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Sissy storyDate: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 16:42:22 -0700 (PDT)From: Danny Smith Subject: A Sissy Story Part 2I got very excited writing the following storyI always considered myself straight. I was married and at 55 my k**s hadflown the coop. But over the last few years I began to fantasizing aboutcocks and being submissive to a more masculine man. I was 6′ tall fairlytrim at 175, but with a small 3.5inch cock. I never thought a lot about thesize of my cock until one evening while I was traveling I visit an adultvideo arcade. When I entered one of the video booths, I saw a hole aboutwaist high. I put some coins in and was watching a video about a girl whowas giving blow jobs and I was getting so excited, I started stroking mycock. Just after I started a light went on in the booth next door. I wasfascinated and bent over to look. There was a guy stroking a cock that musthave been at least 8 inches. It was beautiful and as I stared at it. I goton my knees to get a better look. Suddenly the guy turned and walkedtowards the glory hole. I rocked back on my heels but he slid the cockthrough the hole. I was mezmerized and tcould not resist touching it. I ranmy hand lightly done the shaft. It felt smooth and warm. I bent down andrubbed it on my cheek. I was so excited and thinking about kissing it butjust then someone tried to get in my booth and I backed away, zipped up andrushed out of the booth flushed with embarrassment. When I returned to myroom, I stripped and masturbated until I had the most shuddering orgasm Iever had had. After that I took to visiting more adult video arcades andwatching cocks and fondling them, but I could not bring myself to suckingthem except in my fantasies. After a while I started visiting bi chat roomswhen I travelled or when my wife was out of town.After two years we moved to another town because my wife took another jobthat required her to travel. Or next door neighbor was an obnoxious guy. Hewas in his early 70s about 6′ 4″ wiry and pushy. He tried to intimidate meover some disputes. My wife called him the old goat as she caught himlooking at her from his window when she came out of the shower one nightand he was always coming over to our backyard while she was sunbathing. Istarted going to the local gym to work out. He went to the same place andseemed to take great delight in taking the place next to me and doing manymore reps than I could manage. He was really in terrific shape despite hisage. One day he followed me into the showers. It was late and there was noone else there. He took the shower opposite me and I couldn’t help noticinghis very large cock as he started soaping it up. He almost seemed to flauntit. I must have been staring at it because he broke the silence. “Prettybig, isn’t it especially compared to yours.” i was shocked but muttered “Mywife never complained.” He chuckled and replied “Thats because she hasnever had a real cock. I bet mine would really turn her on.” I flushed andquickly turned off the shower and headed to my locker. But i was dimlyaware that my little cock had gotten excited in hearing him talk to me thatway. I hoped he did not notice my state as i walked past him. I was sittingon a bench still stunned at the exchange when he walked to the locker i wasfacing. As I was bending over to put on my socks he spoke again. “Here,take a closer look.” I could not avoid looking up when I replied. His cockwas huge. As i stared at it again my little cock began to get arousedagain. Somehow my mouth started to make excess saliva. I flushed as Ireplied. “i’m not interested. You are mistaken.” I turned and drew on myblack silk men’s briefs. He chuckled again and said “What a sexy ass. Itcould pass for a girly ass.” He actually cupped one of my ass cheeks. I wascompletely mortified and embarrased and hurredly finished dressing and leftthe gym. “Any time you want to ask me over to fuck your wife, let me know.”he said. “Right, like that is ever going to happen.”. I replied. I was angyand I should have socked him, but he was too big for me to hadle despitehis age. Also, I could not ignore my state of arousal. My little cock wasstill hard when I got in my car.I had been visiting cross dressing sites for the past year completely insecret. That was the reason I had been wearing the silk briefs. At thecrossdressing sites I had chatted to a number of other guys interested incrossdressing. Recently one of whom seemed to seek me out. I graduallystarted to reveal all my submissive fantasies to him. He was verysympathetic, but obviously much more assertive. After a while, he asked meto call him Daddy. He drew me out to talk about my sexual fantasies andurged me to dress up in my panties and fishnet stocking when i talked tohim. Then he became more assertive calling me a sissy. With his guidance, Ibegan to purchase more sexy fishnet stockings and panties, miniskirts andeven lipstick. He was the one who suggested I start wearing men’s silkbriefs. He got met to admit my excitement about