Tales from the Ladies Room Vol. 01


“Mother What Are You Doing To Daddy?”

Cassie Lewis sat stunned, by what she just witnessed. The vibrant attractive, baby blue eyed, blonde Cassie just couldn’t believe it. She was sitting alone in her bedroom, in the early morning hours. Cassie just stared off into space, her thoughts were jumbled. Her mind whirling, a kaleidoscope of images were flashing in her mind.

Instead of seeing colors and changing shapes, she saw images that ranged from anger, from the evening’s earlier events. Then images that disturbed, and to her surprise, excited her sexual being, occupied her mind, rocking it to it’s very core. She had no control, no sense of shame, her body felt as though it was drugged at what she witnessed this evening. Cassie felt absolutely spellbound, as her fingers strummed her needy pussy, as she watched it all.

She couldn’t believe the blissful feelings in her body, as she pleasured herself several times this evening. Cassie was witness to the most decadent, maybe even obscene, sexual activities she had ever viewed in her twenty two years. What amazed and shocked her, was it so easily compelled her to self pleasure. And that’s what troubled her, she wanted to see even more of it, she craved it now. Her mind rewound this evening’s events, once again…

Cassie knew that she was not expected home until later this evening, after midnight for sure. She had a date with a guy whom she thought she knew, and was someone special, it was their first time going out together. It only took a few hours to find out that he wasn’t anything special at all. What she thought was going to be a fun night, ended abruptly. Matt offered to take Cassie to dinner, then off to a club for some socializing, and dancing with friends. Matt turned out to be nothing but a tight assed, cheapskate.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it, Cassie paid for their dinner, and drinks. Even after all of that shit happened, Matt said that he would pay her back. First he had to stop home, before going to the Club. His excuse that he forgot his wallet, well that really irritated Cassie. How does a guy forget his wallet, when he knows that he is going out on a dinner date? A first time date to be exact.

Matt explained that he had to stop home, grab his wallet. Then he would stop by the TYME machine, so he could pay her back, and then they would continue on to the club. Well things didnt work out quite that way. Upon getting to Matt’s apartment, he invited Cassie in for a quick drink, which she reluctantly accepted. Matt made her a drink, then he excused himself for a few minutes. Cassie was getting even more irritated, as she waited for him. She sighed, then muttering, “What a fucking asshole.” She picked up a Maxim magazine, and started to page through it.

Cassie heard Matt clear his throat, she looked up and her eyes grew wide, her face was shocked and unpleasantly surprised! Matt was stark naked, holding his erect cock and slowly stroking himself.

Cassie gasped, “Matt…what the fuck…what are you doing?” As she set her drink down on the table. Cassie jumped up off of the couch, “Matt get dressed I want to leave, please take me home.”

Matt had a stupid, leering grin on his face, “Oh come on Cassie… Greg said your like a fucking nympho…you love to fuck, and suck cock.” He wiggled his five inch erection at her. Matt still had that stupid leer on his face, “Come on Cassie, you can be my slut now. How about I call Greg, we can both do you… at the same time, horny bitches like you, love two cock’s at once.”

Cassie looked at Matt bewildered, she knew Greg, and yes they dated a few times. But she never so much as touched him, much less fucked him. Cassie stood her ground, glaring at Matt as he slowly advanced towards her.

She remembered what her stepdad taught her, on how to defend herself. Clay Lewis was Cassie’s stepfather, for almost fifteen years. He never gave anything to Cassie, except love and respect and a beautiful loving home. On the other hand, Cassie’s biological father was nothing but a philandering, lazy, drunken asshole. He was always beating her mother, or dragging her off to the bedroom for sex. That was usually after he physically abused her, when she got home from work.

Cassie remembered how Clay taught her how to box. Clay was a former soldier, a member of special forces so he knew how to defend himself. She never had to resort to those lessons, until now. Matt reached out to grab her, with that hand that was just holding his nasty looking cock. Cassie kicked her leg up, catching Matt right in his balls. She heard the satisfying whap, as her shoe connected with his balls. She almost laughed, when Matt’s low voice become soprano, as he cried out clutching his sore balls.

It was at that moment, when Cassie cocked her right arm back. Cassie threw her fist, she swiftly connected with her punch, squarely on Matt’s nose. She snapped her wrist, giving Matt the full impact. Matt’s head jerked back, his eyes crossed as he fell down, square on his bare ass. Cassie didn’t wait around to find out if he was going to be alright. escort izmir She grabbed her purse, glancing back at her incapacitated date. Matt was moaning, and holding his bleeding nose with one hand, and his sore nuts in the other.

