The Beach House

Big Tits

She could feel the shaking through the fogginess of her sleep.

“Kelli…” came the voice, strong yet quiet. Her eyes opened slowly to find her Masters face looking in at her, the white walls of the bathroom looking too bright to her sleepy eyes.

“Are you exhausted, my little one?” she heard him ask. She rubbed her eyes and reached out to turn off the taps to the shower, realizing she had fallen asleep under the steamy water. Her body ached from their play, the bruises and welts stunningly dark against her milk white skin.

“Get up and dry off. I want you in the living room in 2 minutes…and so help me, if there is one stitch of clothing on that body of yours, you’ll wear my hand across your face.”

Kelli nodded slightly, her eyes downcast. She sighed as He left the bathroom, the sound escaping her before she could drag it back. She knew He’d heard her when he thundered “NOW, slut!”

She dragged her weary body up and quickly dried herself, procrastinating slightly. She left her hair out, the curls sticking to her shoulders, rivulets of water running down her chest and stomach. She could feel one trickle of water part and run on either side of her nipple, acting to harden it further than it already was.

He watched her enter the room, her hair wet and her body still dewy in places. This sight alone served to rouse his cock, but He focused on the task at hand.

“I don’t like to be worried, Kelli.” His voice was quiet and calm. “I warned you not to make me worried, but you have.” He brushed her cheek with the back of His hand, and then slapped her across the face, gently but hard enough to leave her skin tingling and slightly flushed.

He stepped behind her and knelt, attaching the leather cuffs to her ankles. She heard the click of the snaps as He connected the spreader bar, inching her ankles to almost 2 feet apart. She moved her hands behind her back, her excellence in training showing. He bound her hands quickly and expertly, then gave her rump a swat.

Kelli kept her eyes downcast, and so his next move took her by surprise. He swept her up, one arm behind her knees, the other around her back, and carried her out the back door of the beach house.

“Stand.” He commanded, settling her down on the back step. She stood motionless, bound and vulnerable, and listened to the back door shut.

While the beach wasn’t frequented by people, there was the odd passer by, who glanced at her and hurried past. Her skin was tingling with the heat of the sun, tuning a pale pink colour as the rays burned her skin slightly.

Soon, she heard the door open again and felt His hand on the back of her neck. He slid a finger through her wetness from behind, noting happily the level of her arousal. With a firm grip on her neck, he bit her ear gently, stiffening Maltepe Olgun Escort with the sound of her moan. Then, without warning, he threw her forward. She landed sprawled on the hot sand, her arms unable to break her fall.

“Hey!” she heard, before seeing two pairs of sandled feet running toward her. “What the hell are you doing?!” demanded a voice. She heard her Masters reply and started to worry.

“Handling my slave.” He said. The newcomers looked skeptical. “She’s being insubordinate. However, she enjoys this as much as I do. Have a look for yourselves.”

She felt movement behind her and an arm around her hips, bringing her to her knees. Then she felt it, a fingertip slipping between her folds. She gasped as two fingers delved within her. “Just one finger, gentleman, she’s awful tight, and I don’t want you damaging my belonging.”

She felt a fist in her hair and was lifted to her feet, her Master pressed close. She saw the new comers faces, and noticed the bulge in both their shorts. He noticed them too, and had an idea.

“You’re welcome to fuck her. She’s such a little slut; no doubt she’d take you both at once.” The men looked at each other, then at her body, taking in her full breasts with their pierced nipple, the curve of her white throat, stark against the black leather collar tight around it. Her tiny waist and shaved pussy…all so enticing. Both nodded their heads, and all four trooped inside, her Master dragging her by the hair.

Inside, He bent and removed the spreader bar, her ankles red from the cuffs. She stood with her head bowed as the two men in front of her looked at her, desire in their eyes and filling their pants.

“She loves double fucking, don’t you slut? In fact she’d love it if we all fucked her, two cocks in one hole.” Kelli’s eyes widened as she lifted her head, the word escaping her lips before she had time to consider. “No…” she whispered, wincing as soon as it was out.

“What?!?!” yelled her Master, wrapping his hand around her throat and squeezing tight, pulling the air from her. “You tell these gentlemen you want to be fucked. You tell them you want to feel all of us in you at one. You tell them you want to be stretched and used. NOW!”

Kelli sucked in a small breath and began, her Masters throbbing hard cock brushing her fingertips through the fabric of his pants. “I want you to fuck me. I want you all in me together. I want to be stretched, used and abused.”

He whisper “Good slut” in her ear, then demanded she get into position, uncuffing her hands as He spoke.

She walked to the lounge in the middle of the room and knelt on the edge, her knees around a foot apart. She leant forward and placed her hands on the back on the lounger, body taut, her ass and Maltepe Sarışın Escort pussy open an available, as was her mouth. She heard her Master sit in the chair in the corner. “Gentlemen?” He said, and Kelli heard them unbutton their shorts and get undressed.

