The Armoire Ch. 05


– Sam Darquesied

– Expertly Edited by FQKF


My apartment was so clean you could eat off the toilet seat! It had never been that pristine since…well ever. Sam Darquesied was visiting me! This was like a visit from the Prime Minister…no…hell, it was way better than the Prime Minister. And, he was asking me to help with a scenario, a big two day scenario for eight girls! It was something they’ve never done and I’d been asked to help come up with ideas, setup, and the actual implementation. I was so proud that he thought to ask me; that he would trust me that much. I was so excited I couldn’t sit; I just kept pacing and looking out the window.

The day before, Sam had spent a lot of time with me on the phone explaining what he was thinking of and who was involved and, most interesting, how it all came up in the first place. Apparently Alyssa had told him that some of the girls had expressed a desire for more intense sessions…

* * *

“More intense??? The last time somebody wanted more intense I ended up beating her half to death with a bullwhip! I tell you Al, I’m beginning to hate the word ‘intense’ and, if I hear the words ‘bull’ and ‘whip’ in the same sentence…well…I can’t be held responsible.”

An exasperated Alyssa said, “Tommy! For crying out loud! Enough about Kristel! You know that’s not what I’m talking about!”

Tommy (Sam) sighed and didn’t answer right away. He knew she was right and that she didn’t mean the bullwhip. It had just been hard to shake the image of Kristel hanging there; her body striped with welts that he had created. Finally he said, “I’m sorry, Al, I know that’s not what you mean…it’s still on my mind a lot, that’s all. So, what do you mean?”

A sympathetic Alyssa answered, “I know it’s been bugging you, but you have to remember what you tell the girls, especially the newer ones; ‘intensity’ means different things to different people. And nobody, not even Kristel, wants to have anything to do with that whip….Remember Isabella’s fantasy?”

“The one from her interview?” he said, “Uh…oh yeah…the pirate thing. Everyone else does it in, like two paragraphs, but hers is a freaking novel! Now that was pretty intense!”

Alyssa sat up and said, “Exactly! Remind me what she wrote…you know, just briefly.”

He thought for a moment then said, “Uh…she had tons of detail but, let’s see…she’s a stowaway on a pirate ship but she gets caught and the captain first has her bent over, spread, and tied to the railing then he tells the crew that she’s their reward for working hard. So when a crewman gets his job done he can go over and bang her any place he wants. Oh…and then the captain has her hung upside down and spread-eagled and whips the crap out of her then sticks her on the end of a rope and drags her for hours in the salt water! And that was only page one!”

Alyssa looked him in the eye and asked, “Do you think she’d actually want that to happen to her?”

“No! Of course not.”

Alyssa leans closer to him and said, “Wrong! She would love for that to happen to her. Just like in her fantasy. And, just like in her dream, when it is over, she wants it to be over.”

A very puzzled Tommy said, “Okay…remembering that I am a guy and have never once pretended to understand women…please explain it like I’m a four year old.”

Alyssa regrouped and said, “Okay…remember that wonderful ‘two guys hiking’ thing you did for me on my birthday? How you rigged up a way to hold me down and strip me and blindfold me; how you changed your voice so it sounded like two different men. It was amazing Tommy. There were times when it felt so real but…when it was over, there was just you. The other guy never existed.”

Tommy said, “Okay…so you’re saying that some of the girls want something like that…a realistic scenario within limits…but it seems pretty real at the time.”

“Exactly!” said Alyssa, “But, no rest breaks, no showers, none of that stuff until it’s over. It should go straight through the whole weekend.”

Tommy asked, “How many girls want this?”

“Over half of them, but I thought we should split into groups of eight. I already have the first eight lined up.” said Alyssa.

Tommy said, “Eight??? Holy crap! That’ll be a fair bit of work and I’ll need help. Will you and Kendall…”

Alyssa interrupted, “No…! Our names are on the list. Sylvia might like to help. Why don’t you give her a call?”

* * *

And call he did. So, I was nervously awaiting his arrival and thinking I must have the brain of a twelve year old for being this excited. I had run out and bought a bottle of Crown Royal, some Canada Dry ginger ale, and five of those Dutch cigars he likes…fourteen dollars each! Finally, a knock on the door. I answered it on the first knock and received a huge bear hug like he hadn’t seen me for years.

We sat, had a drink, and small talked for a few minutes before Sam got down to it, “Okay…so you get the gist of it. There’ll be eight Maltepe Esmer Escort of them and I guess it’ll be a kidnapping of sorts and it has to be pretty severe and run the entire weekend.”