becoming a submissivesissy. He suggested I live out my fantasies, but I said I did not think Icould ever take that step, but I told him how excited he made me and how Iwished I could overcome my fears. Our sessions always left me so aroused Ialways went and stroked my cock and imagined what it be like to bedominated by him and worship his cock.Then one night I was really horny. My wife was going to be out of town fortwo weeks. I dressed up in black sexy panties and drew on my sensuous blackfishnet thigh high stockings and even put on lipstick and eyeliner andcontacted him. I told him my wife was out of town for two weeks and I coulddress up as sexily as he wanted. He said he was finally going to send nudepictures of himself naked from the waist down. When I got them, I thoughtto myself he looked somewhat like my neighbor. He was also wiry, obviouslyolder with a very big cock with a huge mushroom head. But I thought no. Itis just a coincidence. He asked to send him a picture of me as i wasdressed now. I thought it would be sexy if I showed my body in silhouettebefore my bedroom window profile so he could not see my face. When I did,he replied telling me how sexy I looked and asked for another picture along focus shot. I immediately sent him one. He then began asking me moreabout my wife and what our sex life was like. I told him how she reallypreferred my bringing her to orgasm with my mouth. I described her body andtits. He asked me about the color of her hair, her height and weight. I didnot know where that was leading, but right after I finished describing herhe shut down and I began to stroke my cock imagining myself on my kneessucking his cock.A couple of minutes later I heard the doorbell and tried to ignore it, butwhoever was ringing would not stop so I grabbed a robe and slippers to hidemy outfit, washed the lipstick from my lips and hurried to answer the door.When I opened it, there was my neighbor standing there in his robe. “May Icome in.” he said. I was flushed with embarrassment. “no. I’m busy. ” Look,I know what you are doing.” He said. “You have fishnet stockings andpanties under that robe. I am the guy you have been you have been chattingwith.”. With that he just barged in and shut the door. I was stunned andembarassed. I redened as I realized how I was face to face with a guy I hadrevealed all my desires to be submissive to a real man with a masterfulcock. This couldn’t be that man! He was an old goat. But he stood theretowering over me. While I stood there, he just reached over and pulled Lezbiyen İzmir Escort myrobe open. “I’m just pretending” I said “I’m really not a sissy. I’ve neverbeen with a man.” He replied “Look at yourself. All dressed up like asissy. Look at your little cock. You know it is not even a cock. It looksmore like a clit. Let’s call it a cockette. Look at how aroused it isgetting. all excited as you just stand there dressed up like a sissy slutin panties and fishnet stockings.” I looked down and I could not hide myexcitement. My little cock was tenting in my rose panties. “Please don’ttell anyone” I said softly. He laughed. “Oh you are a sissy, all right. Allthose fantasies you shared with me. Playing with yourself while you lookedat images of cocks. I bet you always went immediately to rub your littleclitty when we finished our sessiond, Didn’t you.” I was so stunned Icouldn’t answer. “Answer me, you sissy slut. Didn’t you.” “Yes” Iwhispered. ” I was sure you were a secret sissy after seeing you at thegym. I thought to myself you were a man who needed to service other guy’sneeds, serve their need to have their cocks serviced and sucked. You havethe look of a sissy with that sexy ass and trim body and pouty lips justmade for cocksucking. Then when you anonymously sought me out on the chatroom, there were a few things you said that made me suspect it wasyou. Then today when you showed me those pictures of you in your panties, Isaw in the background that unique bedroom window that had to be yourhouse. Then when you described your wife, that clinched it. With that hewalked around me and slipped the robe off my shoulder. I heard him drop hisown robe. I stood there nervously as he stepped closer to me. I felt hisbody move against my back. Then he began to run his hand lightly down myback and cupped my ass. I trembled and shivered at his touch and my cocktwitched at his carress. “What a lovely ass you have. Just like a littlegirl’s. Look at how your little cock is getting arouse. Looks like yourpanties are getting all wet with precum just from my caressing you lyourass. You love it, don’t you.” “Please” I said.”You are making me sonervous.” He moved right up against me so his chest fit snugly against myback. I felt his breath on my neck. I felt his cock moving between thesplit of my ass cheeks. He ran his hands around my waist and pulled myclose. “Now, my little sissy, feel a real man’s cock”. I heard my ownintake of breath. He was getting me so aroused. He reached around under myarms and caresses my stomach and ran his hands up accros my nipples whichwere now standing at attention. I heard a moan and then realized it was myown. “Oh yes Baby, I am going to enjoy taking your cherry” “Please don’t. Idon’t know what to do. I’m not gay. I’ve never been with a guy”. Iwhispered. He ran his hands down under my panties and caressed my cock. “Ohmy. You do have a tiny cock. It really is a clit rather than a cock. Mycock would be insulted to be compared with that little clit. It’s acockette because it is not big enough to be called a cock. It is getting soexcited just being near a real cock. Bobbie, yes I think that’s a good namefor you. Now you are going to meet a real cock. You want that, Don’tyou?”