The Club


The ClubBeth was just twenty one and needed sex bad. She dressed for a pick up and went down to the SheWolf” club. She wore no bra under her see thru top and a short skirt with no panties. She set at the bar and watched all the sexy women there. It took no time for an elderly good looking rich lady to sit beside her. She was dressed sexy and revealing showing a huge set of tits. She said “Are you looking for a bitch tonight?” Beth answered “Yes, my pussy is on fire.” The lady smiled and ran her hands over Beth’s legs and up to her pussy where her legs were spread. The lady rubbed a finger across Beth’s pussy then shoved a finger in her cunt. She said “You are ready. You are very wet.” She then shoved one more finger into Beth and fingered her hard. Beth came fast and the lady removed her finger and sucked the cum off. She slid a hand under Beth’s skimpy top and cupped a large tit. She said “You have a nice set of tits sweetie.” She then pinched and pulled on her nipples and then took Beth’s hand and placed it on her leg. Beth ran a hand up her leg and shoved two fingers in the old cunt. She finger fucked her till the lady came a few times then Beth sucked the cum off her fingers. The old lady told her “I am looking for a young cunt tonight. Let me take you to my limo and undress you and eat that bald pussy of yours. I may be much older but I have a lot of experience and you will not be sorry you went with me.” Beth nodded and they left for the limo.Inside the limo the lady wasted no time removing the few clothes Beth had on. Then the lady undressed and Beth was amazed at her huge but firm tits. She also had a bald pussy and was very well groomed. The lady paid no attention to the limo driver as he must have been used to her and her women. The limo had been redone and a small bed was back there. She took Beth’s hand and placed it between her legs and Beth shoved two fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her. The lady then fucked Beth with two fingers and both women were oozing cum. The lady began sucking on Beth’s big round nipples as she fingered her wet cunt. Beth took her other hand and grabbed a huge tit. The lady had the biggest and firmest tits for an older woman. The aroma of sex filled the limo as the two women finger fucked each other. Then the woman shoved Beth onto her back and spread her legs wide as she kissed down to her pussy and began sucking the clit as she finger fucked her hole. Beth was going wide and cumming hard with cum leaking out her cunt. Then the lady pulled her fingers out and started sucking and licking Beth’s wet hole as her cum soaked fingers began rubbing Beth’s clit. Beth was moaning and moving her hips to get the woman’s face closer to her cunt. The woman knew her way around a delicious cunt and she was sucking, licking and tonguing till Beth was screaming and cum was filling the woman’s tongue. Now the driver was watching the two wild women in his mirror. He could feel his cock get hard as he watched his boss eat the young sexy gal. His boss sometimes let him fuck a gal after she was done with her. He loved the big tits and round asses the boss always picked up. He had sucked on his bosses huge melons several times and finger fucked her Escort bayan too. She had huge tits but preferred pussy to cock but he would catch her when she was horny and she would play with him. She could suck his nine inch cock down her throat like a straight woman. His cock was hard watching his boss tongue fuck the young girl. The woman tongue fucked Beth for over an hour and her face was covered in the sweet cum and she put Beth on her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks and began to kiss and lick her asshole. Her tongue circled her rim and entered her just about an inch. She got her ass wet and then she began sucking on her ass cheeks as she inserted a finger into the ass and pushed it in deep. She shoved two fingers in her cunt and was fucking both holes and then she added a second finger to Beth’s tight ass and began fucking her harder. She was really pounding both holes as Beth moaned and enjoyed the experience of the older woman. The woman then took Beth’s leg and pushed it up in the back of the bed and had Beth spread wide open. She added a third finger to both holes and was now sucking hard on her ass cheeks. Beth was moaning and telling the woman “Yes, fuck my holes. Make my cunt cum hard for you. Fuck me harder.” The woman pulled her fingers from Beth’s ass and began to tongue fuck her shoving her tongue in deep. She took her free hand and started rubbing Beth’s clit making Beth now scream and cum faster and faster. She took turns tonging the ass then her fucking cunt and back and forth till Beth had cum running down her legs. Then the lady reached under the seat and pulled out a double headed strap on and fastened it around her waist and with Beth still spread wide open she plunged the dildoes in her cunt and ass and began fucking her hard shoving them all the way inside her holes. As she fucked both of Beth’s holes she spanked on Beth’s ass riding her hard and deep. The strap on also had a huge dildo in the womans cunt and as she fucked Beth her own cunt got a workout too. Both women were screaming and getting a deep hard fuck right there in the back of the limo as the driver watched. He then unzipped his pants and took out his cock and began jerking himself as he watched his boss fuck the young girl in both holes. Just then his boss yelled “Malcolm, Get back here and help me.” He scrambled to the back and she told him “Get your pants down and shove every inch of your hard cock into my ass and fuck me hard as I fuck this bitch in both her holes. I have a rod in my cunt so fuck my ass with your huge cock and fill me with cum. I want to feel your balls slap against me as you fuck me hard and deep.” The driver wasted no time ramming his cock deep in his boss and fucking her hard. It felt so good to have his cock in a hole and he loved her tight ass. As he pounded her ass he reached around and grabbed ahold of her huge melon tits. She had the biggest tits he had ever played with and he loved touching and squeezing them. His boss was real horny tonight and she wanted his cock deep and a good hard fucking as she reamed the girl in her cunt and ass.The limo was rocking as the three fucked each other hard and deep. They lasted Bayan escort a long time before Malcolm filled his boss with his cum. She then pushed him on the seat of the limo and then had him