The Levine Women Ch. 02


“Hold your horses Sam! I’ll be right there!” I grumbled as I stumbled out of bed. The clock on the bed stand said it was one thirty in the morning. I was still half asleep as I reached for the hotel room’s door and asked angrily, “How could you lose your key?”

“I have my key right here,” Beth grinned, patting her purse. “Unfortunately it doesn’t work on your door.”

“Beth!” I snapped in surprise as I blinked hard twice trying to force the sleep from my eyes. She was wearing jeans and a nice shirt. She was also carrying a six-pack of beer.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in? My mother is probably looking for me,” Beth giggled. She was obvious at least buzzed. She looked down the hall in both directions acting as if her mother would arrive any minute.

I was forced to smile. She reminded me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Elmer Fudd looks from side to side in an exaggerated manner, turns toward the camera and says, ‘Shhh. Be very quiet. I’m hunting rabbit!’

“Come on in,” I laughed, moving away from the door. Beth entered and quickly shut the door. I shook my head and added, “You really look like you’re afraid your mother will find you.”

“You don’t know my mother!” Beth replied, no longer smiling. “She was over protective before dad died, but since then she’s been a crazy woman!”

“Where did you get the beer?” I asked, changing the subject. Beth’s smile returned.

“A bunch of us went out after the wedding. I’m surprised you didn’t come. I looked for you, but you were nowhere to be found,” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m surprised your mother let you go,” I said, not answering her unspoken question.

“The doctor went,” Beth said in explanation.

I nodded, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was thinking about my earlier experience with Sylvia. It was so wrong! She was my best friend Sam’s sister and it was her wedding day. Okay, so her groom was passed out and she was being her typical bitchy self, but I still couldn’t believe that I actually blackmailed her into sleeping with me. It was so unlike me! It must be because I was drunk. Okay, drunk and horny.

“Did you even talk to the poor man?” I asked, returning my focus to the beautiful woman in front of me. Beth was short, with curly dark hair. Her chest was small, but her ass was perfect, at least in my opinion. Sam would say it’s a little too big, but I like a large ass on a woman, as long it’s shapely.

“He was too busy talking up little Ruthy,” Beth replied. I felt a twinge of jealousy. Ruth was Sam’s youngest sister and my favorite. I always liked her and probably would have asked her out if she wasn’t Sam’s sister.

“Was he getting anywhere?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Not with Ruthy,” Beth snorted. “He kept bringing up his car and the house he recently bought.”

“Oh boy!” I said, rolling my eyes. “Ruth is the least materialistic person I know. He should have talked about how his job helped people. He is a doctor after all!”

“I know! Ruthy is always a sap when it comes to helping others,” Beth said. I nodded, but didn’t really agree. Ruth just cared about people. That didn’t make her a sap, at least not in my book.

“So, what brings you here?” I asked, changing the subject.

“A rebellious nature?” she offered with a grin. “I don’t like my mother interfering with my love life. It’s not like I’m a kid anymore. I’m twenty four!” She really sounded miffed.

“You’re an only child?” I guessed.

“Yes,” Beth sighed, calming down considerably. “I’m all mom has since Dad died.” She sounded almost ready to cry.

“You love her a lot,” I smiled knowingly.

“With all my heart,” she replied, but then she frowned and added angrily, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll let her run my life!” She really was drunk. Her emotions were all over the place.

“So, why don’t you tell her that?” I asked. Beth looked off into the distance and nodded.

“I guess it’s time,” she sighed. She smiled at me and changed the subject. “I didn’t come here to talk about my mother.”

“Which bring me to my earlier question,” I said. “Why are you here?”

“I want to get drunk and relax with a man I find attractive,” she smiled, handing me a beer.

“Well, it looks like you’ve the former covered,” I teased. Beth laughed.

“Now, if I could only find an attractive man,” she joked back.

“Don’t be nasty,” I replied.

“I would never,” she said, placing her hand over her heart. I laughed as she added, “Besides, that Sylvia’s job in the family and she does it so well.”

“That’s not very nice,” I said with a shake of my head, and then nodded, adding, “But true, so very true!”

We talked about Sylvia and the wedding for a little while as we drank. She got us both another beer and changed topics. She started talking about her job. It sounded very stressful. It looked to me like poor Beth needed a break from reality. That was probably why she was here.

“Let me give you a massage,” I offered. escort reklamları It was pretty much out of the blue.

“What?” Beth asked in surprise.

“You sound like you could use a massage. I’m told that I’m pretty good at it,” I replied.

“Are you sure your not just trying to get me out of my clothes?” she grinned.

“Of course I am,” I replied. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a massage.” Beth laughed and stripped down to her bra and panties. She certainly wasn’t shy! I was still in the shorts I wore to bed.

“Lay down on your stomach,” I said, pointing to my bed. Beth moved to me, wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me. She broke away after a moment and I asked, “What was that for?”

“Just think of it as payment for the massage,” she giggled.

“And what if I do a really good job? What kind of payment will I receive then?” I asked with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

“We’ll see,” Beth laughed.

