The clock part 1


The clock part 1The ClockPart 1As I walked into the dungeon I was confronted with a wonderfully erotic sight – 13 stunningly attractive young models hanging from the centre beam by their manacled wrists. Every toned muscle was painfully stretched as the models scrambled to gain any purchase on the floor with their toes to take some of the weight off their abused shoulder sockets. There was no relief of course. I had carefully adjusted the length of the manacle chains whilst they had been u*********s so that the most that they could achieve was to touch the floor with the end of their toes. Yet still they tried, the effort causing a sheen of sweat to form on their gorgeous, toned bodies. But it was not just the sight. There was the sound as the models moaned in irritation – they clearly still had lots of attitude – and pain through their bright red ball gags. The hum of 13 tortured cries, combined with the creak of the leather cuffs nearly made me cum in my pants. Not yet, there is plenty of time and opportunity for that! I smiled to myself.I strolled confidently into the room. First impressions are crucial in situations like this and I wanted these sluts to know exactly who was boss from the outset! They had, after all, been used to getting their own way with men with a seductive smile or a sly flash of leg or cleavage. Their new status needed reinforcing immediately. It was for this reason, and for potential crowd control, that I carried the cattle prod with the setting on high. I knew that one blast from the prod would quickly stop any hint of dissent.“Quiet” I screamed at the top of my voice. The sudden noise caused a number of the sluts to jump, putting further intolerable pressure on already stretched joints. The initial shock was followed by an increased volume of moans and protests, only vaguely heard through the large ball gags that they were all wearing. But, the combined noise was still deafening.“Quiet” I screamed again. “The next one of you to make any noise will be punished” I said waving the cattle prod in the air.There was a momentary silence before at least half of the sluts started moaning and protesting again. I picked one of those moaning at random, a stunning 6 foot blond with long hair which was now stuck to her large DD tits with the sweat caused by her exertions in hanging around. She tried to cover her perfectly shorn cunt with her other leg as I walked towards her.“Have you got something to say bitch? I thought I told you to be quiet.”I could see the blond weighing up her options. Then she gave me a defiant glare, and yelled through the ball gag as she tried to kick me between the legs. I had anticipated this, of course, and stepped back to avoid her foot. She swung in her manacles, the pain in her shoulders clearly unbearable.She was expecting me to shout at her. I didn’t; I went for the far more sinister approach. I whispered in her ear, so that none of the other girls could hear: “Bad decision bitch!” and stepped away again. Almost immediately the defiance in her eyes turned to fear. Those 3 words had almost broken her spirit. But, the other girls needed to see the price of dissent first hand.Although unnecessary (her first kick out had drained all her energy) I decided to prolong the moment by securing the blond’s feet. I quickly strapped a cuff around one foot and pulled its leg out to the side, tying the rope to a hook on the wall. It lifted its other leg, desperately trying to protect its now exposed cunt. I noticed that she kept herself well shorn, probably for the bikini shoots.Any attempt at modesty was ended as I strapped the cuff around the other leg and pulled it painfully out to the opposite wall. The blond was now firmly secured in an upside down “Y” shape, its legs stretched out painfully and its cunt fully exposed. There could be no more vulnerable position for a woman. One last thing. I removed the blond’s ball gag. Would I be met with a string of defiant abuse and threats as to what she (or her boyfriend) would do to me? No, she begged. She pleaded for me not to do whatever it was I was going to do. She said that she would do “anything” if I stopped and let her go. This one would be easy to break. But the lesson needed to continue for the others.Again I whispered in her ear: “Too late bitch. You had your chance to be quiet, didn’t you?” She said nothing, tears streaming down her pretty face.I slowly moved round to her front, every eye in the room tracking my every movement. The psychological torture is almost as effective as the physical.I pushed the prongs of the cattle prod slowly towards the blond’s cunt. She desperately tried to move her cunt back, but she was firmly secured. There was no escape. So she pleaded again: “Please don’t; I beg you.”