The Bench just outside the 49th st.


Marcia and I separated in March of last year. We had a silly fight and things were said that I know we both regret. It was the 14th when she left and then disappeared. She wore a bright red mini dress.

A week later I knew after no contact something was wrong and I began to look. I found she had gone into the City and the last I could find any trace of her she’d gotten off the L train at the 49th street station.

A guy sat on the bench just outside the station dressed to the tenths. Dark suit,vest even a hat and gloves. Tall maybe 6’3″ 240lbs nice looking African American. They had talked for maybe 20 minutes and she had walked off around the corner with him.

That was the only slim lead I had so I staked out that bench. It took two weeks before he showed back up. It took two more weeks before I saw him pick up a very nice looking white woman who had just come in to the station and had stopped to talk with him. They walked around the corner to a dark red BMW and they got in and drove off.

I tailed them. He drove to an uptown high rise where they went inside. And about 3 hours later she came out alone. I tailed her to a Midtown hotel where she entered. I found out she was a Mrs. James T Smith from the burbs of Jamison about 50 miles south. She was in room 124.

About 4 hours later I see her come down out of the elevator and go into the eating area. I got a table near hers and waited. After her meal came and no one else joined her, I did. I told her who I was and why I needed to talk with her.

Her story was much like Marcia’s. She and her husband had separated just days before after she had caught him messing around. But they were unlike us keeping in very close contact. She said the man she had left with was a modeling agent and he had taken her to his studio to try to recruit her for his employer as a Model. And he wanted her to pose for a photo shoot.

I ask if she had done the photo shoot?

“Yes, I did a complete photo shoot for him.”

“How complete was your shoot Mrs. Smith?”

“Are you asking if I posed naked for him? Yes, I did. And we had sex together. He wants me to go up to a farm in Connecticut to do a complete layout.. It just sounds a bit remote and maybe more to it than I want to get into.”

“Are you to see him again?”

“Maybe? I am to call him tomorrow and either confirm or not about the shoot up there. And he wants me to see him again for sex either way. I had never been with a black man and I enjoyed it so yes, I probably will see him again.”

“And the shoot up there?”

“I just don’t know for sure about the shoot maybe after I am with him again. He showed me photos of several women who work for them and some beautiful shoots in the woods up there.”

I slipped a picture of Marcia from my pocket and handed it to her. She studied it several seconds.

“Yes, I think she was one of the women he showed me. She was completely bahis siteleri nude so it is harder to be sure? But I think so. She has a great body and is very pretty.”

She described my wife’s body to a T so I was sure it was her. I had the lead I needed. I told her I would like to stay in touch with her but with no other direct contact with her.

I picked her up the next morning when she came out of the hotel and I followed her back to the high rise where he had taken her the day before. She was there for nearly 5 hours and then went back to the 49th street station and left on the train. I checked, she had gone home.

But I knew a bit more. So I staked The bench out again. It took just over two more weeks when he got another bite from a woman he found of interest and who was interested in his pitch and she went with him to the studio in the high rise. I waited out side for over 4 hours hoping they would come out together and I could tail him to the farm in Connecticut.

But again she came out alone. I followed her to a near by hotel. Again she came down alone and took a table for dinner by herself. When I approached her table she became offended and said she was calling the police.

I was then forced to make a move I didn’t want to make. I had to flash her my badge. Not just any badge either but my US deputy Marshal badge. She still was hostile so I quietly informed her I would arrest her and charge her with prostitution and make it stick. She shut up and ask me to sit down.


“Yes, I am Mrs. Brantley, from just outside the city. I have left my husband and I am here looking for a job.”

“And you did a photo shoot in the high rise this afternoon?”

She reddened dramatically before answering.

“Yes, I did a shoot for him.”

She was a very pretty woman in her maybe late twenties.

“Did he ask you to go to a farm in Connecticut with him for another shoot up there?”

She looked at me for several seconds.

“He is to pick me up here at 10 AM in the morning.”

“That is perfect. I need to know where exactly this farm is up there.”

“Am I safe doing this?”

“You are now Mrs. Brantley, yes.”

I held my breath that Mrs. Brantley would go with him the next morning and I was very pleased when she did. I felt better once I had checked her out. Elaine Brantley was recently separated from her husband William who was a known womanizer. Elaine was not much better than her husband. So she was perfect for the farm trip.

I was pretty sure I knew the game being played here and that my wife was long gone into a brothel or stable back in the city. She was hooked on hard drugs and into prostitution now for probably several weeks now. But it was still a chance to find her and maybe save her.