. The way he was talking to me and caressing my body had me soexcited, I could only murmur “Ohh”. With that, he put his hands on myshoulders, turned me around to face him and gently put pressure on myshoulders. I had no resistance and sank to my knees. There in front of meinches from my lips was his big thick manly cock. It was at least seveninches. It had a big mushroom head and I could see the veins as it pulsedand throbbed before me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was risingtowards my lips. Its veins seemed to pulse suggestively drawing me towardsit. I was mesmerized and excited. I knew he was an old goat, but I feltmyself drawn towards that cock. I ran my tongue wetting my lips inanticipation. I could not resist wanting that cock in my mouth. “Look up atme Bobbie. You want to suck and service my cock, don’t you, Bobbie? Youhave to earn it by begging me for it. You have to prove you are worthy ofbeing allowed to suck my cock and be my cockslave. Now look at me. I wantto see the look in your eyes when you taste my cock for the first time. Nowoval your girly pouty lips like a nice sissy. Just wide enough so yourmouth can handle a real cock. I just want your lips to lightly graze mycock. You are not permitted to suck it yet. I am going to run my cock intoyour mouth and lay it on your hot little tongue. Butbyou can’t close yourlips and begin sucking until I tell you.” I pursed my lips into a wide poutlike he told me. I wanted to continue looking at his cock but he took hisleft hand and held my chin so I had to look at him. With his right hand heheld his cock and started inching it into my mouth. I was trembling withexcitement as I felt the skin of his cock entering my mouth which was nowwet with saliva and hot with anticipation. “You can’t start sucking it yet,Bobbie. Just let it lie on your tongue and get use to the texture and feelof a real man’s cock. Take a deep breath and smell it. You are making my sohot. You can smell my musky sex odor, can’t you Bobbie. yes, you want mycock. I can see it in your eyes. You want to wrap your lips firmly aroundmy hot shaft and milk it for all my hot cum. Don’t you my little sissy? Sayplease Daddy and I will feed begin feeding it to you”. I actually tried tosay please with his cock in my mouth I was so excited kneeling there withthis real man’s cock in my mouth resting on my tongue. I was so incrediblyexcited the was he was calling me a sissy. “Ohh Bobbie, you are such asissy. You just want to please a real man, don’t you. Now, startsucking. When I plant my seed in your tummy you will be coming back formore. I’m going to breed you into a real sissy cocksucker.”. By now I wasso aroused I greedily started sucking and slurping his cock . Greedily Isucked as much as I could into my mouth until his cocked hit the back of mythroat. There were still two inches I could not take. I was bobbing up anddown on his wonderful cock not caring I was on my knees servicing this oldgoat. Then I felt him put his hands on the back of my head and with my downstrokes and he started increasing the pressure until he finally pushed thehead of his cock into my throat so that I began to gag. “Oh yes my littlesissy, you are going to have to take the whole cock so I can pour my seedright into your tummy.”. He grunted and pushed again and again. I washelpless. He was using my mouth for his pleasure but that was making moreexcited. My little cock was throbbing with excitement. I could feel mypanties getting all wet with precum. Then finally he forced his cockheadpast my gag reflex. I felt him shudder and cum shot down my throat into mytummy. He pulled back and his cum filed my mouth. So much that it dribbleddown my chin and onto my panties.As his cock started shrinking, I reached down to take my cockette andpleasure myself, but he grabbed my hand.” Oh no. You only get to service metonight Bobbie. Let’s go upstairs to the bedroom. I want to see you inlipstick, eye liner, false eyelashes and blush just like you told me whenwe were chatting. And a bra and mini skirt to show off your sexy ass. Iloved the way your full lips looked wrapped around my cock. You are such anaturally talented cocksucker. You really knew how to service a cock. Yourthe first guy or girl who was able to deep throat my cock the firsttime.”