The Island: Pt. 13 – Barabus


Kady watched with amazement and growing excitement as Anton struggled to concentrate on his breakfast. Beneath the table, Susan was on her knees, naked as a jaybird and bobbing her head up and down as she took the length of his penis into her mouth. The young blonde was making appreciative noises as Anton struggled to maintain his composure.

Susan couldn’t believe how hot she felt at being summoned to perform on the young man. Initially, she had been mortified to see Kady sitting at the table with Anton but the young man only grinned and somewhat nervously gestured for her to get under the table. Feeling a growing warmth and wetness between her legs Susan had hurried to obey, sliding her summer dress off and slipping out of her underwear before crawling under the table. She fumbled with the button and zipper on his shorts and as soon as she had freed his erect penis, she parted her lips and took it into her mouth. Anton groaned in pleasure as she sucked on his member with relish, working her tongue along its length.

During that long, glorious night of passion with Natassia Susan had promised the young man that she would give him a blow job anytime and anywhere for each time he managed to bring Natassia to climax. He had certainly upheld his side of the bargain and she had lost count of the number of times the curvy brunette had lustily shrieked as his cock brought her to one shuddering orgasm after another.

Eventually, she and Anton had settled on a gentleman’s agreement that six blowjobs would be more than enough, in fact being the sweet guy that he was the embarrassed young man had made it clear that he didn’t really expect the blonde woman to carry through with the bargain at all, and he told her he certainly wasn’t going to hold her to it. Natassia on the other hand laughingly made it abundantly clear that if Susan didn’t keep her side of the bargain, she would tan her arse with a slipper until she couldn’t sit for a week. The thought of being helpless over the curvy brunette’s lap had made Susan’s heart skip a beat and she had felt herself flush with excitement as she thought about it.

Anton wasn’t that experienced with women, but he had been getting a hell of an education lately with Kady who he thought was utterly fantastic in bed, or in the shower, on the couch, over the breakfast table, or just about anywhere, to be honest, but he had to admit that Susan gave the best blowjobs he could ever imagine. Her mouth was like soft velvet, her tongue was totally wicked and the look in those bright blue eyes as she looked up at him innocently even as he had his cock buried halfway down her throat was utterly mind-blowing.

She had already sucked him off once the night when she and Natassia had come to his room, and he vividly remembered the way she had completely drained his balls when she was on her knees in the shower in front of him, looking up into his eye, with her long blonde hair cascading over her naked shoulders. This was only the second time he had called for her to ‘make good’ and he had been thoroughly nervous when he ‘summoned’ her to his room.

Kady was open-mouthed with excitement just watching the blonde. The whole elicit thrill of the scene got her so thoroughly worked up that she couldn’t help but slip a hand under her skirt and down the front of her panties. Her sex was soaking, and she panted breathlessly as she teased her pussy with her long fingers.

Anton gripped the edge of the table and groaned helplessly as he came in Susan’s mouth. The young blonde swallowed as he pulsed jet after jet of his seed down her throat and he gave a long-contented sigh of satisfaction as she began to gently lick him clean.

Kady’s fingers were working furiously in the folds of her pussy and the young man could see how excited she had become. He swallowed and his voice was shaky, “Susan, if I gave one of my blowjobs to Kady, do you think you could?”

Susan was gently moving Anton’s penis back into his shorts. Feeling her excitement grow at the idea she murmured her assent and turned to the woman, sliding escort izmir her hands along Kady’s thighs she slid the soaked underwear aside and buried her face in her sex as she used her tongue to lick along the folds of her pussy and tease her clitoris.

Kady was already so excited she lost control immediately. She gave a great cry of unbridled passion and her feet drummed helplessly on the ground as her orgasm crashed over her.

“OHHH MY GOD!” she shrieked as she gripped the table so hard it shook enough to rattle the breakfast dishes.

Kady collapsed face-first onto the table with a long groan of pleasure as Susan emerged from under the table and slid her dress back on. The blonde grinned as Kady breathlessly moaned, “Ohh you evil bitch.”

Susan daintily wiped her mouth with a napkin and poured herself a coffee as she sat down watching the two shattered people try to regain their composure.

Kady looked up, “That was fucking fantastic.”

The blonde grinned as she replied in her sexiest voice, “I am here to serve.”

Kady looked at Anton and gave him a sly grin, “It might be good to have our own pet sex kitten.”

Susan laughed out loud as she waved a bit of toast at her in admonishment, “You have a ‘pet sex kitten’ for exactly three more blowjobs so don’t get too excited. After that, I might just start thinking about revenge.”

