Subject: Tenting with Sammy (Adult/Youth the wind was rushing through the trees; and the washing and waning of the lake which was only a few feet away. Life would be perfect if I was able to live in a place like this. There was no technology; no work; no traffic; just me and Mother Nature. More noises entered the ether as I groggily awoke; the majestic song of cheeping and chirping was abruptly swallowed up by the loud squarks and guttural noises of ten pre-pubescent boy scouts. I groaned. My joints were stiff from lying on the ground in the tent all night. I was getting too old for this. I felt the space next to me as I pulled myself up; my tent buddy was already up and gone. The tip of my cock still tingled, reminding me of last night’s activities. Up until last night, I had only ever had sex with women. I’d never had a significantly long relationship with one, probably because I didn’t trust myself if I were to become a father. My secret attraction to young males meant that if I ever had a son of my own, I would be around one constantly and I simply wouldn’t be able to help myself. Or at least, that is what I kept telling myself. I threw on some clothes and headed outside, towards the food tent. I squinted up at the sky. Another fine day. A congregation of boys sat at one of the tables, happily munching on a very robust breakfast, chatting to one another and generally being loud. Sammy, on the other hand, was on his own at another table, keeping to himself. “How is it going, boys? Sleep well? ” I asked the main group. “Sure did, Scout Master Joe!” That was Brody. He was one of the older members of the group, and so the other boys saw him as their leader. “Good, good. It looks like some of your tents are looking a little saggy from overnight. After breakfast, be sure to tighten them up alright? ” “Sure thing, Scout master Joe!” One of the others mumbled, his face stuffed full of marmalade toast. “I hope you guys left me something to eat.” I joked, getting a chorus of laughter in return. I headed over to where Sammy was seated, on the outskirts, with his own little collection of foodstuffs. I’m not sure he saw me coming. He seemed a little startled when I put my hand on his shoulder, like he was lost in his own thoughts. “Sleep well?” “Yep! ” he chirped. “I had some really weird dreams though.” “Oh? What did you dream about? ” “I don’t really remember. But you were there. ” Wow, did I really do it with him last night? He looked so young. So skinny and so small. Did I really have my cock inside this boy? My hard cock in his tiny butthole. I could barely believe I had been so lucky, and I had loved it! I knew what his hole felt like, and my dick wanted more. I sat down with him while he ate. I needed to make sure he was okay after all of what happened. “Do you remember what happened last night before you went to sleep?” I asked him. His eyes glazed over slightly as he thought back to what happened. His eyes dropped to his lap as he recalled his home sickness and what he had told me. “Sorry for crying, Joe. I just got really sad. You aren’t going to tell anyone the things I said, are you? ” “Of course not. And there is nothing wrong with having a little cry. What about the other stuff? ” “Well, I liked the cookie that you gave me. It tasted just like the ones back home, and I fell right asleep after that. ” “That’s all you can remember?” “Yep. Then it was just the crazy dreams. They were so weird! There were all these tent poles, and they were in your car. I think they were bouncing up and down or something. They were getting longer, and the car was getting more and more full. Then… I dunno after that. ” “Dreams can be pretty crazy, right?” I laughed nervously. “Yeah. I never had a dream like that before. Maybe it was something in the cookie? ” “It could be. So, you don’t remember what happened after you ate it? ” “Not really. My head just kind of went fuzzy, and I fell asleep. Why? Did something happen? ” Did he really not remember? Recollections of his tiny anus sucking my cock popped back into my mind. Did I really do that to him last night, or was I the one who had been dreaming? Perhaps our little secret was safe? “Well, be sure to eat lots this morning.” I said, getting up from the bench. “You boys will be spending most of today on the lake. Did you bring your swimming trunks?” “No, I forgot my stuff, remember? You said I would have to borrow someone else’s. ” “Oh right. Perhaps we can borrow something from Ryan. He is about your size. ” Ryan was the boy who had his mouth full of toast earlier. He was bigger than Sammy, but would be the closest option. “Come on, follow me over to the others and we’ll see what we can do.” Sammy scooted along the length of the wooden bench, bringing his plate with him. He still didn’t sit directly next to them, clearly still recognising his social status within the group. “Now boys, today you will be spending most of the day on the lake-” I was interrupted by the screams and hoots of excitement from the boys. “Hush. While the leaders clean up, I would suggest you get changed into your swimming trunks and take a dip. Get familiar with the water, and then later on we