door type, but also smart. She could often even help him out with sticky work situations if needed.

They would generally sit on his bed, both leaning against the opposite headboards, with their legs

resting against each other’s or draped one over the other. It was usual for Siddhant to randomly

massage her feet almanbahis yeni giriş while thinking about work or attending a call that didn’t require him to take notes.

Today though, he had long calls where he was supposed to listen attentively and weigh in as required, and take proper notes. He had chosen to sit at the desk today, on his swivel chair, while Divya sat in her usual corner, but still facing him. She let her feet be propped up on the arm of his chair, or at times duck her feet under the chair’s handle and just lightly touch his thigh. At first he thought nothing about the seating — lounging against each other platonically came naturally to them.

But today, Divya had worn a black shirtdress, which looked nice on her as usual and hugged her curves just right. The dress rode up her thighs as she settled into her position, with the laptop resting on her thighs and legs just a bit far apart. When the laptop’s heat started bothering her, she draped a blanket over her thighs and balanced the laptop on it — forgetting to align her legs right.

The first time Siddhant looked around while listening to his call, his eyes rested for a second on the

darkness that her thighs disappeared into — it felt interesting, almost made him curious, before he

realized where he was looking and averted his eyes. But he couldn’t help but steal more glances at her depths while she continued to innocently work on her laptop — without realizing the visual treat she had put on display.

It felt wrong to stare at her like that, but he couldn’t help it. She wasn’t the Divya he was platonically friends with anymore, she was now a woman he wanted to see more of. Just then Divya got up to use the washroom and Siddhant was pulled out of the daze — he felt embarrassed that he had let himself think that way about his friend who clearly trusted him. It felt wrong to look at her like that, when she clearly considered him a good friend.

Just then she got back, and resettled into the same position. Siddhant knew he shouldn’t look again, and made sure he didn’t. About 5 mins later things were back to normal, and he was concentrating on his call again. But then, he wanted her to pass on his laptop’s charger that was lying on the bed, part of it behind the pillows she was using and he noticed. He didn’t believe his eyes at first, especially since it was such a short glance, but he was positive that he had gotten a glimpse of her pussy.

But that would be ridiculous, why would she not wear her underwear? Had she not worn it all this while? He tried to remember what he had seen earlier, but the view then hadn’t been clear enough.

Siddhant had to make sure about what he had just seen and he stole quick glances again — and there it was. A bald pussy, nay, Divya’s bald pussy, right in front of him, between her shapely legs. Was it

glistening too as if it were wet? Naah, he was sure he was imagining things.

Maybe it wasn’t her pussy but just a flimsy thong. Or maybe she was so comfortable around him, that she had not worn panties at all and didn’t bother what was on display. Or maybe, just maybe, she got them off when she went to the washroom.

Was that even possible? But why would she? Wouldn’t that mean she was trying to turn him on? Was that it? Siddhant found himself hoping that was the case, as he continued to steal glances at her pussy, as his dick slowly became uncomfortably harder than before.

Divya’s PoV:

She was sure it had caught his eye. While she pretended to be engrossed in her work, she could see

Siddhant stealing glances every now and then. He had stopped looking at her before, but then he had to ask for the laptop charger and she was sure he noticed it then. He had kept noticing ever since. And he still hadn’t complained or enlightened her about the situation — she was sure he was enjoying it too.

It was thrilling to get a “friend” hooked onto her — in fact she loved how he was still being respectful, not calling things out, but not even making a move despite the obvious temptation. She decided she would need to take things up a notch even higher. She held the laptop with her hands and balanced it on one thigh, while she stretched her leg so her foot went under his chair’s armrest, and her heel rested on his thigh.

Normally, it would have been an innocent move that no-one thought again about, but today it was

different. She slowly inched her heel towards almanbahis giriş his groin and innocently still, let it brush slightly against what she assumed was his dick. After a minute or two, she turned on her side, so the side of her foot was now against the length of his cock, which was surprisingly hard. She could feel its length, while she ran her foot along it, pretending to not realize, while actually feeling her own pussy get moist.

She slowly started jerking her foot like one would when they’re nervous, but that meant she was effectively giving him a “foot”job of sorts. While her foot slowly picked up the pace, Siddhant ended up growling a bit in his throat.

Siddhant’s PoV:

There was no chance she didn’t realize what she was doing. But what if she genuinely didn’t? It would ruin a lot of things if he misunderstood and made a move she didn’t expect. But oh damn, her foot was positioned just so right. How could she not realize it? Wait, she’s essentially giving a footjob of sorts. Fuck. That cannot be platonic, how can she not realize. Ohh, it felt so damn good. That, right then, a low moan escaped from him, like a low growl at the back of his throat.

He knew it had been audible – he looked up at her and relaxed – she was grinning at him already.

The minx knew what she had been up to – he dropped all pretence too and asked, “are you challenging me?” and she replied with, “Not at all. I know for a fact I can make you cum in a couple of minutes.”

“Not if I can help it,” said Siddhant as he got up to lean in towards her and started making his way along her neck with his tongue and lips. Divya moaned, but continued to work her foot along his dick, and switched it up with her hand. Siddhant switched it up too, by breathing lightly on her ear and pulling her up and close from her waist.

Neutral PoV:

Their faces were too close, a kiss somehow still felt like a line they hadn’t crossed yet although their

hands were clearly were beyond any line. He waited with bated breath, looking into her eyes

questioningly, and she obliged by closing the gap with her lips. Their lips met and the challenge was forgotten, it was now only about getting as close to each other as possible.

