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Subject: The Harding Brothers – Chapter 9 – Cabin Trip Continued CHAPTER 9 – CABIN TRIP CONTINUED Making his way out of the woods, adjusting his tight shorts and jock, Josh came up alongside his brother who was making quick work of unloading the wheelbarrow. Josh could already see that Robby had taken the initiative to pile the cum-streaked logs on the bottom, in the dirt next to the fire pit. Josh watched his brother as he worked; he grimaced, seeing the storm that was swirling inside Robby’s head, and at the thought that he was the one causing it. Josh’s internal monologue was quickly interrupted by their father’s renewed presence. “Hey hey, awesome job boys! That’ll definitely keep us going tonight.” He smiled Josh’s way, and laid his hand gently on Robby’s shoulder. For once, Robby didn’t flinch, or pull away. “Robby you’ve always been strong as an ox! I popped my head out to see how you boys were doing, and I could see you through the trees…” Robby tensed up. “Man, you were just hammering away back there! Very impressive.” Josh choked on his breath, and coughed through soft giggles. Robby felt his mouth fill with saliva, as if he were on the brink of vomiting; Robby’s nerves were shot. “You really can swing an axe, son! And, well…Josh…I hope you didn’t make your brother do ALL the work!” Josh could not restrain a smirk, and just quietly eked out, “No…no Dad…but…he DID do most of it.” Their Dad gently slapped each boy on their bare backs, and then put his hands on his hips, looking downward and nodding, “Well, looks like you worked together and got the job done.” Again, Josh couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. But when he glanced over at Robby, he was met with a piercing, stern look. Josh just grinned, and shrugged his shoulders slightly, with false innocence. He watched with relief as that reaction disarmed his brother. The corners of Robby’s mouth turned up against his will, as he turned his eyes away, shaking his head, and fighting a knowing grin of his own. “Well, this is all ready for later, boys…thanks for your help. Whattaya say….are you up for a hike?” Josh was the first to respond, “Sure Dad!” Robby hesitated, but then also answered in the affirmative, albeit less enthusiastically than his kid brother, “Sure. Why not?” “Great! Well, we’d better get going, if we want to be back before dark. You boys know I’ve been coming up here since I was a kid…I know these woods VERY well. And…this place is REALLY special to your old man…” The boys quietly followed their father’s lead as he parted a small gap in the overgrowth. They each cringed slightly as the initial path took them directly through the same clearing where they’d just had their latest, possibly hottest (and riskiest) encounter yet. Josh tried to look for a reaction on his brother’s face, but saw nothing but Robby’s usual steely reserve. Typical Robby, Josh thought, barely shaking his head. Eventually, Philip led them onto a rough footpath that snaked through the woods in a semi-worn fashion. It was obvious that the path hadn’t been tread in quite some time; the Harding men had to navigate it single file. Philip led the way, with Robby lagging behind by a short distance. Josh, however, kept very close pace to his brother, admiring his ropey back and thick, bulging legs while he had the chance to do so unobserved. But the main detail that caught Josh’s eye was Robby’s rounded, firm, rugby-trained butt. As big and thick as Robby’s cock was, Josh rarely had the opportunity to admire his older brother’s rear. And while Robby’s cock was undoubtedly an impressive instrument, as Josh watched Robby’s glutes flex and sway, stretching his cut-offs, Josh had the sudden realization that for all that cock his brother had to throw around, it was the raw power of his perfect ass that would afford him the power to fuck like a champion. Josh’s mind was suddenly flooded with images of Robby’s naked ass — images of his brother putting those thick, strong, manly muscles to use, to drive his big dick into….someone. ANYONE. That part was less clear and less central to his daydream, which focused solely on the idea of Robby, naked and pumping. Josh’s mind got the better of him and he tripped and stumbled forward, putting his hands out and catching himself against Robby’s naked back. “Shit….s-sorry bro.” Robby turned his head and just rolled his eyes slightly, “Careful klutz.” Josh steadied himself, settling back into the walk. He squeezed his half-hard dick in his shorts and smiled, revelling in the brief fantasy as well as the quiet, quality time with his Dad and brother. As they marched forward, the forest became lusher, and the bugs more omnipresent. To the boys, they seemed to be making their way further and further from the cabin, and the lake, and anything remotely familiar to them. To make matters worse, they seemed to be on a never-ending uphill slope that tested their youthful endurance. Even their Dad was a touch winded, despite having made this exact hike countless times. Both boys grumbled and complained at times about the rough trek, the bugs, the heat, and the fading light. After what seemed like forever, the quasi-path leveled out, and they started walking alongside a meadow of long grass and flowers. The sounds of birds chirping