“You have set the level of your punishment bitch. 5 words, 5 shocks. Enjoy!”“No” she screamed.“Okay then, 6 it is” I replied.She got the message. The only noise was the sound of her gentle sobs and the creaking of leather as the other girls hung and swayed. The stage was set.Pushing the prod forward, I parted the lips of her cunt, planting the cold metal prong firmly against her clit. The other prong was somewhere near her arsehole but I could not see exactly where. I could always look for the welt after I had finished!I stared straight into the blond’s eyes and pressed the button. She let out a piercing, blood curdling scream as the fierce current ripped into her cunt. Her body arched and writhed so violently that I was worried her shackles would break. The cattle prod began to sizzle. Looking down I saw the reason. The blond had a stream of piss running down her leg, pooling on the floor beneath her! This was better than even I had fantasised.I let go of the button and the blond slumped forward, moaning incoherently.“One” I shouted.The blond looked confused. Before she could grasp the meaning of what I had said, I pressed the button again. From her reaction it seemed that the scorching from the previous shock made the pain even worse. She arched forwards, looking like she was presenting herself to me; the arch pressing the prod even more painfully into her clit. “Two.”This time she knew exactly what I meant and whimpered: “No.”“One” I shouted, looking straight into her eyes. This girl wasn’t as stupid as she looked. She understood instantly that the word she had spoken had just cost her another shock.I pressed the button again. Another blood-curdling scream leapt from her mouth. She was arching forward so much that I thought she might break her back. I let go of the button and she slumped in her restraints. I could see in her eyes that I had almost broken her already. This was easier than I had thought.“Time for a change I think”I moved the prod away from her clit and positioned the prongs each side of her right nipple. There was true terror in her eyes. She saw that the current would flow straight across her sensitive bud. Her mouth opened as if to say something, then quickly closed. She was learning the rules in the harshest possible manner….“I have decided to give your clit a rest. You must have something to say to me?”There was a slight pause then:“Thank you” she said.“Right”, I shouted. “You will all listen to this. I am going to let this slut off this time as I have not told you the proper manner of address. You will always address me as Master. When thanking me, as you will often, you will always identify what you are thanking me for. Is that understood?”There were murmourings around the room. I suppose that is to be expected since all the girls except the blond were still wearing ball gags. I decided to let it slide…I am too kind sometimes.The one clear voice was from the blond in front of me. She had clearly understood…“Yes Master” she said.“And what else do you have to say” I replied, pressing the prod harder into her glorious tits just to remind her.“Thank you Master for giving my sore pussy a rest and shocking my titty instead” the terror still clear in her eyes.“My pleasure” I replied and pressed the button.The blond’s mouth fell open in an “O” shape. For a moment Escort bayan there was no noise. Then a pitiful low moan. Her tit was bouncing and shaking erotically as the current passed through her nipple. The skin touched by each prong was developing an angry red welt, darkening with each passing second. “Would you like me to stop bitch?”The blond said nothing. Either the electricity had fried her brain or she was thinking that it was a trick question. She simply screamed much louder. Is there anything sexier than a scream from a beautiful woman who is being tortured? “Would you like me to stop bitch?” I repeated.After a slight pause, and yet another stream of piss down her leg, the blond made a decision:“Yes Master; oh thank you Master.”I let go of the button and the blond slumped forward. I could see in her eyes that she still thought that it was a trick. I reached forward towards her tit, fingering the angry mark where the prod had been. She instinctively pulled back, but before I could say anything, thrust her tortured tit forward into my hand. She really was learning. “Right” I said, now addressing all of the girls.