Thanksgiving Treat


I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving. It is a special time for our family. My wife and I have been married for ten years and every year, we always go to her family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. (We have Christmas at out house.)I like Thanksgiving, if for no other reason than I get to see family members we don’t normally get to see but once a year, like my wife’s younger sister, Tammy.Tammy is three years younger than my wife and while she is happily married, I couldn’t help but secretly admire Tammy, who was a head-turner. Tammy and I had a great relationship. She once confided to me that had I not married her sister, we would be married, but that was before she met and married her current husband, Jim.Stepping into the familiar surroundings of the house where my wife and Tammy grew up was always a joy. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were both retired. I found my father-in-law in his usual attire, and sitting in his recliner, watching the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, while my mother-in-law was slaving away in the kitchen.My wife headed into the kitchen while bahis şirketleri I settled into a chair to chat with my father in law. A few minutes later and Tammy stuck her head out of the kitchen and peered into the living room. “Hey you!” Tammy exclaimed, looking my way, “Do I get a hug?”I stood up and opened my arms as Tammy made her way over to where I was standing. Almost immediately, I noticed she had lost some weight.“Oh wow!” I remarked, “Look at you!”Tammy blushed slightly as we hugged. Her perfume was intoxicating.“Where’s Jim?” I asked.Tammy took a step back, taking hold of my hands in hers and said, “We divorced.”I was shocked. Tammy and Jim had been together for years. “It was a mutual thing,” Tammy said. “We both wanted to go separate ways. We’re still friends, but he does his thing and I get to do mine.”Tammy proffered a wink as she let go of my hands. “Let’s catch up on things in a bit,” Tammy remarked as headed back to the kitchen.I was still in shock as I say down next to my father-in-law.“Shit happens,” he remarked. I told him I was shocked. “I was talking about bahis firmaları Green Bay losing its first three games of the season,” my father-in-law extolled. I had to smile.Lunch was a light one, in anticipation of a big dinner. My wife and my mother-in-law decided to go for a walk after lunch. Tammy said she wasn’t up for a walk and wanted to take a short nap. I settled back into my seat next to my father-in-law who was glued to the football game on the television.My wife and mother-in-law headed out the door and Tammy headed upstairs for a bedroom. Nature ran its course. I headed for the downstairs bathroom. “Use the john upstairs,” instructed my father-in-law. “That one is broken.”I headed up the stairs and into the shared bath between the bedroom Tammy claimed as hers and the master bedroom. I closed the door, trying to be as quiet as possible. I did what I needed to do and washed my hands. As I stepped out of the bath, I was met my Tammy standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Her presence startled me. “I thought you were asleep,” I remarked as I looked in her direction.“I kaçak bahis siteleri couldn’t sleep,” Tammy remarked. “I need a good back massage.”I had once tried to bust a move on Tammy years before, by giving her a back massage, but she stopped my advances. At the time, she was married to Jim and she said it wouldn’t be right.“Just a back massage?” I asked.“Yes,” Tammy replied, stepping back into her bedroom.I stepped into the doorway of her bedroom. Tammy was lying face down on her bed, her head cradled in the crook of her folded ups. I closed the door behind me and slipped on to the bed beside her.“This works better,” I said, “If you take off your top.”Tammy turned on to her side and sat up. She silently took off the soft fuzzy sweater, leaving on her white lace brassiere. “This too?” she asked, looking down at her bra.“It’s up to you,” I replied.Tammy turned and silently resumed her prone position, laying on her stomach. As she did, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. I repositioned myself, straddling her, sitting on the back of her thighsI gently worked my hands up and down on Tammy’s back as she hummed her approval. I purposefully kept our conversation light and off the topic of Jim.“You look good,” I said.“I am trying to keep my weight down,” Tammy replied as I pushed harder against her shoulders.

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