filled the air above the silence of the burgeoning evening. The boys remained silent – apart from their heavy breathing – somewhat stunned by the sudden beauty and calm of their surroundings. They both watched their father stride forward, confidently, clearly knowing exactly where he was headed. Every once in a while, he would turn his head to look back at them, a soft smile across his face. After a couple minutes of this more peaceful part of the journey, the boys watched as their father veered off to the right, up a small, grassy embankment. Robby glanced back at Josh. They exchanged a quick look of “Who knows”, and then followed their Dad up the hill. Once they got over the crest, onto another small clearing, they stepped forward and stopped. Philip Harding was standing just ahead of his sons, hands on his hips. He was a couple feet back from the lip of a shallow cliff, looking outward. The boys watched as he drew his head back on his shoulders and inhaled a long, deep breath of the fresh country air as he surveyed the impressive view. The boys had no idea that this lookout was available as they walked along the grassy meadow just below. They each stepped up close, on either side of their father, as the vista came fully into their view. From their vantage point, the Harding men had a clear, unobstructed view of the lake and the cabin, both of which looked impossibly small given the distance they’d closed. Casting their eyes lower, they could make out the roof of the cabin, and the dock, and even the firepit and the tent that they’d set up for later. The sun was approaching the horizon, sending the sparsely clouded sky into a colorful, luminous vision. Brilliant shades of pink and orange backlit the lingering clouds, with the impending darkness of night gathering overhead, bleeding into the brightness of the evening sky. Both boys noticed, almost immediately, that their father’s demeanour had shifted. They were used to his pride, his confidence, his presence in their lives as an independent and stoic man. But this was something new, something different. He seemed particularly affected by this place, this moment. He was uncharacteristically sentimental; Robby could see it instantly, but even in his youthful naivety, it rapidly tracked with Josh, also. Suddenly, Josh could see where his brother’s natural intensity originated. The boys were speechless. Even Josh, whose excitement at this revelation was palpable, couldn’t think of anything to say; he didn’t even WANT to, so wound up in his thoughts. Neither boy could fathom that they’d never been to this vantage point before. They understood there was a certain gravity to this place and this moment, but they were both still puzzled as to why. As they stood there close together, mutually admiring the natural beauty, Philip Harding draped his meaty arms around each of his son’s shoulders, and drew them in close to him as the three of them gazed out at the spectacular view. “Boys, this hike….this spot….it’s so important to me. You guys know I’ve been coming here since I was a boy. I was still pretty young when your grandparents died. Some people told me to sell the cabin, ‘It’s too much to take care of’, ‘You’re holding onto a dream’…but….I couldn’t imagine not having it in my life. So I kept it. I came up here any chance I got…And now, with you boys…all I want…is to share it with you. BOTH of you. As far as I’m concerned…this place is YOURS…” And as Philip Harding de facto dedicated the cabin and the land to his sons, his thick, strong arms hugged their necks tightly, pressing their cheeks into his stubbled jaw. Josh quietly interjected, “I’d love to bring Maya up here.” Philip beamed at his younger son, sliding his hand up the back of Josh’s head and mussing his damp, sweaty hair. “You are welcome to share this with whoever you like, son,” then Philip regarded Robby, who was leaning away just a bit. His father pulled him back close, again, making pronounced physical contact with his older, more distant son. “That goes for you, too, big man. Anyone you want…maybe…what’s her name? Addison?” Robby stared straight ahead at the lake in the distance, responding with a subtle nod and a strained squint. The Harding father reasserted his hold on his boys’ necks and shoulders, speaking in a hushed tone, “Well, like I said…this place is just full of the happiest memories for me…childhood memories of course…but then after your grandparents passed, I came up here a lot, and those times were hard. I really struggled to see what I was doing with my life, and especially why I would hold onto this place, without them.” The heaviness of their father’s words weighed on each of the boys, especially Robby. Hearing his father express such deep sentiment, and pain, was shaking the deliberate disassociation campaign that he’d been leading for months. The boys listened intently for what was to come next. Philip held a long pause, followed by a heavy sigh. “Then, I met your Mom.” Josh could feel Robby tense up, even though he was on the other side of their Dad. He wanted so badly to be next to him in that moment, to look at his face and see how he would react. To tell him with his eyes that he DID understand. “I remember one of my friends saying, ‘Phil you can’t bring a girl to your cabin on only the third date, that’s creepy!’ But….when I met her, I knew…I just KNEW I had to have şişli travesti her here.” Josh reacted immediately, “Daaaad, ewwwww, GROSS!” “Not like THAT Josh….I mean….eventually, clearly….” Philip chuckled and grasped each of their shoulders. Again, Josh was only thinking of his brother. He peered over at him across the bridge of his Dad’s nose. Robby seemed to stare forward, somewhat expressionless, but with his bottom lip hanging just a little bit, a very familiar, pensive Robby gaze. Their Dad continued. “Anyway….she loved coming here. We both did. So much so that….when it came time for me to take the next step, to ask her to marry me….there was nowhere else that I could possibly think of for that moment to happen. We hiked up here…brought a picnic dinner….and I got down on one knee….” Josh interrupted in apparent shock, “Dad, are you serious? Right here? Here?!” Josh gesticulated with his free left arm, extending it over the cliff’s edge. Philip smiled over at his youngest boy, “Right here, son. She said yes, of course.” Philip chuckled. Josh giggled, momentarily wrapped up in the story of his parents’ burgeoning romance, forgetting about his concern for Robby. “That was the happiest day of my life. At least, up until that point.” Both boys felt another heavy pause. “Of course, that was until a couple years later. Again, we were here, your Mom and I. She hadn’t been feeling too good and I was surprised that she wanted to do the hike.” Josh hung on every word, staring at his father as he spoke. “Then….on a night just like tonight…..she gave me the best news I had ever heard. She sat right over there….” Glancing over at a big flat rock right near the cliff’s edge, all three of them looking together, picturing her, “She looked up at me, she smiled at me, and she said, `Philip, you’re going to be a father.'” Time froze. Josh processed what he had just heard. He almost didn’t hear himself speaking. “You…you mean….” Philip nodded, smiling softly. “That’s right. Right here, this very spot. Two of the best things to ever happen to me. A little over a year later we hiked up here with Robby strapped to my chest for the first time….” Philip looked at Robby affectionately, but the gravity of the moment forced the older boy to instantly avert his eyes. Philip looked back out over the spectacular view. “I had to bring you guys here….I’ve neglected to do it for so long…for you especially Robby…it’s an important part of our family’s history…of YOUR history…” For Josh’s part, he felt the love, the connection, the bond forming between them, and rubbed his Dad’s back as he quietly added, “It’s amazing, Dad. Thank you SO much for showing this to us…” Josh tilted his head forward so he could lock eyes with Robby, and when they did, Josh saw an abrupt panic wash down Robby’s face. Philip went to speak again, but he could barely form a word; without any warning, Robby sharply ripped himself away from his father’s embrace. Philip and Josh turned quickly to face him, only to a red-faced, bare-chested Robby staring back at them. He was breathing so fast, and Josh felt like he could somehow his brother’s heart pounding out of his well-built chest. The stare lasted only a moment, as Robby again drew his gaze down and his breath caught like he was about to cry, or hyperventilate, or both. Philip spoke calmly, almost as if he knew to expect the sudden physical outburst. “Robby, I know. I know how you’re feeling. And I didn’t mean to make you upset….please….I’ve missed you. Missed you both, so much. And I just wanted to…” And before Philip could finish his sentence, Robby turned, and bolted. Down over the crest that they had climbed up upon, and instantly out of sight. Josh lunged forward. “ROBBY!!!” He felt his Dad’s hand grasp his upper arm, but Josh pulled away, and called out again as he stumbled forward, “ROBBY WAIT! STOP!” But by the time Josh got to the embankment, back down into the meadow, Robby was nowhere to be seen. He was long gone. Philip sauntered down the embankment, frowning, catching up to Josh. “Josh….Josh he’ll be alright…let him go. He needs space. This was, maybe a lot for him to take in.” Josh swung around, his fists clenched, his handsome young face balled with concern. “But DAD…he NEEDS us!” “Josh…you are a very thoughtful young man, but Robby is…he’s older than you. And he’s a different person. He’s handling…everything…differently from you. The best thing we can do for Robby right now is give him space. If…if he wants to go home….I’ll take him back in the morning.” Josh fumed in place. His face, neck and chest felt hot. He gritted his teeth, swallowing his father’s words, wanting to shout at him that he knew Robby better than his Dad EVER could. He felt angry at his father for making Robby so upset. He felt a desire to comfort his brother. He felt confusion and disillusionment with Robby for reacting so strongly and so negatively to something so beautiful. In the end, he simply walked, next to his father, listening to his reassurances, as the light faded and they made their way down the escarpment, through the forest, back towards the cabin. And as he walked, and half-listened to his Dad’s idle commentary, in typical Josh fashion, his mood softened, and he felt himself leaning more and more into his dear old man, physically and emotionally. As the sunset painted the sky above