“Blondie here has 2 shocks to come; which of you sluts is going to volunteer to take them for her?”It was the quietest that the room had been since I walked in. They all knew that any movement, any noise would be taken as them volunteering.“No one. You are all willing to let blondie her take the pain alone?”Still no movement. I turned to address the blond again.“Well no-one wants to help you. What do you think of that? These are supposed to be your friends!” The blond just whimpered, knowing that whatever answer she gave would be turned against her. “I think that we will spice this up a bit; I am going to give you a choice”But the choice was not going to be shared with the group. I whispered into the blond’s ear. As I did so a look of shock and horror crossed her face. She had a very difficult choice to make. Either way it would be great fun for me.I turned to address the rest of the group.“Blondie here has a choice to make. She can either take the final 2 shocks herself – and I have told exactly how and where they will be administered – or she can nominate one of her friends to take them for her. It is entirely her choice, one of the few that she has left. I wonder how she will react given that not one of you was prepared to help her.”“Now blondie. I am going to walk behind each of the girls and place one prong of the cattle prod on their lower back with the other pushed into their arsehole. I am told that with one exception it is the worst place to be shocked. If you say “yes” I will press the button. That girl will also receive the special final shock that I have described to you. If you say “no” I will move on to the next girl. 12 no’s and you get both shocks yourself. Do you understand bitch?”“Yes Master” the blond whimpered, clearly facing the worst dilemma of her life.I walked slowly behind the first of the suspended girls, a tall, lithe beauty with jet black hair and athletic build. She clearly spent hours in the gym and was suffering less than some of the others from having been hung for hours by her arms. I had noticed as I walked past her that she still had a defiant look in her eye.She jumped forward slightly as the cold metal of the prong touched her back. I expected her to writhe and pull away from the prong. She didn’t. After the initial, involuntary leap forward she stayed completely still. Even as I pushed and worked the prong into her arsehole. Impressive. This one clearly had balls. It would be fun breaking her. I so wanted to press the button to see if her resolve would hold. But I used my self-restraint and simply glanced up at the blond, still whimpering and crying with physical pain and mental torture.“So, what will it be blondie?”She quickly said “No” before looking away. She did not want to make eye contact with any of the other girls hanging in the line.Disappointed, I pulled the prong quickly from her arsehole. But before I moved on to the next girl, I couldn’t resist a word with this impressive specimen.I whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry bitch, your time will come. We are going to have real fun together.”There was a momentary look of real terror in her eyes before she regained her composure and looked away. Oh yes, she was going to be fun.We quickly moved past a further 10 of the girls, each time blondie whispering the word “No”, avoiding all eye contact with the girls. There had been various reactions to the cattle prod ranging from sheer terror (a number of the girls were physically shaking when I pushed the prod into their arsehole) to defiance. I noted each reaction carefully. It would be useful later on.It was about time to shock (pardon the pun) blondie into action. I turned and addressed her directly.“You do remember my description of the last 2 shocks don’t you blondie. You have 2 more chances to avoid it.”Blondie began to sob uncontrollably. This had the desired affect on the next girl who I walked up behind. As I put my hand on her shoulder she leapt forward, her whole body shaking in terror. This was going to be fun. I walked round to the front. I had not had time to properly inspect all of the girls and now seemed as good a time as any to start. She was stunningly attractive. Shorter than most of the girls (around 5’ 6”) she had long auburn hair, a beautiful face (piercing blue eyes, a cute button noise, and prominent cheekbones) and the sexiest mouth I had ever seen. Her mouth strained against the ball gag, but she had perfect lips, full and naturally red. She probably did not even need lipstick. I stood and imagined those lips wrapped firmly around my cock, her tongue flicking the end gently and she sucked and slid and down. I also imagined her reaction as I withdrew it at the last possible moment