I asked, “Who’s on the list?”

“Uh…Alyssa, Kendall, Teri, Malsa, Colleen, Isabella, and a couple you’ve never met. Jariyah; a gorgeous East Indian girl…about twenty five. And Hope; she’s a tiny Asian beauty…Chinese I think…around twenty two.”

“So…what’s the scenario? Will there be a prison or something?”

Sam said, “I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking maybe some Latin American revolutionaries capture them in the woods and we just bind them somehow. I’m open to any suggestions…”

I had an idea so I said, “Remember how you bound Isabella for the whip poker night? What about if we did something like that…with trees or posts maybe?”

Sam thought for a moment then, “Oh…you mean the ‘Straight Pillar?’ Yeah! That would work…trees would be no good but posts would work. I can get some big posts…maybe twelve inch or so…and rent a digger. Yeah…and if we space them right we can use them for spreads too. Very good, Syl! Let’s write that one down.”

“You know, Sam,” I said, “we are going to need more help.”

He answered, “Yeah, you’re right. Trouble is; everybody who normally helps is on the freaking list!”

I said, “I wonder…if Kristel would be interested?”

Sam pondered for a moment then dialed his cell phone, “Mardi? It’s Sam. Exceptionally well, and you? Listen, Mardi…I’m at…Oh, okay…Kristel, I’m at Sylvia’s and we are working on a big scenario…oh, Ally told you about it, did she…? Okay…around five…? Good…see you then.”

He pocketed the phone saying, “She’ll be here in an hour and she’s bringing Chinese.”

For the next half hour or so we continued to plan the basics of the scenario. Alyssa called him and said that she and Kendall would like to go to the studio and “play.” Apparently they were discussing the upcoming scenario and got a bit worked up. He asked what they had been discussing and, after a raised eyebrow or two, told her to have fun but be careful.

Sam, looking a bit incredulous, said, “Wow! Ally wasn’t real specific, but they’re expecting to be used and abused pretty good. I have to say something…for the record…I think Alyssa is wrong. In fact, I think you’re all making a mistake here. I’m doing this because you’ve all asked…but it doesn’t feel right.”

Before I could respond there was a knock at the door and we greeted Kristel bearing an inordinate amount of Chinese food and a couple of bottles of wine. We spent the next hour tearing into the food and discussing the scenario, approving some ideas and trashing others, and then Sam said, “Would you girls mind if I asked…what are your deep, dark fantasies of being ravaged?”

Kristel answered, “Well…mine has changed since Christmas, but before…I’m not sure if I should be telling this with Sylvia in the room…Oh, what the hell… I’m taking my employees, on a private plane, to New Zealand and, like usual, I’m acting like the diva, ordering them around and such, but then they turn on me and strip me and tie me over a seat. For the next eighteen hours they force me to blow the guys and…you know…lick the girls. They screw me, front and rear, and give me a champagne enema…”

I interrupted, “Was I there?”

Kristel said, “Oh yes…and thanks for the champagne!”

There was a moment’s pause then we all burst out laughing…and then Kristel said, “What about you Sylvia?”

I blushed a bit but I said, “Oh…mine is pretty standard, I guess. I accidentally wander into a biker bar and they take me and hold me down on the bar and tear my clothes off and they screw me…same as you, front and rear…and stick things in. The girls whip me with belts and put a leash on and make me lick boots and pleasure them…”

Kristel turned to Sam and said, “What about you, Sam…what kind of fantasies do you have?”

He laughed and said, “Oh, Kris, I’m pretty much living my fantasy!”

We continued to plan and had a pretty good, basic scenario by around midnight, then Kristel said, “What kind of ‘torture’ are you going to use?”

Sam said, “Oh…all I had in mind was floggers, crops, and some electric…cattle prod, fly swatter…that kind of thing. I’ll be the only one using some things…like the prod.”

Kristel complained, “Oh…why do you get to have all the fun?”

“Because, I know what it feels like.”

I interjected, “I know what it feels like too.”

Sam said, “Sylvia, you know what it feels like on one however; the little dial goes up to ten but, I never go higher then three.”

Kristel asked, “How do you know what it feels like?”

He answered, “I hit myself with it a couple of times. I can’t use anything on someone if I don’t know what they’re feeling. Once I hit myself with the wheel at seven and…well that was a bit of an adventure.”

