Subject: The Boy at My Door Chapter Two The Boy at My Door By Mitchell Conner Chapter Two Greetings readers: The only truths here are that I did stay at a resort with a swimming pool, and I was at one time an English Teacher. The rest is a pleasant fiction. If gay content, descriptions of hot gay sex, romantic love, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don’t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age, stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes. Your comments are appreciated and I’ve been fortunate to receive emails that have helped me learn and grow as a writer. Outright flattery is also acceptable. I do hope that my stories help pass the time and provide a helpful distraction from an increasingly crazy world. fty relies on donations so that you practice the ultimate form of safe sex by reading about it. Those same hands you use for pleasure can also type in a pleasing donation to fty. Previously: “I love you.” It’d be easy to put this down to the new feelings he’d just experienced, a teen’s confusion of lust for love, hormones speaking for him. I didn’t reply as I wracked my brain for a reply. When I went to open my mouth and speak he placed a finger on my lips. “You don’t have to say anything,” he said then added, “I needed to say that,” as he pulled me into an embrace. My heart thudded as I tried to make sense of what I was feeling. Sam wasn’t some schoolboy trying to seduce me for just this one lustful moment. The teen I held in my arms meant more to me than sex, our intimacy felt more than just skin on skin. A buzzing sound interrupted our bliss. Sam’s well-licked ass was in the air as he reached down for his pants to retrieve the annoying phone. “It’s my brother,” he said, eyes wide. “He’s looking for me.” And we continue: The click of the door lock echoed in the now silent room. Sam was gone. I felt empty and alone. How did he do it? I wondered. The teen had worked his way into my heart in a matter of days. Worse yet, there was no cure. I had little to no chance of being with him again. My heart thudded when I admitted even one more time would never be enough. There’d been other boys who said `I love you’ in the throes of passion, their hormones speaking, but his words rang true with what I felt in my heart. I chastised myself for not following my desires with two simple words: me too. What little sleep I got that night came with dreams both good and bad. While tossing and turning I had visions of Sam lingering at my door and blowing me a kiss that fought with thoughts of my career and life being destroyed by giving into the ultimate temptation. I surrendered to the teen’s beauty again as I visualized him sitting on my chest feeding me his cock. It wasn’t as good as the real thing but at least the release helped me sleep. I rolled into the open-air dining area around eight and drank enough caffeine to make my hands shake. Was it heartbreak or nerves? During my third cup Sam and Chan came walking in, both acknowledging me with a nod. When big brother turned away Sam gave me a shy smile and a circled thumb-to-finger sign. Was everything really okay? I timed my arrival at the buffet area to coincide with Sam’s. “Good morning Teacher Thomas.” His voice alone made me tingle. “Good morning Khun Sam,” I replied with a smile using the formal Thai equivalent to `mister’ as a counter to his respectfully addressing me as teacher. The teen giggled. We’d visited the depths of intimacy last night and his cheeky use of formalities told me he understood irony quite well. The electric shock I felt when our arms touched while helping ourselves to food made my hand jerk and the fork fall off my plate. “Didn’t you get enough sleep last night teacher?” he said with a smirk. I raised my eyebrows, questioning if things really were all right and I had to listen closely to hear Sam continue. “It’s okay. Chan just wanted me to sleep in my parent’s room. He got lucky last night.” As I let out a relieved breath he added, “So did I.” “Me too,” I said, finally using those words with as much cheek as I could muster, making the teen blush. Loaded up with food I started towards my table when Chan motioned for me to join them. While I was nervous it seemed like a good way to get a read on his brother. “Good morning Teacher Thomas,” Chan said. “Good morning Chan,” I said. “Please call me Thomas � I’m not a teacher when I’m on holiday. “Okay, but it feels odd calling an elder by his first name. I’m not sure my father would appreciate such informality.” You’ve been pretty informal with that girl you had, I thought but just smiled. “Okay but when it’s just us guys please don’t remind me I have to return to work by calling me teacher. I want to imagine