will take the kayaks down to the river. ” Normally we would have had the boys to do all the dishes and clean up, but one of the other idiot leaders bet yesterday that the boys wouldn’t have their tents up before nightfall. Of course, hearing this challenge, the boys had their tents up in a flash, and now here we are. That said, it would mean that the boys would have to do the much bigger dinner clean up later on tonight. “There is a river too?!” Brody asked. “Yes, at the far end of the lake. With all the rainfall up in the mountains last week, we expect it will have a rather strong current, so you will each need to find a buddy to row with.” There was a moment of further commotion as the boys decided then and there that they would arrange who they would each pair with, but there would be more time for that later. “Now, one last thing before you can go for a dip. Sammy here left his clothes behind yesterday, so I would appreciate it if you could all help him out this weekend. Ryan, would you have a spare pair of trunks that Sammy could wear today? ” “Why does he get to borrow my stuff?” Ryan complained, turning to frown at Sammy. “I shouldn’t have to miss out just because he didn’t bring his stuff!” “You’re the closest in size, and I don’t intend for either of you to miss out. Could you please fetch a pair of your normal shorts, then? Sammy will just have to make do with those. ” “Fiiine.” Ryan grumbled, plodding back to his tent to donate his clothes. “The rest of you, make sure your tents are tidy, and go get changed. You’ll have an hour or so in the lake before we head out. ” All the boys rushed past me to get ready, save for Sammy, who waited for something to wear, then he too was off. Not long after, I was lying on my back in the grass, watching them do their thing, making sure things didn’t get too crazy or unsafe. The blistering heat of the July sun was already bearing down, reflecting back off the water against us, baking us all in its heat. I was starting to sweat, and it wasn’t even 9 a.m. yet. The boys didn’t care; they were already cool in their swimwear. The shrieks and hoots of pre-adolescent voices pierced any form of peace as they splashed and frolicked in the water. They had come up with some kind of game, and their high-pitched banshee-like screams told me both that they were having a blast and that none of them had reached puberty yet. Sure, some of their voices were an octave or so higher or lower than the others, but they were all at the same age and on the same journey in life. I also noticed that once again, Sammy was not included; he was off on his own picking at things at the shoreline. “Why don’t you guys let Sammy play too?” I called out. “Nah, he is too slow,” one of them replied. “He doesn’t have proper shorts.” “What do you mean he doesn’t have the proper shorts?” “We’re playing tag! He can’t really tag anyone because he has to keep his hand on his shorts to stop them from falling down! ” Another boy laughed. I hadn’t thought of that. Now I looked, I could see what they meant. As Sammy foraged for rocks and random junk on his own in the mud, he never took his other hand off his black waterlogged shorts. This left only one free hand, as the other was required full time to keep his modesty intact. At least he seemed to be enjoying himself. Boys really did fascinate me. Up until around five years old, most boys didn’t have a care in the world, but it was around then that it all started to change. They learned that boys and girls were different, and their nakedness was something not to be flaunted, but to be hidden. As toddlers, they would happily play in public in briefs or even naked with their little tackles out, but slowly but surely, it was as if they became ashamed of their bodies. They would begin to cover themselves more and more. Briefs would become togs, and togs would become shorts, escort some even going as far as to wear T-shirts to hide their chests. Thanks to all these social pressures, the layers would keep piling on, making sure they weren’t judged in some way. As much of a boy as Sammy was, there was no way in hell he would risk any chance of his shorts falling down around other boys. One minuscule difference or label from another probably felt like the end of the world to a kid that age. At the age they were all at now, they were just starting to learn that the little thing they had tucked between their legs was for more than just peeing and fiddling with when they were alone, and something that was definitely not to be shared and shown to friends openly. “Okay boys, come in now!” One of the other scout masters yelled from behind me. I had been looking forward to this part. Sure, the camping and nature were nice, but the best part was watching the now soaking wet boys exit the lake. I hadn’t chosen to be the one to watch them by chance. I lay there so that I was in prime position to ogle each one of them in turn as they walked past me. With the aforementioned insecurity of their bodies, when a boy left a lake, I often found they would be at their most vulnerable. Their bodies were now only protected by a single pair of damp swimming trunks, and I would drink