Subject: The Awakening of Harry Potter: Chapter Five NOTE: This work of fiction is set between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter timeline. I’ve used the film series rather than the books as my primary inspiration especially from a visual perspective. Sadly I don’t own any of the copyrights or characters used or mentioned in this story and they remain the property of their respective owners. Chapter Five: Punishment & Reward Harry pulled the door closed behind him and silently headed back toward his own room. This had become Harry’s new nightly routine. After waiting for the house to fall silent and for all its occupants to head to bed he would creep along the hall and into Dudley’s room and then sometime later he’d depart Dudley’s room and head back to his own bed. The routine had started a little over a week ago. For two days after the glorious night in the front room Dudley had said barely a word to Harry and the young wizard had made do with using Dudley’s stained t-shirt to remind him of his taste and smell. And then it had come. Three simple words. “My room. Tonight.” It had been a grunted order as Dudley had barged his way past Harry. For most of the day Harry had second guessed whether he’d even heard Dudley right or whether he’d simply imagined it. Had his craving for more of Dudley become so bad that he would just imagine this invitation but that night the truth of it had become clear. As Harry had cautiously peered out of his own door and along the darkened hallway his heart had leapt. Dudley’s door was ajar. Harry had crept across the hall that night and into Dudley’s room for the first time. He’d lost track of time in that room as he had every night since. Lost in tasting and exploring his cousin in finding new ways to draw that roaring orgasm from him. And then when he was done he would creep back across the hall and back to his own room. Tonight he was once again leaving Dudley satisfied and sprawled out in his large bed. Naked but for the sheet covering his lower body. He looked delicious and more than anything Harry had wanted to crawl into the bed with Dudley. To wrap himself around his cousin and fall asleep with that large warm body next to him but Harry knew that wasn’t going to happen so he crept back toward his room and his small cold lonely bed. He could still taste Dudley on his tongue and lips. Tonight Dudley had cum in his mouth and Harry had greedily swallowed every drop. On previous nights Harry had crept back to his room with his face covered in Dudley’s cum and enjoyed using his fingers to scoop every drop into his mouth. And then there were the nights when Dudley had covered his own body and neck and even face in cum. Those were the nights Harry had enjoyed the most. Dudley would lay back and let Harry clean him up and after Harry’s tongue had cleaned Dudley’s neck and face there would be a kiss. It was as if Dudley would lose himself for just a moment. A glorious moment where his tongue would twist and turn inside Harry’s mouth and then it would end. Harry couldn’t quite figure Dudley out. Every night after he returned to his room Harry would remember what Dudley had said after that night in the living room and try to match those words with their now nightly time together. Was this really just about getting off for Dudley? Harry wasn’t quite ready to put words to it himself but he knew that this meant more than that to him. That Dudley, the boy who had spent years tormenting and bullying him, meant something to him. He looked forward to those nightly visits to Dudley’s room more than he’d looked forward to anything before. And more than that he wished that Dudley would acknowledge him during the day with more than just grunts and secret looks when he was sure nobody else would notice. Harry might refuse to put words to them but he was undeniably developing feelings for Dudley. With a sigh Harry buried himself under the covers on his bed. He tried to imagine Dudley under there with him. He tried to picture how it would feel to have his head resting on Dudley’s chest and his arms and legs wrapped around him. He wondered if he’d be able to sleep with Dudley lightly snoring next to him. Harry had decided that Dudley snored. Not loudly. Just a low rumbling noise. Almost soothing he thought. And with thoughts of being wrapped around Dudley Dursley filling his head Harry drifted off to sleep… * * * * * The grating grinding whirring of the hoover woke Harry. Or it might have been the thuds and bangs of the cleaner hitting the base of his door. It seemed likely to Harry that his Aunt was intentionally slamming the cleaning unit into his door and the skirting boards around it. Anything to make clear just how unwelcome Harry’s presence was in her home. For the first time that he could remember Harry realised that he might actually have needed that reminder. His time with Dudley had almost made Privet Drive feel like home. Smiling, despite the rudeness of his wake-up call, Harry dragged himself from bed. As if sensing that he was awake now the grinding motor of the hoover stopped. “Come on Dudley! It’s