them, Philip made small talk with Josh, asking more questions about he and Robby, how they’d been getting along, about Maya, about Addison; school; living with mom, their new house. After one subject or another, and a couple minutes of relative silence, with only the forest floor crunching under their feet, Philip sighed heavily and said, “It’s just a LOT for him to take in. Maybe I laid it on too thick. I just…I’ve been so bad about showing you boys attention…I’m TRYING to make up for it.” Josh could swear his big, manly father was welling up with tears, and Josh responded by throwing his arms sideways around his Dad’s chest, still walking, in a hug. “I love you, Dad. Robby does too. He just…he’s bad with…feelings. You’re right….he’ll come around.” His son’s kind words reassured the elder Harding. He beamed, rubbing Josh’s shoulders with both hands. “I know, son. Just remember…this place? It’s just as much yours and Robby’s as it is mine. I hope you both find a way to make as many happy and vivid memories here as I was lucky enough to make.” Josh couldn’t help but stifle a giggle, and grin childishly into his father’s chest, thinking about the specific type of memories that they had already made just that weekend. In the living room….on the dock….on the kitchen counter….in the bedroom….in the woods…..and as he felt his dick swell in his pants, and his grin spread across his face uncontrollably, he let himself wonder how many more of those memories they may be able to make in the future. Then Josh’s mind travelled back to the image of Robby bolting from the ridge just a few minutes earlier. He pulled his arms back from around his Dad’s chest, straightening up and walking quicker. Josh said with relaxed concern, “We need to get back…make sure Robby’s okay…” Philip returned a reassuring tone, “He just needed a head start. He needed time to process. He’ll be fine, son.” But Josh’s mind was made up. He was impatient to see his brother. Impatience turned to quiet desperation; to confirm that his brother was alright, but also hoping, deep in his heart, that they might have a few precious moments to talk openly and unencumbered before their father’s inevitable arrival. Josh felt his father fall back, allowing his youngest son to chase after his eldest. Josh broke into a jog, and started to sweat from the lingering evening heat. Random briars nicked at his slick, smooth arms, but between his concern for his brother and his fear that his father was pursuing him, he sped up. Hoping he had somehow closed the distance between himself and his brother, he called out urgently, “Robby…? …ROBBY?!” When his calls went unanswered, Josh broke into a sprint, finally reaching the extended grassy clearing that formed the rugged lawn surrounding the cabin. Josh slowed his jog, his breathing heavy. With the sun having just set, there was still some light in the sky, and especially a warm hue along the calm water of the lake. But as he drew closer to the cabin, it was the warm glow of a raging fire in the firepit that drew Josh’s instant attention. And there, standing watch over it, was Robby. Josh ran towards the fire light, but stopped about 50 feet short, ducking behind a large tree to observe his brother in secret. Josh watched his brother’s shirtless, sweaty, meaty muscle body hard at work, flexing and relaxing as he lifted and positioned heavy wedges of firewood into a perfect canopy atop the growing fire. Josh couldn’t help but wonder: were any of those wedges the ones that he had splattered cum onto, when Robby had expertly and relentlessly rutted an orgasm out of him a couple hours before? The sight, the thought, the smell of the fresh country air and the deepening hues of the slowly setting sun were making Josh feel a level of excitement he had never experienced before. He stayed concealed behind the tree, satisfied Robby was all right, was FINE, and attempting – however futilely – to keep his eager, excitable young member from growing any harder than it already was. He reached down and gave his increasingly turgid teenaged cock a conciliatory squeeze, also trying to adjust it so it wouldn’t bulge his shorts quite so brazenly. But as he gazed at his brother, bare-chested, the light of the fire dancing against his damp, salty skin, staring somewhat vacantly into what he had accomplished — there was no use. Josh was, yet again, hard as a rock. He sighed as he leaned into the tree, totally incapable of taking his hand away from his aching, eager erection. A sudden, clumsy crack alerted Josh to his father’s approaching presence. The young Harding quickly tugged his boner up at an oblique angle, looking down as he secured his swollen, wet knob in the elastic waistband of his shorts. He looked back, and saw his father emerge from the treeline. Josh walked over casually, halting his father. “Robby’s okay,” he whispered as he glanced back over shoulder, adding, “…but…just…give him a few more minutes.” Philip smiled at his younger son, impressed by his intuition, even though he had no inkling of where that intuition was borne. Still, he heeded his youngest’s advice, and they stood side-by-side, admiring Robby’s efforts from a distance. As Robby engineered the bonfire, beylikdüzü travesti he fumed in his mind. Specifically about his father’s contrived effort to bond with he and Josh, but