. İzmir Manken Escort With that he took my hand and led me up the stairs. I was still ina daze of lust. My little cockette was aching for relief. He led me to thedressing table in my room and started applying blush and lipstick. Then helooked at the bra and mini skirt I had hidden and ordered me to dress inthem. I slipped them on and felt a thrill dressing for him. “Now you looklike the horny slut you have told me about. Oh yes, You are going to reallyfeel like a girl tonight. I bet you cant wait to get more of my cock, canyou” I could not believe that I replied “Oh please tell me how I can pleaseand excite you, Daddy. He then went over turned on some music and came tome and put one arm around my waist and pulled me close. He was still nakedand I could feel him getting aroused as we danced. He reached up and pulledmy neck down and kissed me. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue intomine and I sucked greedily on his thrusting tongue. His hands startedcaressing my lower back and then they slipped under the waist band andpanties and caressed my girly ass cheeks. I was getting so aroused againthat I was ready to do anything he asked. As we danced closer to a table hepicked up a tube and when I next felt his hand on my ass again it was wetwith lubricant. he ran his hand between my ass cheeks and started fingeringmy pussy . With lubricant it slipped easily in. “Spread your ass cheeks foryour Daddy.” he ordered and I immediately obeyed. He pulled me closer andI felt his cock press against my leg. At the same time he slipped twofingers into my pussy then three as i squirmed against him and staredhumping his leg to rub my clitty on his leg. He pulled apart and led me tothe bed and said: “lie down on bed, Bobbie.” i went to lie on my back buthe turned me so I was on my stomach. He parted my thighs and knelt on thebed over me and began caressing my my ass and thighs. Then he pulled mypaties roughly until they ripped off my body exposing my naked ass. Imoaned and tried to rise. “Please, I can’t do this. I’m scared of thepain. Please don’t do this to me Daddy.” He shoved me back down on the bedwith one hand and with the other slapped my ass again and again so hard itstung and brought tears to my eyes. “Bobbie, I’m going to fuck your pussyand there is nothing you can do to stop me. So you better relax and notstruggle. It might hurt, but after a while you are going to get so excited,your little clit will start throbbing and you will be begging me to fuckyour pussy. Tomorrow when you remember my cock inside your cunt, you willbe calling me to come and fuck you again. You are a sissy and that is whatsissies want.” He then paddled my ass until tears began to run down mycheeks. When he saw my tears, he switched to carressing my ass and gentlyspread my thighs further apart. His hand began circling down to carress andtease the opening to my pussy, dipping his wet fingers around the entry tomy pussy and then inserting one finger and then two fingers. He wet hisfingers with more lubricant and began the process all over again until Ibegan moaning with pleasure and began pushing back against his probingfingers. The he really picked up the pace in and out, now three fingerswere going in and out. Then I felt him move closer forcing my thighs widerapart. “Raise your ass higher my little sissy”he ordered. I was so excitedby his pleasuring my pussy, I obeyed. I then felt him start to rub with hiscock where his fingers had been all around the entry to my pussy. Igasped. “No, not without a condom”and tried to squeeze my ass closed. Buthe whispered. “My little sissy, the first time you have to take my nakedcock, it will be so much more exciting especially for me. I need to fuckyou bareback the first time so you can feel the skin of your Daddy’s cockinside you.”. He held me down with one hand and I felt him thrust hiscocked past my protesting sphincter into my pussy. I moaned “No, it hurts.”i felt him put both of his hands on my hips and he withdrew his cock andslthered it with more lubricant. Then he grabbed my hips tightly and shovedhis cock in deeper ignoring my cries. “Oh , your pussy feels so hot andtight. I love fucking tight pussies. I’m going to enjoy taking your cherrymy little sissy Bobbie. Stop struggling. You are going to want it after yourelax.” With that, he shoved his cock in so far I felt his balls slap myass. “Now I’m going to really start fucking you, Bobbie. You told me howmuch you wanted to service my cock. I love fucking little sissies. I lovethe look in their eyes when they finally see their Daddy’s cock and accepttheir destiny as a pussy there to pleasure their Daddy. I love being thefirst one to take your ass. It’s mine isn’t it Bobbie.” Yes Daddy” Iwhispered. “My pussy is all yours. Please fuck me and make me your ownsissy.” With those words he began fucking me with abandon and as his bigmanly cock started to be shoved in and out of my pussy and I was forced torelax and accept more and more of his manly cock, my little clit which hadshrunk with the pain started to grow and throb with excitement. His cockwas rubbing shaker my prostate bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Iwas moaning with excitement as he