and came in her face, my warm cum dribbling slowly down her chin and onto her tits.Oh my god, it was at that moment that I looked down and saw her tits. They were nothing short of miraculous. Large, firm, tanned, with perfect round nipples. Her nipples were erect with cold and fear.She was as close to perfect as any woman I had ever seen.Tearing myself away, I moved around to the back. She was just as sexy from the rear. Her hair swayed sexily down her spine. Her shoulder muscles strained as she hung by her wrists. And then there was her arse. Firm, taut, petite. Her arsehole seemed to wink at me every time she tried to get some purchase on the floor. I was mesmerised for a moment and forgot what I was there to do. Everything seemed silent ….I awoke from the trance and could not help having a fondle of that perfect arse. She tried to pull away as I gripped her left cheek. But there was nowhere to go and she swung gently back into my grasp. My erection was pushing firmly against my jeans. I was in heaven.I pulled her arse cheeks apart to give access to her starfish. I then began to work the end of the cold prod into that inviting hole. She began to cry, the sobs muffled by the ball gag. It was like music to my ears. Then the unmistakeable hiss as she began to piss herself, stream after stream of warm piss dribbling down her leg.“You dirty bitch!” I screamed, pretending to be annoyed. I wasn’t of course – it just added to the excitement. But she was not to know that!I drew back my hand and without warning (she could not see) slapped her arse as hard as I could. There was a slight pause before she screamed loudly through her gag and jerked forward, pulling the prod from her arsehole. Her arse cheek was reddening beautifully, a perfect red hand-mark left on her cheek. She sobbed even louder.Time to move on I thought. Without ceremony I shoved the prod deep into her arse, placing the other prod exactly on the base of her spine. If I was instructed to press the button, this was going to hurt. A lot!I turned back to blondie. I could see the trauma and indecision in her eyes. There had not been a immediate “No” as there had been for all the others.“Come on” I screamed. “I need a Bayan escort decision now” desperate for her to utter the word “Yes”.And there it was: “Yes” the blond said, followed closely by “Sorry Vicki, I just can’t take any more.” Then she began to sob, her face to the floor, tears dripping down her tits.I had heard what I needed to hear and pressed the button. Vicki leapt forward in an arc of agony, her screams muffled by the gag but still clearly audible. I could hear the electricity sizzling in her arse, the current surging through her and making her tits vibrate. Wow! I reluctantly let go of the button and Vicki sagged back, tears dripping down her body.I went over to the blond and whispered again in her ear. She began to cry again, but nodded slowly. I could see Vicki in the corner of my eye, desperately trying to hear what I was saying, the terror growing in her eyes. She had no idea how bad it was going to get for her!I addressed the blond again.“Before I release you – and all you sluts might as well hear this now – in case you have any silly notions of escape, or of attacking me, there is a voice activated implant in each of your heads. One word from me and you will receive a shock direct to the brain: and believe me, you don’t want to experience that. Another word and your head will explode. I would demonstrate but I don’t want to waste any of you. Not yet anyway. Do you understand?”“Yes, Master” the blond said quickly. The rest could only mumble because of their ball gags. But I think that they understood only too well.“Good. Let’s get you untied and then you can explain to Vicki what is going to happen”The blond started to cry again as I untied her. I couldn’t help fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples as I did so. I noted with satisfaction that she did not even try to pull away. I had broken her already.The blond cried out in pain as the blood flowed quickly back into her joints and she stretched. She slumped over trying to regain the use of her limbs. I “helped” her by dragging her to her feet by her right nipple. She screamed loudly.“Now go and explain to Vicki exactly what you are going to do to her. And I mean exactly as I told you. Miss out any detail and that part will be done to you. Do you understand bitch?”“Yes Master.”The blond staggered over to Vicki, tears again streaming over her glorious tits.