each of them in. Normally, their clothing was closely guarded, but in a moment of fatigue and excitement, many would forget how vulnerable they now were. Their young, wet chests and bellies would be heaving from the energy spent playing, their soggy draped shorts in front of their crotches no longer sufficient to hide the special shapes and sizes of their boyhoods, which they tried desperately to hide. Each boy was unique, their own sizes and shapes no longer a mystery. Despite being only ten years old, they all had boyballs that were beginning to bubble with testosterone. Some bumps were small and round, and some a little bigger, giving my mind’s eye an idea of their sizes and how far they had come. Some boys expertly managed to hide this part of their anatomy as they approached, but this would only mean more tension in the material, and more attention drawn to their slender little wiener sausages running down the middle of their groins. The only torture during all of this was the brief glimpses in which I could look at them without raising suspicion. “Have a good time?” I asked the boys as each boy passed me. “Sure did, Scout Master Joe. Now I’m starving. ” Brody replied, still huffing and puffing in front of me from their game. He stopped right in front of me, his body showing exactly why he was who they followed. “I bet you are after all that!” I said as I studied his lean body with my eyes. While he was still years away from any body hair, he was the biggest, and I didn’t just mean the tallest. His body was toned, and he was a stallion. His little outtie belly button and brown penny sized nipples were heaving up and down before me, his growing boy cock only feet away from my face. “Go eat up. Don’t forget you guys are rowing down the river after lunch. ” That said, once they had all gone by, it was only time for the second course! With all their backs turned, I could glimpse their back halves. With their trunks all soaked through and dripping, the cloth would be sticking flush to their bums, showing the exact contours of their asses and cheeks. Any dirty or sandy marks on their backsides enhanced their curves as they walked in the opposite direction. Those wearing thinner trunks would show even more to me, their flattened togs working their way up the valley of their ass cracks, leaving only my imagination to fill in the blanks. The boys filed past me one by one, with the last to come up being Sammy. Oh, poor Sammy. As he staggered up towards me, even now I could see his hand was still clutching at his shorts, desperate to just keep them around his waist. Dirt and bubbles of water glinted on his skin, his legs and face caked with sand and grime. His damp flowing hair stuck to his face, and even though he hadn’t joined in with the other boys, he looked absolutely exhausted. “Have a good dip, Sammy?” “Yeah, I guess.” Sammy puffed. “The others wouldn’t let me play with them, so I went and found some cool rocks over there,” he said, pointing at one of the shallower parts. It was clearly the boggier part of the lake. His footprints could be seen carved into the muddy shore on a muddy trail. He would have been sinking up to his waist with just about every step. No wonder he was tired. But despite his filthy skin and his unsuitable attire, he appeared happy enough, his toothy smile shining through. God, he was gorgeous. With so much muck and gunk in his shorts, he was no longer quite holding them up enough. His pale, seldom sun-blemished skin was peeking out beneath his tan line, a bright white V of skin vanishing inside. “That’s a shame.” I said. “You should find someone to join you in the kayaks this afternoon. They’re two-seaters, so you will need to find a friend to sit with you. ” “Okay.” He replied, trudging away. I turned to see his damp little bum plodding away, a sliver of his bum crack just peering out. As often as he was rejected by the other boys, I was amazed at his will to keep trying. He was so determined, and he put on such a brave face during the day. Despite this, though, I knew from sleeping with him last night that deep down, he was really hurting. I followed him soon after. It had only been an hour since breakfast, but already their bellies were crying out for more, and they would need it for the next adventure, which would take them the rest of the day. — “Now boys, I hope you have all found a rowing partner. In a moment, you will all set off, and head off for the far end of the lake. There you will find the Littlepirate River, a small stream which will be flowing directly against you. You will need to work together as a team, but after you get a couple of miles down, you will find it easier going. It’ll eventually circle back on itself, and then you’ll return to camp. Understood? ” A chorus of excited voices replied that they were, and it seemed they had all found a buddy to go down the river with. Before long, they were setting out, launching each of their crafts one at a time, floating away across the lake. As they were managing to do it all themselves, I returned to my buddy Tom, who I hadn’t gotten to speak with since the night before. “Hey, Tom. You bring the drinks? ” I asked