called me his own little pussy slut. Icould feel the sheet under my little cock geting wetter and wetter with mypre cum. Then, I shuddered in the wildest orgasm I ever experience. As idid my sphincter grabbed his big cock tighter, it pulled him into orgasmand I felt his cock pulse and start to shoot cum deep into my cunt. “Ohyessssss I own your ass now Bobbie.” he yelled. He shot so much cum that itstarted oozing out of my cunt and running down my thighs. Finally Icollapsed into a puddled of his cum and mine. I had never been so arousedin my life.The next day my wife returned. I was still in a daze from all the sexualexcitement of the previous day, but resolved not to repeat what i haddone. But when I thought back to how I had been dominated and how excitedthat made me, the desire started to rise up as did my little cock. Then,that afternoon, Dan, my neighbor, called. “Bobbie, I have a cock that needssome attention, Now!.”. I lowered my voice to a whisper as my wife was inthe next room and I was afraid she might hear Dan’s voice. “Please, Dan, Ican’t. My wife is home.” “Get your ass over here now or I will be overthere. You wouldn’t want that would you Bobbie, would you?” “Ok Iwhispered.” I shouted out to my wife “I’m going for the afternoon. I won’tbe back until after dark” “Ok honey, I’m going out by the pool tosunbathe.” she answered. When I arrived next door, Dan was waiting standingat the doorway with his pants unzipped and his cock hanging out exposed. Iwas speechless but thankful that his doorway was hidden from the street. AsI stared at his cock, I could feel the desire rising and my little cockstart to rise in excitement. “You want it, don’t you Bobbie. I can see thedesire in your eyes. Can’t keep your eyes off it can you, Bobbie? On yourknees, now! “. I was overcome with desire to obey him. I could not controlmy excitement at his treating me like a slut and I knew I had to have thatsucculent cock in my mouth. My mouth started to water in anticipation as Isunk to my knees and ovaled my mouth. I had to suck that cock again, justone more time I thought. I raised my hands to hold on to Dan’s hips andstarred at his enormous cock bobbing inches from my watering mouth. I ranmy tongue around my lips to wet them and make them Escort Bayan İzmir nice a slippery toenhance Dan’s pleasure and slipped my lips over that huge head. The headfilled my mouth and I eagerly began sucking more and more into my mouthuntil the cock hit the back of my throat. As I pulled my lips and mouthback up his shaft, I kept sucking as hard as I could and I heard Dan say”Ohh yes my little Bobbie, I can feel your desire for cock through yourmouth. It is nice and hot just the way a natural cocksucker’s shouldbe. You love the taste of cock, don’t you? I am going to breed you into acocksucking sissie by feeding you cock every day. “. His words so excitedmy that I ran my lips and mouth up and down his shaft up to the cock headand down to his balls all the time sucking as hard as I could trying tomake that cock so excited. I force the cock into my throat. “Now my littlesissy, start humming on my cock to make it vibrate. That’s what a real prosissy cocksucker can do.”. And I started to hum and slurp and suck so Icould taste his cum again. His precum started to leak out into my mouth.The taste drove me wild with lust. I sucked and slurped even harder andfaster. I wanted his cum. I needed it. I felt him grab my hair and hestarted thrusting harder and faster, using my mouth for his pleasure. “ohhhBobbie I am am going to plant my seed in your little tummy again. Ooooohyes”. His cock spasmed and his cum spurted into my mouth so forcefully thatI started choking and his cum flowed down his shaft. I could not swallowit all and it ran down my chin. When his cock started going limp, hewithdrew it and wiped my face with the last of his cum.”That’s a good little sissy. Now let’s go upstairs and get you dressed in aslutty outfit. He took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom, where heled me to a closet filled with panties baby doll slips and sexy outfits. Hereached in and picked out a pair of fishnet stockings, black silk pantiesand a baby doll see through. I stripped and eagerly drew on my fishnetstockings that showed off my sexy legs, stepped into the black silk pantieswith a ruffle that hung down over my ass and put my arms into the sexy seethrough baby doll. Dan ordered me to sit on a bench while he coated my lipswith red lipstick. Then had me put on eyeliner and eye shadow. Then as hepassed the window that overlooked my backyard, he stooped and stared outthe window and saw my wife sunbathing on her stomach with her topuntied. She often did that because our yard was very private with highfences all around. Our house an Dans were the only ones on the street. Thehouse also backed up to woods and only one window of Dan’s house waspositioned so you could see into the yard. “I want a piece of thatass. Bobbie, how would you like to see her with her lips wrapped around mycock? “. “No way, she would never do that. I can’t even get her to suck mycock” I replied. He laughed and looked down at my little cock that wasobviously aroused at the thought. “I tell you what my little sissy, youwatch from the window. You are going to see what she does when she sees areal cock. He pulled on a pair of shorts so brief and tight that you couldnot not notice the outline of his cock. He shoved his hand inside hisshorts and rearranged his cock so the cock head peak out obscenely. “Iguarantee she won’t be able to keep her eyes off this baby especially afteryears of dealing with your little cockette.”