Subject: The Boy at the Pool, The Lifeguard and Me IF YOU CAN, PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP THE NIFTY ARCHIVE ALIVE! This story is complete fiction. The idea was given to me by a friend and I expanded on it. It involves sex between a man and a boy, and a man a boy and a young adult. It may only be 1 chapter. Please feel free to email me at aol to let me know what you think. There are links at the bottom of the page to older stories that I wrote. The Boy at the Pool, The Lifeguard and Me I was staying at a trailer camp in Pennsylvania for a week. It was a cheap getaway, and I needed some rest and relaxation. The trailers were well equipped, with a full kitchen, king size bedroom and a spa tub. Very comfortable. The place had an indoor and outdoor pool. The indoor part had a waterslide. It was winter, so of course I was using the indoor pool. This place would get very crowded on the weekends, but today was Wednesday. I pretty much had the pool to myself. There was one boy at the other end of the pool, and the lifeguard in his chair. The boy was having a great time, having the pool all to himself. He was also talking constantly to the lifeguard. The lifeguard was a hot guy. About 18 or so, with blond hair and blue eyes. He had what looked like a nice bulge in his speedos. I would have taken his speedo off and swallowed that cock right there on his chair! LOL! The boy looked like he was about 13 or so years old and was a Hispanic boy about 4ft 7 inches tall. He had what I call a puberty mustache. You know what I mean? The line of hair on his upper lip — not really a mustache yet, but still there. So sexy! He also had a good amount of hair on his legs. He seemed to be infatuated with the lifeguard. And, maybe he was bored, with no one else in the pool, but the lifeguard was paying plenty of attention to the boy. The boy had on loose swimming trunks with an American Flag pattern. I swam for a while, when a big group of young boys came in. I found out later, they were from the local elementary school and paid to use the pool for Phys-ed classes once a week. These boys all looked to be about 10 years old. Needless to say, the lifeguard was busy. The boy who had been here earlier, even though he was older, just seemed to play along with the other boys. I decided to let them have the pool and just relaxed on a lounge reading a book. I was watching everything that was going on. I noticed that the lifeguard was watching all the boys, which was his job, but my practiced eye also noticed him getting a little uncomfortable as he had to reach into his trunks and adjust his semi — hard cock. I happened to notice one young boy climbing out of the pool. His suit was a little loose, so his suit dropped down as he climbed out. Half of his little boy ass was showing. I looked over at the lifeguard and my suspicions were confirmed. He was a boy lover! He couldn’t take his eyes off of that ass! And then — another surprise! When the boy stood up, his little cocklet was sticking straight out and pushing his suit out! A little boy boner! I thought the lifeguard was going to have a heart attack! I could see his cock was rock hard now. He quickly put his towel over his crotch to hide it. I filed this info away in my brain for possible future use. After a while, I decided that I had enough, so I dove into the pool for a quick lap. I got out and grabbed my stuff and went to the locker room. The front was a big room with benches and a wall with lockers. I put my stuff down and went to the showers. There were four separate stalls, each had a curtain for privacy. I left the curtain open about halfway so that I could see the entrance and the locker area. I was thinking about the lifeguard, and as I showered, my cock started to plump up. I was thinking about jerking off when I heard the door open. I peeked out of the curtain to see the Hispanic boy. I decided to play a game, and see what happened. I quickly lathered my hair and had my eyes opened just enough so I could see what he was doing. He looked over, and thinking my eyes were closed, he took a real good look at my semi — hard cock. I watched as he reached down to grab his own cock through his trunks and squeezed it a few times. manisa escort I reached down, without opening my eyes anymore than they were, and grabbed my cock and squeezed it. His eyes opened wide, and he reached into his shorts and was really manipulating his boy-cock. I decided to see if this would go further. I turned around and gave him a good look at my ass, as I rinsed my hair. walked out of the shower with the towel over my head like I was drying my hair. This left my semi — hard cock hanging in full view, and gave the impression that I couldn’t see the boy. I could see him, and he was looking very closely at my junk. I took my towel off of my head and “caught” him looking at my cock. He was embarrassed, his face going red. I smiled and said to him “It’s ok, I don’t mind you looking”. “You don’t care if I look”? He asked. “Nope. I don’t mind, you can do whatever you want, as long as it stays between us and I get to look at your dick as well”. I could see that he had a pretty stiff appendage pushing out the front of his trunks. He looked around to make sure no one else was around, and reached down and pulled his trunks down and kicked them to the side. “Mine is kinda small” he said to me. I took one look at his about 4 inches hard, dripping cock and told him he had nothing to be ashamed of. “How old are you” I asked? He told me he would be 14 in 5 months. “Well you are very nice sized for your age. And you have plenty of time to grow”. “Do you really think so”? He asked. “Yes, I