The Intern


I was talking to one of my colleagues when Aileen, the rather loud HR manager, brought him into the office with a big “Hi all!”. Everyone looked up from their workstations and saw a rather unassuming, but handsome boy, in what was clearly a new suit following her through the door. He looked around, careful to avoid eye contact, and then bowed his head shyly as Aileen announced in her booming voice that this was Clark the new graduate intern, and he would be with us for six weeks over the summer.I checked him out as he raised his head and looked around at the crowd of nosey faces. He nervously said how he was really pleased to meet us and was looking forward to working with us. As he did so, our eyes met and I flashed him one of my killer smiles. It was a fleeting moment, because he looked away as fast as he could, but there was a barely detectable falter in his voice, and I was sure that his cheeks had reddened.My name is Gill, and I’m the manager of a small team of writing agents. I am happily married, but recent events have changed my perception of what that really means, especially regarding fidelity. I did think about throwing a tantrum and chucking my errant husband out, but I quickly realised that would hardly be in my best interests as we get on really well, enjoy being together and have a fabulous house in The Heights.We met at college, became friends and gravitated into being a couple, getting married soon after collecting our degrees. He got a position in sales with a large engineering company and I was lucky to get a break and join the firm I’m still with when it was just starting up. We both put our careers first and, I would say, I am quite successful, with a good reputation in my field. My husband changed companies a few times, and is now head of sales. Together we are not short of anything.Looking back I can see how with my husband often away it was easy to drift apart, especially sexually, but it was not something that particularly bothered me. I had my toys and romantic novels and that was quite enough apart from one thing. Now that I had turned forty I did sometimes regret not having children, but I was a good aunt to my sister’s kids and that filled a gap. It was not a big thing really, just a regret, and it made me realise that we should try hard to make sure that we avoid having regrets whenever we can. On the other hand, the lack of children and a good personal trainer had allowed me to keep my figure and I still looked pretty young for my age. You can call me vain, but that was pretty important to me.I was out with my best friend one evening and the subject of children came up. She was childless too, but then she was also a bit of a party animal. Without prying too deeply she asked about my sex life, and I was shocked to hear myself telling her that I hardly ever had sex, and when I did it was usually I who initiated it. I did hold back from telling her how completely unsatisfactory it was though, and, believe me, it was. She looked at me and didn’t mince her words, telling me straight out that my husband must be getting it elsewhere. She knew the signs. She had been through it herself.I was pretty shocked as she had never told me about that before and I heard myself ask why she was still with him. When she replied that what was ‘good for the goose was good for the gander’, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped as I realised what she was telling me. I knew she went out a lot, in fact I’d even been out with her on several occasions, but clubbing was not my thing and I’d always left early, not before I had witnessed her quite outrageous flirting though. She smiled and carried on, holding my hands across the table as she explained that she had no regrets at all and was happier than ever.“You see,” she added, “as a woman, if you want a particular guy, it’s really easy to get him. They are just so weak willed. A little bit of seduction and they are all yours. And let me tell bahis siteleri you, I love it. I love the seduction thing, and as for the sex, well once you get them all worked up, well you know, it’s simply the best sex ever!” I smiled weakly. I could hardly agree with her, I had no idea!We talked a bit longer and she told me about some of her conquests. I began to realise that I was not only getting rather excited, I was also becoming rather envious. As we were leaving I leant in for our usual platonic kiss, but she placed her hand on my cheek and turned my face, kissing me gently on the lips instead, lingering far longer than I expected. She eventually pulled back, as I was paralysed, waves of heat rushing through my body at the soft and sensual touch of her lips on mine.Having released me from her spell, she smiled very sweetly, clasped both my hands and left without another word. I stood motionless for a while, unable to comprehend how turned on I was, not by her stories, or even her kiss, but by the idea of actually seducing someone. I read about it all the time, and it always turned me on, but I had never experienced it myself, I had never seduced anyone.During the following week a bit of detective work revealed that my husband was regularly seeing an escort. Somewhat strangely I was pleased that this other woman was a line in a bank statement rather than a trail of explicit messages. It made the whole thing about sex, not love, and I could cope with that. There was another, more important reason though, it completely removed those nagging feelings of guilt that were holding me back from doing what I so wanted to do. All I needed now was to find the right man, and I think I just had.Not wishing to appear too hasty, I popped round to see Aileen that afternoon. Clark was doing some photocopying outside her office. I stood for a while checking him out. He was tall, fairly well built, and well groomed. He must have sensed me looking at him as he turned round and I quickly responded.