She closed her eyes as she felt them move behind her. She felt goose bumps rise with the knowledge that her Master was watching her, allowing her to be taken by strangers. Selling her.

She felt herself get wetter, and gasped as she felt one of the men kneel behind her and part her puffy pink lips, darting his tongue against her slit. Her back arched, presenting herself more openly to him, and she shuddered as his tongue delved deep into her.

She felt a finger underneath her chin, and looked up to find the other man in front of her, his cock hard and probing against her lips. She parted them slightly and he slid into her mouth, stopping when he hit the back of her throat. A smile played at his lips as his hand wrapped around her hair. He drew back and thrust hard, his cock slamming down her throat, burying her nose in his pubic hair.

Kelli struggled for breath as his cock slammed harder and faster into her mouth, the tongue probing her pussy, teasing her clit and sliding up her slit to tickle her tight little asshole. She could feel heat beginning to spread through her stomach as her climax began its steady build.

As soon as it was there, the tongue was gone, and the thrusting began to slow and ease. Kelli wondered if she had done something wrong when she felt a familiar hand run up her spine, His fingertips playing gently with the base of her neck.

She turned her head slightly, never letting the cock in her mouth go. She saw her Master, naked and hard, standing beside her. She noticed the chain in his hands and readied herself for the pain as the clamps closed tightly on her nipples. He had removed the rubber tips, and the metal teeth dug into her flesh, drawing blood. Kelli cried out around the cock in her mouth, and was rewarded with a fast hard slap that left a welt on her ass.

“Move aside slut, and let the gentleman sit down. Don’t stop sucking that cock though.” He warned her. Kelli closed her knees and slid aside, keeping her lips closed tightly around the mans cock. Once the other man was seated, she straddled him and looked to her Master for approval. All she got was a slight nod of the head, and then the mans hips were on her, dragging her down onto his stiff dick.

She moaned as all 8 inches slid deep into her tight little hole, flushing with satisfaction and happiness when she heard him exclaim how tight she was. The man in her mouth smiled at her, as if he knew something she did not. She felt the slit in the end of his cock and flicked her tongue Maltepe Şişman Escort over it, letting the tip enter explore and taste his pre cum. She closed her eyes, happy that once again the warmth in her thighs had returned.

He smiled down at His slave, her obliviousness obvious. He reached under her and took a hold of the chain connecting the clamps on her nipples. Still she did not realize. In one fluid and vicious movement, he rammed his cock deep into her ass, pulling the chain down hard and fierce.

Kelli did not scream this time – she couldn’t. Her throat was clogged and full of the mans cum, and she was trying to swallow it all with spilling a drop. The man beneath her and her Master started thrusting into her, the heads of their cocks touching through the thin skin inside her. The semi-hard cock left her mouth and Kelli gasped as once more the two men pumped into her, her Master pulling the chain fiercely. The man in front of her disappeared, and Kelli arched her back, allowing both men deeper penetration of her. She felt a hand on her back, and by the time it reached her ass, she realized what it sought. She felt the man insert his finger into her ass, stretching her asshole further as her Master continued to pound into her, her thighs bruising with the contact. The man under her started to grunt and she realized he was close to cumming, as was she.

Kelli saw the other man sit in a chair opposite her, and she kept his gaze as her Master and his friend pounded her. He smiled sadistically, and she knew he had found his place within the ranks of the sadistic and masochistic. Kelli never pulled her eyes from him, still tasting his cum in her mouth.

The man beneath her suddenly grabbed her waist, pulling her down harder onto him. Both men had found a rhythm, and she was never without one cock completely inside her. Her Masters hands began to sting her skin and He slapped her bare ass cheeks, turning them crimson. She whimpered as she teetered at the edge of her own orgasm, and was relieved when the man beneath her shot his load deep into her pussy, biting her shoulder in the process.

Still holding the mans eyes, Kelli smiled and cried out as her own orgasm began to rip through her, her muscles contracting on her Masters cock still in her ass, the semi hard cock in her pussy again reaching full attention. Then she felt powerful arms lift her up, tearing the cocks from her body. Her stomach contracted with the ebbing remnants of her orgasm, her juices and the mans cum trickling down her thigh as her Master laid her on the floor.

“Gentlemen, I think she needs to be marked.”

Kelli lay back as the three men stood around her, tugging furiously on their cocks. She marveled at the beautiful pillars of flesh, their head swollen and purple. She could feel herself getting hot again and rubbed her thighs together, rousing herself again. It didn’t take much, this close after having an orgasm, to get her to the brink again, and as the three men shot their cum over her, Kelli felt the warmth seep through her again, wetting the floorboards beneath her.

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