also, subconsciously, on a level Robby couldn’t even acknowledge, he was angry that their father’s presence was an impediment to the odd turn his relationship with his younger brother had taken. Robby had yet to fully address it, and it welled him with an intense guilt. He was OLDER. He KNEW BETTER. But he still let Josh lead him on, manipulate him. He couldn’t understand why, or even ponder the question in his conscious mind. Robby was tortured by the pleasure his brother had so freely and lovingly given him. As Robby adjusted the tower of catching firewood with a sturdy stick, his father and brother finally emerged from their concealment. Philip stood back, and watched with pride as Josh strolled up next to Robby and draped his right arm over Robby’s broad shoulder. “DAMN, bro! You got THIS fire going THAT fast?” Robby bristled but also grinned at the suggestion of Josh’s comment. Robby slid his left arm across Josh’s back and gripped just above his hip. Robby looked down into the growing fire, and responded with a simple smile and nod. Philip was so happy to see his boys so close, so copacetic, he suddenly felt like an intruder. Especially after the upset he’d inadvertently provoked in Robby, he knew he needed to extricate himself from the evening. But he still wanted to make one more bonding gesture. He walked silently past his sons, and into the cabin. Josh turned his head, following his father with his eyes; Robby maintained a steady vigil on the fire. “He really loves you, you know,” Josh whispered as he turned back forward and nuzzled into his brother’s side. Robby sighed, “Josh…I know. But…that…that’s not always enough.” “Well,” Josh hugged tighter to his brother’s side, “I love you, too…and I sure hope THAT’S enough.” In that moment, Robby fully understood the total, unconditional devotion of his little brother. He drew his big hand up Josh’s side, and mussed his still-damp hair. Robby pressed his nose into the messy, dirty blonde haystack atop Josh’s head, and responded with a long, slow, and deep inhalation of his brother’s scent. For an instant, they were truly together, as one. Then, the sound of the cabin door opening interrupted their reverie. Their Dad came out, in one hand he held a bottle. In the other, his fingers clenched together three highball glasses. He smirked as he walked up to the boys, and regarded the bottle of whiskey he’d brought out. “I could have sworn there was more in this bottle…but…it’s still enough.” Josh disengaged from his brother, smiling at Robby, then watching their father pour three drinks as he added, “You boys are old enough for this. This…” and Philip handed Robby a glass, then Josh, and held his up, “This is goodnight, boys. This is…I love you.” Philip clinked his glass to Robby’s, then Josh’s, and the three of them drank together. Philip and Robby savored their sips; Josh winced as he downed his in a single gulp. Philip laughed, and mussed Josh’s hair. “Buddy…you’re supposed to SIP it, not just…this isn’t some college bar with plastic cups!” Robby actually chuckled at his Dad’s joke, and took another sip from his glass. Philip reached out and gripped Robby’s bare shoulder, “See? Robby gets it.” Josh just grinned. Philip and Robby finished their drinks, and Philip collected the glasses. “All right…well…the tent’s up. You boys…stay up as long as you like. Just…make sure that fire’s out before you go to sleep.” As Philip hesitantly walked away, Robby assured him, “We will, Dad. Goodnight.” “Goodnight, boys. I…” Philip hesitated as he walked up the stairs, “Sleep well. See you in the morning.” As Philip opened the door, Josh called out, “WE LOVE YOU, DAD!” Robby winced, and Philip smiled. “Love you guys. Don’t stay up too late, okay?” And with that, Philip Harding went into the cabin, closing the door and leaving his sons to their own devices. Josh watched the cabin lights switch off, and giggled as he turned to Robby, quietly asking, “Oh my God…do you think he knew we drank most of that last night?” Robby finally cracked a smirk, “Oh, yeah. He knew. Probably why he brought it out here in the first place.” Robby prodded the fire in concert with his pointed comment. Josh stepped up next to Robby, his slim smooth chest puffed out; after their previous night of copious drinking, the one drink their Dad gave them was already affecting Josh, giving him that good old Dutch courage. “WHY do you HATE Dad so much?” Robby groaned and poked at the fire harder. “Josh…I don’t HATE him…but…he can’t…he can’t just IGNORE us for YEARS then USE us to feel GOOD about himself!” “But…” Josh stepped closer to Robby, and rubbed his hand gently up Robby’s bare arm, “We ARE good. YOU’RE good. He’s…he’s just proud of you. He loves you…” Josh stared at his brother’s unrelenting gaze on the fire. Josh really meant to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ but he couldn’t bring himself to. If Robby could so easily reject their father, then how expendable was he as a brother? As that realization flashed across Josh’s fevered young mind, he drew his hand away. With a sad scowl on his face, he slinked from Robby and made his way to the tent. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, unzipped the tent and climbed in silently before zipping it back closed behind him. Robby felt tense and regretful of his own words as he felt Josh withdraw from him physically and emotionally. The absence of Josh’s hand on his arm literally pained Robby, enough that he looked back at the tent longingly, knowing his little brother was there, hurt, confused, and alone. The thought nagged at Robby, and after a tense ten minutes, he finally collapsed the firewood with his stick. He watched as the flames slowly died into glowing embers. Then he went and grabbed a bucket, filling it with water from the spigot protruding from the back of the cabin. Robby carried it dutifully to the firepit, and slowly, thoroughly doused the fire. He sighed as he watched the embers smolder and die. Robby walked over to the tent and pulled off his own boots and socks, then parted the flaps and entered. Josh was laid out, his arms stretched back and bent, his hands cradling the back of his head. His long, smooth legs were outstretched and crossed, and he stared blankly up at the top of the tent. Josh had arranged both their sleeping bags alongside one another, both spread open, with his overlapping Robby’s just a bit. Robby stretched his body out on top of his sleeping bag, mirroring Josh’s position. The boys’ musks from a day of swimming, hiking, firebuilding and….other activities….mixed and filled the tent. Josh inhaled deeply, and turned his head towards his brother as he exhaled. His eyes were slightly glazed from the whiskey buzz, and he smiled contentedly. Robby smiled back, and rolled onto his side, facing Josh. “Are you okay?” Josh responded by uncrossing his legs, and rubbing his foot against Robby’s. “I’m good, bro,” Josh slurred, “Are YOU good?” Robby nodded. Josh’s smile gradually grew to an exaggerated grin. “Dad asleep…fire’s out?” “Yeah,” Robby whispered, and reached over, stroking his brother’s cheek with his thumb. “Don’t worry. Everything is okay.” “Yeah it will, but will YOU?” Josh asked with intense conviction as he drew up onto his side, his chin cradled on his fist. Robby drew his hand back from Josh’s face, but left it resting close by. But Robby’s face betrayed his relaxed posture. And Josh could see it. He asked again, more insistent, emphasizing every word, “Seriously. ARE. YOU. OKAY.” Robby sighed, and rolled back onto his back. He was having a very difficult time looking at his brother, asking THAT question, after all the tumult of the day: their father’s return, spontaneously fucking his brother’s buttcrack in the woods, hiking with their father to the lookout where he proposed to their mother AND learned he was to be a father. So much had happened, on Josh’s birthday, no less, and Robby felt an intense guilt. He inhaled the scented air, and smelled both of them, and finally gathered the courage to ask, “Josh…that…stuff…we…we’ve done…I…I don’t…I don’t MAKE you do it,” Robby turned his head to look at Josh, who still held a steady, adorable grin that squinted up under his dark, flashing eyes. “Do I?” Robby reiterated. The direness on Robby’s face made Josh laugh. “Bro…” Josh began, and he scooted up to Robby, draping his top leg over his brother’s, “…when have you been able to MAKE me do ANYTHING?” Robby stared up at the top of the tent, and smiled as he felt his brother snuggle closer to him. Josh rested his hand on Robby’s navel, and rubbed it in a slow, circular reassuring touch, enjoying the drag of Robby’s body hair against his soft palm. “I mean, you do MAKE me…but…not like you’re saying.” Robby looked back over at Josh quizzically, trying to understand. “Wait, what? So…do I or don’t I…make you…?” Josh slid his hand lower, and caressed the bulge of Robby’s half-hard cock in his cut-offs. Robby’s eyes closed, and he squirmed and moaned softly, feeling Josh grip, squeeze, and tug his big cock into full erection. Robby also felt Josh dig his own hard cock into his hip, humping gently against his older brother as he felt his cock grow hard in his shorts. “THIS makes me…” Josh slowly unbuttoned and unzipped Robby’s shorts, and thrust his hand into Robby’s underwear. Josh clasped Robby’s cock at the base, pulling it free and clear of his shorts and underwear. Josh pumped it up and down slowly, rhythmically, smearing the precum Robby’s slit started leaking down his thick, throbbing shaft. Josh rutted his cock harder against his brother’s hip as he wanked him sensually, sliding his lips to Robby’s earlobe, making gentle contact. Josh purred. “Your big hot fucking COCK makes me…CRAZY…” and Josh whimpered and nibbled Robby’s ear, eliciting a moan from Robby. “God, it’s so fffucking HOT,” Josh sat up, and he and Robby both watched as Josh stroked his brother’s nearly nine inch cock faster, making Robby’s big hairy nuts jiggle out over the waistband of his underwear. Somewhat, after everything they’d done, Robby hadn’t seen this coming. As the feeling of his brother’s grip on his dick caused his pulse to race, the hair on his arms to stand up and goosebumps to form along his exposed stomach, Robby stared into Josh’s face wondrously, amazed by his brother’s unrelenting sexual energy. As he watched Josh get more and more worked up and feeding off of the feel of his big cock istanbul travesti hardening, it dawned on him just how genuine and primal Josh’s urges towards him really were. Josh simply couldn’t help himself. Josh was literally panting and moaning as a reaction to stroking his cock — to giving