The Dream Job Pt. 03


The Dream Job Pt.03

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Debbie screamed at him, furious.

“Baby, you said you wanted to meet her.” Paul tried to defend himself from her fury.

Debbie was an excitable little spitfire. 5’4″ with curly coppery-red hair that hang in loose curls about halfway down her slender neck. She had milky white skin with a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Like Paul she tried to keep fit and she cut a firm, petite figure with perky B cup breasts and a nice plump rear end with skinny waist and curvy hips.

“What I said was ‘I’d love to have dinner with her sometime.’ not ‘HAVE HER HERE FOR DINNER!’ Are you fucking joking? Is this a JOKE to you?! Jasmine Miabella is a motherfucking QUEEN! You expect her to come HERE and eat a meal in this… this HOVEL of an apartment?!”

“Baby, I promise, it’s going to be fine. She’s just a person like you and me. I’ll make my glazed salmon. It’ll be great.”

Debbie began to calm down and focus on the matter at hand. Paul helped however he could with cleaning, shopping, etc. Debbie hardly seemed to ever stop moving as she buzzed around the apartment adjusting this, replacing that, ‘Oh what was I thinking when I bought this.’ She could barely sleep that night. Paul had collapsed and started snoring the moment his head hit the pillow. Debbie was still a little pissed at him for flubbing the invitation like that. Oh well.

She tried to relax and took a deep breath as she slid her panties off and slid her hand down to stroke her clean shaven vulva. Her fingers found her clit and she pressed down lightly wiggling it back & forth a little. A deep soft sigh escaped her lips as she slid her fingers down into the hot damp oasis of her vagina, coating her fingertips in the warm juices and sliding them back up to her throbbing clitoris. She turned her head away from Paul and tried to be as quiet as she could when a warm throbbing orgasm cascaded throughout her taut body. “hmmmm….mmmmm…mmm…”

She finally started to feel sleepy and rolled on to her side. Maybe it would all be fine. I guess we’ll see. She slept fitfully.

Debbie thought she felt her heart stop when she heard the light knock at their apartment door the next day. Her mood had wavered back and forth from cautiously hopeful to near full panic throughout the day. Even the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen didn’t help. She walked to the door, catching herself holding her breath, and opened it.

It was really her.

Oh shit!

Jasmine smiled warmly at her “Hello, you must be Debbie. Paul has told me so much about you. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Jas-“

“JASMINE MIABELLA! You-you’re my favorite-I I’ve seen all of your interviews, the reality show pilot, oh god, I love you.” She clapped her hands over her mouth and blushed a deep red. She’d just fangirled so hard, right in front of her hero.

Jasmine gave a soft giggle and extended her hand for Debbie to shake. “Well thank you so much Debbie. It’s always nice to meet a fan. I like what you’ve done with this place.” she said scanning the apartment with a critical eye. “I think you must have quite the eye for beauty, Debbie.” Jasmine smiled.

Debbie thought she might just explode. “Oh thank you Miss Miabella!” she beamed.

“Please, Debbie” Jasmine purred “call me Miss Jasmine.” she gave a little wink.

Debbie giggled “Of course, Miss Jasmine.”

Paul came out of the kitchen with wine for the ladies handing them each a glass of a nice crisp sauvignon blanc that was Debbie’s favorite. “Oh thank you, Paul” Jasmine smiled warmly “Dinner smells delicious.”

“About ten more minutes and we can eat, if you’re hungry.” he said

“Oh, Paul. I am ravenous.” She giggled slightly and turned to chat with Debbie some more. Debbie was calming down now and had started to ask some interesting questions about design and business. Jasmine liked her, she was smart.

The dinner went much better than Debbie had dared to hope. Paul had outdone himself, everything was amazing. They had all cleaned their plates and drank just a little too much wine. Debbie opened another mobil porno bottle, “Oh just a half glass this time, love.” Jasmine smiled at Debbie. Debbie blushed just a little.

The sat in the living room with Jasmine at the end of their cushion-y couch, Debbie to her right, could barely take her eyes off Jasmine. Paul sat in the chair next to the couch facing them, sipping his wine as they chatted back & forth. He’d begun to feel a bit like a third wheel when Jasmine reached into her small silver clutch purse to produce a cigarette lighter and a tightly rolled joint.

“Do you mind if I smoke in here?” she asked glancing back and forth at each of them.

“Well actually-” Paul began.

“Oh that’s totally fine Miss… Jasmine.” Debbie gave Paul a sharp glance, don’t ruin this for me.

“Wonderful” Jasmine smiled and lit the joint taking a long slow drag. She closed her eyes and smiled that wide warm smile of hers, releasing the smoke through her nose. She opened her eyes and held the joint out, so as to offer it to either of them. Debbie’s nervous hand sprang out and took it. She brought it to her lips, inhaling slowly with a slight giggle. It had been a while. She passed it to Paul who gave a slight shrug and took a long draw on it.

Paul and Debbie were no strangers to weed. They’d been smoking since high school, but Debbie was all about staying healthy these days so it had been several months since they’d indulged in the Devil’s lettuce. Jasmine’s weed seemed stronger than they’d ever had before and quickly enough, they were high as fuck.