that I live here and am independently wealthy.” “I’d like the same so that I don’t have to start University this fall,” Chan said. “Me too,” Sam added. “We could hang out with you and…” He stopped when his brother gave him a quizzical look. “I don’t want to go back to school either,” Sam said, attempting to cover up. Chan nodded his head and Sam blew out a relieved breath. Over our shared breakfast, Sam gave me enamored looks on the sly. Chan said something and I realized I had a love-struck smile on my face. “You look happy Thomas. Did you have a good dream?” I struggled for a suitable reply. “Yes, I had a student who was well- behaved and worked hard on his lessons.” “Definitely a dream,” Chan said with a smirk as I caught Sam blushing. “And was your dream pleasurable, Chan?” I said before I could edit myself. Older brother choked on his food as he blushed and eked out an answer. “I don’t remember.” Sam used every muscle in his face to keep from laughing. When both boys looked past me I turned and saw their father, Mr. Aromdee, arriving with his entourage: Sam’s mother and little sister. Both boys stood like soldiers about to salute as the man approached our table and I joined them. “Please Teacher, my boys are merely showing respect but we are equals,” the man said. If we were truly equals my dream of living here and not working would be paid for a hundred times over. Mr. Aromdee was beyond wealthy in Thailand but carried it with no attitude. I was amazed that the Thai mogul described in my Google search could be the same man who’d shared casual chats with me poolside. “How was your trip, father?” Chan said, ever the eager heir apparent. “Successful, son. Did you enjoy yourself in our absence?” “Yes,” older brother said, his cracking voice having nothing to do with puberty and everything to do with last night’s girl. “And you?” father said to Sam, who was looking at me when asked. “Yes.” The teen’s answer was directed at me then he looked at his father and added, “Your room is quite comfortable.” “Oh?” “Yes father. Chan sleeps quite BluTV loudly,” he added, turning so only Chan could see his cheeky grin. “Very well.” Sam answered Chan’s glare by sticking out his tongue. “Please finish your breakfast then come to our suite, we must have a family discussion.” As they were leaving Sam looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as to the meeting’s topic. At the edge of the dining area Mr. Aromdee stopped and appeared to be telling his family something. They continued on and the man turned and walked back towards me. My heart beat hard with each of his steps. “Thomas, may I ask a favor?” he said. “Of course, how may I help you?” “It is you who can assist me,” he said, then added when he saw my confused look, “I’ll explain it over lunch. There’s a place nearby I’d like to share with you. Is one o’clock okay?” “Certainly, I look forward to it.” “Until then,” he said with nod then turned and left. I’d eaten just enough to soak up some of the coffee and found my appetite had left me. Instead I was filled with worries and questions about what was being served at lunch: my life, career, or freedom? Physical exercise always calmed me down and after an hour in the pool the effects of over-caffeinating were minimized. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep naked on my bed was a vision of Sam lying next to me last night. I woke up when my hard cock kept me from rolling over, like a stubborn kickstand on a motorbike. As post-dream images of Sam played in my head I glanced at the bedside clock. 12:30 pm. Just enough time to get presentable. Hopefully the lightweight slacks and button-down shirt I wore would be appropriate for a casual lunch with a Thai billionaire who may or may not know I’d had an intimate evening with his son last night. At least I’d look pretty in prison. Just as I neared my door there was a knock. I opened the curtains to see Mr. Aromdee standing there. I felt only a little better when I saw he’d dressed in a similar fashion to me. “Hello Thomas. Thank you again for joining me,” he said, peering over my shoulder at the bed, which at that moment I realized hadn’t been made up since I’d pleasured his son on it last night. I swear I smelled Sam’s cum as I edged forward to close the door and get away from the scene of the crime. Mr. Aromdee was all cordial small-talk as we made our way to the elegant restaurant, until we sat down. “Thomas, please understand that what we speak about today must remain a secret,” he said, voice firm. “Just like last night.” I was wide-eyed and my face flushed as I sat there waiting for an accusation. “Agreed?” “Yes Mr. Aromdee.” His friendly tone returned. “Please call me Rom. My family name means