Anton looked playfully hurt, “Hey! I didn’t force you into this, this was all your idea.”

“Yea, I know, but revenge sounds like fun anyway.”

Kady giggled and blew a kiss at the blonde, “Can’t wait,” she nodded towards the bedroom door with a solicitous smile, “I, er, I don’t suppose you’d like to spend the afternoon here with me and Anton? I’m sure we can think of something to do.”

Susan smiled but shook her head, “Sounds great, but I’ve got my first language class in a few minutes with the tutor Portia got for me. Some guy called Barabus.”

Kady looked up, “He a big black dude, maybe in his fifties?”

“Yea, that’s him. Why, do you know him?”

“Not really, but he’s the guy who Portia got to teach her the local languages. I remember him from back then. He’s apparently quite a historian and an expert on local culture.”

Susan looked up with a slight frown, “Hey, did you know Portia told him to tan my ass if he caught me slacking off?”

Kady grinned, “I’m not surprised, he did it to her after all.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I’m not! I was there, I saw it with my own eyes.”

“What happened?”

Kady leaned in close across the table to tell her story, “Well they had been out on the balcony for a couple of hours, and I took up a pot of fresh coffee for them. Anyway, there was this bit of pronunciation that she just could not get right. He kept correcting her and she kept getting it wrong and you know what she’s like. Anyway, she just got so pissed off at herself that she lost her temper and told the guy he was being a “dick”. Next thing I know he just plucks her off her seat, pulls her over his lap, flips up her skirt, slides down her knickers and he whails the shit out of her! You should have heard her shrieking and her legs were kicking up a frenzy, but he just kept walloping her butt until he was satisfied before plonking her back on her seat and carrying on as if nothing had happened.”

“What did you do?”

Kady grinned, “What do you think? I watched every second. It was bloody marvellous.”

Anton couldn’t help but laugh and Susan grinned, “Oh my.”

“She did tell me to keep it to myself, but I couldn’t resist, and I blabbed.”

“Did she get mad?”

“No, that’s not her, next time I saw her she just grinned and wagged her finger at me.”

Susan looked stunned.

Kady tilted her head to one side thoughtfully, “Mind you…”


“Well Portia doesn’t usually wear a skirt, she tends to wear those trousers she likes and a blouse, but she was wearing a skirt that day. You really have to wonder if she set the whole thing up just to see if he had the guts to do it.”

Susan considered, “You escort izmir know, I wouldn’t put it past her.”

Kady turned to the blonde with a huge grin, “Well, if he’s got the guts to thrash her, he’s not going to think twice about putting a juicy little thing like you over his knee.”

Susan’s cheeks flushed slightly at the thought.

Mr Barabus was a large black man with a stocky solid build. His head was shaved, and his closely cropped beard was salted with grey. He was smartly but casually dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and slacks and remembering the earlier conversation Susan couldn’t help but notice that he had large, powerful-looking hands. He rose politely as she entered and he spoke with a deep, cultured voice, “Good morning, Susan”.

When they shook hands her own smaller appendage seemed almost childlike when his hand engulfed hers and she expected her fingers to be crushed, but his handshake was nothing more than warm and firm.

“I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t kept you waiting.”

“Not at all young lady, I arrived only moments ago.”

“May I fetch you some refreshments, or coffee perhaps?”

“That is very kind of you to offer, but not at the moment, perhaps later.”

Susan settled into a chair near the man, and he continued in his baritone voice, “My understanding is that you wish to learn the language and customs of these islands and I have been engaged as your tutor, is that correct?”

Susan nodded, “Yes.”

The man regarded her, “I tutored Mistress Portia in those same disciplines only a few years ago. She speaks highly of you. She says you are an agreeable, biddable young woman and far more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.”

Susan blushed, “Portia has been very kind to me.”

The man regarded her for a long moment before continuing, “Did Mistress Portia inform you that I am perhaps somewhat old fashioned in my practices and if I feel it necessary to take a firm hand with my pupils then I do not shirk from that responsibility?”

Susan felt her blush deepen, “She didn’t go into specifics, but she did mention something like that.”

“And this would be acceptable to you?”

Susan grimaced, but met his gaze levelly, “I’m told Portia only hires the best, if she hired you then that’s what you must be. I’m not exactly what you would call a gifted student. If I mean to pass, then I’m going to need the best help I can get.”

The big man laughed, “I think that she was right, and you really are doing yourself an injustice, Susan. Anyone smart enough to know and accept that little truth is far cleverer than they might think. It would be most immodest of me to bang my own drum so to speak, but I am a published linguist and historian, and I have had many years of experience in tutoring. If you really want to learn about these islands then I can teach you, but having heard what you’ve heard about my methods do you want me as your tutor? Speak honestly, I will take no offence I can assure you, young lady.”

