Spanking Joy

Big Booty

Being spanked as a means to foreplay was no mean task, and before I met Thomas I had no leanings that way.

In fact the whole business of the hard stuff when it came submissive extremes was way out of line for me.

But Thomas was so persuasive I would have found it difficult to refuse him, and as he was a real nice guy, I didn’t want to do that.

His frequent references to my ass being very spankable – became almost an everyday thing in the office where we both worked.

Mind you he was one of the big noises, a managing director and I was simply a humble clerical assistant.

“You know Peter, what you have is too good to be ignored and I want to make it fantastic for you, just give it a go huh?, I promise I will be gentle.”

I nodded in a ‘perhaps’ way but he closed the office door and put a ‘do not disturb meeting in progress’ notice on the outside and there I was at his beckoned mercy.

He asked me to stand adjacent to the desk and I felt him release the buckle on my new pin striped office trousers and unclip my brace straps which he said suited me to the hilt, and in a few seconds I was standing there, trousers down to my knees.

“Now just bend over, Pete, push it out for me.”

And I did as he asked but still feeling a little apprehensive, for one thing it was happening all too fast and another is I do like a little forewarning – giving me time to get in the mood – so I was feeling a little awkward still, but the way he was made it feel right and feeling his initial touch upon my bare ass, it felt good.

He had a wonderful way of touching and feeling me between my crotch, just the way he gently squeezed my balls and felt my rising girth, and it was a lovely sensual sensation , bending over like that for a guy I admired and wanting to be of service to him.

“Let’s just pull these up a little” görükle escort said Thomas grasping the waistband of my slim fit boxer shorts. “Tell you what, how about attaching them to your braces, that will really make your ass look so nice and you cheeks separated. Mmmm! now that looks highly tempting, just waiting to be spanked.”

Then I felt the slap on one cheek and then the other, stinging but not unbearable as he continued to come down on me quite rapidly and obviously enjoying it.

“I love the way it bounces and the sound of hand meeting ass, delicious. What have I been missing?” he languished as he had a good feel of my ass and balls between slaps.

“I bit wider” he suggested prompting me to part my legs wider apart so he could cradle my cock and my balls which he complimented as very ‘scrumptious’ but it was so lovely now, even the initial sting of the spanking pain seemed to diminish with the feel of his eager hand exploring every essential of my being, and he gave me such a wonderful deep and stiff hard-on like I had not had for ages.

So I had my first of many more to come spanking and when he’d done it felt numb but nice in as much that although it stung some, the delicious numbness which was there and the feeling beneath was really a treat and glancing around and, seeing Thomas bring out his splendid thick and delicious cock, I could not wait but partake in my favourite pastime of sucking cock, and Thomas’s was no exception, I loved the smell and scent of his beautiful offering and gently massaged his firm hanging balls, kneeling on the office carpet before him, and taking it in just as deeply as I could manage. Slowly at first to relish the moment, peeling back the foreskin with my tongue and teeth and giving his p-hole a ravishing probing lick, then rolling my tongue around its beautiful bulbous head bursa escort bayan and taking in the flavour of his quality stiff cock so succulent and wanting. I glanced upwards and watched his eyes glaze over as I started to ball him at the same time, his fine cock standing upwards now as I enjoyed the taste of his balls, working my tongue around them and then gradually up the long length of his beautiful defined throbbing cock, he pressing it out for me so that he was all cock and balls for my pleasure.

I took the opportunity to insert my small finger into his ass as I got the head of his cock into my throat and it was something special to feel the warmth of his asshole combined with the heat of his cock deep inside my throat.

“Suck it, suck it!” he yelled meaning the finger which had just been up his ass, and I did – and it was wicked – so absolutely out of this world and he muttered that he was really going to fuck the ass off me for that.

“The way you are going you are in for the most beautiful fuck, the thought of fucking that red raw freshly spanked ass is a treat to look forward to and I have lots more things in mind.”

I was grasping the girth of his cock as I stopped the sucking action and enjoyed a slow wet licking of the whole length of his cock again and around the wonderful red knob with his p-hole looking really tempting for that final deep sucking before feeling his deep fuck enter me.

And soon as he started to probe his hard cock over my boxers around the orifice of my asshole, and then rubbing his knob around the redness of my well spanked ass I found myself yearning for his deep fucking, I glanced around behind me to take a look at what he had to offer and it was big aright, soon I would feel its stiffness inside and that would be delightful

“What a shame we have to remove these boxer bursa escort shorts that become you so much, Pete, but if needs be they are off now and I want to fuck the ass off you and no mistake, but to show you a little more excitement I shall gag you with my briefs as I fuck you, but just a little more spanking first…”

I was away, feeling my ass become more numb than ever but wanting the feel of his prick inside, I didn’t have to wait long before I felt it slide in and up me like it belonged there and at last I was well stuffed with ripe thrusting cock, his balls pounding against my thighs with each thrust, something that became so strong I needed to bite on Thomas’s briefs and tasted the residue of the cock now inside me and that I had recently been heartily sucking.

He gave it to me good, hard and thorough and I felt I was being well serviced, I was well fucked and it must have taken a good five minutes before he came strong, giving me that final deep and very strong thrusting fuck as I heard him yell – feeling the spurt of his cum over my ass cheeks, and then taking the second spurt as he quickly twisted around and grasped the back of my head, pushing it towards his throbbing cock so he could fuck my face to receive that final spurt of hot sticky cum cover my face and lips, and still feeling the result of his fucking I was happy to suck the cock that had just been part of me and felt I could never get enough of it.

“Now over my lap with you” Thomas demanded and I could see, when he took a slipper in his hand, what I was about to receive, a good hard slapping on both cheeks of his leather slipper which made me yelp but I had to endure that for his pleasure..

And then after that a real good mutual sucking when we enjoyed the sixty nine position and my face was covered with his genitals as he crouched over my face and drenched me with more of his hot spunk.

It was heaven and on returning home that night I found it difficult to walk to the car, my ass was so sore and yet it felt good too, the feeling of having been well fucked is beautiful and I guess Thomas will want plenty more. I hope so.

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