“Hi Clark! Don’t get too attached to that copier, I think I’ve got something you could help me with. I’m just going to talk to A about it.” I ensured that I put my killer smile to good effect and I adored the way he blushed. He had a handsome face, but it was super cute when he blushed! Far too cute!On Wednesday morning, precisely on time, he appeared at my open office door and peeked in.“Hello Mrs Delaney, Aileen told me to come over as you had something you needed some help with.”“Oh! Hi Clark! Yes, come in. Let me make us a coffee and I’ll explain what I’d like you to look at for me.”I made him a coffee and sat him at the spare desk in the corner of my office before bringing my chair round to sit next to him. I had certainly made an extra effort that morning to look and feel the best I could and I’m sure the girls outside had noticed. I was wearing a cream blouse unbuttoned just enough to reveal the top of my black lacy bra. It was loose enough that when I leant forward, my cleavage was tastefully displayed. I had put on a short skirt in a light flowing ditsy material that showed off my legs, especially when I was seated, and was wearing the heels that I kept under my desk for meetings. Oh, and just to be clear, the bra was part of a matching lingerie set which included a garter belt that was doing a very efficient job of keeping my lace top stockings high enough to be decent.When I went to sit down I noticed him looking me up and down and felt a slight tingle. I began to show him how the software worked, leaning over him so that he would inhale my perfume. As he typed, I leant forward to point things out, but to also give him a better view of my breasts. I fidgeted in my chair, ensuring that my skirt rode-up and revealed my lacy stocking tops. I saw him checking them out and when his eyes returned to the screen I was pleased to see some clear evidence that I was exciting him.He was a bright lad and picked canlı bahis siteleri the work up quickly so it was time to let him get on with it. I stood and, with a quick, “Ooooh! I’m sorry!”, designed specifically to draw attention to my exposed stockings and suspender belt, I brushed my skirt down, inwardly smiling at his sweet reddening face. I went to my desk and began to review the profile of a potential client, glancing over at Clark as he diligently got on with the task I had given him. I had positioned myself carefully so that he could see my legs, but to be fair, he really did focus on the work.I took him for a panini and coffee at the nearby Italian Deli for lunch and asked him about himself. He was the son of one of our clients, had completed a degree in American literature and film, and was renting an apartment on the west side of town. I asked about a girlfriend, and when he said he didn’t have one at the moment, I expressed surprise, and assured him that someone with such good looks, style and prospects would be fighting them off. His lovely blushing face told me I had hit my mark.As we walked back to the office, laughing and chatting, I felt his fear of me subsiding, that he was beginning to feel more relaxed in my company. He was now quite comfortable calling me Gill and even told me a few funny stories. I thought about all those chick-lit paperbacks I had read and how I was now living my very own story, and how absolutely amazing it felt. I wanted so much to reach out and hold his hand, but I knew that I had some more work to do, so I simply enjoyed the incredible lightness in my steps, as if I was truly walking on air.The afternoon was busy and I had a couple of meetings to attend so left Clark to his own devices. When I got back, he leapt up to greet me and asked me if I would like a coffee and cake from Starbucks. He wanted to thank me for making him so welcome, and for buying his lunch. I graciously accepted his offer, but suggested we should both go out and get it as it was so much nicer to take it in the shop with proper cups and plates, let alone kinder to the planet. He smiled when I said that, and over our break I found out that we both loved carrot cake and that he was quite an environmentalist.The next day Clark gave me an update on progress over another enjoyable lunch. I was not short of clothes and was, yet again, dressed to impress, or rather seduce. He, on the other hand, was clearly the owner of just one suit and no iron. He continued to become more relaxed in my company and I discovered that he had a great sense of humour. One of his stories had me almost crying and I reached out and held his arm.