time to go!” At the mention of his cousin’s name Harry’s heart involuntarily leapt. It was followed by a feeling of panic and confusion. Where was Dudley going? Would he be gone long? For the first time since their nightly visits had begun it dawned on Harry that there was an expiry date on his time with Dudley. Harry would soon be returning to Hogwarts and leaving Dudley behind. His heart, which moments earlier had almost excitedly leapt into his throat now seemed to be trying to escape his body via his stomach. Harry rushed from his room and into the empty hallway. His Aunt, possessing a speed Harry always found surprising, was already vanished. Her irritating hoover stored away in a cupboard as she moved onto one of the other daily tasks that filled her day. Harry wasn’t entirely sure why he’d burst out of his room. In his mind this would be his final chance to see Dudley but that made no sense. Dudley didn’t go away for school. He wouldn’t be going away anywhere not for anything more than a day at least. And even if Dudley had been leaving what had Harry expected to happen? The whole thing was rather ridiculous and so he turned to return to his room. “Nice underwear…” Dudley’s voice stopped him in his tracks. Harry could tell that Dudley was standing in the doorway of his own room probably with that damn smirk on his face. The same smirk Harry had grown up hating but was now impossibly drawn to. The underwear Dudley was complimenting was his own. They’d been a gift. Similar to the t-shirt from the night in the living room Dudley had tossed them at Harry one night after they were done. The designer briefs weren’t the usual loose fitting style Harry favoured but he’d worn them every night since being gifted them by Dudley. Although they were almost comically large on Harry. Where they had clung to Dudley they bagged and sagged on Harry. “Thanks” Harry turned back to face Dudley and his heart wasn’t leaping or dropping or soaring instead Harry was concerned it might have stopped. “Wow!” Dudley Dursley was in a rugby kit. Harry had no chance of identifying which team the kit belonged to. Even if he’d had a frame of reference to identify the team right now he was struggling to take in the exact colours of the kit. All he could see was the way it fit Dudley. The way the shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and large chest and the way his thighs seemed to explode out of the shorts which seemed almost impossibly short to Harry right now. The smirk that had been filling Dudley’s face was replaced with an honest to goodness smile. He’d obviously heard and appreciated Harry’s surprised and approving exclamation. More than heard he seemed to like it. Before Harry could fully register what was happening Dudley was marching toward him and then he was on him. One hand lightly wrapped around his throat and another gripping his hair and their lips were pressed together. Dudley’s tongue was pushing its way into Harry’s mouth and their tongues were tangled and twisting together. As the kiss stretched on Dudley’s grip on Harry’s neck seemed to tighten ever so slightly and as it did Harry could feel himself getting harder. “DUDLEY!” Uncle Vernon’s yell broke the kiss and Dudley was gone. Bounding down the stairs as Harry tried to remind himself to breathe. Harry was immediately aware of his erection and he wondered if the kiss had excited Dudley in the sameway. He knew there would be no way for Dudley to hide even the beginnings of an erection in those shorts. But that didn’t matter. Harry didn’t care whether Dudley was hard after that kiss. The kiss was all that mattered. He retreated back into his room letting the door close behind him and dropped down onto the bed. Dudley had kissed him and it had happened during the day. It wasn’t some post-orgasm bursa yabancı escort mistake. He’d wanted to kiss Harry and he did. They could have been discovered. Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon could have appeared in that hallway and discovered Dudley kissing Harry but still he’d done it. Harry realised he was more confused than ever but he pushed the confusion from his mind. Instead he focused on the kiss. Focused on how good it had felt to be pressed against Dudley. Reminded himself of the feeling of Dudley’s hand around his throat and in his hair. He committed to memory the way their tongues had danced in his mouth. Twisting and turning together. Harry’s hand had easily slipped under the waistband of Dudley’s gifted underwear. His fingers were sliding up and down the shaft of his cock. He was trying to remember the feel of Dudley’s length and girth in his hand. The weight of it. But his own cock didn’t compare to Dudley’s. It was no substitute. Not that this stopped him from stroking. If anything his strokes sped up. His grip tightened as he pictured Dudley in the rugby kit. Pictured him striding down the hallway toward him. Remembered the feel of their lips pressed together. “Oh God!” Harry came. His load coating the inside of Dudley’s briefs. Prior to this summer Harry had become quite the expert at drawing his orgasms