HIM pleasure. In that moment, Robby, uncharacteristically, found it within himself to feel pride and strength in this fact. His typical embarrassment or even disgust for his own sexual powers gave way, if only partly, to a rush of immodesty and self-esteem, as he watched his brother practically drool as he stared at his rock hard instrument. In this wave of pleasure and with his ego boosted, Robby rolled himself onto his back, Josh’s hand never leaving his throbbing dick. He pushed his cut-offs and underwear further down his thick, hairy legs, kicking them the rest of the way off, leaving him fully naked on top of his sleeping bag, and spread his legs wider. He brought one hand up behind his head and placed the other on Josh’s shoulder, squeezing it softly. This made Josh finally draw his eyes away from the cock he was so diligently stroking, to look Robby in the eye. Robby gave a subtle, but definite nod. This sent Josh into a frenzy. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He growled out in complete desperation, as he leaned forward and slurped his brother’s briny, sweaty cockhead into his eager mouth. Again, Robby was somehow caught off guard, despite having just invited the act. He threw his head back and moaned, threading his thick fingers through Josh’s hair. Josh responded by sucking slower, and even lower, turning to make erotic eye contact with his brother. Josh sucked with relish, savoring the flavor, knowing full well his brother had just hours ago fucked his cock between his glutes, and scraped the rim of his tight cherry asshole, and made him cum over their firewood by doing it. Robby sat up on his elbows, panting, and watched Josh dive his warm velvet mouth deeper onto Robby’s member. “Ohhhfffuck Joshhh yeaahh ohhh bro yeah SUCK me SUCK my fucking DICK!” And suddenly Robby balled his fist in Josh’s hair and began thrusting vigorously up into Josh’s mouth. Josh gagged and drooled down Robby’s balls, his eyes welling with tears, but he relaxed his throat and took his brother’s cock with total abandon. Robby had shoved his knee into Josh’s crotch, and was using it to rub off his little brother’s own oversized erection. “Ohh FUCK,” Robby panted, “you’re SO fucking HARD just from SUCKING me?” “MMMNN MMMNNN MMMPPHHH” Josh moaned repeatedly on his brother’s dick, as Robby relented control. Josh pulled off with a lurid, juicy pop, and licked around Robby’s knob as he stared up in awe, “Robby…I can’t…I can’t take it anymore…” Robby’s chest heaved as he panted, looking down at Josh, with lust and confusion. And suddenly, Josh was on his feet, dropping his shorts and letting his own almost eight inch cock spring free of its nylon confines. And before Robby could even form a question, Josh spread his legs around Robby’s hips, straddling him, rubbing his cock along the fuzzy cleavage of Robby’s abs. Josh’s upturned, rounded jock ass spread, and his smooth, sweaty trench pushed Robby’s cock up along its cleft. Both boys moaned together. Josh slapped his left hand onto Robby’s meaty pec, and clawed at it insistently. He put his sweaty forehead to Robby’s and they made close, intense eye contact as Robby felt Josh reach back with his right hand, and grip Robby’s shaft. Josh positioned Robby’s knob right onto his twitching rim. Robby’s eyes bulged, and his big, strong hands rubbed Josh’s hips. “Bro…are…are you sure? You…you want me to…” But Josh was too possessed, he ignored the question. He sat up, his hard cock protruding obscenely from his slim body, a glimmering strand of precum trailing from his slit to Robby’s abs. Josh whimpered and whined as he angled his ass and Robby’s cock, until they aligned just right, and the pressure of Josh’s body weight started to spread his hole around his brother’s fat, slimy knob. Josh grunted as he felt it pop past his outer hole, and moaned as it dragged into the smooth lava inside of his guts. He pawed Robby’s flexing pecs madly as he sunk lower, feeling sensations he never knew were possible. “OHHH FFUUCCKK ROBBY…HHNNGHHH YOU’RE SO…FUCKING…BIGGGHHHHHFFF” “JOSH PLEASE…YOU…CAN’T…DON’T…” But again, Josh just took it as motivation, a dare even. And with one final downward thrust, Josh had his brother’s full length and girth buried balls deep in his tender, teenage ass. Josh squirmed on Robby’s massive tool, his taut hole tugging it around, his own cock quivering and rock hard, swaying over Robby’s body. Robby dug his fingers into Josh’s tight, round, milky cheeks, and groped them firmly. Josh squirmed and moaned, eyes wide and mouth agape. “OHHH GOD JOSH YOU…YOU HAVE ALL OF ME.. INNN…YOOUUUU MMMNNN” Robby cried, and Josh flopped down onto his older brother, panting, “OHHH GODD ROBBY…ROBBY FFFF FFFUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Robby GROWLED at his brother’s hot directive, and instantly flipped him over, pinning his slender legs back. And with sudden gusto, Robby started DRIVING his huge aching prick into his little brother’s wanting hole, Josh matching each of Robby’s guttural grunts with high pitched whimpered moans. As their fuck gathered speed and intensity, Josh clawed his nails down Robby’s back. “FUCK YEAH LIKE THAT JUST LIKE THAT FUCK ME FUCK MY FFFUCKING ASS” “JOSH OH GOD YOU…FEEL…SO…GOOD…BRO…” Robby thrusted deliberately into his brother with every grunted word. Suddenly, Josh was