Sonia and the black male nurse


Sonia and the black male nurseMy office mate Sonia did not come to work that morning and I got worried, since she did not use to leave her desk or being absent with no warning.I waited until midday and I called her; but she said always was fine; she just had a medical emergency with her own mother and she had got her to the hospital; but now the old lady was safe and sound there…After office I decided to join her at the hospital to make her some company.I found Sonia looked very tired and stressed. I kissed her deeply and she smiled, thanking me for being there. Her mother was fine now, but she should stay there some more days.A male night nurse came, making his watch round. He was a Young black guy, handsome, with a very toned athletic body. I saw that Sonia devoured him with her green eyes. She looked tired, but she was also very aroused.She moved behind him and touched his body with the silly excuse of getting a better view of her mother lying there on the bed. The black guy noticed her intention for sure; but he did not say a single word…He left the room, but a while later he came back, telling Sonia if she wanted to stay all night long at the hospital, she could have another room available.My girlfriend just grabbed his black hand and she dragged him out to Escort the alleway, saying she wanted him to show her this room…I was curious; so I decided to follow them.As they entered the empty room, Sonia pushed him on the back and asked:“Would you fuck me right now, babe?”The young guy hesitated for just a second; but he then said of course it would be a nice pleasure. He then looked at me, as if we was waiting wue would have a wild threesome; but I smiled back, explaining my rol was just as a good naughty voyeur…Sonia had already taken off her tight skirt and pullover; standing on her high heels and a light t-shirt that allowed to se her beautiful round tits.I could notice her nipples were hard, poking against the thin material.She smiled at me and pushed the young black guy on his shoulders, until he sat down at the edge of the bed. Sonia knelt down and she pulled the guy’s trousers down to his ankles.We both could see then a very huge black cock, fully erect, pointing at the ceiling. The sight of this magnificent rod made me think if it was worth to keep faithful to my beloved hubby Victor…My sexy girlfriend leant on that magnificent shiny dark rod and she engulfed it very slowly, inch by inch, feeling that it was even growing bigger in her mouth.I Escort Bayan could not resist myself as I saw Sonia’s firm buttocks poking right there in the air; so I slipped her tiny black thong down to her ankles and I shoved my horny tongue up her pussy lips. She moaned with pleasure, as she kept sucking the huge black cock.A while later, she moaned deeply and she came on my lips…The black guy was fully erect now; so Sonia stopped sucking him and she straddled his lap. Her beautiful toned body started to get down on this magnificent black dick, until it went easily through her wet pussy lips.Sonia closed he reyes and moaned, as she felt this huge black cock being impaled inside of her nice wet lubricated cunt.She then opened her eyes and looked at me, letting me know that she was really enjoying this hard huge thing buried deep inside of her horny cunt…The guy looked almost passed out. He was not even moving as Sonia started to move back and forth over his huge hard black cock.He was thinking for sure he had been a lucky guy tonight; letting a crazy wild white married slut to ride onto his tremendous black dick.As Sonia bounced on that cock, I climbed the bed and kissed her deeply.The black guy just opened his eyes and he began to finger my Bayan Escort cunt, as he slipped my tiny thong aside. The feeling was very pleasant; so I decided to let him go until the end…Sonia was now close to get her own orgasm; her breath was heavier and the bouncing on that magnificent hard dick was going faster and harder.I came before Sonia; this fucking guy was really good fingering a pussy.I came down from the bed, just in time when my sexy girlfriend began to moan wildly. I knew she was having a very intense orgasm…As she was done, Sonia opened her nice green eyes and looked down at the black guy, who had not yet came…She slipped off and went down on him, engulfing his whole hard dick into her wet mouth. After two minutes, the guy arched his back and came in Sonia’s soft red lips, who did not waste a single drop of semen.She looked at him very sweetly and she then went to the bathroom.The black guy looked at me, signalling he still had a nice erect black cock.I then smiled, saying: “You had enough yet, jerk yourself if you want more”Sonia came out from the bathroom and smiled at him. She thanked the black guy the good momento with a nice wet long kiss. We then left the guy there, naked and laying on the bed; he could not believe his luck of having a hot white married cunt for himself…We went to check Sonia’s mother condition and then we left the hospital.As we got into my car, we noticed yet was too early and our loving hubbies would know that we would still be busy for another long while…

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