Steve visits us again


Steve visits us againIt was a couple of weeks since I had got to show off my newly shaved pussy to Pete and Steve. While I had my bath that night once Steve had left, Pete and sat on the rim of the bath and promised there would be more to come if I was interested. I had left him in no doubt I was.So one evening Mum was getting ready for her night shift and Pete was upstairs pottering about, Mum casually mentioned that Dad was having some pals round tonight, and it might get a bit rowdy, and that if I wanted to go stay at my friend Sarahs place for the evening.. it would be fine. I said i had course work to do and I could just stay in my room and listen to my headphones. I was very excited though, was tonight the night for another adventure. I kissed mum good bye and headed upstairs to shower. I shaved my pussy just tidying up but this time leaving leaving a little tuft of stubbly hair above my already swelling clit. I had left the bathroom door open, Pete popped his head in and asked if was up for some fun later. I nodded, he told me to finish drying and then put on my robe and join him in his bedroom. I took my time, I wanted to look my best, so did my hair in bunches and oiled and creamed my body, added some scent in all the bahis siteleri right places, grabbed my robe and went into my parents room.Pete was stood by the edge of the bed and told me to climb on and get on all fours with my bum facing him. I did as he ordered. He then told me to lift up my robe and show him my fat bum. Again i did as I was told. I pulled my robe up and over my ass showing him my shaved cunt and spread ass. He told me to relax, and reached for a small bottle of lube. He explained that Steve was coming over and that tonight he would be fucking my ass, and that they had been discussing for a week or so at work. Petes job was to get my ass lubed and open ready for Steve. I didnt know what to say, the idea that Pete and Steve were talking about me and making their filthy plans, probably wanking together over my pics, was thrilling. Yet Steve had a very big cock, and I hadn’t tried anal before. I turned and Pete could obviously see my panic…”Dont worry! It will be fne, you will enjoy it. We will take our time and you wont have to take that fat cock until you are ready, but you will be ready and you will love it, I promise” I was getting more and more excited. They had treated me so well on our first night together canlı bahis siteleri so I knew I was in safe, dirty, but safe hands. I nodded and Pete returned to the task at hand. He emptied out some lube and poured it lightly over my asshole. With a gasp I finally felt his touch. He slowly began to massage my ass and cover it with the lube. He was applying firm pressure to my asshole, and rubbing it strongly and deeper. His other hand began to work on my labia, and soon I was grinding against his hand like the dirty girl I was. I loved being bent over for him as he got me ready for his fithy wank buddy, He stopped for a moment, and opened the draw of the bed side table and pulled out my mums body massager, He plugged it in and switched it on. My sister and I found it a year or so before, and giggle uncontrolably as we plugged it in and held it on each others boobs. Now Pete held it against my dripping exposed pussy as he pushed a finger slowly into my relaxing asshole. It was still a little painful, but the mix of it with the instant pleasure of the massager against my wet swollen cunt was perfect, and I knew I would be coming for him soon. His finger was going deeper and I could feel it was getting easier for canlı bahis him. soon enough he had two fingers in and he stretching me wider and wider..I told him I was going to cum as the waves built up between my thighs, and as if it was an agreed signal, he turn the head of the masseger straight on and tried as if to push it straight into my tight cunt.There was no way it would fit but the pressure felt amazing, at the same time he worked a third finger into my ass and I triggered. I was squeeling as he pushed harder and harder, and my pussy juice soaked the huge vibrating toy. As I bucked on his hand I came so very hard, fell slowly forward allowing him to pull free his fingers.”You see? Now you are ready for Steve to do your ass” I laughed and said “I think I am”.Pete gave me a kiss and told me to open my legs for him. I lay on my back for him and held my legs apart. “Your cunt looks like it enjoyed that” I told him it definitely did. He got on his knees and began to lick around my labia, i was so wet I could hear him slurping up my juciy pussy cum. He sucking on my labia and telling me how he and Steve spent a lot of time wanking over my polaroids and talking about how much much my cunt grows and swells when I am turned on. It was exactly what I liked to hear, he knew I loved hearing his dirty stories and how they planned to use me as their sex toy.Pete then told me that Steve would here any minute and that I should head down stairs and get some drinks ready.

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