Cassie snickered, “Fuck you Matt… and fuck Greg too! You two assholes better just stay the fuck away from me.” Cassie left Matt’s apartment, leaving the door wide open. and relieved she didn’t touch her drink. Who knows what the pencil prick put in it. Anybody walking past would see him naked, laying on the floor moaning, as he cradled his balls.

Cassie took an Uber home, seeing it was only ten fifteen in the evening. She was excited when her ride home pulled up in front of her house. Cassie loved the beautiful one story hacienda style house, Clay bought when her mother Jessica married Clay. Cassie was so pumped up, she wanted to tell her parents all about her date from hell.

But her euphoria started to wane, seeing the house was pretty much dark, with the exception of her parents dimly lit bedroom lights. Shit Cassie thought to herself, as she stepped up on the porch and going to let herself inside…

Closing the front door, Cassie leaned back against it. Looking around the dimly lit living room, she sighed, “I could use a drink.” She slowly made her way towards the kitchen, her thoughts on what happened earlier that evening. Opening the fridge she looked at her options, setting on a hard seltzer. Holding the cold can can to her forehead, she closed her eyes and the fridge door. Standing alone in the semi darkness with only nightlights illuminating the house, she heard it.

Cassie heard the muffled clapping like sounds, that were coming from the direction of her parents bedroom. Cassie listened for a moment, her curiosity mounting as she started towards their bedroom. The clap like sounds, were becoming more pronounced and louder. She could hear it clearer now, it sounded like someone was getting a spanking. Cassie heard enough of them when she was younger, she distinctly knew that sound. Her father would often spank her mother, bare bottomed right in front of Cassie sometimes.

Cassie felt her anger rising, is my stepdad spanking my mother too, she wondered. She crept closer towards the bedroom door. She could see light, along the bottom of the doorway. She then she heard her mother’s voice.

Her voice was stern, and almost teasing like as she said, “How do you like getting your bare ass spanked, just like a naughty, little boy, over my lap?”

Cassie’s mouth dropped, as she heard her father’s answer, “I deserve it Jess…I have been neglecting my husbandly duties, I am very sorry.”

Cassie caught herself, just a second before she reached for the doorknob. What the fuck am I doing, she thought to herself. Then she heard her mother chuckling, that happy little laugh she gets, when she is genuinely happy. Her mother sighed, “Clay you are not as sorry as your going to be, after I finish this spanking trust me.”

Cassie heard that smacking sound, only louder and more rapidly, along with Clay’s grunts, along with his oohs, and ahhs. They came with a quicker pattern, that slapping sound on her fathers bare ass, made Cassie shiver. Oh my god she thought, daddy’s getting a bare bottom spanking from mom. Then the loud smacking sound, stopped.

Cassie heard her mother ask, “I suppose you think your going to fuck me, with that big ole cock of yours…don’t you?” She heard a loud crack, as her daddy got another smack on his ass.

Clay groaned, Cassie could hear the desperation in his voice, as he answered, “Oh honey…Jess I would love to fuck you, please…I will do anything, anything you want…please just let me fuck you…I need to have you…baby please.”

Jess laughed, “Oh you will do anything I want, believe me…after I am through spanking your ass. Why I think that I will fuck you with my big dick, right up your flaming red colored ass! For now Clay, why don’t you beg me… to fuck your ass, while I continue spanking it.”

Cassie heard the sound of her father’s hard spanking, as it continued. She hugged herself and shivered slightly. Her mind and her body were reacting, uncontrollably. Cassie felt herself coming alive, the sexual excitement building in her like the start of a summer storm.

She couldn’t understand why she was becoming so sexually excited. Hearing her father getting his buns toasted, then that thing about his big cock, it was so taboo, but so fucking exciting. And hearing her mother telling him, that he was going to get her big dick up his ass, had poor Cassie swooning.

Cassie was on top of her world, after setting that pond scum Matt straight. Her excited state started then, Cassie couldn’t help it, as she continued to eavesdrop on her parents kinky, sexual escapade. She took it all in, as strange as it was to hear. But even stranger yet, she was more aroused then she could ever remember. She had to take a peek, she just had to see what was going on for herself.

She heard those smacking sounds getting louder, they even seemed like escort izmir they were getting harder. She could hear the grunting and gasping, her father was making as her mother smacked away, at his naked ass. She even heard him begging her, a few times for her to please stop.