rare � my father insisted on this nickname because he felt it was very true of me.” “Yes, Rom it is.” “I’ve never seen Sam warm to someone so quickly. Perhaps it’s because you’re a teacher?” “He’s a fine boy.” “But I think it’s much more,” he said then seemed to wait for my reaction as I sat there speechless. “I remember when I was his age and had strong feelings for a teacher.” I nodded my head, trying to remain poker-faced as I listened. “Every day I’d come to class early just to be around my teacher, see if there was anything I could do to help, make excuses about needing assistance on homework. I was hopelessly smitten by the man. The other children could saw it and teased me mercilessly. But I didn’t care; my teacher meant everything to me.” When Rom said `man’ my jaw dropped. “Then one day the teacher asked me to stay after class. I thought this was the day I’d tell him my true feelings. `I’m honored by your attention,’ he told me, `but what you want is impossible.’ I was embarrassed that he’d seen my hidden desires and cried like a wounded dog. He put his arm around me and said, `There are others like you little one, but it’s a difficult path. Be careful.'” “The next day I was too embarrassed to go to school. My father came home and found me sitting at the table not touching my lunch. `I spoke to your teacher,’ he said. I waited, thinking he would punish me.” “Instead my father talked about my duty as the eldest in my family. He never asked me to deny myself, but reminded me of my purpose. He was kind enough to enroll me in a different school so that I never had to face that teacher again.” That’s why this must remain secret I realized as I struggled to take in his revelation. “Sanun is a unique boy. His burden isn’t carrying on the family name like I did or his brother Chan must do � hopefully not with that girl at the resort.” He doesn’t miss anything. “As the oldest I had to choose duty. I’ve no regrets � my wife and children are blessings, and success is a worthwhile reward. Encouraging Sanun to choose his own path allows me to live a little bit of the road not taken, what I had to give up for my family.” He accepts Sam, but where does that leave me? “Mr. Larsen at your school thinks very highly of you, Thomas. Your background is impeccable,” he said, then looked into my eyes and added, “I’ve checked.” Oh God, he’s talked to my boss. “He seems to be under the impression I’m trying to lure you away to another school.” I managed to eke out a reply. “Why’s that?” “Because in a way I am.” “I don’t understand.” The conversation had entered uncharted territory. “Something happened that creates an opportunity for you, Thomas. May I explain?” My throat was so dry I could only nod my head as a small croaked `yes’ escaped my lips. “The urgent meeting yesterday resulted in my need to immediately relocate to the Philippines for a year or more to direct my business. As you know, Chan starts University this fall, my wife is happy wherever she lives and my daughter is, well, you’ve met her,” he added with a sigh. “That leaves us with Sanun.” Put on a poker face, I told myself. “It would be unfair to pull him out of The Academy and away from his friends as he enters his junior year. He should remain in our home but he’s too young to be on his own.” I nodded my head. “You’re a good man, Thomas. Sanun adores you � he’s been happier since meeting you than in years. His mother noticed and agrees with what I’m asking you.” I blushed at the compliment and waited for his request. “If you’d been my teacher, perhaps that day at school when I was young would’ve changed my life. Now, I am asking for your help with my son’s future.” “How?” “To the world you’ll appear as his caretaker and tutor, if you agree,” he said then added. “And his faithful companion, should Sanun agree.” Silence contained our secluded table as I considered his words. “I know this is sudden and I apologize for intruding on your holiday in this manner.” “No, it’s just that… umm… I have no idea how to respond,” I said, struggling to form a sentence. “Then I invite you to consider my offer, Thomas. You’d be listed as a teaching employee of The Academy with a substantial salary increase. You’ll pay no rent and live in your own suite at our family compound.” The Academy was the most prestigious private school in Bangkok and my resume submission had never been answered. I’d seen pictures of their opulent estate when I researched Rom. “I’m on Netflix the founder’s board at The Academy � everything I’ve offered is already set once you agree.” The assumed agreement showed Rom was used to getting his way. “I want you to have time to consider this, so I’ve taken the liberty of extending your stay through the weekend