said and you have such a nice hairy bush too”! He was still staring at my cock, which at this point was at its full 8-inch length. “Would you like to touch it” I asked? His eyes got wide and he looked at me “can I”? He asked? “It’s just you and me here. You can do whatever you want”. He didn’t hesitate. He just reached out and started feeling my turgid member. I was ready to die! His soft boy hands felt so good! I was in heaven! I almost shot my load right there! I was thinking about math problems and my grandma to keep from cumming! He was having a great time playing with my cock and balls. I reached down and took his hard as stone 4+ inch boy cock in my hands. He moaned and looked down as I jiggled his balls with one hand as I jerked off his cock. Looking around, I could see we were all alone, and no one was coming near. I took my hand from his cock. “That feels nice mister, please don’t stop”. I told him to call me Tom. He told me his name was Keith. I told him to just relax because he was going to enjoy what happened next. He watched as I started to get down on my knees and said “OK”. I bent forward and with no hesitation took his boy cock fully in my mouth. The taste of chlorine from the pool mixed with young boy was unbelievable! My cock was jumping and dripping all over. I could not wait to taste his boy load. “OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! THAT FEELS SO GOOD”! “SUCK MY FUCKING DICK”! “YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME SHOOT”! “I’M GONNA CUM! “NOW”! He tried to pull out but I grabbed his slightly hairy boy ass and pulled him deeper in my mouth. I wanted that boy load in my mouth. He leaned back onto the bench, his lightly hairy legs stretched out and straining. “OH CRAP HERE IT CUMS” he shouted as I felt the first shot of his delicious, creamy boy cum hit my tongue. It was soooo tasty! He shot 4 nice sized shots, and then more was oozing onto my tongue. I kept using my tongue all over his still hard cock until he made me stop, saying it was too much. His legs relaxed and he sort of collapsed on the bench with a beautiful smile on his face and his eyes closed. He sat there, cock still as hard as ever, for a few minutes. Then he turned to me and said “OK your turn! Give me that big daddy cock”. “you don’t have to do that — or anything — if you don’t want to”. I told him. “Don’t have to? I have been waiting for that big cock my whole life” he said as he took my cock in his mouth. He started licking and sucking the head and shaft of my cock. It felt so good! He had said he never sucked cock before, but he was really good at it. He bent down and took one of my balls in his mouth and just played with it using his tongue as he used his hands on my shaft. maraş escort I was getting very close, after watching him and lifeguard boy flirting and then a pool full of boys playing grab ass, I was ready! I told him and asked him where he wanted me to cum. He didn’t stop working, just pointed to his mouth, his face and his chest. I got the meaning. He wanted me to let him taste some and then cover the rest of him with my load. I was perfectly happy to do that. I had not had sex, or even cum by hand for 3 days, so I knew I had a nice load for him. “Here it cums Keith! It’s gonna be a big one”! I could feel the cum working its way up from my balls. I could tell I was going to explode. The first shot was enough to fill Keith’s mouth, even as he was swallowing. After the first shot, I pulled out and aimed for his face. The next shot covered his face. He had cum dripping from his hair, his eyelids, his nose, mouth and chin. He also had a big smile (eyes closed of course). I aimed the rest of my cum at his chest and his cock. I shot 3 more big shots and quite a bit of dribbling after that. His entire chest and belly, as well as his still hard cock was covered in my man cum. As I recovered, I reached over and wiped the cum from his eyes. He turned toward the mirror and just started laughing. It was contagious, as I broke up laughing too. I bent down and started licking my cum off of his cock. I could not believe he was still hard, but those are the joys of being almost 14. I decided, since I was down there anyway, and he was still hard, to take his boy cock back in my mouth and give him his 2nd ever blow job. At first I was licking all of the cum off of the hard 4 incher and his man-sized balls. He was moaning, and his cock was throbbing. I knew he wouldn’t last long. I decided to make this second B/J better than his first. I spun him around and used my hands to spread his bubble butt. He looked back; I think he was wondering if I was going to try to fuck him. Before he could question me, I dove in with my tongue and started eating his boy ass. “OH HOLY CRAP! ARE YOU LICKING MY ASS? OH SHIT! IT FEELS SO GOOD! IF YOU KEEP DOING THAT, I’M GONNA SHOOT”! I took one more swipe with my tongue at that hot boy bubble butt and turned him around and swallowed his cock. “OH YEAH! TAKE MY COCK ALL THE WAY IN BABY! I’M GONNA GIVE YOU ANOTHER BIG LOAD! SUCK IT BABY! HERE IT CUMS! TAKE MY BABY MAKERS DOWN YOUR THROAT”! He then proceeded to deliver another super tasty load of boy cream. I swallowed every drop. We headed into the shower together and washed each other’s cum and sex-soaked bodies. While we were in the shower, I asked him about all the things he was yelling at me when he was cumming. He told me that he loves to read stories on NIFTY.ORG. and he learned all those things from there. As we got out of the shower, we were surprised to see the lifeguard standing near the benches. He gave me a look, as if to say what’s going on here? A very red-faced Keith said “Hi