“I am so sorry Vicki….” The blond started. She was quickly halted by the leather strap that I was holding being swung hard onto her beautifully toned arse cheeks. The blond yelped and fell forward, breaking her fall by grabbing Vicki’s tit. “Did I tell you to apologise bitch?” I screamed at her.“No Master”“Just tell her what you are going to do to her. Last chance or it will be happening to you. Understood?”“Yes Master.” I could see the resolve growing in the blond’s eyes. She was going to do exactly what I told her to.“Vicki, I am going to push a large tube up your arse. The tube will be lubricated with chilli oil. Once the tube is properly inside you, I am going to drop in a number of raw chillis. These will be sliced so that the juice and seeds can get out inside your arse. Next I am going to use a speculum to open up your cunt ….”I was pleased to see that she was using the exact terminology that I had told her to. I had thought that she would avoid using the word “cunt.” “….The speculum will also be lubricated with hot chilli oil. I will then spray “Deep Heat” onto your clitoris. The speculum will be opened up so far that you will be convinced that your cunt will rip. Don’t worry, it won’t. They are very flexible. But it will hurt more than you can imagine. The Cattle Prod will then be pushed inside the speculum so that both prongs are touching your cervix. I will then count to 3 and press the button. The current will flow for 15 seconds which I will count. If I let go of the button before 15 seconds, I will be shocked again on my clitoris. If you pass out, we will do a further 15 seconds when you regain consciousness.”The blond turned to me with worry all over her face. Had she forgotten anything? She had done very well in the circumstances. All that she had forgotten was that the Deep Heat would also be sprayed onto Vicki’s tits. The blond would have that honour now.“Come here. Do you know what you forgot?”The blond nodded, her memory clearly jogged. I grabbed the “Deep Heat” spray and sprayed it liberally onto her tits. “And this is for nodding instead of properly addressing me”With that I parted the lips of her cunt and sprayed it all over her clitoris.At first there was no reaction from the blond. Then her face contorted as the spray began to do its terrible work. She cried and was trying to rub the spray off, tears streaming down her face.“Tell me, what does it feel like.”“Master, it burns terribly. The spray on my tits feels like they have been stung by a swarm of wasps. I almost want to tear my own tits off. As for the spray on my clit, that feels like I have had a nail driven through it. Please Master, could you possibly get it off. I will do exactly as you have ordered.”With that, there was a whimper from Vicki. Any hope that she had that the blond would refuse to torture her was gone.“I know you will bitch” I said as I kissed her passionately on the mouth.“I will make you a deal. If you add something sufficiently imaginative and painful to Vicki’s punishment, then I will let you pause and use this ice to soothe your tits. Another addition and you can finish the job with your clit as well. Deal?”“Yes Master. Thank you Master.”I had no doubt that Vicki would be suffering even more than she had imagined. I just wondered how quickly the blond would get to the extras.I was not disappointed. As the blond picked up the tube and started to dip it into the chilli oil, I saw her mind working overtime.“Master, do you have a candle that I could use please?”I could guess why she needed it but said nothing. Let’s leave Vicki’s mind to run riot shall we!“I do slut” and handed her the lit candle. The blond placed the pot of chilli oil over the candle. She was heating it up. I liked it a lot.Vicki’s eyes never left the pot. She clearly realised what the blond had in store for her. And she clearly could not believe that she was going to be that cruel.Without any ceremony – I would have to teach her the art of anticipatory torture later – the blond walked behind Vicki and shoved the pipe straight up her arse. Vicki tried to squeal with the pain and shock but only a mumble came out through the ball gag. I decided that we needed to hear Vicki for the next bit and untied the ball gag, allowing it to fall to the floor.Almost immediately Vicki began to beg: “Please don’t do this; you don’t have to do this” to the blond. I was interested to see her reaction. Dead eyes. Not a moment of sympathy now. I handed the blond the cattle prod: “I think that she needs punishing for speaking without permission, don’t you?”“Yes Master” replied the blond.