as our guest.” At this point I couldn’t form words and nodded my head. “Excellent, I’ll make arrangements for your Sunday flight to Bangkok as well as Sanun’s. One final thing, Thomas.” “Yes,” I said, my voice shaky as wondered why he mentioned Sam’s flight on Sunday. “I’m trusting you with my son. Don’t fail me.” Rom’s voice was warm yet firm in a commanding tone his subordinates had likely heard many times before. Despite the words and demand for secrecy I didn’t feel threatened. His devotion to his son and openness with me felt as genuine as Sam’s declaration of love last night. I had lots to think about. Sam was surrounded by family that afternoon and we had no opportunity for the chat I was desperate to have. His hopeful glances made me wonder if he knew what’d been offered. The teen showed his desire as we swam in the pool � but not by a touch. When I dove into the pool there was Sam underwater, smiling, holding his fingers together in a heart sign telling me everything I needed to know. The stress of the day had me lying in bed freshly showered by eight that evening. There was a light knock on the door and I had the presence of mind to put on underwear, shorts and a t-shirt before I drew the curtains back to reveal Sam’s mother, Anong, who lived up to the Thai meaning of her name: gorgeous woman. “Good evening Anong,” I said. “Please pardon my appearance.” “Khun Thomas, please pardon me for intruding on your holiday,” she said as she moved her hands to a prayerful position in a polite Thai greeting. I returned her formal greeting and gestured at the table and chairs on the front deck of my bungalow. One avoids pointing at people here. “Would you care to sit?” “Thank you, Teacher.” “As I told your sons, please call me Thomas when I’m on holiday, I want to pretend I live a life of leisure.” Anong smiled at my remark. “Yet you’re a very diligent teacher when you work, Thomas.” I smiled at her compliment, proof her husband had shared our conversation. “I was a middle child like Sanun, held to high expectations without the attention the eldest or youngest receives. I know all about my boy and who he really is. I’m very protective of him,” she said then added, “when I’m not occupied raising his sister or keeping Chan out of… trouble.” Just as sharp as her husband, I mused. “It’s why I want you to help Sanun. What you’re being offered is… unconventional, I know.” Putting it mildly I thought. “Are you a selfish man, Thomas?” “I like to think I’m not.” “As a teacher I think you’re not. As a man you have the opportunity to give of yourself to my son in an important way his father and I cannot. Please consider that as you make your decision,” she said, standing. “Good evening, Thomas.” I stood in her wake, my mind spiraling even more than at lunch with Rom. Sam was asleep next to me that night, at least in my dreams. When I woke from his embrace that Friday morning it was merely a pillow with my morning hard-on drilling deep in its fluff. As I was about to attend to the swelling there was a knock on my door. Not knowing which of the family was calling � I was certain it wasn’t the maid � I quickly dressed. I hoped my briefs would hold down my raging boner underneath the shorts and tugged my t-shirt low over the bulge to further cover up. I pulled the curtains aside and there was Sam wearing another sleeveless slit-sided shirt, requisite backpack in place, small roller suitcase by his side, and a hopeful look on his face. I just stared, wondering if I was somehow still asleep and dreaming this, until I heard Sam on the other side of the glass. “Are you going to open the door?” he said then cocked his head as he smiled at my flustered state. The smell of freshly showered boy wafted into my nose as Sam walked past me, his small roller bag trailing behind like my eyes, which were focused on the sexy teen’s round butt encased in some shorts he’d probably fit last year. The visual wasn’t making rational thought easy or I might’ve asked why he brought his luggage. He parked the case, dumped the backpack on the floor, stood by the bed and tilted his head. Like a puppy promised a treat I stepped towards him. The teen tricked me, using my forward momentum to push me onto the bed with him on top, arms extended, staring into my eyes. His eyes were moist and as his lips started to quiver he lowered himself onto me, his head nestled in the crook of my neck, breath ragged. We lay like that for minutes, my arms around him, neck moist from his tears, hearts thumping into each other. His lips brushed my ear as he whispered. “Will you?” “I want to,” I said, short of a full yes. Sam rolled off me, laid on his side, arm bent propping up his head, staring as though to make me say