straddle the face of Beth and she pushed his cock in Beth’s mouth for her to suck and clean as the woman then shoved the dildo in Malcolm’s ass and began to fuck him hard and deep not caring how rough she could be. He knew from the past how she liked to **** his ass or jerk his cock. The young girl was sucking his cock down her throat and licking his balls and had him hard once again. The huge dildo had his ass spread wide open as the boss fucked him harder and harder. Sometimes the boss used the huge dildo and sometimes she just fisted him. When she fisted him he would cum extra hard. Two nights ago she came into his room and jerked his cock till he was hard then let him fuck her cunt and fill her with cum then she spanked his ass till it was beet red and put on her big black strap on and fucked his ass for two hours till he was raw. She loved rough sex with the driver. She usually liked pussy but now and then she needed cock and he was her live in free fuck. He had the bedroom next to hers and she could walk in any time and use and abuse his cock and ass. He always slept naked waiting for her to want him. She walked around the house naked many days too. She liked showing off her huge jugs and he loved seeing them. Sometimes she would let him just suck on them as he finger fucked her cunt but he knew then he would get his ass spanked and fucked with that monster strap on.Beth sucked and licked the drivers big thick cock and his nice huge balls. He was hung and a good looking guy. She enjoyed a big cock once in awhile. He grabbed a hold of her head and began face fucking her as the woman rammed his ass with her big thick dildo. Beth would have liked to feel his big cock in her cunt and let him fill her with nice warm cum. They fucked till three in the morning and then the woman had the driver take her to her house. As she got out naked she told him “The bitch is yours. Do anything you want with her. Enjoy some pussy or ass.” They both watched her walk naked into her fancy house with her big tits jiggling as she went and her ass swaying.The driver got into the back seat and stripped his clothes off. Beth was still naked and well fucked and he pushed her down on the seat and began to suck on her tits. She had a big set but small compared to the set on his boss. As he sucked her tits he pushed two fingers in her wet cunt. He whispered to her “Now I get to fuck your ass and cunt before I drive you home. I am going to show you what a lesbian misses when it comes to a big hard cock.” He then moved his fingers down to her ass and shoved two man sized fingers in her asshole and began to fuck her hard as he sucked each nipple. “Get on your hands and knees and spread your ass wide open for my big hard cock. I am going to ass fuck you deep and hard. You are such a sexy bitch and I want to feel my cock deep in that tight sexy asshole.” As she got on her hands and knees he mounted her and shoved his cock roughly in her ass. He grabbed her hips and began to Escort fuck her hard not caring of the pain. He grabbed her by the hair and said “You like that big cock in that tight ass you sexy bitch? Does your ass feel good getting fucked hard? You will be lucky to walk when I am done with you tonight. I love pussy and ass and you have a great set of both.” He then began shoving his cock in and out forceful r****g her ass with each thrust. Her ass felt like it was on fire but the driver was a big man and she could never get away. He then reached under her and grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled them as he fucked her harder. He also would would grab a tit on his big hands and squeeze them hard. He told her “I love your big tits. They are a nice handful. Just right to squeeze and twist. You have a great body and make a great fucking bitch to fuck and feel up.” He fucked her ass and tormented her tits for over an hour then he filled her with cum. He pulled his dripping cock out of her ass and pulled her head over the edge of the seat and got on his knees and shoved his cock in her mouth and told her “Now suck and lick that cock. Clean your ass off my big cock. Suck my balls. Take them in your mouth and wash them nice and clean. Isn’t that better than sucking on a pussy? Feel that cock go down your mouth and into your throat? Now suck it hard. Roll your tongue over it. I want you to be a dirty nasty slut for me tonight. You are going to get real dirty and naughty and love cock when I am done with you.” He grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her mouth hard shoving every inch of his thick cock down her throat as he demanded she suck and lick him. He held his cock deep in her throat as he slapped and twisted her nipples. He finally pulled her up and began to lick her pussy. He found her clit and grabbed it with his teeth and sucked and chewed on it. He shoved four fingers in her cunt and as he ravaged her clit he finger fucked her hard. “You have a nice cunt for a lesbo bitch. Nice and tight. Now move your sexy cunt up and down on my fingers so I can feel you fuck me hard. Show me how you like to be finger fucked and like it hard and deep. I have bigger fingers than most women so I bet yo like that. Makes your cunt nice and full doesn’t it? Now move those hips and fuck my fingers. I want you to show me how nasty your can be. That’s it. Fuck me hard. Take me deeper. Yes, hump my fingers like a dirty whore. Get nasty and dirty. That’s it baby. Do it more. I want that wet cunt on my fingers. Now you are really fucking me.”They played most of the night in the back of the limo. By the time he drove her home her ass and cunt were raw and her nipples sore but she had loved getting nasty and dirty with this sexy man. She loved his dirty talk to her which kept her turned on all the more. She rode in the front with him and stroked and licked his cock all the way to her house. He had lots of stamina and had a hard cock all night long. They made plans to meet then next night. He told her it would depend on the time when the old woman was done for the evening. But he would call and be over to her house for some more nasty fucking. He then kissed her and then sucked each nipple before he let her out and watched her walk naked to her door. She had such nice tits and a great ass. He also loved her cunt a lot. Loved the taste of her sweet hole. He could not wait till the next night. He was already hard thinking of it. She was the best fuck he had had in a long long time.

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