Her mother did stop, then she started giggling, “Oh my, your ass is like…beet fucking red! Just from this little old hairbrush. You can just imagine if I take my leather strap, to those already sore buns of yours. So you naughty boy, are you ready to let me fuck your ass yet?”

Clay groaned, “Yes Jessica… I am ready to serve you, in anyway you desire.”

Jessica musically told him, “Well naughty boy, ask me with a pretty please, or something else like it to make me want to stick my big dick, up your slutty ass.”

Clay moaned, as Jessica layed another hard barrage of smack’s with her wooden brush. Clay yelped, then he started pleading, “Baby please, please fuck me… possess me, make yours and only yours… please fuck me.”

Cassie listened as she slipped her hand down into her pants. She felt her warm humid sex, through her panties. Her excitement mounting, as she anxiously waited for what would come next.

She heard her mother’s laughter, then heard her next shocking question. “Just suppose Clay, I have to pee. Would you be willing to lay down on your back, with your mouth wide open for me, that’s part of anything right.”

Clay without hesitation answered, “Yes Jess… I would, I promise you…anything you want… I will do it.”

Cassie waited anxiously, for her mothers next retort. She heard her mother snicker, “Really…you would beg me, to let you drink my piss. Well…just suppose that I have to do the other one, what if I need to shit Clay. Would you just let me hang my ass right over your face, then shit all over it?”

Cassie gasped, at that last response from her mother. She was shocked at those words, finding it hard to believe that her mother would even say something so dirty. She was even more shocked at her father’s response. She heard her father answer her mothers last question. “Jess you know that I would… I have let you do that to me before. I even lick your dirty ass clean, anytime you desire that service to you.”

Cassie felt her leg’s getting weak, as she now had her hand stuffed inside her panties. She strummed her engorged clit. She wanted a peek at this, she really did. She heard her parents talking softly, it was at that moment Cassie made up her mind. She quietly backed away from the bedroom door. Turning she walked towards the patio door. She went outside and decided to go over to her parents private patio, just outside of their bedroom. She wondered if she could peek at them from outside.

Cassie hurried around the side of the house, seeing the patio lights were off. She crept towards the double patio doors, noticing that there was indeed, a gap between the blinds. She felt a rush of adrenaline, as she peered into the softly illuminated bedroom. She saw her naked stepfather, over her mother’s lap as she sat on a chair. She could see the redness of his bare bottom, then saw the large oval wooden hairbrush, in her mother’s hand.

All her mother wore was her black bra, and garter belt, with black stockings. She had a pair high heel shoes on her feet. Cassie watched as her arm whipped down, the hairbrush cracking on Clay’s bare ass. His head jerked up, he yelped, his face a mask of pain. “Please Jess…just fuck my ass. Take me however you want, please… just stop spanking me!”

Jess teased, “Awwww… is my big strong man crying uncle. Do you really want my cock up your ass? Because baby, I am going to fuck your ass so hard, you can count on that.”

She repeatedly spanked his bottom, every swat seemed harder than the last. Clay started grunting and groaning, even louder. He twisted his rounded bottom, from side to side. Jessica spanked his ass harder, “Quit fucking moving, lay still now…and take your punishment.”

Cassie felt her excitement building, she saw Clay twist sideways, lifting up enough that she caught a glimpse of his cock. Her mother rained a swift barrage of smacks, down across Clay’s poor unfortunate red ass. Cassie watched as the emotion of pain, washed over his face. That brush connecting squarely, over every inch of his bottom. Jessica pushed him off her lap, Clay landed on his backside with a thud. He groaned, then quickly bending his legs, began to lift his sore bottom off of the carpet.

Cassie gasped, seeing her stepfather’s cock whipping back and forth. She saw that Clay was smooth shaven, his private area as bald as a baby.

His large cock, and ball sack captivated Cassie. Clay was rubbing his asscheeks with his legs spread wide open, giving his stepdaughter a clear view of his male genitalia.

Cassie saw her mother stand up, her eyes grew wide at the large black dildo, which stood out from her mothers crotch. It looked like a real cock, the dark flesh colored dildo had a pink colored head, complete with a pair of balls underneath. She watched it bobbing around, as if it were alive as her mother moved. Jessica stood with her hands on her hips, thrusting her crotch forward. She snickerd at Clay, “Get up on your knees. Show me what a good little cocksucker you are.”