as I headed over to the car that he was digging through. “Sure did!” Tom replied, turning to show me his 6 pack. I wasn’t referring to his belly either. “Still not sure we should share these though, ha-ha.” “I reckon we do. We should share the beer but not the cookies. We don’t want to be too plastered when the troops get back. ” I grabbed a bottle from him, sculling it back nice and icy cold. “Ahhh, that’s the stuff.” “When do we get into the cookies?” Tom asked. “I reckon tonight after everyone has gone to bed. Though… I must confess, one of them has a bite out of it already. ” “You bastard!” Tom jeered. “Are you getting high without me?” “Not exactly. Sammy had a pretty rough night. I gave him a bite to try to settle him down. ” Tom suddenly stared at me wide-eyed. “Shit Joe, I added a little uh… mushroom in there too. What did you do to him!” “Oh fuck. Well, I guess that explains what he told me this morning. Thankfully, he seems okay. He passed out soon after he tried it. ” “You only gave him a bite though, right? A whole cookie would have sent him to the moon! ” “Yeah, just one bit. He said he had some weird dreams last night, and he doesn’t remember much, ha-ha. ” Well, it seems I was off the hook for what I did to Sammy last night. No wonder he thought it was all a dream. It felt worse in a way, though, like I had deliberately drugged him and taken advantage of him. Shit, now I think about it, I’m not sure if him not knowing about what I did to him was better or worse! I suddenly felt incredibly guilty for what I had done. Now I wasn’t sure if I had done something he would later remember and come to me for. “Well, don’t give him any more.” Tom said, bringing me back to reality. “How long do you think all the kids’ll be gone?” Tom asked, now taking a swig of his own beer. “Probably a couple of hours. The current is pretty strong going upstream, so it’ll be pretty slow going on the way up. They will get some respite on the way back again though, when the current carries them back to camp. I’ve had them go in pairs to ensure they can manage it all okay. ” “Probably a good idea.” Tom decided to chastise me further, going on and on about giving out a midnight snack to my tent buddy, and I was growing weary of his teasing of me. Rather than think about what I might have done to Sammy, and thank goodness Tom was unaware of it, I decided to follow the troop as soon as my bottle was empty. “I figure I’ve given them enough of a start,” I announced, passing the empty bottle back to Tom. gebze escort “I’ll go after them, round up any stragglers.” “A’ight. Hurry back. I’ll try to save you one, but no promises. ” “Pffft, I know you’ve got another crate in the car at least.” I laughed. All the kayaks were gone, so I took an old aluminium rowboat. I threw some towels in, and chased after them. Being 3 times their size, it would take me no time to catch up to the slow ones, and I could already just make out the brightly coloured kayaks at the far end of the lake. It took me a few moments to get my sea legs and coordination back as far as rowing, but I was making good time after just a few minutes. The water sloshed and the lake was calm and serene as I made my way after them. Not a sound could be heard other than the sound of the ores pushing through the water and the water waking behind me. Once again, it’s just me and mother nature. My thoughts drifted back to last night and what I had done. Then I heard it. At first I thought it was a bird, a tiny cheep in the distance, much too high-pitched to be a voice. Plus, there was no way I would have caught up to the group so quickly. As I progressed, the sound became clearer, the cheeping growing into the sound of a desperate wail, a cry for help; the sound of a boy in distress. I rowed in the direction of the noise, noticing not far from me a singular craft with a singular occupant. It was Sammy. Being on his own and being much weaker than the other boys, he had gotten caught between two currents. The river was flowing into the lake, which was too strong for him to row against, but there was a second current running alongside, which resulted in him spinning in circles. No matter which way he rowed, he was caught in a sort of vortex. The other boys had long since left him behind, so he was alone, fighting against mother nature, and he appeared completely exhausted. “Help!” He shrieked, as he saw me approaching. “I’m coming, Sammy!” I called back. “Why are you on your own?” “No one would go with me! I thought I could do it… but I’m not strong enough! ” The top of his torso was a slight pink color, possibly from exertion, possibly from the sun’s burning rays. As I got closer, I could tell he was huffing and puffing, his skinny chest desperate for rest. “Here, climb into my boat. I’ll get you ashore. ” He barely wobbled to his feet, balancing himself carefully with all the finesse of a moose on a skateboard. He wobbled back and forth and then leapt forward, stumbling headfirst into the lake. It seemed every calamity would befall this crestfallen kid. I reached over the side, hauling his drenched self, back into the boat. He almost capsized me as he tumbled in, my little