. “She will not. She will justget up and tell you to get lost”. I said in reply.” With that he led meover to the window and sat me down and gave me his binoculars. “Sit yoursissy ass down, Bobbie and watch what happens when your little wife catchessight of a real cock. I guarantee after putting up with your little clit,she will get so excited by seeing a real cock, she will lose allinhibitions and become just as slutty as you became.” He was so certain,that I felt myself getting very aroused at the prospect of her seeing thevery cock i had sucked just minutes before that I turned to the windowaware that my little clit was starting to get wet with excitement. Shecouldn’t really do it. She would be shocked and revolted at the sight. Shewould storm back into the house. But I was drawn to the window. I heardhim go downstairs and heard the door open and shut. Then I saw him walkacross his back lawn and open the gate into my backyard. My wife must havebeen asleep for she did not rise at the sound of the gate. I watched as hesqatted down beside her with his thighs spread apart. Her face was turnedtowards me. Through his binoculars I could see her open her eyes and as shecaught sight of his cock, her eyes opened wider. But to my surprise she didnot turn away or get up. I could not hear, but he was talking to her. Theconversation went on for some time during which time she seemed to spendmore time looking at his cock than his face. Then he seemed to saysomething to which she nodded in answer. Then he reached down and took somelotion from the side table, leaned over her and started rubbing lotion onher back. I saw her eyes close and she seemed to squirm down on thelounge. His rubbing seemed to be turning into caresses. I noticed she keptopening her eyes and they seemed to focus on his cock and then closing themagain. I was stunned that she had not stopped him and returned to thehouse, but I was so excited I took my clit out and began rubbing the precumall over it which made it flow even more. Then he moved to the foot of thelounge and started to massage her feet. He moved his hands up to caress herthighs. When I saw him start to massage her inner thighs, I was amazed tosee her press her pussy down on the lounge. Her mouth opened. She wasclearly aroused. Then Dan move to the head of the lounge. He was facing meas he dropped his briefs to the ground and rub his cock so I could clearlysee that he wanted me to see he going to take my wife’s virgin mouth. Heturned and knelt down in front of her head and down began massing hershoulders and back again running his hands all the way down her back untilhe reached her bikini bottoms. He did not hesitate to move his hands underthe bikini briefs cupping and caressing her ass cheeks. I was so excited Istarted caressing my little clit even more and my ecitement had caused meto put out so much precum that my silk panties were soaked with precum andmy clit was wet and hard. I was completely aroused to see my wife about totaste her first cock. I saw her open her eyes and raise her head so thatshe could see his now erect cock inches from her mouth. Then he brought itforward until it was just before her lips. I could see her open her mouthand flick out her tongue to touch his cock head. She tasted it and leanedforward to capture his cock head but I could see him draw it away teasingher. Then I saw him thrust his hips forward and I saw my wife’s mouth bulgeoutward as she suck his glistening cock into her mouth. As she was sucking,I saw her reach down with one had under her belly to her pussy. She raisedher ass and it was evident she was fingering her pussy which must bearoused and swollen and wet. But Dan reached down and stopped her fromstroking his pussy. Then he withdrew his cock and rolled her over on herback. She spread her legs. I could see her pussy glissening with wetness.Dan walked around and climbed on top of her. He rubbed his cock on herpussy and then moved up so that his cock wet with her pussy juice was onher lips . I could see her bend her head to lick and taste her own pussyjuice something she never allowed with me.. I was in such a state ofarousal that I was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm. He moved down andgrabbed her hips raising them off the lounge and started fucking her cunt,pounding her ass into the lounge. I was so overcome with excitement that Icame in a shuddering orgasm spilling my cum all over my panties and babydoll.

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