yes. Then his eyes opened wide and he jumped off the bed as though a fire alarm had sounded. “I almost forgot,” he said, reaching into his backpack and pulling out an envelope. “My father asked me to give this to you,” he added, resuming his position on the bed. The enclosed handwritten letter’s neat cursive penmanship would’ve been the envy of my honors students. “Dear Thomas: Thank you again for your consideration. Since this is about you two making decisions it should be done together. Sanun is nearly a man and I’m confident he can decide what’s best for him. I trust you can as well. Regards, Rom” I turned towards Sam. “They left this morning for Bangkok. My father thought I should spend some time discussing this with you before we fly back Sunday.” “Sunday…” I started to say but was halted by Sam reaching out and putting a finger on my lips. “Shhh… I want these for something else,” he said, moving his hand away from my mouth to the back of my head, pulling me into a kiss. During our ensuing make-out session shorts went down, shirts came off and underwear struggled to contain hard cocks. Sam had a desperate look on his face when he stood on the bed in the same way he had that first night, pulling his underwear down and off, his erect upright teen cock slapping defined abs and leaving a string of pre-cum once it was freed. Then he was lying on top of me using his foot to push my underwear and shorts the rest of the way off, his silky skin rubbing on me as he wiggled, driving my rigid cock past the hairless mass of his ball-sack into his taint. He tightened his legs as my pre-cum slicked hard-on pistoned up and down in search of his hole. Sam’s torso contracted as he hunched himself into my stomach. Then in one fluid move the teen lifted, folding in two as he brought himself up and off me to resettle sitting on my upper chest, wet tip of the hard teen cock in his left hand touching my chin, right hand on the bed above me for balance. A low urgent growl. “Suck me.” I yielded to his cock being pushed against my lips, salty sweet pre-cum sliding on my tongue as he filled my mouth. Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle His hard-on throbbed in my mouth as he moaned and mine twitched without a touch. Sam pulled almost all the way out before plunging in again, his groans growing higher pitched with each desperate stroke as I reached around his sweaty smooth ass down and rubbed his hole and taint with my fingers. This sent the teen into an uncontrolled frenzy of mouth-fucking. A finger on his rosebud felt contractions � the first blast of sweet boy-cum hit my tongue an instant later. Six more solid shots pulsed out. He held still and I was careful not to move my tongue on the sensitive helmet as I swallowed what I’d never expected to experience again. A gentle roll to the side and the still hard cock slid out of my mouth, his chest rising with each rapid breath. I licked my lips looking for more. I scooted up level with his head and pulled him into me, our overheated bodies joined together in a sweaty embrace. I felt his breathless words on my neck. “Thank you… I haven’t cum since that night… I had to… or I’d… explode.” “I know what that’s like.” “You do?” “Yeah.” “Show me,” he said with an impish grin. We looked at each other, our hunger obvious. A low growl from Sam’s stomach announced the need for a different meal. “I didn’t eat yet,” Sam said with a sheepish smile. “Me either, except in my dreams,” I said and saw Sam’s face light up as he got my meaning. Our shower was as quick as possible for a horny gay teen who’d been told he had 48 hours to spend with an eager man in a private bungalow sans parental supervision. I took it upon myself to lather up Sam, though no amount of suds could cleanse either of our dirty intentions. I was on my knees doing the boy’s smooth legs when he turned suddenly and clubbed me with his hard cock. “Oh, sorry,” he said. Then a dirty grin formed and he started slapping my face with his fleshy bat. “I’ll give you one year to stop that,” I said in mock authority. Sam furrowed his eyebrows then caught my word play. “Only a year?” God, could it be like this? I wondered. Breakfast featured a buffet of delicious food and meaningful looks between us. Talk could come later. I recall falling in love with Sam during my second cup of coffee, his gaze breaching the walls I’d put up around my heart. When I stared at him with longing in my eyes he gave me a quizzical look and I nodded my head. I imagined that his radiant smile told me he understood completely. As we passed along a secluded walkway on the way back to the bungalow Sam put his hand in mine. When I turned to see his blissful smile my heart thudded at how much I adored