They explored each other’s mouths, just as their hands explored their bodies. His left hand lost its way in her hair, while his right hand held her tightly against him. Her hands pulled him close, she could feel his cock harden between them, pressing onto her clit that yearned for more. He broke the kiss for a couple of seconds so they could catch their breath, before he resumed driving her crazy with his tongue at her neck. His hand moved to the clavicle, and lightly explored them before pressing on her boobs.

They were now kneeling on the bed, against the wall, and he had her pinned between his body and the wall. While his tongue worked with hers, he moved one hand to her pussy, working her clit. She crumbled at the touch and lost herself in all the sensations, and moaned. Siddhant stopped and took a fraction of a step back, “Still think you can win?”

Divya blushed and grinned, and said, “we’ll see” as she pushed him back onto the bed. She straddled

him, with her knees on both sides of his hips, leaned forward to kiss him. The view was tantalizing, he could see her boobs lightly swaying right in front of him, while she slowly and purposefully started miming riding his cock. It was tough to not give in – especially since it was Divya doing this to it him.

He could feel her boobs against his hard chest, while she leaned in to lick his ear and moan softly. He was sure his cock was also rubbing against her pussy – he knew this could be sweet torture for her too. He unbuttoned her shirtdress and let her boobs spill out into his hands. He looked into her eyes while he nibbled on them, and started dry-humping her from underneath. He could see her eyes lose focus for a bit as she moaned her pleasure.

“I want more of you,” she moaned and he switched positions at her command. In one swift move, he

held her against him but laid her below him. He started earnestly feasting on her boobs while also

running his right hands across her legs, her inner thighs, her pussy. He pulled her dress off her and she too hastily helped him out of his shorts. He took a beat to look at her, and started licking and kissing his way down her body – her lovely mouth, her neck, her clavicle, her boobs, almanbahis güvenilirmi her midriff, her stomach, her groin, and finally her pussy.

He looked into her eyes as he breathed on her clit a bit, while he ran a finger lightly across the opening, teasing her, making her want much more. She involuntarily lifted her ass so her clit met his finger and he pulled his finger back, but replaced it with his tongue instead.

It was magic seeing her squirm at his touch – he worked his tongue against her clit, lightly at first, and then furiously.

Her pussy was dripping wet and she was moaning his name uncontrollably – and he took

it up a notch by dipping his finger inside and simply kept it hooked it as he kept furiously eating on her clit. She started whimpering, begging him to fuck her. He obliged by pushing another finger in and fucking her pussy with his right hand, while sucking on her clit, and working on her nipples with his left.

It made her helpless and she moaned, “oh I am so close.” And Siddhant slowed down to her annoyance, and asked “giving up so soon?”

“OMG you cannot be that mean,” said Divya, as she tried regaining her breath and composure slowly – but Siddhant had other plans. He withdrew his fingers, and replaced it with the tip of this cock – making it trace the entrance of her pussy, making it wet in her juices. Divya waited with bated breath, her eyes closed and lips parted, for what she knew would come, but it didn’t.

He continued taking his sweet time with his dick teasing her pussy, only slightly dipping the head of his cock in but not fucking her yet. She could feel his weight move and he was now on top of her, with one hand at her head, pushing back the hair from her face, kissing her lips softly. “Jokes aside, do you really want this?,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she breathed, and nodded. She repositioned herself under him, with her legs spread further,

inviting him in. He kissed her and entered her oh so slowly.

Both of them moaned out loud as his cock entered her and settled in for a second. She could feel her

pussy expanding to fit in his entire length and girth, as he reached deeper inside. It felt amazing to share this moment together, and they let themselves savour it. Ever so slowly they started pulling back a bit and Siddhant started thrusting into her again, and again, and again.

Each thrust seemed to bring them closer still. They started slow and gradually picked up the

pace – what had started as a fun challenge had now become a moment of making love passionately. As they continued, Divya told him she’s ready for more. And Siddhant picked up the pace, starting to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. Divya met his cock with her own thrusts – her pussy meeting him to take him in even deeper with each stroke.

Just then she did her trick of creating a vaccum inside her pussy just as his cock fucked her, making it even tighter and warm for him and he lost himself in the sensations. He was surprised at what she was doing but loved it, he picked up the pace even more and now started fucking her in earnest – wanting nothing more but to cum inside her tight warm pussy.

And soon they were both close to cumming, moaning out loud, yearning for release – and he did. Siddhant pulled her hips towards her for one last thrust and came inside her. He was panting heavily for a minute while resting his weight on his elbows and kissing Divya before saying, “Fine, I lose. Time for your prize now”

Divya grinned at him, as she slowly guided his face down to her pussy, this time calling the strings and pushing his tongue into her clit, arching her back and making him suck on her. She loved the way his beard felt against her pussy, while his tongue mercilessly played her her clit. Siddhant worked on her clit harder than before, not stopping for breath and ignoring the way his jaw had started aching a bit.

He started fucking her with a hooked finger again, it felt amazing to feel his cum inside her pussy as it started leaking out. He could feel her orgasm building inside her again, and he didn’t stop lapping at her clit, sucking on it, nibbling on it lightly until with 1 last light bite and a deep thrust, she arched her back and pushed against his finger as she came into his mouth, making his beard wet in her cum.

Siddhant lay there, pleased with himself and his handiwork, watching her come down to earth again.

They kept looking at each other, grinning, until soon, it dawned on them, and Divya said, “yeahh, how have we never done that before?”

And Siddhant winked and replied with, “Let’s make up for all the lost times then” as he started turning her on again for what she was sure would be an equally amazing round 2.

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