“A short burst on the left nipple should suffice” I said.Without hesitation the blond confidently stepped forward, placed the prongs each side of Vicki’s left nipple and pressed the button.An inhuman scream leapt from Vicki’s lips as the blue current flowed over her nipple, the bud visibly becoming inflamed and sore. Both her tits jiggled erotically with the pulsating current. Then the blond let go of the button and Vicki slumped forward panting with shock and exhaustion. I guess taking electricity through your nipple is tiring!“Now Vicki, if you have finished your outbursts, we should carry on. I have a lot to do today.” I nodded to the blond to continue.The blond walked over to the worktop and picked up the 5 whole chillis that I had sliced to reveal the juice and seeds inside. She clearly had a cut on her finger because she dropped one of them onto the floor as if she had been shocked.“Oh dear,” I said “how careless of you. I think that you should have that one. Do you agree?”“Yes Master.”“Well, don’t just stand there, shove it in your cunt.”There was about a second’s pause Escort before the blond reached down and slowly inserted the chilli into her most sensitive place. There is something even more erotic about a beautiful woman torturing herself I thought. And it proved to me that the blond was now completely under my control.The chilli quickly did its work because the blond was hopping around, clearly in agony, tears streaming down her face.“Thank you Master” she said quietly.That was unprompted and most welcome. I would let her sting a while and then reward her. She was going to be a most loyal servant.The blond picked up the now bubbling chilli oil and walked behind Vicki. There was a sudden hiss and I could see that Vicki had lost control of her bladder. She was terrified, but said nothing. She too was learning the rules.The blond lifted the pipe in Vicki’s ass and, one by one, fed the raw chillis down the tube. They quickly hit the spot and Vicki began to moan loudly and squirm in her restraints. The stream of piss running down her leg resumed. I approached Vicki and lifted her chin, which had slumped onto her chest. I kissed her hard on the lips. She showed no resistance, but didn’t respond either. I did not mind – a lesson for another day.“Right Vicki, you have your blond friend here to thank for this next bit and I am going to be kind to you. If you thank blondie here for pouring boiling oil into your ass, then I will allow you to scream, swear and shout what you like without being punished. So, what do you say”“Thank you Master” she said.“Don’t thank me” I replied.Vicki turned to the blond, clearly facing a dilemma. Finally, I saw the resignation in her eyes.“Thank you Chloe” (well at least I knew the blond’s name now – although I preferred slut or bitch).“Thank you for pouring boiling oil into my ass.”“Right then” I said “go ahead Chloe.”Chloe grasped the pipe tightly and began to pour the oil into it.I had never heard anything quite like Vicki’s scream. It almost pierced my ear drum with its loudness and pitch. It also nearly made me cum in my pants. It was short-lived though as Vicki slumped u*********s in her bonds. I was surprised to see Chloe continuing to pour the rest of the oil into the pipe. Vicki was going to be one sore girl when she awoke.“Chloe come here now. You have done very well. You deserve a reward I think. Take the chilli out of your cunt and used that iced water over there to clean yourself out. Then I am going to allow you to partially dress to set you apart from the other, more lowly slaves. There is a fantastic basque over there which will set you tits off beautifully. And, best of all I am going to allow you to suck me off until I cum in your mouth. Now what do you say”There was genuine gratitude, almost pride in Chloe’s eyes. I really had properly broken her.“Thank you so much Master.”She rushed over to the sink, removed the chilli and washed wave after wave of iced water over her poor abused cunt. The burning seemed to go away quite quickly. It was obviously a temporary effect. I was sure that the same could not be said for the boiling oil and looked across to where Vicki was still slumped u*********s.Chloe stepped to pick up the basque. It was very sexy, red with black lace. She stepped into the legs and began to pull it up over her body. It was at that point that she realised that it was at least 2 sizes too small.