“So tell me Debbie,” Jasmine began as she gently stubbed out the remaining third of the joint into a little tin she’d retrieved from her clutch “has Paul told you how he convinced me to hire him?

Paul’s blood instantly turned to ice water. Even with the wine and the weed affecting him so, he was completely on edge. He couldn’t calculate how to intervene without spoiling the evening, but Jasmine had clearly just taken everything on a hard left turn and seemed determined to crash the bus. Paul sat motionless and terrified as Jasmine wove her spell around them.

‘No he hasn’t.” Debbie gave Paul a look of pretend disappointment “Please, Miss Jasmine, tell me.”

Jasmine smiled. It was so easy with these mere mortals. She reached down and pulled her skirt up. Debbie sat in stunned silence as Jasmine slid her lacy black panties aside and unfurled her stunning lady cock with her other hand.

“He sucked my cock. Mmm… he sucked it real good, Debbie.” Jasmine gripped her long lady cock at the base, squeezing gently and lolling it back and forth to show off it’s length and mass.

“He wha… he sucked that… I-I had no idea you were a… a…”

“Trans, sweetie. I’m a trans lady, and I’m amazing.” She locked eyes with Debbie beaming her raw sensuality at her. “Why don’t you come show her Paul? I think Debbie would like to see what you can do.” She turned to face him and her knew he was beaten. Who could resist this cinnamon brown sex goddess once she had you in her sights. He got up and took his place before her. He gave Debbie a faint shrug as if to say ‘what can I do’ before reaching out to grasp her cock with his hand. He gave the base a squeeze and took the tip into his mouth, sucking her cock to erection, filling his mouth with her hot cock.

“Come a little closer, sweetie. Mmmhhmm… get a good look” Jasmine extended her arm wrapping it around Debbie’s shoulders and pulling her closer, her short curvy frame now pressed against Jasmine’s tall slender body. Debbie couldn’t believe her eyes. He hero was sitting in her living room and her husband Paul was sucking her hero’s massive cock like a hungry slut!

Paul was adrift in a sea of lust as he worked his mouth up & down Jasmine’s yummy lady cock. The smell of her perfume mixed with her natural scent had set Paul’s head spinning. He worked his lips and tongue up and down the sides of her shaft, gently squeezing her balls gently as he slipped the tip back in and slowly took her entire length into his throat.

“Oh, yeeeeaaahhhhh, that’s what mommy likes” Jasmine giggled softly to herself. alman porno She pulled Debbie’s face around to meet hers firmly embracing her in a kiss. Debbie’s brain exploded. There was no thought, there was just Jasmine. Their lips and tongues intertwined. There was a spicy sweetness in the flavor of Jasmine’s kiss as well as an urgent hunger. Debbie gave all she could to her new goddess, barely pausing for half a second when she felt Jasmine’s hand slide up her thigh to cup her warming vulva. Jasmine could feel a slight wet spot beginning to form. She gently pulled Paul’s head off of her cock and broke off her kiss with Debbie. A thin string of saliva stretched and broke between their lips as they parted.

“Here, sweetie. You give it a try now. Paul, you just rest a bit.” they immediately obeyed her gentle commands. Debbie got up onto her knees on the couch climbing over Jasmines lap with her arms, reaching out to grasp her long lady cock, still wet from Paul’s throat. She took it into her mouth and gave it her best effort. She’d never learned to take a cock down her throat like Paul apparently had. (When the fuck did he learn that?!) She thought vaguely as she worked her lips and tongue around the fleshy round arrowhead at the tip of Jasmine’s cock. Jasmine moaned her approval, stroking Debbie’s hair gently.

“Oooohmmm… you suck a good cock Debbie. Paul is a lucky man.” Jasmine reached under Debbie and stroked fer fingers up and down the front of her panties. She pressed down with one finger, sliding it over the bump of her little clit and down to the wet patch forming at her wet pussy hole. Debbie was breathing hard and gave a soft grunt when Jasmine’s fingers stroked her clit. Jasmine liked her new toy.

“Mmmm you two are something else” Jasmine chuckled “I could stay here all night” she gave Paul a slight wink. Debbie’s head was still bobbing up and down on her rigid cock. “But I’d like to do something else now. Come here Paul, let’s show Debbie the, *giggle* depth of your repertoire.

Debbie was understandably confused as she sat back against the couch again, her little white feet tucked up underneath her perky ass. Jasmine got up and Paul came over to her seat on his knees, straightening up just enough to unfasten his belt and slacks, pushing them down to his knees. He was really going to let her do this, here in his home and in front of his wife, he was going to let Jasmine fuck him again. Part of him still couldn’t believe this was real, but another part of him wanted that long lady cock deep inside him, churning up those wonderful feelings. He bent over with his elbows resting on the couch seat offering himself in supplication to his goddess

‘Is she really going to…” Debbie began to ask of him. Paul gave a slight shrug and looked back to check on Jasmine. She had taken a small bottle of lube from her clutch. She was staring lewdly at Paul’s puckered hole as she greased up her meaty lady cock. She caught Debbie’s eye and gave her a come hither gesture with her hand. Debbie’s body seemed to move on it’s own, piloted by some force inside her somewhere between her vagina and her brain stem. She got down on the floor and knelt beside Jasmine who slipped her left arm around Debbie’s waist, pulling her close.

