NSB”s Short Stories

Part 1

Dear Diary

By ftySilverBear

Thank you all for the feedback from other stories on fty. My other stories are listed in your prolific author entry: https://www.//authors.htmlsilverbear. Speaking of fty…this site has been giving me my jollies for a long time now, as I”m sure it has for you also. Take a moment to make a donation so stories like this can keep flowing and so can you !

Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This will be a series of short stories is about sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is PURE FICTION. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

Keep in mind also, since this is fantasy, I can skirt some of the legality in the story. What happens legally here, may not be legal in real life.

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Now to the story!

May 26, 2021

Dear Diary,

I just came inside from the most erotic experience I”ve ever had. I was standing in my back yard, cigarette between my teeth, with a mouth on my cock, a tongue up my ass and hands caressing my chest and pinching my nipples. The mouth belonged to Gregory, my 10 year old neighbor boy. The tongue in my ass belonged izmit escort to his 12 year old brother, Steven. The hands on my chest and nips was Simon”s, their 25 year old father. Apparently, Simon was fucking girls at 13 and got one pregnant. All this time, I thought he was Gregory and Steven”s older brother.

Anyway, I asked Simon to look at my computer a few days ago because it was running slow. He works in computer repair at one of those big box electronic stores. I (stupidly) had forgotten to delete my browser history and he came across my fty stories I had been reading, as well as a few sites of shotacon, hentai and yaoi pics of young boys. I thought my life was over when he returned my computer and told me to be sure to delete my history from now on. When nothing happened, I”d assumed he”d forgotten about it. Tonight, however, he showed me I was wrong.

I was sitting on my back patio, naked as usual, thinking about going in for a piss, but enjoying a cigarette when I heard a cough almost next to me. I jumped up and turned to see Simon and his boys (both naked) standing there.

Simon spoke, “So, here”s the deal, Darren. My boys here are horny for another man”s cock and ass besides mine. You”re gonna let them suck cock and eat ass until they”re satisfied. If not, the backup of your information will make it to your boss. Understand?”

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I was in shock and silently nodded my head. I couldn”t believe it. I was being blackmailed by someone half my age. He told the boys to “rock, paper, scissors” to see who had the first choice. Gregory won and chose to suck my cock. Steven was drooling when he chose to eat my ass out. Within seconds, the boys were on their knees sucking and rimming. Simon stood next to me watching them have fun. He told me he really wasn”t into men, just women and boys, but he wanted to excite me some more. That”s when he started on my pecs and nipples. I was in heaven. I looked down and watching Gregory deep throat my 7″ cut cock and felt his brother expertly eat my back door.

I realized that I still needed a piss and told Simon. He told me to let it go and Gregory loved to drink from the tap. Gregory, overhearing this, stopped sucking and formed a seal at the head of my dick. I started letting loose a stream of piss and Gregory started gulping it down. Mid piss, I let loose a fart. It wasn”t my intention and apologized to Steven. He responded by eating my ass with more gusto than before. I had just realized that this was a nasty fucking family and it thrilled my soul.

When I was done pissing, Gregory went back to sucking my cock. For a boy of just kahramanmaraş escort 10, he had absolutely no gag reflex and could take all 7 ½ inches of my cock with no problem.

With Simon pulling and pinching my nips, it didn”t take too long for me to announce that I was cumming. Steven swiftly left my ass and knelt next to his brother, mouth open. Gregory felt my orgasm approaching and pulled off. He jacked me to a mind blowing orgasm that covered the faces of both of the boys. Moments later, they were licking my cum off of each other.

Simon told the boys to prepare for another load and he dumped at least a full cup of cum on the boys. They cleaned each other up after his load also.

“Boys, properly thank Donald for letting you make him cum.”

I had sat back down from the pure energy drain of my orgasm and both boys crawled up on my lap and kissed me deeply.

Gregory said, “Thank you for giving us your cum.”

Steven echoed his brother”s gratitude. Simon sat next to me, stole a cig from my pack and lit it up. He explained how each of the boys” mothers wanted nothing to do with him or his sons and how he”d knocked up Steven”s mother at the age of 13. He also told me he”d already known about my taste in boys, considering his bedroom window was opposite mine and he”d watched me jack off to pictures and stories since they moved in 6 months ago. He handed me a thumb drive and told me it was the backup of my computer and told the boys it was time to go home.

As he left, I could hear him tell the boys, “If you”re lucky, he”ll fuck one of you next time.”



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