him. We didn’t speak much that morning but we kept our mouths busy, tongues exploring each other’s bodies like someone moving into a home. Sam had already shuddered through two copious cums and it was time for a shower to remove whatever salty-sweet teen cream I hadn’t eaten. I tasted myself when I kissed him standing under the spray, sliding against his smooth soapy chest, the shorter teen’s erection pushing into the cleft under my balls. I gripped his firm round ass and pulled him into me, a finger moving to graze against the tight knot that puckered with my touch. Sam copied my move and went a step further, pushing a small slick finger just inside my rarely penetrated entry, making me groan. My grin as we toweled off was the same one I had as a teenager after the first sex with a best friend in high school. I was feeling the true innocent pleasure of my youth again. Our shower fresh scent contrasted with the musky aftermath of our roll in the sheets as we lay down on our sides facing each other, our hands clasped in the space between. “My father told me everything,” Sam said. “Do you want me?” “More than anything… but…” “Why do grownups always say yes and then spoil it by adding `but’?” “Your father made me a generous offer but…” I paused when I saw Sam’s eyebrows furrow then added, “I mean, and told me that I’d be your caretaker…” “My companion if I agree,” Sam finished for me. “What do you want, Sam?” “You.” “Simple as that?” “Yes. Unless… what we… us… I mean you… did…,” he said, then pressed his lips together as he furrowed his eyebrows. “You do mean a great deal to me Sam, or I wouldn’t have let it happen,” I said then was gripped in a fierce hug. Sam pulled back to look me in the eyes. “When I told you I love you it was because I wanted to say it out loud, to prove to myself I can love a man. I hope you have feelings for me but it won’t change how I feel about you. “But? Why do kids always ruin it by saying that?” I said, a joke replacing what I wasn’t quite ready to admit until we talked. Sam furrowed his eyebrows then smiled at my sarcasm. Our discussion wasn’t a bargaining session. I wanted the teen more than life itself but I had to make sure he would be happy with the proposed arrangement. “We need to be discreet,” I said. “Your suite is connected to mine,” he said, blushing as he considered the possibilities. I mentioned that I’d take the caretaker aspect seriously. “Will you spank me if I disobey?” he said, failing to hold back a mischievous grin. “Like this?” I said, reaching over to give him a swat on his bare ass. “Oh teacher,” he said in a porn-worthy voice, “I’ve been a bad boy.” I shook my head and couldn’t help but giggle. “What?” he said, failing to sound innocent. I reached over and pulled him into an embrace. “Get over here.” The teen snuggled into my neck. “Does this mean you’ll say yes?” My kiss in response wasn’t enough and he reached down, grabbed a nipple and gave it a firm twist, eliciting a deep groan from me. “You. Must. Say. Yes,” he said, punctuating each word with a harder twist and bringing my cock to the full upright position. “I’ll give you…” and then my reply was interrupted as Sam finished for me. “Forever to stop that.” Sam’s stare demanded my admission. I gave him a clue. “Me too.” He furrowed his eyebrows trying to make sense of my words. I mouthed the words, “I love you.” “What?” he said, tilting his head like a quizzical puppy. I lip-synched again, slower. “I. Love. You.” “I love you?” he said. “Me too.” Sam’s eyes opened wide as he drew his lips tight, eyes growing moist as my words hit home. Sam’s voice cracked as he spoke. “You… love me?” “Absolutely.” Sam’s excited boyish voice filled the room. “Forever? Really?” “How could I not love you?” “True,” he said tilting his head and adding with a mischievous grin, “Impossible not to.” I gave a gentle spank to his smooth round ass, his sarcasm endearing me even more. “Don’t stop, Teacher” he said, holding my hand over his butt. I gave him a few gentle smacks as we rolled over with Sam on top and moved on to other fun, giving me a taste of what I’d be enjoying on a regular basis. Our passionate kisses tapered off to relaxed cuddling, a reaction to knowing we now had much more than 48 hours to share. We fell asleep holding each other. I woke up as Sam placed a hand on my chest. I put mine over his and looked at him lying on his side, head propped up, staring at me like a boy admiring his shiny new toy. Then his eyebrows furrowed as a cloud of concern passed over. “You might not love me when I tell you something Thomas.” “What?” I said, alarm growing. “I did something that might change your mind about me.” End Chapter Two

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