out. Of edging himself ever closer to climax. He’d occasionally spent days sneaking time to himself at Hogwarts in deserted corridors, cupboards, classrooms and even his shared bedroom pushing himself ever closer to the point of explosion but never quite letting it happen. He’d let the tension and the excitement build until it could no longer be contained. This summer he’d lost all control of his orgasms. His cock seemed to erupt now without warning. Sometimes he barely even needed to touch himself. Dudley had completely ruined his self control. * * * * * The day seemed to stretch on for years. Anytime Harry heard even the faint sound of car somewhere in the distance he would practically sprint to the window of his room hoping that this would finally be Dudley returning home. It never was. He had pieced together from overheard phone conversations between his Aunt and he didn’t know who that Dudley was at some kind of rugby training day. His Aunt seemed sure that her son was on the verge of rugby superstardom. At least that’s what she seemed to be telling the person on the other end of the phone. Harry was less invested in Dudley’s future prospects as a rugby player and more in getting to enjoy him in the kit once more. Perhaps share another kiss or two or three… Another car turned onto Privet Drive and Harry raced to his window. “Finally!” Uncle Vernon’s car had never looked so perfect to Harry as he caught sight of it at the end of the street heading toward the house. Harry’s mind was suddenly split on what to do next. Did he stay perched in his window for a few fleeting seconds of Dudley as he exited the car and entered the house or did he head downstairs to greet him and fully take him in? The second option was obviously preferable but also consisted of having to deal with his Aunt and Uncle who would not be happy to see him. As Vernon’s car pulled into the driveway of the house Harry made his decision and as casually as he could manage he made his way downstairs. He’d risk the wrath of his Aunt and Uncle. Dudley was worth that. As he reached the bottom of the stairs Harry froze and the front door swung open. “Oh…” Uncle Vernon could not hide his obvious disappointment and disgust that Harry Potter would be the first thing he saw upon arriving home. Harry had to admit that he was equally disappointed that Uncle Vernon was the first thing he saw when the door swung open. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be boy!” Vernon stomped out of Harry’s view and Dudley finally appeared in the doorway. Harry’s disappointment did not vanish. Dudley was no longer in the rugby kit. It had been replaced by a disappointingly baggy tracksuit. His disappointment did however vanish when Dudley smiled at him. Dudley was happy to see him. That was all Harry registered for the longest moment. He was vaguely aware of Petunia and Vernon talking in the living room and Dudley occasionally offering a grunted contribution to the conversation. Slowly the haze lifted and Harry realised that he was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. His Aunt and Uncle were still chattering away in the living room, their voices carrying through the connecting door but Harry didn’t take in a word they were saying. He was watching Dudley move around the kitchen. Opening cupboards and drawers apparently in pursuit of food. Harry too was suddenly feeling hungry. Matching the confidence he’d seen in Dudley earlier in the day Harry marched across the kitchen toward Dudley. He saw a flicker of panic in his cousin’s face as his eyes darted toward his parents in the other room and the panic only grew when Harry was standing next to him. Harry dropped down to his knees disappearing from his Aunt and Uncles line of sight behind a kitchen island. Dudley was looking down at him, jaw agape, as Harry tugged at his tracksuit bottoms. He made to grab them but Harry’s tugs had been too quick and the bottoms dropped part way down Dudley’s thighs exposing his underwear. Harry’s mouth quickly closed around the head of Dudley’s cock through the material of his dark briefs and gently sucked. “Oh…!” Dudley hadn’t been able to stop the sound escaping his mouth. An exclamation of surprise and excitement. “Duddykins are you ok?” There was a note of absolute panic in his mothers voice. “Fine. Fine.” Harry’s tongue was tickling at Dudley’s cock and balls through the briefs now. He could tell that Dudley was struggling to maintain his composure but he didn’t care. His fingers wrapped around the waistband of the underwear and as they did an indescribable look hit Dudley’s face. A strange and intoxicating mix of panic, fear, excitement and lust. It drove Harry on. “Are you sure? You look very pale…” “No!” Harry guessed that Aunt Petunia had moved toward the kitchen to check on her son but Dudley’s emphatic response would have surely stopped her. “I’m fine!” Dudley’s voice seemed to shoot up an octave at the end of that statement as Harry’s lips closed around his balls. Harry knew from experience that Dudley loved to have his balls played with. Loved for them to be