The Developing of Emma Part Two


The Developing of Emma Part TwoThe lush feel of the silky panties was overwhelming; even after his spent balls were drained for the fourth time there was no sating his urge to return to the store and that woman who had controlled him so easily. The reflection in the mirror was so ‘Emma’; the vision so strikingly effeminate, enhanced by the luxurious lingerie. Tomorrow could not come soon enough.It was with little trepidation that he entered the store again the following day; there, this time dressed entirely in black, was the buxom matronly woman, oozing dominance. The figure sent a shiver down his spine as she sneered victoriously at the return of this feeble male; he wondered about the significance of her being dressed in black, little did he know it was to signify the funeral of his old persona forever. Once again the two equally dominant looking assistants looked him up and down with sheer contempt, before smiling knowingly at the formidable woman and disappearing elsewhere. Konak Escort His cock immediately stiffened as the woman took his hand; somehow taking complete command of him with the deftest of touches, leading him away to a large cubicle at the rear of the store. She smiled and rubbed her legs together urgently as she watched his eyes light up at the sight of lacy, silky white lingerie and black stockings laid out for him. He was so overwhelmed by the sight he took no notice of there being another door to the rear of the cubicle.The feel of the sheer stockings on his legs had his cock rigid; he slid the cool silky panties on to hide his excitement. The woman rubbed her bulging and aroused pussy as she peeped in at her prize as two large and shady figures passed her, going to the rear of the cubicle. As he stood in the cubicle, erect and excited at the look and feel of the white silk, the dominant woman whisked the curtain to one side Kuşadası Escort and stood smiling menacingly at her new sissy-to-be.“Are you ready to begin your journey?” She sneered as he gave a look of complete bewilderment as the door opened behind him and two large males entered; both wore veil-like masks over the lower halves of their faces, one carried lengths of silky cord, the other carried a large wad of cotton wool in a soft cloth. A strange antiseptic odour came from the wad and permeated the room. He froze in fear as he was grabbed by the man with the cords. As the man with the wad lifted his arm, the woman intervened with a wicked smile.“Wait, that stuff smells so foul; I want our sissy to have sweet dreams as she is taken away.” He struggled and trembled in fear as he was held secure by the big man. Both males chuckled as the dominant woman put her hand up her tight skirt and slipped her silken black panties down her formidable Foça Escort stocking clad thighs and calves. She deftly flipped the panties up to her hand from her sleek black stiletto and approached the sissy; a wet patch evident around the crutch. Though scared beyond belief, his erection stiffened as he was held firm by the burly man, and the smiling woman wrapped the black panties about his head, ensuring the soiled gusset was over his nose. His captors laughed as the woman stroked his stiff cock through the white silk, as he took in the rich womanly scent through the black silk; the aroma of her mature pussy intoxicating, blending with the spicy tang of a mature and dominant woman’s perfumed anus.“Sweet dreams sissy, I’ll see you again on the other side.” The last thing he heard was her wicked laugh and the clack of her stilettos as she left; his cock pulsed with a mixture of fear wonder, as he was held even firmer while the wad was applied to the silk. His head swam as the divine scent of the woman who had captured him blended with the strange antiseptic smell from the wad. The black silk got blacker as the woman’s wicked laugh seemed to return and haunt him; a fizz bubbled up his sissy legs and body as the darkness came; when he awoke he would be Emma forever.

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