Her right hand was stroking her long brown lady cock, lining it up with Paul’s little pink pucker. “No way.” Thought Debbie as she watched the fleshy arrowhead of Jasmine’s tip penetrate her husband followed by the slow sliding shaft of her cock. Slowly Jasmine sank her warm brown meat spear all the way into him and sighed in satisfaction.

“Mmmmm… oh yes, Paul.” she breathed slowly “He’s so tight, Debbie. Hhhmmm… it feels so good.” she pulled her cock out a bit and slapped it back into his ass giving a slight giggle when she heard him grunt in pleasure and surprise. She turned to face Debbie, embracing her again in a full mouthed kiss as she began to fuck her cock back and forth into Paul’s willing ass, gradually pulling back further and further before returning the full length of her shaft to his warm little fuck hole.

“Feel how hard his dick is” Jasmine directed. alexis texas porno Debbie reached down to find Paul’s cock as hard as she’d ever felt it. The tip was wet and dripping with his precum. “Oh wow…” Debbie was at a loss for words. This was so fucking crazy, and hot! Her pussy was making a small puddle in her panties and her head was spinning. She decided she was all-in. She quickly stepped out of her panties and pressed her body against Jasmine’s. Embracing her mouth with her own and reaching down into the low cut front of Jasmine’s sun dress to cup and squeeze her firm brown breasts. Jasmine shrugged out of the spaghetti straps to free her full brown titties to the open air. They were magnificent. A full c cup at least with just a little bit of sag. Her wide dark cinnamon brown areolas were crowned with hard little chocolate nipples. Debbie took the closest nipple into her hot mouth squeezing and stroking the other with her left hand.

Jasmine was in heaven. She moaned and sighed, broadcasting her bliss throughout the room as she delighted in the sensations of this lurid scene she’d made. Paul was pushing his ass back when she pushed forward matching her rhythm and intensity. He moaned to himself gently, a properly thirsty butt slut, loving every inch of Jasmine’s cock. Jasmine slid her hand between Debbie’s legs and slipped a long slender finger into her hot wet pussy.

“MMmmM!” Debbie moaned, sucking Jasmine’s warm brown nipple. She lifted her head to kiss Jasmine again and Jasmine reciprocated, their tongues entwining around and around as Jasmine fingered her steamy snatch. Debbie could feel her orgasm rushing in like a freight train. She squeezed Jasmine close, her arms wrapped tightly around her new goddess as her pussy exploded in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. “Hhhmmg!… Hhnnnh!… ohmmm! Oh fu-! Oh Miss Jasmine, yessss!”

Jasmine was grunting audibly now, she held Debbie close as she thrust her rigid lady cock in and out of Paul’s hungry asshole. Paul was muttering something to himself, his face pressed down on the couch seat. He gave a heaving moan and shot his load onto the front or the couch where it splashed to the floor. Jasmine had reached her limit. She decided to give Debbie the full show. Pulling her cock out of Paul’s ass, she grabbed him by the shoulder, spinning him around. (She was so strong, like Wonder Woman with a big cock.)

She aimed her meaty girl dick at Paul and stroked it, squeezing as her hand came down to the tip. “Hu, huh, fffffuck yeah here it comes! Ungh…mMMM! HNNG!” Her cum arced out gracefully again and again landing on Paul’s face, hair and chest. Debbie couldn’t believe the amount of cum Jasmine’s cock had produced. Her body weak now from her own intense orgasm, she sank down to the floor resting on her elbows.

Jasmine gave her cock a few more tugs, sighing a little each time. “Ooh! That was really fucking hot, you guys. Mmm!” she took a deep breath letting it out slowly.

“Well I should get cleaned up.” She said plainly as she rose and walked to the Thompson’s modest bathroom closing the door behind her.

Debbie was still in a daze. She gaped at Paul laying there propped up against the couch. He had taken a tissue from the box on the end table and was mopping Jasmine’s cum off of his face as best he could.

“Did that… really just fucking happen?!” she asked Paul, still trying to calm her breathing.

“Baby,” Paul said with a chuckle “I’ve been asking myself that same question a lot these days.” she laughed with him.

A moment later the bathroom door opened and Jasmine Miabella glided back into their living room.

“Thank you so much for having me over” she said turning to Debbie and Paul in turn. She helped Debbie to her feet and gave her a slight peck on the cheek. “It was wonderful meeting you, Debbie. We simply must get together again soon. Paul, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” she said with a wry grin as she showed herself out of their apartment. They both watched her firm ass and long legs as she turned to leave and disappeared behind the closing door.

“Well I think that went well.” Paul said flatly as Debbie turned to stare at him incredulously, her eyes wide. They both broke into laughter and embraced each other.

“So,” Debbie said kissing him “You’re a butt slut, huh? Tell me more about that.”

He laughed and kissed her back. It had gone well. Better than he’d hoped for.

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