stroked, tickled, kissed, licked and most off all sucked on and so obviously the first thing Harry did upon exposing them was place them into his mouth. He could sense Dudley’s cock twitching into life and his breathing becoming just a little more laboured as he gently sucked. The gentle sucking quickly became harder and longer and deeper. There was a beautiful mix of sweat mixed with Dudley’s usual taste and Harry needed more. Harry knew that Dudley would be struggling to maintain his composure but he didn’t care. He didn’t care that he was clinging to the kitchen island, a look of crazed pleasure filling his features. Nor did he care that Dudley was struggling to contain the groans and moans of pleasure he so desperately wanted to release. He did however care when Dudley grabbed at his hair and forcefully pulled his lips from those balls. Harry’s tongue stretched out for a final taste of Dudley but this only caused him to be yanked harder and further away. Dudley was glaring down at him and as if it had been happening to someone else this whole time the situation finally hit Harry. “Upstairs. Now.” The order had been hissed quietly but there could be no mistaking the angry tone with which it had been spoken. Harry was suddenly aware of how stupid he’d been. He’d taken things too far. He’d ruined everything he was sure of it. Quickly and quietly he slipped out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He could feel Dudley’s eyes drilling into him as he moved. He could sense the rage in his cousin. As Harry reached the top of the stairs he took in the two doors before him. One led to his own room and the other to Dudley’s, which one was he supposed to choose? Dudley had ordered him upstairs but was he supposed to wait for Dudley in his room? Or had he been sent to his own room? Sent away from Dudley… Harry weighed the decision for just a few seconds before nervously shuffling toward Dudley’s door. His hand hovered over the handle like it had a week ago before the first of his nightly visits to Dudley’s room. And then he was opening the door and entering the room. It was so much larger than his own cleaner and tidier too. Although Harry knew it wasn’t Dudley that saw to that. Now that he was in the room Harry was second guessing his decision. There was no way that this is what Dudley had wanted. He’d come upstairs and discover Harry in his room and be even angrier. The rage he’d seen in Dudley in the kitchen would boil over. He’d feel bursa sınırsız escort that giant heavy fist connect with the side of his head again. What had he been thinking? Why had he done that? Harry couldn’t understand what had come over him. He’d spent all summer almost completely controlling his urges to throw himself at Dudley and resisted the desire to taste and please Dudley every second of the day. But tonight he’d lost control. His Aunt and Uncle had just been feet away. It was a miracle they hadn’t discovered Harry on his knees with their sons impressive balls in his mouth. That kiss had spent all day replaying itself in Harry’s mind and now he’d lost control and ruined everything. Dudley would hate him now. There would be no more kisses. No more anything. “Such a naughty slut!” Harry hadn’t heard Dudley climb the stairs. He hadn’t heard him storm down the hallway or enter the room. Nor had he heard the door close behind him. But he heard those words growled with anger. And he felt Dudley behind him. Felt that giant strong hand grabbing him by the hair again and pulling him forward. Dragging and then eventually throwing him onto the large double bed. “You have to be punished now” Harry’s scalp was already burning with pain. He was sure Dudley must have yanked at least some of his hair from his head. There was no time to contemplate it. As he lay face down on the bed he felt Dudley roughly pulling and tugging on his trousers exposing the bare skin beneath. His bum and upper legs exposed. “Where is it?” Dudley seemed to be talking to himself as he searched for something in the room. If he had been speaking to Harry then Harry was positive he wouldn’t have been able to respond. He could have opened his mouth but no sound would have come out. He would just have remained silently frozen to the bed. There was a satisfied kind of grunt when Dudley apparently found whatever he’d been looking for. And then the hand was back in Harry’s hair. Pushing his face down into the bed. Burying it in the sheets and pillows so deep that Harry’s breathing was ever so slightly obstructed. This was soon forgotten though. Replaced by a burning stinging pain. Something had slapped down across his backside with a crackling snap. Then a second time. And a third. Each harsh snapping sound matched by a burning stinging pain. Suddenly Harry realised why his face was buried in the sheets and pillows. It was to muffle the cries of pain. Dudley did not want his parents to hear what was happening but surely they had to hear that slapping whipping sound. It was echoing in Harry’s ears. It seemed like the loudest sound he’d ever heard. Four? Five? Six? Harry wasn’t sure how many times he heard that