Susan found herself liking the honesty of this seeming curmudgeon and she gave him a broad smile, “If you could put up with me as your student, I would be happy to accept you as a tutor.”

He clapped his hand and returned her grin, “Excellent! Then let us begin our journey.”

Susan was taken by surprise when the big man reached across and casually pulled her over his broad lap. With one large hand holding her in place he unceremoniously flipped up the back of her dress and slid her panties down to her knees, exposing the delightfully rounded cheeks of her ass. The blonde cried out and struggled fruitlessly as he delivered a dozen hard spanks to her bare bottom before he deposited her back on her chair.

Alarmed by the commotion Natassia rushed out onto the balcony midway through the spanking. Seeing what was happening she helpfully took a picture with her phone and grinned, “That’s getting blown up for my album.”.

A flustered and breathless Susan glared at the man, “What the hell was that for? I haven’t done anything!”

“That was a warning young lady. Now you know what to expect if you test me. Firstly, while outside the teaching environment you may speak to me in any way you choose, call me a son of a bitch if you wish. But while I teach, you will be respectful and address me as ‘Mr Barabus’, or ‘Sir’. Secondly, I expect my pupils to be ready and prepared for when I arrive to begin my lesson. If I am here before you then you are late, and I view tardiness as disrespectful, and you now know how I deal with disrespect. Am I clear?”

Susan sniffed, “Yes, Sir.”

The big man grinned, “Don’t worry Susan, I’m not the martinet you might think. I won’t punish you for failing in your work or any of that nonsense. I’m here to help you and I will do my absolute damndest to help in every way I can. If you give me your best and work hard, I will be satisfied with your progress. You being unable to do a thing is my fault. You being unwilling, well that’s on you and I’m no fan of laziness. Is that fair?”

“It sounds fair.”

He frowned.

“Sir! Sorry, it’s just going to take getting used to is all.”

“That’s alright, I will give you a little leeway as long as the effort is honest.”

He looked about the balcony, “So this is what I was thinking. On days with pleasant weather, we can do your classes here. Should it be inclement we can retire to the library. My plan is to begin with basic vocabulary and pronunciation. I’ll do my best but I’m afraid that’s probably going to be a bit dry and probably dull. But once you’ve gained even an elementary grasp of the spoken word we can get out of here, I can show you some of the historical sights, I will tell you about them and we will converse together in the native tongue. I’m always fondest of that aspect and I hope you will find it interesting at least. We can travel to the village, you can speak to locals, order food, sample the cuisine and that sort of thing. If you like you can try your hand at cooking classes or whatever, anything to broaden and develop your vocabulary and understanding of the local culture.”

He gave a slight frown, “When it comes to the written language, I do have a few books translated from English, but they may be a tad dull for you. I have Lord of the Rings and the Bible, I’m not going to tell you which I prefer, and a few history books. I have ordered the Harry Potter series, but they’ve not arrived yet. If there is anything you specifically want, I can try and get it for you. I do have a few fashion magazines, but they are woefully out of date, however, you might at least find them amusing.”

“How does all that sound?”

Susan had cheered up considerably as he explained and she gave him a broad smile, “That sounds pretty good, Mr Borabus.”

“Excellent! Now we will be studying two hours a day, every day except Sunday, would 10 am till noon be acceptable? Obviously, if something unavoidable comes up we can reschedule any given class, but I will be displeased should your excuses be frivolous. Obviously, if our lesson should overrun then if you are enjoying yourself, and there is value in it I would be happy to extend the lesson.”

Susan looked about nervously before she spoke in a hushed tone, “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Be my guest.”

“What was it like tutoring Portia?”

He laughed, “Oh my God she was terrible! That’s the problem with gifted people, sometimes they think they don’t need to work hard and dear lord what a temper she had. She once threw a coffee pot at my head. The damned thing was full too and she has a bloody good aim. I had to give her a right thrashing for that.”

“You sound like you had a lot of fun.”

He chortled, “Susan, I am a man after all, and while I very much regret the necessity of each punishment, I have to admit that actual reality of thrashing that beautiful arse of hers was bloody marvellous.”

He gave her a sly look, “I imagine it will be the same with you.”

Susan shivered, though she was unsure if it was with apprehension or anticipation.

As soon as the large man had left Susan spun around, “Natassia! I’m going to murder you! Delete that picture.”

There was laughter in the distance, “Not a chance, I’m sending it to everybody!”

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