The Bus Ride Home Ch. 1


I met Amy on the bus ride home. We got to know each other over 2 months. The things I found out about her are. She came from Texas, moved to Ohio when she was 16, she was now 23 years old. Her and her boy friend broke up 6 months ago. She was not dating anyone as of yet. Loved dating older guys. Worked in a bank as a teller and was going to go to school. Was 5’6” tall about 130 Lbs. Nice face. A great body , nice tits and legs to die for.

This is what I had told her. Lived in Ohio for 55 years. (I’m 55 years old). Was married but wife passed away 5 years ago. Was not dating anyone. Worked downtown. As for what I look like. 5’11” about 185 lbs. short brown/gray hair blue eyes. And I think not to bad of a body for a 55 year old man.

We took the bus home from work and talked each night. We both rode to the end of the line. She got off 2 stops before the end and walked home. I got off at the end and drove for 5 minutes. We would be the only two on the bus for about 15 minutes. That is when she told me most of the things I knew about her.

One night she just asked me if I was dating. I said no. That it had been years since I was out.

“How do you deal…… How can I put it? You know. With no sex”.

What could I say. I looked at her and said. “At first I would just go home and lie in bed. Dream and wake up ….. You know. But a few times I went out and , how can I say it picked up a lady. But then after a few times I stopped that. To much bullshit around. So I have been dry for 3 years”.

Amy had a smile on her face. “So now it is just you and Mary and her 5 friends”? As she said that she acted like she was jacking off a cock in her lap. All I could do was smile. That smile told her the truth. This was on a Monday and by Thursday I had forgot all about it.

On the ride home I was feeling horny and I just asked her. “Amy…. It has been years since I took a lady out. And I was hoping that you would, or could go out to dinner with me”? Now I had said that so fast that I could not believe I said it. A 55 year old man asking a 23 year old girl for a date.

With that Texas voice she said. “Sure honey I would love to. But I think I need to tell you something about little old me first”. She was putting on a accent like a southern girl. She took my hand in hers and looked at me. She looked around to make sure no one could hear and said.

“Bob I should tell you that I’m a “tease”. A small one but a tease”.

“So what, I have dated a few. I like them and would love to go out with you and be seen with you”. Now I should ensest porno tell you now that, that is what I thought she said. With that Texas accent. But I found out later what she said was.

“Bob I should tell you that I’m a “TS”. A small one but a TS”. Now with that said you will understand why she said what she said later on.

My answer was “So I have dated a few……….”.

“As long as you know up front. I enjoy sex and I love to please. I have been known to be kinky at times so as long as you know I’m a……..”. I stopped her with a small kiss. something I did not think I would do.

“That is okay….. I have been kinky at times. And if you get bad I can always”. I looked around. “Spank you”. I could not believe that I had said that. A man old enough to be her father, and I’m telling her I would like to spank her. I would…. like to that is but …….

“Great. Then you can pick me up Friday night after you go home and change. Say about 7:00 that will give me time to take a bath and put some new things on. Or would you like to just come over for dinner and”? It was the and part that I thought of. All kinds of things came up.

“No I said dinner out , so it is dinner out. Then we can talk”. We got to her stop and she gave me a small kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow after work”. Amy got off the bus.

The next day I went to work and thought of her all day. I must have gotten 25 erections , but I made it to the end of the day. When I went to get on the bus Amy was at my stop. All the other times she got on 5 stops later. We got on and she sat down closer to the front of the bus. We started to talk and she put her hand on my left thigh. I knew I would get hard and I hoped she would not see it.

“Bob when was the last time you went out to dinner”? Her voice was low but I could hear her.

“It must be about 2 years since I have been out with a woman”. I was looking down her top as I was talking. She had it open enough so I could see her breast. I would say about a 34 may-be 36 C. Not bad for a small woman.

“How about with a man? You did say that you were Bi”. The look on my face changed. But I thought fast. Did I tell her that I was bi. I did it before I got married. And I have gone out with a transsexual since my wife passed. But I never told Amy. Or did I? I would tell the truth.

“I was Bi before I dated my wife but have not done it since. But have thought of it from time to time”. I was hoping that she would move her hand. I could feel a hard-on coming on. Then she move asyalı porno her hand. I could feel her thumb on my cock. Fuck, I knew she felt it and I thought of what I put on each day.