sound. He wasn’t sure how many times that white hot burning sensation spread across his backside. Each slap just seemed to blur into the other until it was one echoing sound and one continued burning pain. And then it stopped. The pain was still there. Burning away in the background but the sound was gone and he felt Dudley’s grip on his head and hair loosen. His breathing was free and unobstructed. He could cry out for the world to hear but he didn’t. He stayed frozen in place with his head buried in the sheets and pillows of Dudley’s bed. His knees slightly bent so that his bum was raised up. “Now apologise.” Dudley’s growling anger was still present. For a second Harry did nothing. “I said apologise slut” Harry turned his head so that he could see Dudley. He suddenly seemed to be a towering giant of a man to Harry. All strength and power Harry couldn’t possibly hope to match. His face turning a little red with anger and his arms ever so slightly pumped from the effort of pinning Harry to the bed. And then he saw the belt. A dark leather strap. It became clear that this is what Dudley had used. It had been the belt that had slapped down across Harry’s bare skin. It had been the belt that had produced that echoing slapping sound. Harry knew that he should apologise. He knew what would happen if he didn’t. Dudley was still tightly gripping the belt and Harry knew that he had no chance of fighting back and overpowering his cousin. But he also knew that he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to fight back and he didn’t want to apologise. “No!” As he spat the defiant word out Harry felt Dudley’s hand dig into his scalp again and he was forced back down into the bed. Then the burning and the slapping returned. Echoing and pulsing through his body. Harry tried to count each time the belt connected with his skin but he couldn’t. Once again they just blurred into one. And then they stopped and Dudley once again released his grip. “Are you going to be a good slut now?” Harry turned his head to look at Dudley once more. This time he could immediately see that Dudley was excited. His erection was practically breaking free of his tracksuit bottoms. What surprised Harry more than this was the realisation that he was excited as well. His own hard cock was throbbing. “No!” He was sure he caught Dudley smiling at this act of defiance before his head was buried in the pillows once more and the slapping began again. The belt smacking against his exposed bum again and again. This time Harry could count each individual lashing. There had been 8. He was sure of it. “Ready to behave yet?” Dudley no longer seemed quite so angry to Harry. The rage didn’t seem to burn quite so hot. “Yes…” Dudley shot a glare at Harry and instinctively Harry knew why. “…sir!” “Good boy. Are you ready for your reward?” “Yes.” Once again that glare returned and Harry immediately knew why. “Yes please. Sir.” “Come here then…” Dudley gestured Harry toward him and as Harry awkwardly scrambled and turned on the bed to get closer to Dudley, Dudley tugged and pulled himself free of his tracksuit bottoms and underwear. Harry was once again at Dudley’s cock. The smell of sweat and soap hit him. Dudley must have showered after his training session but not well. Not that Harry was complaining. Cautiously he looked up at Dudley and when Dudley nodded his approval Harry wrapped his lips around the head of Dudley’s long thick cock and swallowed. “Good boy…” Harry felt Dudley’s hand in his hair again. The grip wasn’t quite as tight this time. He seemed content to just gently guide Harry up and down the first few inches of his shaft. Letting him once again grow used to the weight and thickness of it in his mouth. Harry knew from their previous nights together that this gentle side of Dudley would not last. Dudley’s grip on Harry’s hair would eventually tighten as he more forcefully pushed Harry further down on his cock. His hips would buck and thrust as the head of his cock hit the back of Harry’s throat making him gag and choke. But for now Dudley was almost stroking Harry’s hair as the first couple of inches of his cock glided in and out of Harry’s mouth. As he gently sucked on Dudley’s cock Harry’s hand cupped his balls. His fingertips running along them. Lightly tickling and pulling at them. Dudley would groan his approval of each move of Harry’s hand. Harry couldn’t explain why but he loved that sound. He loved what it meant. Harry wanted to believe that Dudley’s actions tonight would end his attraction to his cousin. He wanted to believe that being pinned to the bed and whipped with that belt had changed his undeniable attraction to Dudley but he knew better. His cock was throbbing in the aftermath of that whipping. His desire for Dudley only seemed to have grown. More than ever he wanted to please and satisfy Dudley and as he felt Dudley’s grip of his hair tighten also felt his throb harder. “Come on slut take it!” Harry felt the pressure increase on the back of his head as Dudley pushed him down deeper and further on the shaft of his cock. He could feel the head hitting the