boat rocking angrily at the sudden imbalance, his drippings getting me a little damp in the process. “Sorry… ” he said glumly, completely soaked as he set himself astride across from me. I quickly tied his kayak to the boat and made my way, albeit a bit slower now, towards dry land. “What are we going to do with you, Sammy. First you go out on your own. Then you get stuck. Are you even wearing any sunscreen? ” My telling him off was a big mistake for his already frail emotions. He broke down in front of me, bawling his eyes out. Clearly, the ordeal had been quite scary for him. I let him have his cry as we made our way to dry land. His teeth were chattering from the cold from his quick dip as he wailed; his whole body was shaking and shivering. Drops of water cascaded down his fair skin, making it impossible to tell which ones were lake water and which were his tears. “We’ll dry those clothes of yours when we get off the water, Sammy. The sun will soon warm you up. ” “Uh… huh…” he managed to push out between his sobs. As he slowly calmed, I couldn’t help but notice his occasional glances between my legs. I didn’t have much of a choice but to keep my legs apart as I was doing all the rowing. Given his condition and my uncertainty about what he remembered from the night before, I just let him look. I could see what his eyes were drawn to. My manhood. My shorts, which were now slightly wet, were clinging to… well, everything. The shape of my cock was fairly obvious, forming a tube of meat along my inner thigh, and my round balls both outlined beneath. Taking a look between his own coltish legs, my eyes weren’t provided quite the same treat. Although wetter than I was, his thick baggy shorts easily hid all semblance of shape he might have had down there, though the leg hole did provide a long narrow view up towards his damp bumcheeks. Finally, the boat came to a halt, striking shallower waters. I got up first, dragging the boat a little further before helping Sammy off. His arms clutched his body for warmth as he staggered up the bank. “Take your shorts off first and hang them on that branch there.” I suggested “Let the sun get at them and your skin and you’ll be warm in no time. ” “But then I’ll be naked!” Sammy gasped. “No, you won’t. Here, take this towel. ” “Thank you…” Sammy said softly, as I forced myself to turn my back on the boy undressing behind me. I took a spot on the bank, Sammy joining me soon after as we sat side by side, leaning back on our elbows. A towel was wrapped around him now. Just one item covered what I still longed for. “Won’t you get cold in your shorts too?” Sammy inquired. “They’re not as wet as yours. I’ll be fine. ” I said, ruffling his hair. “Thanks for coming to rescue me.” “Seems I have been doing that a lot lately.” “That’s because everyone hates me.” Sammy replied into his knees. “Don’t start that again. I don’t hate you. ” “Everyone else does! ” Sammy croaked, his tears coming flooding back. “None of the other boys will tent with me. Or swim with me. Or kayak with me. They all have friends, and I’m just a loser. A sad, crying, weak loser! ” “Sammy. You’re the brav- ” “NO! I AM WEAK! ” Sammy shouted. “Sammy, please listen. Weakness and strength aren’t just physical. Yes, physically, the other boys are stronger than you, but in here.. ” I said, pointing at his chest, “You’re the strongest boy I know. Did you know that the heart is a muscle? ” “No…” he sniffed. “Every day, I see the others turn you away. But do you know what I see? You keep trying anyway. They knock you down time and time again, but you keep going, you keep pushing. Most boys would have long given up, but not you. You want to be their friend so badly that, regardless of all the times they turned you away, you keep trying. Your heart is so strong because you care so much about them and about others. That isn’t a sign of weakness, Sammy. That is a sign of maturity. ” “You think I am mature?” Sammy asked, his damp eyes sparking back at me. “Definitely. Those boys who turn you down are just babies in my eyes. You are growing up much faster than them, and one day they will see the young man that I see. ” Sammy giggled at being called a man. He was still working out his life, crying his eyes out, and here I was, an adult, having a real adult conversation with him. “My butt hurts,” he said, abruptly changing the subject. My brow furrowed–had he remembered what we…? “I think riding you yesterday made it sore. I hope there is more room on the way back. ” “Oh right…” I stuttered, realising he meant the journey in the back of the car. “You’ll want to go on the bus on the way back though, won’t you?” “Nah. I’d much rather ride with you. ” He smiled. “Well, let’s not talk about that yet. We have a few more days in this paradise before we head home. Let’s hope the weather holds out. ” “I can’t wait to go home. I like being here at the lake, but I miss my mom heaps. ” “You sure do love your mom, huh? And who is Darren? You mentioned him last night? ” “Oh… I really shouldn’t say but… he was one of my mom’s boyfriends. They were together for about a year before she found out. See, Darren liked me too. More than even