“Here, let me help you”I pulled the basque firmly up and over her tits. They spilled over the top even before I had tightened the laces. I then turned Chloe round and pulled hard on the laces. There was a gasp from Chloe as most of the air left her body. Her tits now looked enormous and very painfully squashed. I tied the laces off. I was going to have to try tit sex between those tethered globes. But, first things first.I released my straining erection from my pants and, without a word, Chloe got to her knees, taking my throbbing cock between her full, red lips. She was an expert. No more than a minute later I felt the familiar pressure building in my balls as Chloe skilfully sucked and stroked my cock with her tongue. I exploded in her mouth, wave after wave of hot cum flowing down her throat. Chloe waited until the last explosion then carefully cleaned my cock with her tongue, grasped it gently between her fingers and returned it to where it belonged, zipping up my flies. She then stood up, hand behind her back, clearly waiting for my nest command. Perfection!It was at that point that Vicki began to stir in her bonds.Without any instruction, Chloe walked over to her and snapped a smelling salts capsule beneath Vicki’s nose. Her head shot back and she moaned gently.“Time for the next stage I think Chloe.”Chloe nodded, lifting the cold speculum off the metal bench and walking towards Vicki. Vicki could only muster a gentle: “No.”Rubbing the chilli oil onto the speculum as she walked, Chloe kneeled in front of Vicki, parted her cunt lips with her beautiful manicured fingers and gently pushed the tip of the speculum inside her. Vicki was moaning constantly now, the cold of the steel speculum clearly doing nothing to calm the affects of the chilli oil. The speculum slid further and further inside Vicki until it was fully inside her. Again without further instruction, Chloe began to click the ratchets on the speculum opening it up wider and wider. At first there was no reaction from Vicki, but then the moans got louder as the speculum began to painfully stretch her. Chloe never paused, clicking the speculum wider and wider apart until Vicki screamed loudly.“Pause a moment Chloe” I said loudly.“Yes Master” the reply.“I want Vicki to fully enjoy this bit. Now Vicki, I am sure that you think that your cunt will stretch no further and that you will tear if Chloe carries on. You are wrong. Chloe is going to stretch you for a further 5 clicks; that is about another inch or so. And you are going to count. Do you understand?”Not a great deal from Vicki but I did think that I saw a nod between the moans and tears. Good enough.“Now Chloe, take your time and pause after each click.”She pressed the ratchet again stretching Vicki even further. The skin around her cunt was stretched so far that it was almost transparent. I could only imagine how much it hurt.Vicki screamed louder than ever, but to her credit also uttered the word “One.” Her breath was short and rasping. I feared that she may have a heart attack. That would be a shame although I had plenty more girls. I looked around to see every one of them transfixed on Vicki’s cunt, clearly so glad that it was not then.I nodded to Chloe, another press, count, and another, and another “Four” Vicki panted.“See Vicki, I told you that you could stretch yourself much further. You must be very proud.”I nudged Chloe aside and pressed the final ratchet myself. I could swear that I heard the skin tearing but could see no damage. It must be inside. “Five, Five, Five” Vicki screamed. I snapped a smelling salt capsule to stop her from feinting. I also roughly jabbed an adrenaline shot directly into her right nipple. She was not going to miss the fun this time. Chloe slowly moved the prods of the cattle prod towards Vicki’s now exposed cervix. The terror in Vicki’s eyes was a sight to behold. Chloe pressed the prods hard into the most sensitive internal skin and, without warning, literally ripped the speculum out. The pipe shot out of Vicki’s arse with the shock banging loudly on the floor. The noise was followed by a wail from Vicki. I looked down to see her cunt, still horribly distended and red, with the whole of the head of the cattle prod buried inside her. “Go ahead when you are ready Chloe”And she pressed the button on the cattle prod. It would seem that nothing that Vicki had undergone so far even compared to the pain of electricity directly on the cervix. blood began to dribble down the shaft of the cattle prod. Vicki’s mouth opened in a silent “O.” She could manage no noise.Chloe was clearly taking no chances on doing less than 15 seconds and it was at least 20 seconds before she let go of the button, Vicki sliding forward, grateful for the relief that u*********sness brought. Chloe pulled the cattle prod out of her, placing it gently on the metal table and stood waiting for further instructions.It was time for the main event, the clock…….[To be continued].

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