Cassie watched as her stepdad got up onto his knees, his cock sticking out straight ahead, over his low hanging balls. God he is huge, Cassie thought to herself. Remembering Matt’s shrimp dick looking hardon, she shook her head. What a fucking difference, she thought to herself. Clay knelt in front of her mother, her dildo inches from his face. Jessica was holding it at the base, shaking her cock in a menacing like manner at him, she stepped closer. Jessica chuckled as she rubbed the tip, over her husbands lips.

Cassie watched with fascination, her fingers busy inside her panties. Jessica snickered, then she heard her mother tell Clay, to suck it. She heard her mother tease him, “You know you wanna suck on my big black cock, right bitch?”

Cassie saw her stepfather look up at her mother. Jessica put her hand under Clay’s chin holding his head so it was tilted up. Jess teased, “Lick my cock… make momma happy…you know what can happen when I’m not, don’t you?”

Clay moaned, “Yes…I do, I just want to make you happy baby… I really do.”

Cassie watched as Clay stuck his tongue out, licking at the salmon pink head of her dark brown didlo. Jessica teased, “Oh your such a little slut…such a cockwhore. You can’t wait to taste cock, and feel it up your cock hungry ass.” Jessica laughed softly, watching her husband licking her dick, his bottom wiggling around, as he tried to get more comfortable.

Cassie covered her mouth, which was hanging open in her overly excited and surprised state. Her other hand kept itself busy, inside her panties. Cassie felt the warm and slippery wetness, inside of her pussy. She knew her climax was imminent, as she had never been as sexually excited as she was at this moment.

Cassie fucked two guys, in her entire 22 years on this earth. She never had an orgasm, with either of them or even came close to it. Cassie never really felt much pleasure at all, while having sex with a boy. All she got out of it was really half assed attempt’s, of them reluctantly licking her pussy. While she tried giving then a good and proper blowjob. Then a few minutes of fucking, resulting in a cream filled pussy, that ran down the crack of her ass into a wet spot, to sleep in.

She was unlucky in love and sex, her finest and best moments happening tonight. Kicking Matts balls in, and punching him in the nose. Now watching, as her mother dictated to her stepdad, was a huge revelation, an education of taboo sexual treat’s, she never even knew about or dreamed of.

Cassie anxiously watched as Clay started opening his mouth, then the dildo slipped in. Cassie pushed her hand down deeper into her pants, her palm cupping her pussy.

She slipped two fingers inside, as her thumb rubbed her engorged clit. She moaned as she watched her mother take Clay’s ears in her hands. Then she started rolling her pelvis, fucking her husband’s mouth, her hands guiding his head over her now wet, glistening looking cock.

Jessica hissed, “Oh fuck yeah baby, show mama how good you are at sucking cock.”

She continued fucking his mouth, her eyes looking down as her silicone cock slipped in and out of his open mouth…

Cassie watched, as her mother bent Clay over the bed. She watched as her mother gripped the phallus, running the head up and down Clay’s asscrack. She heard him groan, as her mother pushed the head into his asshole. Clay’s head jerked up, grimacing as the phallus bent in the middle, then plunged deeply into his ass.

Jessica taunted, “Take it bitch… take that black dick up your ass and moan for me.” Jessica started sawing her hips, back and forth. There was no warm up, she pulled back and pushed the whole cock in and out of his ass.

Cassie watched, spellbound as she could hear the slippery sounds, associated with fucking and her mother’s pelvis smacking Clay’s stuffed bottom. She heard his grunting, and her mother’s teasing words, as she fucked his ass. Clay started babbling, snapping his bottom back, meeting her mother’s thrusts, then begging for Jessica to fuck his ass…even harder…

Cassie gasped, as she climaxed for the second time, watching as this dirty, and very arousing performance continued. She saw her mother shiver and shaking, as she had a powerful orgasm while fucking Clay.

She didn’t understand her feelings of fascination, or wanton lust, as she watched Clay being sexually dominated. All she knew was that she wanted this, I want to have this exciting sex, at my disposal.

Cassie was infatuated, as she looked at her stepfather’s big meaty cock. He lay naked on his back, his cock and balls were confined with a small leather band. His balls hung down over the crack of his ass, covering his recently fucked asshole. His cock was rock hard and huge, with pronounced looking vein’s bulging on its side’s and a large tube like one, running up the length on the underside of his penis. That fat German helmet like head, flaring out over his thick meaty cock, made his impressionable daughter swoon with desire.

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