bucking up against Robby, his legs curled tight around his brother’s. Robby could feel Josh frotting his hot, wet, impossibly hard dick against his sweaty abs. The throbs in Josh’s shaft matched the pulsing tug of his hole, and Josh hugged tightly to his muscled, hulking brother with both arms and legs, tensing and convulsing. Robby felt intensely aware of every move his brother was making. Of every sound coming out of his mouth. Of the silence around them in the tent. This was not a hazy, fumbling deed that might feel like a dream later on. This was fucking happening. His cock was inside Josh’s ass. And Josh was going completely WILD. As strands of his hair flopped in front of his face, Robby kept his eyes firmly planted on his brother’s face, feeling a burning need to take in each changing expression, each change in pitch in his voice. Robby had not been very present in the weeks leading up to this trip, but goddamnit, he was hyper present right in that moment. Suddenly, Robby saw Josh’s eyes open wide, staring up at him. He felt Josh move against him more urgently, slapping his ass up and down his brother’s cock at a pace that almost felt out of his control, completely uninhibited. Josh reached up and gripped his brother’s biceps, hard enough to leave bruises. Robby could feel Josh was almost shaking. Josh stared into Robby’s eyes, wild and wide-eyed. “OHH FUCK ROBBY….FUCKK…..I’M…..FUCK I DON’T KNOW….I’M…FUCK I THINK I’M….GONNA CUMMM….YOU’RE GONNA MMMMAKE ME…..FFFUCKING CUMMMM BRROOOO” Something about Josh’s desperation forced Robby to switch into duty mode. He didn’t completely understand what was happening, but he knew what he needed to do. With Josh still throwing his ass all over his rock hard fuckstick, Robby reached down, grabbed hold of Josh’s hips, and pinned him to the sleeping bag. Josh groaned and whimpered in panic, but the reprieve only lasted a couple seconds. Robby reared his hips back, and PLOWED hard and fast into Josh, repeatedly, mimicking the same wild pace that Josh had been exhibiting a moment earlier. The difference was, whereas Josh had been thrashing, hitting at different angles and with varying speed, Robby was now drilling his dick STRAIGHT in and out of Josh’s ass, rhythmically, deliberately, like the fuck machine that Josh had been imagining as he stumbled through the woods earlier that evening. Josh TOSSED his head back and practically screamed, his fingertips digging into Robby’s biceps even harder. He was completely overwhelmed by the force of Robby’s fuck, but at the same time, it was everything he could have ever imagined it to be and more. And then, with his eyes clamped shut and his head spinning, Josh heard his brother’s voice groan out, “Yeah…Yeah Josh….do it….DO IT…fuck….fucking….CUM FOR ME BROOO ….CUM FOR ME….FUCK” Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His head pitched forward, his eyes opened, re-registering what his hot older brother, his idol, his obsession, was doing to him, and what he was ASKING him to do. And as their eyes locked, he felt Robby go HARDER. Josh yelped, his breath caught, and he could no longer make sound. Robby stared into him intense and spoke again. “C’mon Josh! CUM FOR ME!” And Robby watched Josh’s face become wracked with overwhelming pleasure, his eyes drooping and eyelids closing partway. And then he felt a sudden hot, wet explosion against his body, accompanied by Josh’s involuntary moaning. Robby continued to thrash and buck, as Josh’s freshly fucked asshole jerked on his brother’s massive dick with every spurt of cum he shot between them. Robby felt it all: the slick, hot track of Josh’s load all over them, Josh’s still hard cock frotting along the ridges of Robby’s tensed, hairy abs, Josh’s hole practically begging to be filled with cum with the way it hugged and sucked on his driving pole. And it overwhelmed Robby, and he shoved Josh’s legs back roughly and plunged deep, groaning as he started to fuck his ample load into his little brother’s hungry hole. “OH FUCK….I’M CUMMING….I’M CUMMING INSIDE….IN YOUR ASS….OH FUCK JOSH…..TAKE…MY…FUCKING…CUM…BRO…FUCK…FUCKK…FFFUUUCCCKKK” And Josh watched in amazement as Robby drove in one final, brutal time, and collapsed onto his slender brother, letting the last of his load be drained from his cumtube by Josh’s milking hole. Panting uncontrollably, drenched in sweat and Josh’s cum, they clung to each other. They embraced tightly and rolled onto their sides, kissing feverishly, their legs entangled, their tongues dueling. Both of them moaning and heaving against each other, Josh’s ass refusing to release Robby’s cock. Gradually, their make out slowed, and became more tender as both boys finally relaxed. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, Robby caressing Josh’s ass while Josh rubbed Robby’s bulging arms. Finally, they stopped kissing, and Josh nuzzled his face into Robby’s shoulder, and wiggled against him, emphasizing the load Robby had just fucked out of him. “Now THAT…THAT you definitely…MADE me do.” And Josh giggled, and Robby chuckled, and they sighed together, and quickly fell into fitful sleep, one still inside the other. The air was hot and humid, acrid with the stink of fresh boy sex. But the musk was comforting. The Harding brothers had officially bonded.

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