you. Sometimes when she was out, he would lie in bed with me and we would cuddle. ” “Did he ever do naughty things? Did he touch you? ” “No. He never did anything like that because he said he might get in trouble. But lots of times I would have trouble getting to sleep, and he would come in and lie behind me and put his arm around me. Sometimes… don’t tell anyone this. But sometimes he would let me hold his penis when we were together. He said my hand felt nice and his penis would grow big and hard. ” “Did he, uh, ever do anything else to you with his penis?” “No. ” Sammy confirmed almost sadly. “He didn’t want to try in case he hurt me or something. He touched mine sometimes, though. Then one day, we were on the couch together, and mom came home early. She caught him with his arm around me and she just freaked out. She didn’t understand that he wasn’t even doing anything right then; we were just sitting together, but she kicked him out anyway. She said she was doing it to protect me, and she is probably right. But I miss him so much. ” “Has anyone else ever done things like that with you? Other than gölcük escort Darrren? ” I gulped. I couldn’t exactly ask him any more pointblank than that. “No. I wish I had done more things with him, though. I know it is wrong, but I would have let him do anything to me. He really liked me. ” I let out a long sigh. “Sammy, I need to come clean about something. I know the reason your butt hurts, and it isn’t because of the car ride. ” “What do you mean?” “You know that cookie I gave you last night? I didn’t know at the time, but it had a lot more in it than I thought. It had something in it that made you sort of fall asleep, and I… I did some things to you. ” His eyes went wide with realisation. Something about the pain in his rear and the dream that he had been vague about, all began to connect in his mind. “Did you do naughty things to me?” Sammy asked, his mouth dropping. “I never would have done it if I knew you were out of it. I thought you wanted it. Now I know what happened and that I have taken advantage of you. I’m so sorry, Sammy. ” He didn’t reply. He just turned to look out across the lake in silence, clutching his knees into himself. I didn’t regret telling him; I just wanted him to know the truth. I thought it was mutual. I never would have done it if I knew I was taking advantage of him. Christ, now I am the one in pain. I didn’t want to hurt poor Sammy. I wanted to be the one he could trust, someone he could confide in. I had violated him. In a moment in which I had thought we were both sharing, I had taken this boy and used him for my own lust. “Did it feel good?” He finally said, “When you were inside me?” “Yes.” I gulped. “It was amazing.” “Can I see it?” he said, turning back to me. “I mean, I could sort of see it in the boat already.” “You want to see my penis?” He nodded vigorously. Perhaps this wasn’t going so bad after all. I undid my shorts for him, pulling my waistband down and hooking everything down under my balls. The fresh air on my cock was liberating, as my lazy semi-hard cock flopped into view. “Cool!” Sammy declared. “You really had that up inside me?” “Yes.” “Whoa. No wonder my bumhole hurts! ” He sat in awe, still gawking at my man-sized penis. I was glad that he hadn’t gotten mad at me for what I had done. Thank you, Darren, wherever you are. If it weren’t for you, this might have gone very differently. “Any chance I can see yours?” I dared. “Um okay. But it’s way littler than yours. ” I watched enthralled as he undid the knot of his towel and cast it aside. His little hook of an uncut boy penis sprang free, bald and creamy white, no bigger than my pinkie finger. A singular blue vein twisted along its length. I gave him an encouraging look as we both lay there with our cocks out for the other to see. “It’s not fair,” Sammy said, still looking at my organ between my legs. “You’ll get bigger when you’re older.” “I mean, it’s not fair that you got to stick your thing in me and I can’t even remember. Can you put it in me again? ” You know those movies where your heart just suddenly stops? Yeah, that was this moment. He turned his lithe naked body over onto his front, got up on his knees, and stuck his pearly white butt up in the air. He wagged his oval entrance back at me, inviting me back to my darkest desires. A last few droplets of water dribbled down across his round flesh. His pink spiral cavern looked completely virginal apart from a small red blemish on his ring, confirming to me that last night was in fact real. I know I shouldn’t. He was just a boy. My logical brain told me no, this was illegal. But as he wiggled his bum back at me, his tiny ass almost winking, the brain in my cock was quickly winning me over. My cock throbbed as my gaze was stuck on his dimple-sized orifice, like it was waiting for me. I surveyed him, looking for any reason to change my mind. This was just a boy, Joe, come on. His tiny, immature ball pouch hung between his legs; his curved boycock looked so innocent and vulnerable hanging underneath. I couldn’t believe that I had fucked this boy already. Seeing him naked in the flesh really brought home what I had