The Job Interview – Part 2


The Job Interview – Part 2Job Interview – 2 by PaddyAs I sat feeling the white lacy panties you left me, I could feel the cum encrusted on them. Just then Miss Simone’s assistant, Alex walked over to me. I hid the panties quickly, she said “Don’t worry I know all about those. So you are the new Marketing Trainee are you? I thought you only worked in IT. Obviously the Director has something new in mind for you.”Alex was one of the young office vixens, she was middle height, slim curvaceous build and loved to wear tight pencil skirts, almost like they were sprayed on. She gave me another envelope, “These are your instructions for today from Miss Simone. Read them well and make sure you do them.” She walked off, my eyes riveted to her pert ass and she strutted towards her desk, enjoying the glory of the movement of her body. I thought to myself ‘does she know how sexy she is, how much those outfits could stir the blood?’. She turned, noticing my eager stare, she came back and whispered in my ear, “You are not mine yet, so do not have the wrong ideas but I will get you later, when She is done with you!”I was stunned – there was obviously a complete pecking order in the office of which I was unaware! I opened the envelope, first I was to move my desk to the corner cubicle area opposite from where I had been. Then check my email. It took me about an hour but by the time I was finished I was able to log in and there was an email. It was from the Director, ——————————-JohnnyYou were passable last night, but I require more strength and stamina. So your job for this afternoon is to attend the Fox Gym, where you have been enrolled by Alex. There you will be under the supervision of my personal trainer Miss Charlie. She will begin your training.Miss SimoneDirector——————————Alex gave me my new gym pass and a bag which she said had some gym clothes in it. So off I went to Fox Gym, which turned out to be a small private gym and seemed to be next to some kind of Health Resort – oh well looks like Johnny may have landed on his feet here. I walked in to be greeted by a tall fairly handsome looking young man. “Oh yes” he said, “you are the new trainee from Miss Simone, Miss Charlie is waiting for you in the Gym, you had better go and change quickly in here, take a towel with you and hurry up, Miss Charlie does not like to be kept waiting!”I got to the locker room, my gym clothes were fairly Spartan, a pair of shoes in my size, a tank top in a tight size and a pair of barely-there van escort nylon shorts. I dressed, they fit, but only just. I grabbed a towel and walked briskly through the door marked “Gym”. It was pretty standard Gym, two walls were lined with mirrors and there was a third wall which was a huge frosted glass window, overlooking a small swimming pool where various Gym members seemed to be doing laps. There were rows of various machines for walking, lifting, straining and pumping muscles, all in silver and white painted metal and an open area in the middle of the room.I looked around the room, I was the only person apart from a very lithe athletic woman doing stretches, she was bent over almost with her head on her knees doing dancer style leg stretches. Her body was toned and muscled, she was wearing a pair of white lycra hot shorts, her top was a pale blue lycra tank top, both barely covered anything. Even from across the room, as she bent over I could see the stretched band of lycra between her legs pulled into her sex. I was mesmerised. Her back was to me but she saw me round her legs, staring at her.She stood up, “Enough of that!” she snapped. “You are here to be trained by me, not to ogle my ass! I can see that you will need some discipline if you are to meet Miss Simone’s standards. First let’s get you limber, we won’t damage the equipment then.” She lead me through some stretches, for my arms my legs, all the time demonstrating to me about five feet away, all the time showing off her athletic body. She was a lycra clad dream – with her nipples showing through the top, erect and proud, her mound clear and proud in her shorts. My cock was stirring, this could be dangerous.She then started me on a weight circuit testing how much I could push and lift and thrust. After twice round, I was exhausted. Finally, we got to the bench press bench, she placed her weight on the bar and told me to stand behind it in the safety position behind the bar, she laid down on the bench, her legs stretched down to the ground and spread either side of the bench, and began to lift the weight. In my safety position I could grab the bar if she dropped it but also my cock was just inches from her eyes. I was looking down on this lithe form stretched out, clad in lycra with her tits pressing against her top – her nipples showing, her pussy mound was stretched against the thin lycra shorts, I could see the cleft of her pussy, I could tell she was shaved! OMG, she could tell I was yozgat escort erect!