Subject: THE BOY IN THE CORNER BOOTH Chapter 3 Youth.Adult THE BOY IN THE CORNER BOOTH CHAPTER 3 Several days had passed since I last sat in my booth in the restaurant. I enjoyed going to bed each night and jacking off to my memories of giving both Jason and Kyle a beautiful blow job. I did not wash my fingers in all those days. Eventually the scent of the boys hole had left my fingers but knowing that those fingers and penetrated the two boys was so exciting. I had a job that allowed me to work at home using my computer. Not having to be at work during regular working hours was something that I looked so forward to. I doubted that I could ever return to a job that required me to be present at my job location. It was Thursday night and tomorrow would be exactly a week since I met Kyle and Lance. I had been trying to decide when I should call Jason. The last time I saw Jason in the bathroom, he had written his phone number down on a paper towel and handed it to me. He told me the next time I felt like sucking a boy dick, to give him a call. I knew that I needed to make that call soon. All I have been able to think about all week was the thrill I had sucking Jason and Kyle in the men’s room at the restaurant. Jason told me that he and Kyle had “fooled around” and the more I thought about what he said, the more I wanted to call him. Jason had basically given me a written invitation to give him another blow job and all I had to do was call him. WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR, I thought to myself. He said it was his cell phone, but what if I called and his parents answered. They would be able to see my phone number on his phone. I could always say that I had the wrong number….. I really need to make that call, I thought to myself. I looked at my watch and it was 9:30 PM, I knew that it was a school night and Jason was probably at home, hopefully in his room. I picked up my cell phone from the coffee table and nearly dropped şişli escort it as my fingers were shaking. I opened the paper towel and slowly dialed the number that Jason had written down. 555 434 6535. In seconds, the phone started to ring on the other end. I looked at the paper towel and saw that Jason had written his name down in case I forgot his name. What a sweet boy, I thought to myself. The phone rang three more times. ” Hello” a boy’s voice answered I was afraid to speak, I tensed up as I heard Jason’s voice. I suddenly realized that Jason did not even know my name, I was just a stranger to him. ” Hello” he answered again. ” Hey Jason, this is awwww….this is the guy from the restaurant last Friday night, from the men’s room” There was silence on the other end and I knew that Jason was trying to process whether he should take this call. “Oh Yeah…hey Dude” Jason said ” I guess I should tell you my name, you can call me Jon” I replied ” Jon, OK…that’s cool. What’s up dude, I mean Jon” he said ” I was just looking at the paper towel you gave me in the men’s room. Do you remember why you gave it to me? I asked “Yeah, I do” is all he said. ” Well, like I told you, I like doing things with boys and I have been so horny since last Friday.. Just wondering if you’re interested again” ” Me too dude, I mean Jon… I have jacked off every night thinking about what you did to me” Jason said ” So do you think that maybe we could get together again soon?” I asked “My parents are going to a concert tomorrow night and they won’t be back until about 2AM. My friend Kyle is going to spend the night with me. My little brother Tyler will be with us but that won’t be a problem, he would never tell anyone what we do. I told you that Kyle and I usually do things when he spends the night and Tyler does it with us.” “What about Kyle’s brother… I think his name was Lance?” sivas escort I inquired ” Yeah, his name is Lance. I’ll give Kyle a call and see if Lance can come too. My brother and Lance spend the night a lot and they like to mess around too” “So it’s cool with you if I come over to your house and we can have some fun?” I asked ” Yeah, just park your car about a block away and walk here so nobody will see your car in front. I live at 2332 Adams St” ” What time should I come over?” I asked ” Call me back tomorrow night at 8PM just to make sure they are gone” Jason said ” Awesome, I can’t wait Jason…I am so horny right now just thinking about it” I said “Me too, I am on my bed and I pulled my underwear down and I am hard. I am playing with my dick while I am talking to you. I want to get sucked again by you, you were awesome” Jason replied ” I will do all four of you boys. I promise you will all love it. I’ll call tomorrow, see ya Jason” We both hung up at the same time, my penis was hard as a rock. I was just wearing my boxers and I pulled them down and started to masturbate myself, thinking of what it was going to be like inside of Jason’s house with four horny boys , all of them lined up for me to suck their hot little dicks. I closed my eyes and began to jack off remembering last Friday night as I sucked Jason and Kyle off. It did not take me long to cum. I woke up the next morning at 8AM. Twelve more hours to go before I can make that call to Jason. My cock was already hard, how could I wait twelve more hours? I wanted to call Jason just to listen to his voice. I knew that he was probably already getting ready for school and he did not have time for me. I looked at the address that he had given me. It was less than a mile from my house. Maybe I could drive over and just look at his house and if I was really lucky, I might see him leaving for school. No, I can’t do that…he might think I am stalking sıhhiye escort him. The last thing I want to do is to scare my lovely boy. I knew that I had to find something to do for the rest of the day and get my mind off of Jason. I would be rewarded in just a few hours and what a reward it was going to be. Four boys, all of them enjoy sex with other boys. How lucky can one man be, I thought to myself. The hours slowly went by as I did some work on my computer. I took off at lunchtime for a visit to my favorite fast food restaurant, the local In and Out burger joint. When I got home it was a little after 3:00 pm. I worked some more on my computer and fixed a sandwich for dinner. I was getting nervous and did not feel like having a heavy meal for dinner. I switched the TV on and decided to watch a few episodes of LOST IN SPACE on Netflix with the beautiful Maxwell Jenkins as the Will Robinson character. The time had finally arrived. I watched as the digital clock on top of my TV set clicked to 8 PM I picked up my cell phone and dialed Jason’s number. I prayed that his parents had already left. The last thing I wanted was for them to question who might be calling him. I was sure that he received tons of calls but I was still scared. ” Hello” Jason said as he answered the phone. ” Hey Jason, it’s Jon” ” Hi Jon…. My parents left a few minutes ago ” ” So it’s still OK if I come over?” I asked ” Yeah, Kyle is already here” Jason told me ” What about Lance? Did he come over with Kyle?” I asked ” Yep, we’re all sitting here watching TV. Do you want to speak to Kyle?” Jason asked “No, I don’t want to bother you guys. I’ll be there in about 10 minutes” ” OK. I won’t leave the porch light on because I don’t want neighbors to see you. Don’t forget to park a few houses down” ” See you in a few minutes” ” OK.. My parents won’t be home until after 2AM. See you in a few” Jason told me. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, put a few drops of Obsession on my neck and looked at myself in the mirror. “You’re one lucky Son of a Bitch” I told myself. I went into the living room, picked up my car keys and turned of the lights. Next stop, Jason’s house. Comments are always appreciated:)

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