I asked, Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort “Do you use it on some of the girls regularly?”

“A few…Isabella has a weird kind of love/hate thing with it.”

Kristel asked, “What do you mean ‘love/hate?'”

Sam explained, “Isabella likes things pretty extreme and she often likes to be bound really tight; immobile…like the ‘Straight Pillar’, you know…legs closed. Anyway, when we do that she wants a hit or two with the prod…which she hates! It’s hard to explain…I usually hit on the pubes but the last time she wanted me to put it between her lips…her labia…and when I hit it she just about coughed up a lung screaming and then, immediately had a wrenching orgasm…I wasn’t even touching her! When it was over she said it was awful and that she couldn’t wait to try it again!”

Kristel said, “Too bad you don’t have one with you. I’d like to try it.”

He said, “Careful what you wish for…I bought six new ones this afternoon. There in the Yukon.”

She said, “Would you mind getting one? And maybe some ropes too?”

He looked to her for a moment then got up and went out to his truck. While he was gone, Kristel and I moved some of the furniture back so we had lots of floor space and I drew the drapes. When Sam came back in, prod, ropes, and a set of waist cuffs in hand, Kristel, standing in the middle of the room with her arms by her side, said, “Welcome back, My Master.”

Sam said, “Don’t kid around with the ‘My Master’ thing, okay? Once you go into slave mode then you’re mine and, you never know, I might be in a bad mood.”

Kristel, with her head down, said, “I understand, My Master, and I welcome any discipline that My Master deems appropriate.”

Sam motioned to me and we both sat on the sofa, “Very well. Please remove your clothing and make sure that we are entertained in the process, my little slave.”

Kristel complied and did a wonderful striptease, smoothly gyrating, touching herself, and moaning as she slowly removed her light sweater, slacks, bra, and panties. Aside from the blow job at Christmas, it was her first real ‘perfect slave’ experience, something she had craved for years.

“I apologize for touching myself, My Master, but knowing your eyes were looking at my body, made me very wet,” she said.

Sam stood up and said, “You did quite well, my little slave, now…place your hands behind your back and spread your feet to shoulder width while I inspect.”

He slowly walked around her, while gliding his hands over her shoulders, back, bum, and hips. Kristel bit her lip as he caressed her skin; every touch was arousing her…she was his. When he was in front he reached and pulled at her fairly ample pubic hair, causing her to wince a little. In the shower at the ranch, on Boxing Day, she had mentioned that she had a small phobia about trimming herself down there so she pretty much left it natural. This was hard for her…maybe harder than Sam knew.

“What is this?” he said.

“It…it is my…pubic hair…My master,” she said, visibly nervous.

Sam said, “I see…Turn around please and place your arms over your head.”

He attached the waist cuff belt around her middle then locked each wrist in place, leaving her hands securely restrained at her sides. Next he took rope then looped, and secured, several coils at her ankles as well as below and above her knees. He asked me to get a clean cloth for a gag then, after a little kiss, he inserted the cloth and secured it with some ‘bondage’ tape. He placed a small cushion on the floor then guided her down ’til she was lying on her back with the cushion under her bum. Sam placed the cattle prod on the floor near Kristel, and then he knelt beside her and said, “Very soon now, we are going to test your response to the prod. Are you prepared for that?”

The gag made it very hard to make out but she answered, “Yes, My Master.”

As he again pulled at her pubic hair, he said, “I think you are incorrect, my little slave…This will have to go.”

Kristel lifted her head and, with the most pleading look on her face, said, “No…please, My Master…please!”

Sam leaned in and said, “Are you just toying with the idea of ‘perfect slave’? Does my little slave feel she can pick and choose what is done to her?”

With tears rolling down the side of her face, Kristel shook her head and said, “No, My Master. I am your slave and you can do with me what you please.”

She had made a great effort to be clear, in spite of the gag and her weeping. I knew that, in a way, this was almost as hard for her as the bullwhip. I realized that Sam did know what he was doing. He was again taking her to her limit and, by the end of tonight, she would be happier than ever…but the journey was going to be a little difficult for her.

Sam stood up and, out of earshot, asked me if I had a couple of new, disposable razors. I did, so he asked me to get them as well as a basin of warm water, Maltepe Evi Olan Escort a towel, and some lather. He asked me to put one of the razors by a small, natural stone, mood fountain I had by the couch, making sure that Kristel didn’t see. I followed his instructions then he knelt beside her and moistened, then lathered her pubic hair. She lifted her head to watch, weeping and whimpering a little. Sam took the one razor then said, “Oh my, this is much too sharp.”