back of his throat. Instinctively Harry tried to struggle free and pull off Dudley’s cock but Dudley remained in control. He was firmly holding Harry’s head in place and pushing him further down. Ignoring Harry’s choking and spluttering. Ignoring that Harry couldn’t breathe. “Take it all!” Dudley was pushing his hips forward now as well. Forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Harry’s mouth. Further down into his throat. He wanted his cock to disappear into Harry but Harry was sure he couldn’t take it. He was sure he would pass out or worse vomit on Dudley’s cock before its full glorious length was buried in his throat. But Dudley kept pushing. Harder and rougher. Forcing Harry down. And then it happened. Harry’s nose pressed against Dudley’s skin. Somehow his lips were wrapped around the base of Dudley’s cock! “Good slut!” Dudley released Harry and instantly he withdrew from the cock. He felt air flood back into his lungs as he took deep gulping breaths. Dudley’s dick was a wet spit covered mess. Harry’s spit was dripping down onto görükle escort Dudley’s balls and thighs but it didn’t matter. He felt himself swell with pride. He had swallowed all of that glorious monstrous cock. And Dudley had called him good. “Again…” For a moment Harry thought a third person was in the room. That hadn’t been Dudley’s deep growl. Then he realised the words were his. He wanted to go again. He wanted to take all of Dudley again. He needed to. His throat felt as if it were on fire from taking the length and girth of Dudley be he needed to feel it again. Dudley, a beaming smile on his face, gestured Harry forward before grabbing the back of his head again. Harry opened wide as Dudley pushed him back down on the head of his cock. Harry felt the thick shaft moving through his mouth and to his throat. As he started to gag and choke again Dudley’s grip once again tightened and the force on the back of Harry’s head increased. This time though Harry didn’t fight it. He greedily choked down more and grabbed at Dudley’s hips pulling them forward. His lips were at the base of Dudley’s cock once more. Quicker and easier this time. Harry held himself at the base for a second. He felt his throat burning and fighting against Dudley’s cock. And then he was forced to once again withdraw. To feel Dudley’s thick slick cock exit his mouth as he took in deep gulping breaths. “Fucking hell…” Harry was instantly diving back on Dudley’s cock. Greedy and hungry for more. Choking and gagging himself on it. Building a steady rhythm as his lips travelled up and down the shaft. Not down to the base but taking Dudley deeper than he ever had before. “…that’s good” Usually Harry would take just a few inches of Dudley into his mouth. 3 maybe 4 inches he supposed. But now he was hungry for more. He was forcing 6 or 7 inches down into his throat. There was still he guessed an inch or two to go but he felt confident with enough time and practice he’d be able to take all of Dudley by himself without Dudley’s strong forceful hand pushing him down. For now though he was happy to slurp and gulp down most of Dudley’s cock and overjoyed to hear the ever louder rumbling groans and moans of pleasure Dudley was releasing. “Turn around!” Without warning Dudley had withdrawn his cock from Harry’s hungry mouth. “I said turn around slut. I’m gonna fuck you!” Harry didn’t quite know what to do. His eyes once again took in Dudley’s cock. He felt that he memorised every thick inch of it but in this moment it seemed bigger than ever. It seemed too large to possibly fit… “Turn the fuck around!” Dudley’s tone and glare sent Harry scrambling. He twisted and turned so he was facing away from Dudley. His backside presenting itself to his cousin. “On all fours slut!” Harry did as commanded and raised himself up to his hands and knees. Dudley’s giant mitt of a hand slapped down across the red roar soreness of his checks and Harry let out a little whimper. If Dudley heard it he didn’t acknowledge it because his hand slapped down onto Harry’s checks for a second time. As the stinging pain slowly subsided Harry tuned to look back at Dudley. His cousin had slipped free of his tracksuit and underwear and was throwing his t-shirt onto the ground. He was now completely naked. His large imposing frame matching his large imposing cock. Dudley spat and Harry felt the wetness hit his checks. Dudley’s hands and rough fingers were there now. In between the checks and guiding the spit there too. Another spit as Dudley’s fingers discovered and pushed at Harry’s tight hole. Another whimper escaped Harry as one of Dudley’s fingers pushed their way inside. He’d never even experimented with his own fingers and now Dudley was roughly jamming one of his into him and already trying to slip a second in. “Slower…” Harry begged. “Shut up!” Dudley’s other hand shoved Harry’s face down into the pillows of the bed. The same place they’d been for the three rounds of whippings. And as the pillows had muffled and absorbed his cries of pain during the whipping they did the same as Dudley forced a second and third finger into him. And