The Desired Dream Of A Best Friend


The Desired Dream Of A Best FriendThe Desired DreamEveryone has had one person in their life who that absolutely positively wanted to fuck. Yet for whatever reason they never could get that chance. Well I’m hear to share my story, as much as I wish it could happen or at least see her gorgeous naked body I can only tell my desire which turned into a full fledge dream.ENJOY!!!!So after talking to her one night I immediately started thinking a ton of things I’d do to her and it continued until I drifted away into a deep slumber. That’s when the dream of a lifetime had begun. It started with us sitting on the couch playin video games at her house at the time she had the place to herself for a few days so I stayed over. A while after hoping off the game I decided to shower before we sat down and watched Netflix for the rest of the night. After I emerged from my shower she had told me she was going to take hers next and to go ahead and start the movie and she wouldn’t take long. About ten minutes after the movie started I had to pee so I proceeded to the bathroom to see if she was out which she was so I proceeded about my business. Once finished I noticed she hadn’t returned to the living room so I went to her room to check on her. When I approached the door I noticed it was slightly open, curiosity had taken over and I peeked inside her room a d the sight I saw made my jaw drop and I almost came in my pants. Right there before my eyes was her naked body fully exposed before my eyes. Her Double D breasts sat firm and very perky her delicious nipples erect from the cool air inside the house. It didn’t take long for my dick to throb for freedom and release not wanting to miss the opportunity I grabbed my dick and commenced to stroke my throbbing hardon makin sure to keep my breath erzurum escort low and my moans silent. Because of the way she was standing I could barely see her pussy but I saw enough to know she was cleanly shaven and very juicy. In my mind I thought that it couldn’t get any better. As if to prove me wrong somehow I saw her bend over to search for something and her full ass and pussy were in view. Her ass was wonderfully round and thick prime for a good doggy style or anal fucking. Her gorgeous pussy ass thick and juicy as I has first predicted I had surely thought that would send me over the edge. Sadly I could not finish my little event because she began to dress and make her way back to the living room I quickly stuff my fully erect and sticky cock back in my pants and rushed back and resumed the movie.As she returned she asked if anything good had happened yet I replied to her sayin that they just began to introduce the main character. I took notice to what she had put on she was wearing loose basketball shorts and a t shirt she put on a bra be aide I was able to see her stiff nipples. We talked about the movie this far then sat quietly and continued the two hour movie. About an hour and fifteen into the movie she had fallen asleep. At the point in time I had taken more notice to how loose her shorts really were as I could clearly notice she wasn’t wearing panties and i could see her clean pussy. Not caring of how close she was I whipped out my cock and began to pleasure myself to her body once again. I began to become unsatisfied with this level of formulation so I took a chance to get a better view. Since she was already on her side all I had to do was lift one of her legs and have it support itself while I slid her shorts down. Once eskişehir escort moved down I had a clear view of that magnificent pussy I craved so much. I lifted her leg a bit more and was pleased to see her beautiful part exposing her pretty pink center. The. Way it glistened in low light made it seem as if she was naturally really wet. Having come this far I decided to push the barrier a little further and began to caress her clit lightly enough to get a soft moan out of her but not enough to wake her. Masturbating my genetalia as well as hers was really heating me up soon I found myself pushing my fingers deep in her wet pussy touching and rubbing as deep as I could inside her. I could tell lust was taking over me as I pumped my cock harder and fingered her sweet pussy deeper and deeper greeted with a bunch of low moans something in me took over as at that moment I decided would break the barrier I let go of my soaked precum dick and went to my bag and retrieved my handcuffs and a few other bondage items I brought with me they were never intended for her but as of now they were. I slipped the handcuffs on her and began to also tie her hands making sure not to wake her I carefully put a collar on her neck and attached the rope connected to her cuffs to it ensuring her hands were immobile. Next I retrieved my ball gag and carefully placed it in her mouth sensing all the activity Had begun to wake her to I set up the rest of my gear and returned to playing with her body. At this point in time I was thirsty for a taste of the glorious pussy I previously fornicated a few minutes ago. With lust and desire driving my body I did not hesitate to move my face between her soft thick thighs up to her crotch I could easily smell the scent of gaziantep escort the soap she used as well as the sweet smell of her wet sex. The smell consumed me as it entered my nose. Tired of holding back I dove right in I had a full course meal and my mouth could not wait to taste the glorious feast before it. I went straight for her clit wrapping my lips and to the around it like a coiling snake squeezing its pray tightly. I began to roughly pull her clit into my mouth as my tongue lashed and licked away each time it entered my mouth. It didn’t take long for moans to start emanating from her. I wanted more and more and more I sucked harder licked faster, I then plunged my wet hungry tongue deep in her pussy and lashed away at what I could and at that moment she began to awaken to the events taking place between her legs. Immediately she tried to move away but due to her bindings she was t going anywhere unless I allowed her to. Stuffed cries and moans came from her gagged mouth at that moment I stopped to look up and her the look in her eyes seemed full of spite yet confusion. In return I let her look into my eyes and that when she noticed her best friend wasn’t the same in my eyes she saw her best friend who lustily craved her body and would t stop until I was satisfied. At that moment she dropped her head back and I proceeded. But this time things were going to change up I began to lift up her lower body till I had easy access to her ass I then plunged my finger back in her pussy and fucked her fast and deep and my to the began to lick away at her ass she lurched up at the sudden feeling of my tongue on her asshole she squirmed as if to get me to stop but I wouldn’t be detoured at that moment I grabbed a good ol silver egg and pushed it deep in her pussy and began fingering her sensitive button whole keeping the egg in. The sudden changed got to her but it wasn’t enough for her not to notice my tongue slowly slithering inside her ass with her hands bound and her body fully under my power we both began to realize at this moment she had become my slave.To be continued

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