“So it has been a long time……. since you have”? I her thumb move up and down my cock. It was now hard and full. And I thought to my-self. Two can play this game.

I looked right in her eyes and said. “Yes Amy. It has been a long time since I have gotten laid, and no one has touched what you are touching for about 2 years. I have but no one else has. Amy if you keep doing that I’m going to…… Right on the bus in my pants”. I was trying not to cum. And I felt her thumb stop moving. I thought good she has stopped.

Wrong….. I now felt her hand grab my cock. Looking right at me Amy said. “How big is it. Think I can tell by just holding it. Bob do you know that I almost wet my panties 5 times today just thinking of you. And I think I might wet them right now. How big is it”? Her eyes looking right into my eyes. I could not say a word. I was frozen in time. “Cat have your tongue, I might have to look myself”. With that I felt her hand undo my belt I grabbed her hands and she pushed them away. “Don’t you dare stop me. I have been thinking of this all day. I have to know. And we are all alone”. Her hands had my belt open the snap open and the zipper down. Then I remembered what I had put on. I went to stop her from opening my pants. To late. “Don’t you dare stop me”. They were open. Her eyes went from my face to my pants. Now she new.

A smile came to her face. Her eyes lit up and she looked back up at me. “It looks so sexy. I thought you might like to wear them. I do. They make your cock stand out more. Just like me. And the white lace looks great on you skin. May I”? Without me saying anything she pulled them down some and my cock came out. I felt her fingers on my cock. Her hand open and then closed around it. It move up and down about four times.

I sucked in air as she did this and I could hear her say. “It must be what? six and a half or seven inches. God I would love one like that”. Her hand stopped and she looked up at me.

What the fuck did she say. I thought back. One “I do” when she said something about wearing panties. Two “Just like me”. When she said about standing out. And now “ I would love one like that”. I watched as her tongue wet her lips.

“Amy, If you keep that up I’m going to”. That is all I got out. I watched as she bent down and took me in her mouth. I could not move. I took a deep gizli çekim porno breath and held it. Her mouth went down and then up. Down and up. And down the 3rd time and it went all the way in. I took one my deep breath and I knew it was time. I was trying to pull her off. She came up, looked at me and said.

“Don’t you dare stop me. I need to know”. With that back down and three more times up and down and it happen. I felt it come form my toes. p my legs and out my cock. My balls pulled up and I felt it burn. She sucked it out. Then I felt her squeeze my cock for a second and then let go. My cock let out a shot that had to hit the back of her head. I felt her swallow and then take more. She pulled my cock three more times and I felt it all come out. I let all the air out and I felt her pull her lips across my cock and let it go.

She sat up. Not one drop was had come out of her mouth. She had taken all of it. And I know it must have been a shot glass full. The look on her face was like no other I have seen. It told me that she loved doing it.

“Amy, that was great. I have never felt anything like that. You are ….”. I could not say what I was thinking.

“Are you trying to tell me that I’m a great cock sucker. I know I love to do that. You know what they say, You have to have one to suck one”. That was it. Now I knew what was going on. But should I tell her that I didn’t know. But now I knew. Her eyes never left my eyes. “Bob look at what you have done to me. I have never gotten this hard”. With that she pulled her dress up and I could see her garter belt and stockings. Then her black lace panties. I could see right thru them but I could only see skin. She shaved…… Good. Then her hand pulled her panties out and she put her other hand down inside. As she pulled it up I saw it. Small but it was true. Se had a cock. About 4 inches long and hard as a stick.

“That is going to be yours tonight, if you want it. But now I have to go. My stop is coming up. And if I don’t get off now I’m going to get off right now”. She pulled her panties all the way off and handed them to me. Pulled her dress down. I could still see her cock as she got up and went to the door.

“I’ll see you at 7:00. And be hungry , See you later Love”.

I knew the driver knew what was going on. The way she looked. The way her hair was. I was hopping that he did not see her cock. But fuck him if he did. I had gotten the best blow-job since God man woman. I was pulling up my zipper and said.

“I’ll see you later. All of you”. She stepped off the bus. Walked up her drive as we drove off. I was going to suck my first cock in 35 years later that night. And I was looking forward to it.

I’ll send what happen that night next………….. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think…. And take a look at my picture…………………..

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