done, and damnit, what I was about to do again. Everything looked so clean and tight and compact, ready for me to make use of him once more. If those boys wouldn’t be friends in their own way, then screw it, I will be friends with Sammy in an adult way. “Yes, Sammy. I will. ” I turned over and placed a hand on each of his cheeks, giving them a reassuring squeeze. I tore off my shorts, and placed the turgid red head of my cock, placing it against his tiny pink anus and giving a gentle push. His hole easily welcomed me back in, my length suddenly surrounded by the inner warmth of his body. After the stretching I had given it only the night before, it seemed I had no trouble inserting my full length inside him, his innards hot and writhing around me. Sammy mumbled something into the soil as I bottomed out into his steamy, tight space, my balls now making contact with his skinny, narrow taint. “You’ve got it all, Sammy. You okay down there?” “Uh huh,” he moaned. “You feel so good, Sammy. Your little butt is hugging me so tight. How does it feel? ” “Oooh Joe, it’s like my butt is full. It feels good though. Is that everything you did? ” “Not quite. I’m just making sure you’re ready for the good part. ” I pulled out again just to survey any possible impact of my penetration. His dilated hole quickly closed shut again with my cock removed, returning to the small dimple in the middle of his bum. His sack appeared to be trembling in anticipation of what was to come next. I cupped them, feeling their clammy warmth. Most of it was loose skin, with his testies still barely the size of pebbles. My unexpected touch caused him to jump slightly. “Sorry little guy, just having a feel. ” “That’s okay, I just wasn’t expecting you to touch my um…” His voice was so soft and gentle. He really was a harmless soul, desperate for affection. “I’m going to put my penis back inside you again now. Hold on tight. ” I saw him grip some of the dried leaves on the ground as I lined up my cock against his boyhole once more. Once more, I pushed, finding only moderate resistance. I low groan from Sammy told me he could feel every inch of me as my groin once more came into contact with the back of his legs. Rocking slowly in and out, I began to fuck Sammy. This time, I did everything I could to remember every moment. This was not imaginary, this was real. I looked down, watching my thick-veined girth vanish into the globes of this ten-year-old boy scout. In and out, he took my girth, my pole becoming one with his body’s sweat. I could feel his body rumbling, likely from an inaudible sound he was making as he felt my cock trundle in and out of him. I placed my hands on his back, stroking his outside as my cock stroked his insides. His cool skin was still not quite warmed from his early dip in the lake. There was not a blemish on his back save for the little bumps of his spine running down the middle to his narrow buttcrack. I could feel my balls brewer, my taint squeezing, but I didn’t want it to be over yet. I stopped thrusting, leaving my cock deep in his hole while I tried to make it last just a little bit longer. “Sammy, are you still okay?” “Yuh-huh. Are you finished? ” “Not yet. I’m just making this last. ” “It feels so big, Joe. It’s in me so far. ” “Do you like my big cock in your little boyhole, Sammy?” “Um, I think so. Is my bum still going to be sore afterwards? ” “Well, probably. But if you do it more often, you get used to it. ” “I want to get used to it with you, Joe. I like having your cock in there. ” “That’s music to my ears, Sammy.” I wanted this to last forever, but I was also aware that the rest of the boys would be returning soon. I started humping him again, although still nice and slowly. I wanted to feel every inch of his boytunnel across the skin of my dick. I wanted to experience every inch of what his young body had to offer. Sammy started to coo again himself, feeling my fuckstick inside him. The sweet prepubescent noises coming out of him made my balls almost immediately start simmering again. His moans were a mix of a purr and a whimper, his body swaying in line with mine, as he either consciously or subconsciously moved back as I moved forward, trying his best to imbed my cock as deep in him as it would go. I noticed under us, Sammy’s own little penis was rock hard, sticking straight ahead, almost unmoving as I plunged into his ass. I would have to repay Sammy down there to make up for his endurance. I felt my prostate reach the point of no return. The gate had opened and I could feel my orgasm approaching from my depths. My cock grew to it’s full girth, stretching Sammys hole to its limit as I pumped my seed into his belly. I couldn’t see how much, as I unloaded straight into his bowels, but I don’t think a drop was left in my nuts by the time I pulled out. I rolled off, and lay back down, pulling my shorts back up as Sammy recovered besides me. I pulled the towel back over his rump to save him his modesty in case anyone was to turn up out of the blue. “Wow…” Sammy managed, letting himself slump down onto the ground. *** feedback always welcome to ail ***

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