“Oh, Clark, please no more, I’m going to have to check my face, you’ve made me laugh so much!”I timed our arrival back at the office to perfection. It was peak time in the lobby as people returned en-masse from their break and the elevators were crowded. I dragged him into one urgently, despite the lack of space, enjoying the feeling of him close to me. When the doors opened on the next floor, my boss was waiting outside so I made some room for her to get in. It was so naughty having Clark’s body pressed against mine, especially the rather hard part pressing right against my hip and my inner smile was making me glow just a little. I apologised to Clark when we got out, but this time it was I who was blushing.This sort of thing went on for the rest of the week. My team really liked him, and I had noticed that Mandy was taking every opportunity she could to interact with him. I asked him about her, but he hadn’t even noticed, and I was quite relieved. I could see that the database Clark had been tidying up was already looking in really good shape and if I wanted to keep him around me a bit longer then I would need to find something else for him to do as he would be done in a couple of days. I went to see my boss.Friday was dress down day and the office always canlı bahis closed a bit early too, it was publishing after all! I asked Clark if he fancied a quick drink and added that there was something I wanted to discuss with him about an opportunity next week. I have to admit that I had rather spruced myself up in anticipation and, even I, had wondered if the mini dress I was wearing that day was a bit much. All the comments from the girls were quite flattering and sincere though which boosted my confidence no end. Clark was also looking very nice in a polo shirt and chinos.We only had a couple of drinks, but they were margaritas! I complimented him on his work and how efficient he was. He gave me the cutest smile ever and again I felt myself redden slightly, not least at what I was about to say. I explained that next week there was a two day publisher conference in a nearby resort and that if he was interested, I would see if I could get the go-ahead for him to come along with me to see how these events worked. It would involve staying overnight. I think it took a little while for him to process what I had said, after all, it was a bit out of the blue. Perhaps it just seemed longer because of my anticipation, but I was delighted when his face broke into a smile.“Wow Gill, that would be amazing, really, I don’t know how to thank you!”Although my mind had wandered briefly onto all the ways I imagined he could thank me, I added that even though I had got it tentatively approved, I would sort out the details next week. My boss had been fine with it. She really wanted to keep Clark’s father happy and she had already received feedback that he was really enjoying his time with the firm, and especially working with me. We stood up to leave as I was going to the theatre with my husband. It was a slightly awkward parting. We stood facing each other for a few seconds, our eyes joined, but our minds were preoccupied. He put out his hand, but I ignored it and grabbing the sides of his arms gave him a kiss on both cheeks. Did I mention how cute he looked when he blushed?The theatre was great. I love restoration comedies although I appreciate they are not to everyone’s taste. I was a little buzzed from the margarita which helped make it particularly enjoyable, and also somewhat hyped up from the thought of next week’s adventure. Back home, I climbed on my husband as he lay in bed and managed to coax him into some lukewarm action. Frankly it was so bad I don’t know why I bothered, the only thing I really hardened that night was my resolve to complete the seduction of Clark.The resort was pretty full as it was a major event, but I had been to it several times and my firm put quite a lot of business their way, so I managed to secure the room I had in mind after a bit of friendly wrangling with the manager. Clark came back into the office a few minutes later. I had sent him down to the print room to collect some flyers and brochures.“All sorted.” I said. “It’s pretty full and all the regular rooms have gone so I’ve booked us into a suite with two rooms if that’s OK.”Clark was fine with that and asked me what sort of stuff he should pack. I gave him a general impression of what others would be wearing and he seemed fine, but I also pointed out that he might want some swimwear and walking shoes as the resort had great facilities and we should have time to use them.I would have loved to have driven him down there in my convertible as the weather was absolutely gorgeous, but because of the bags I had to take the SUV. In the end I thought that was a good choice as I did not want to appear too showy! We arrived at midday and a valet took the car and a porter grabbed our bags. Clark stood right next to me as I checked-in and had a friendly conversation with the receptionist, feigning surprise and just a little delight, when she told me that we were in the honeymoon suite.“Wow, that is a result, I guess my loyalty card came up trumps!” I was smiling from ear to ear as I continued. “It’s always nice to have a bit of luxury once in a while and I’ve heard the room is amazing.” Instead of his normal cute blush, Clark looked a rather pasty white.

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