then a moment of sweet relief. The fingers were gone and the pain subsided but Harry knew the relief was only temporary. He felt the head of Dudley’s slick spit covered cock between his checks and pressing against his hole. Part of Harry wanted to scream for Dudley to stop. To yell that Dudley was too big. That he wouldn’t fit. He had to let Dudley know that he couldn’t handle this. But another, bigger part wanted this. Desperately wanted to feel Dudley inside of him. He wanted to be Dudley’s. “Holy fuck!” Dudley pushed forward and the head of his cock entered Harry. The tightness of it squeezing and fighting him. Harry barely registered Dudley’s surprised pleasure. His own cry of pain echoed in his head instead. Muffled to the rest of the world by pillows but clear as day to Harry. But as Dudley slowly pushed further forward and deeper into Harry he was surprised to discover the pain wasn’t as intense. In fact it seemed to be subsiding. Replaced by something more intense. Something Harry had never felt before. “Fuck me. Please.” Harry wasn’t sure if Dudley would have heard his muffled plea. Dudley’s hand was still pressed down on the back of his head forcing his face into the pillows. But any doubt disappeared as Dudley slowly began to withdraw his thick cock from Harry. Just the head remained and then he was pushing forward again. Thrusting a few inches into Harry. Each boy responded with a pleasure filled sound. A high whining moan from Harry and a deep roaring grunt from Dudley. They continued like this. Each thrust going just a little deeper and feeling just a little better. Slowly Dudley fell into a rhythm. His hips rolling in a smooth steady motion as he pumped in and out of Harry. Harry had never felt anything like it. The pleasure seemed to extend to every bit of his body. Even his fingertips and toes seemed to be tingling with each thrust of Dudley’s cock inside him. He never wanted this to end. He wanted Dudley inside of him forever. To feel the weight of him pressing down on him from above and behind constantly. He wasn’t sure when he’d cum, there had been no intense spike of pleasure, just constant waves of it, but he had cum. He could feel the hot sticky mess on his stomach with every thrust of Dudley’s hips. This, Harry decided, was heaven. Dudley’s hand finally released Harry’s head and instead he was gripping Harry’s hips. Holding them tight and firm allowing him to thrust deeper and harder into Harry. And Harry wanted it deeper and harder. “You like this slut?” “Oh… God… Yes… Please Dudley…” “Take it slut!” “Fuck me. Please. Fuck me.” Dudley went deeper, harder and faster. Harry’s whining cries and begging for more only spurring him on. His hips moving faster and harder with each thrust. His own grunts and moans growing deeper, longer and more animalistic. Harry knew this meant Dudley was close. That his masterful cock was close to eruption. Harry clenched his arse. Tightening and restricting the muscles there. Gripping and squeezing Dudley as hard as he could. He wanted to make Dudley cum. He wanted him to feel just a little of the overwhelming pleasure Harry was feeling. “I’m gonna… You’re gonna…” Dudley didn’t stop thrusting. Didn’t stop powering his cock deep into Harry. And Harry kept squeezing. Kept gripping onto Dudley. He wanted him inside him. “Oh fuck Harry!” That familiar roaring orgasm followed and Harry felt his insides grow warm and wet. He knew that Dudley was cumming inside of him. The cum was filling him up. It was incredible. And then Dudley was collapsing down on him. His full weight pressing down on Harry as he took deep growling breaths. He could feel the wetness of Dudley’s sweat covered body on his back and even that was glorious to Harry. As glorious as the warmth of Dudley’s breath on his neck. And glorious wasn’t enough to describe the sensation of Dudley’s lips pressing against the back of his neck. Just lightly pecking him. “Wow!” Dudley rolled off of Harry and landed on the bed next to him. “That was… wow!” “Yeah…” Harry looked over at Dudley and took the sight of him in. He looked exhausted but entirely satisfied in a way Harry had never seen before. Harry could relate. As the crashing waves of pleasure that had consumed him were finally subsiding he too felt exhausted but completely satisfied. “Are you ok? Did I…” Dudley seemed hesitant to finish the question. “…hurt you?” “No! Well…” Dudley’s concern caught Harry entirely off guard. It was the last thing he’d have expected. “…yes but… I liked it!” Dudley reached out and pulled Harry’s face toward his. They were kissing once again. Dudley’s tongue sliding and twisting into Harry’s mouth. It seemed to last forever. When their lips finally separated Dudley’s arm moved round and down Harry’s body pulling him closer to him. Harry soon found himself pressed against Dudley’s large warm body. His arm wrapping around Dudley and their legs tangling together. Slowly Harry lowered his head onto Dudley’s chest. He heard his cousin let out a satisfied rumble and together they drifted off to sleep.

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