Joey”. This could have been a bad situation, but I knew Joey’s secret. And even if I didn’t, the way he was looking at Keith’s nude body and cock, and the bulge in his speedo, made it obvious that he wouldn’t be a problem. “Were you guys in the shower together? Joey asked. I walked over to him and told him he could have joined us if he were a few minutes earlier. I saw his cock jump in his speedo. He looked at me and turned red. I said to him “It’s ok Joey. It can be our secret. I know you like boys”. “How did you… I mean no I don’t” he said. “It’s cool Joey. I saw what happened earlier when that 10-year-old almost lost his suit and then when he was hard. I’m surprised you didn’t cum in your speedos you were so horny”. Joey looked like he was going to cry. Keith walked over to him and put his arm around him. “Joey we are all the same here. It’s ok, all three of us like boys”. I reached out and gave his big bulge a squeeze. He jumped a little, then sighed and smiled. “I didn’t know there was anybody around who liked what I do. Keith I have been jerking off thinking about what you look like under those trunks you wear since you started staying here”. “Well now you know” Keith said as he took mardin escort Joey’s hand and put it on his cock. “I have been trying to figure out how to get you off that chair and in my bedroom since I met you” Keith said. I decided to let them have their fun. But before I left, I wanted just a little more fun. “Guys I have stuff to do, plus an old guy like me needs time to recharge his balls. I am going to leave you guys to have some fun yourselves, but I would like to suck you off before I go Joey” I said as I reached over and started taking his speedos down. “Sure, Tom I would love that! I am so horny right now I could probably cum 5 times”. I knelt down and took his 6.5 inch hot, hard and dripping cock in my mouth. His pre-cum, while not as sweet as Keith’s was still delish! I took his balls in one hand, as I used the other to play with the part of the shaft that wasn’t in my mouth. He was moaning already, but really started moaning when I started fingering his ass. I was just rubbing his hole, not putting anything into his ass yet. He seemed to like it. His moaning was getting louder and his cock harder. I deep throated his cock putting my nose directly in his pubes, and breathing deeply. His mixture of chlorine, musk and teen sweat was so good! I pulled off and spun him around. I was going to do the same to him that I had done to Keith. I doubt that he ever had his ass licked and I was going to rim him well. I looked over and I could see that Joey was sucking Keith’s cock and balls like he would die without it. I dove into his ass with my mouth, lips and tongue. He pulled off of Keith’s cock, just long enough to shout “OH MY GOD KEITH HE’S LICKING MY HOLE”. Then he went nuts on Keith’s cock. I continued eating, licking and sucking his hot ass as I reached around to play with his big cock. I could tell he was close. His cock felt thicker, and was throbbing and leaking pre-cum continuously. I figure I had just a few more licks on his hole before he would cum. I attacked one more time, loving every minute and every taste coming from that hot teen ass. Since I was playing with his cock as I ate his butt and I could feel him get rock hard, I knew he was going to cum any second. I took one last swipe at that hot boy butt and turned him around. I quickly buried his six and a half inches in my throat. He took his mouth off Keith’s cock. “OH MY GOD”! He roared as he blew his 17-year-old load down my throat. I pulled out a little, because I wanted to taste that cum. He didn’t disappoint as he filled my mouth a few times as I swallowed. He gave one last shudder, and then sat down, spent. He was humping my mouth as the last of his man-boy seed made its way into my belly. “OH YEAH SHOOT IT IN HIS MOUTH JOEY! SWALLOW IT TOM”! He was jerking his cock like crazy as he watched me swallow Joey’s juice. “MY TURN -I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN” Keith shouted. I pulled off of Joey’s cock and took Keith’s in my throat again. In no time I was enjoying more of his sweet young boy cream. I finished eating Keith’s cum and pulled him up so I could kiss him. He shoved his tongue in my mouth, getting a mixture of his own and Joey’s cum. He was already getting hard again. Joey was coming out of his cum euphoria coma. He came over and joined us in a three-way kiss. When we were all done with the kissing. Joey told me how glad he was that I pinned him out as a boy lover. He said he would never have had the balls to hit on Keith by himself. Keith agreed. He said that they both would have just been jerking off at night thinking about each other forever. Joey said to me “my first real sex, and not only did I get my ass licked, but I got a boyfriend”! Keith got a stunned look on his face — “Am I your boyfriend now”? Joey said “If you want to be, I want to be”. Keith jumped up and with tears in his eyes, ran to Joey and kissed him and shouted “OH YES BABY! YES! I was so lonely living here and now, not only do I have 2 friends, I have a boyfriend”! They continued kissing and I told them I was leaving. I saw Joey whisper something to Keith and Keith nod his head yes enthusiastically. Joey turned to me and said “Tom without you, we never would have gotten together. Can we get together and do more stuff while you are here”? I turned to them and said “as long as that is ok with both of you, sure! Why not”? They both smiled and we agreed to meet the next day at my trailer. Other stories I fty//gay/young-friends/tommy-johnny-me

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