“Oh so you like what you see do you?” she said, more than a hint of tease in her voice and a smirk on her face, ”well we had better exchange places”. As I was taller to get my shoulders under the bar, my head was just off the end of the bench. My legs too were spread either side of the bar, my cock was less rigid, but still very obvious in my shorts as they were tight around my hips. “Oh my, I can see why Miss Simone likes you!” she said looking up from my shorts. “Let’s give you some nice work out weights to get some chest development; she loves nice broad muscular chests.” She placed the weights on the bar and promptly got into the safety position. But, But, But -she was straddling my head one leg either side, I could feel the panic rising! How can I concentrate on exercise when this foxy instructor has her pussy just inches from my nose and mouth. I could smell her intimate scent, it was intoxicating, I could feel my cock engorging. “Now Miss Simone likes trainees who can multi task. You are to do your bench press exercise and at the same time to are to start to pleasure my pussy thru my shorts! You will be graded on both exercises – so get on with it!” So as I started down with the bar my tongue started up. I did a couple of repetitions but I was not particularly concentrating on that, as my tongue was pushing the very thin lycra and nuzzling her moist pussy. I could feel the lips, I could sense the moisture, she was hot. I could move the seam of the shorts. It was rubbing gently across her clit powered by my tongue. “Ohhh” she said “not bad, some students take 2 or 3 goes to get that trick!”I completed the set and she said, “Wait there” and stepped out of my eyeline. She then said, “Second set” and straddled me again. Only this time the shorts were gone. I was staring at this bare naked pussy inches from my face! I was in erection heaven! I immediately started lapping at her pussy, I needed no encouragement, “REPS” she stammered. I lifted the bar, I raised and lowered it, I lifted my tongue, she raised and lowered her hips. She was pressing her pussy onto my face, grinding her sweet smelling ass into my nose. I continued my lifting, my licking, she continued her moaning and her grinding. As I got to 20 reps she said slightly breathlessly, “That will do, so lets just do tongue exercises, forget the bar, garb the uprights and finish my pussy off!” She sat up and removed the bar, zonguldak escort the came back and placed her pussy over my face again. Back into action I went, licking sucking with her grinding her clit down onto my tongue. I was licking, sucking enjoying her glorious pussy, I could feel her tensing, then a shudder went through her from her core to her extremities as she came, juices dribbling down my chin. As she stepped back she bent over and gave me a light kiss by my ear, “You have a nice tongue, Johnny!”. “Thank you Miss Charlie” I stammered.She walked around the bench “Stay there, just let me remove your shorts, Miss Simone said I should exercise all of your muscles and there is still one left I think.” She pulled down my shorts, my cock was rigid and stuck up like a large flagpole. She then grabbed it and started stroking me, spitting on my cock and pushing her hands up and down, circling the head of my cock with her palms, I let out an immediate groan, “But it is not for me to give you oral exercise, only Miss Simone has that privilege, but I can fuck you!”She straddled me, guiding my hard man meat into her sopping wet pussy with her hand, I groaned again, the felling of the slickness of her muscular tunnel which was clenching my cock as it slid in. She rode up and down drivng my cock further home with every thrust. “Ohhhh, thats nice” she said huskily, then she started slowly rocking backwards and forward, then up and down. The feeling on and around my shaved cock was delicious, her pussy sucking me in, the suction as she rode my cock, the slick wetness of it all, the pressure as my cock reached the upper reaches of her pussy, probing her. She was reaching forwards to balance, “Thrust into me Johnny, fuck me too!” she yelled. I responded, raising my hips in time with her delicious movements, the suction, the slickness, the primal nature of our fucking!She was riding me hard and very soon I could feel the rise of the seed from my groin, feel my lust rising, feel her pussy sucking. Then I came, spilling my viscous love juice inside her tunnel, she kept pumping, “Come on baby, cum for me, cum for me, give ME your love juice!” As I lay spasming on the bench, with this athletic tigress straddling my loins I passed to new level of pleasure. She slowed and finally came to rest, just occasionally wiggling her hips to squeeze the last love juice from me. Then when she was satisfied, she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the lips, whispering “Not bad for your first workout! You may be a keeper.” She got up and pulled on her lycra shorts, I could see the cum starting to seep thru already.She started to walk away, but turned and with a smile said, “I WILL see you next time, but for now get going and shower. Miss Simone is expecting you at sex o’clock.” ========More?

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