Kristel’s eyes widened and her weeping turned to sobs as she watched him drag the razor over the stone on the little fountain, all the while saying how a dull, a very dull, razor works so much better. It was difficult to watch her as she imagined how painful this was going to be.

Sam turned and, with a smile on his face, flashed the now dulled razor for her to see. She closed her eyes and lay her head back, resigned to her fate. As soon as she wasn’t looking, Sam deftly switched the implements and returned to her side carrying the sharp razor. He straddled her knees then knelt and bent in very close, using his free hand to pull the skin taut. Then he whispered, “Are you ready, my little slave?”

Kristel, with her head still back, scrunched up her face, took a deep breath and held it, and whispered, “Uh huh…”

A long “mmmmmmmmm…” was squeaking out of her as Sam started to slowly, and so very gently, shave her. Watching him do this made me wish I was in her place and I was immediately aroused. Kristel stopped whimpering when she realized the razor wasn’t dull and lifted her head to watch. The look in her eyes slowly changed, clearly indicating that this was turning her on as well. When he was done, he rinsed her and daubed her dry with the towel. The he leaned down and gently blew on her wonderfully bare pubes causing Kristel to moan and close her eyes again. I was panting a bit and hopped that Sam wouldn’t notice…although…

He slid his hand between her labia and moved close to her face, fondling her breast with his free hand, “It is very nice to touch my little slave now and I can feel that she is quite moist. Would you like me to keep touching you, my little slave?”

Kristel lifted her head and, nodding vigorously, said, “Uh Huh!”

“Even though, the moment you orgasm, you will taste the wrath of the prod, you would still like me to keep touching you?”

She lifted her head again and stared into his eyes, then meekly said, “Uh huh.”

Sam switched hands, using his left between her legs and picking up the prod with the other. It was easy to see that Kristel really wanted this orgasm but it was equally clear that she dreaded its arrival. She was getting very close and she started to cry and moan at the same time. She knew she’d have to tell him because she was a ‘perfect slave’ and her only purpose in life was to please her master.

Suddenly she scrunched her face hard and, through clenched teeth, she said, “OH MY MASTER…CHICAGO…CHICAGO…”

Sam immediately removed his hand and slid the end of the prod between her throbbing labia. She lifted her head to look, her eyes wide in absolute panic…then he touched the switch…just for a fraction of a second.

It was like everything changed to slow motion. I was expecting a scream but instead her body arched and she sucked in a huge volume of air, “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…”

She started to writhe and convulse on the floor then, “IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee…” It was horribly loud, even with the gag, and I jumped to see if anyone had been walking by; surely they would have heard. Thankfully, the street was deserted.

Sam lifted her shoulders and hugged her close as she continued to gasp, scream, and writhe in his arms. The jolt, while very short, occurred just a couple of seconds into her climax and her body was reacting to the two extremes at the same time–enormous pleasure, and excruciating pain. I can only imagine what it must have been like.

As Kristel began to settle down Sam said, “You have done very, very well, my little slave, so I will release you now…”

She lifted her head, vigorously nodded NO, and looked over at me. Then, turning to me, Sam said, “Oh…and how is my other little slave?”

Surprised I said, “Oh…I…I’m fine, My Master.”

“Oh, are you? And yet you are still fully clothed!” he said, “Can you not tell that I am in need of relief?”

“I’m so sorry, My Master! Please forgive me!” I was naked in under a minute.

Sam stood up and motioned for me to join him in the kitchen and, after positioning me the way he wanted, he said, “Now…your poor, unfortunate slave partner cannot see what is happening here so I think it would be best if you describe, in detail, everything that occurs for the next few minutes.”

I began the play by play, “Oh…My Master has me bent, face down, over the kitchen table and has instructed me to put my hands behind my back and hold them there myself. My Master has his hand pressed into my back to hold me down and I am spread very wi…OHHhhhhhhhh…My Wonderful Master has slid himself inside me and is…Ohhh Je…My…My Master is grinding himself…into me…ohhhhhhh…and…huuuuuuh…moving in and…. huuuuuuh…and out…OHHHHGEEEZ…MY MASTER IS…huuuuuuh…RUBBING MY CLIT NOW…huuuuuuh…I’M VERY…huuuuuuh…CLOSE!

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