I also knew that my wife had met the pimp on the bench outside of 49th street station. She had gone to the high rise and she’d posed nude for him there. canlı bahis siteleri I also knew she had taken his black cock there and agreed to travel to the farm up in Connecticut to pose naked more for him up there. What happened to Marcia up there was now what I needed to find out. But I was sure they began to groom her to become a prostitute for a pimp somewhere and that was what she now was.

How could an upper middle class house wife stoop to this? Well she was pissed and at 32 years old, 5’2″ and 122 lbs, and my wife had only been with 5 different guys sexually before we met. All five were in college and she had been with each guy multiple times. The first had lead to the second and he to the third, and to the forth and then the fifth. She was active with all five when I met her and they were in the prosses of getting her to meet others.

The group of guys she was about to become active with was a group of black guys. She had agreed to do so and was to meet the first guy the next night after I met her.

We had sex the night I met her and she told me she was on her way to finding out about her sexuality. At 24 she was still virgin. Once she had given it up she found she loved sex and had decided to explore sex with several partners. She had spent the night with me and we had sex three times.

She ask lots of questions about sex and how I felt about what she was doing to learn all she wanted about sex. I told her honestly that my job made me very jaded about sex. I told her that as curious as she was about it I thought she should continue doing as she was.

“You think I should meet the guy tomorrow night and have sex with him?”

“You are turned on by black guys you say? So I think you should find out about this?”

“And we can keep seeing each other?”

“I am not sure that is a good idea either.”

“So if I see the black guys I will be spoiled?”

“No nothing like that at all. It is just that we, you and I both might like you being a slut and it might not be healthy.”

“But it will let me learn about the sex I want to know. And you might enjoy me being a slut?”

“I find what you are doing to learn about sex, very sexy.”

“So you will keep seeing me if I continue my quest of sexual fun?”

“Yes, I think so. And you begin to see them tomorrow night?”

“You approve that I will take my first of maybe many BBC men?”

“You can take them one at a time?”

“They have agreed to that but it isn’t the way they wanted me.”

“They wanted you to do them in a group?”

“Yes, they wanted me to meet a group of men. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that?”

Marcia went on her quest for about 6 months to learn about sex as she wished. And she had sex with a number of black men before she wanted to settle down with me. So her meeting with the black guy on the bench and her going with him was no surprise to me.

So I was on the tail canlı bahis of Elaine and her new friend on their way to Connecticut. My hope was to find the farm where Marcia had been taken to. The car was easy to stay on following, but there was not a need to do so as I had slipped up and put a tracking device under the rear of it outside the high rise before they headed out.

As I knew we were nearing our destination I closed up on them and was within site when they turned in the lane going into the farm. I waited three days before I returned. I gave them time to do the full shoot with Elaine and to slip the needle in her arm and I saw the car return to the city, I was sure with her in it.

As I drove up the lane to the farm I watched very closely for any strange movement. I saw nothing unusual and pulled up near the farm house. I got out and went to the door. It opened as I walked up to it. I woman in her Mid-fifties opened the door. She was very attractive for a woman her age.

Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and the blouse she wore was unbuttoned down between her large breasts showing a large amount of them off. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts sagged badly with her very large nipples showing off. My guess was she was retired from the business.

“Can I help you?”

“You can yes and I am going to speak very bluntly so you listen. You don’t want my kind of trouble so I need an address. I’ll let you keep your newest Model Mrs. Elaine. But I want the place your model Mrs. Marcia who came in here maybe two months ago is working now.”

“If you truly know anything about her? You know two months has been too long now. You really won’t be getting much back by now. So you’ll be better off to let her go.”

“Are they using Coke or H?”

She looked at me very hard and shook her head. Her hand dropped behind her and I spoke.

“If you bring that shooter out from behind you lady I will shoot you in you big left tit. And then I will kill the two black men behind you in the house are we clear?”

“You don’t understand, she started on coke, but by now she’ll be on the big stuff and he’ll be letting any body have her by now. She is a tasty little slut and they’ll be gang fucking her by now. Lots of them at a time. It is a very back area.”

“I want the address now.”

She gave it to me. I eased back from the door and to my car without turning from her. I got in and drove away. She had told the truth it was a very bad area. But I found her standing on a corner. Her big breasts were bare and a queen of hearts was tattooed over her right nipple about the size of a fifty cent piece. Her nipples were hard and she was ready for business.

I eased to the curb and popped the door open for her. She got in without looking and shut it. I had put the car in gear and the doors locked. Her eyes widened when she looked into mine.

“Oh God David, I am a mess.”

“I know baby, I have a place for you to go and they will fix you.”

“I fucked up so badly. So many have used me. And I may not be able to stop.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“I am not sure, maybe if I get clean again?”

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