I started with her shoulders. They were tenser then I expected. She really did need to relax. It took my quite a while to loosen her muscles. I worked her neck, shoulder and back until she was sighing contently. I then moved down to her legs. They were thick, but not fat. They were also nicely shaped.

“My God!” Beth moaned. “You should go into business. You’d make a bundle!” I smiled and kept on rubbing her calves with a long, deep motion. I worked my way up to her thighs. Beth looked half asleep, but she parted her thighs slightly to give me access. I smiled to myself when I saw a slight damn spot already forming on her panties.

“Would you like me to continue with your glutes?” I asked.

“Glutes?” Beth asked.

“Gluteus Maximus,” I replied. She looked back at me over her shoulder. Beth still looked confused so I added, “Your buttocks.” She smiled sexily.

“Why not,” she said with almost no hesitation. “It’s been a while since a man touched my ass.” I raised an eyebrow and she winked, adding, “Okay, maybe not that long!”

I laughed and move my hands to the top of her ass. I used the heels of my hands and moved with small, deep, circular motions. It didn’t take long for that damp spot to grow. It wasn’t the only thing. I could smell her excitement and my cock stiffened considerably.

“Lower,” Beth sighed. I moved my hands down to the cheeks of her ass. She moaned as I continued to massage her buttocks. It was thick and muscular. She would flex it every once in a while, causing my cock to jump.

“Lower!” Beth demanded. I slipped my fingers into the crease between her legs. Her panties were soaked by then. I could feel the heat radiating off of her.

“How’s this?” I asked as I gently rubbed her clit through her underwear.

“I think it’s time we discuss your payment,” she replied with a smile as she rolled over. I leaned forward and kissed her. Her tongue caressed my lips so I opened my mouth. Beth took the invitation and soon our tongues were dancing against each other.

“I want to taste you!” I growled, breaking the kiss. Beth’s eyes were filled with lust as she removed her bra and panties. She stood there sexily.

“So, why don’t you?” she asked. I picked her up and plopped her down on the bed. She giggled and playfully tried to get away. I pulled her back by her ankles. She started laughing, but didn’t stop wiggling. Beth was on her stomach, but that didn’t stop me. I drove my tongue between her legs and into her pussy.

“Oh yes!” she groaned, no longer laughing or fighting me. Her legs moved apart, giving me better access. I took full advantage, causing her to cry, “You have a wicked tongue!”

She came once and tried to move away, but I refused to let her. She seemed uncomfortable for a moment, but then she relaxed and started enjoying herself again. She was nearing her second orgasm when she said, “Fuck me! Fuck me now! I want to feel you inside of me!”

I stood briefly and removed my shorts. It took a couple of tries because my cock was standing at full attention. Beth watched and raised her eyebrows when she finally saw me naked.

“If I knew you were that big, I wouldn’t have allowed my mother to stop me from meeting you by the pool earlier!” she grinned. I climbed back on the bed and pushed the head of my dick into her. She was still lying on her stomach as she cried, “Slowly! It really has been a long time since something as big as you entered me.”

I worked my cock in and out, slowly going deeper with each stroke. It took quite a while and Beth was moaning and crying out with each thrust. I held both her hips tightly and started slamming in and out after I was all the way in.

“Yes!” Beth cried. “Faster! Faster! Make me cum!” I let go of one hip and slapped her ass cheek hard. She didn’t even bother to look back when she added, “Harder!”

I delivered two more smacks. She came on the second. Her body tensed underneath me before breaking out into small shudders. My balls were tingling, but gaziantep escort reklamları I wasn’t quite there yet. I figured that it had something to do with my earlier tryst with Sylvia. A man could only cum so many times in one twenty-four hour period. The sleep helped, but I was only human!

“Take my ass,” Beth said once she could speak again.

“What?” I asked in surprise. She looked back and smiled.

“You know you want to,” she teased, shaking it slightly. I pulled out of her pussy and tried to push the head of my cock into her ass. Beth cried out. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy!

“Get it ready first!” Beth snapped. I smiled and leaned forward. My tongue found her ass and she relaxed visibly. “That’s better!”

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said when I thought she was ready. She did and I put my dick against her asshole. I pushed until the head popped in. Beth groaned. So did I, as I said, “You have one tight ass!”

“Fuck it! Make me scream!” she begged. I thrust the rest of my cock into her ass as quickly as I could. It still took quite a while, but when I was done, I started picking up the pace. Beth started using one of her hand to play with her clit as I pounded her ass.

“I’m going to cum again!” she cried.

“Me too!” I exclaimed as we both came. I rode her until both our orgasms were done.

“I needed that,” she sighed. I smiled and nodded. We were laying next to each other now. Beth’s head rested on my shoulder. I was nearly asleep when I felt her hand on my dick.

“I owe you,” she said with a shrug, just before moving down my body. She engulfed the head of my dick with her mouth. I sighed. I grabbed her hair and held it out of the way. She looked up and winked. It took a while for my cock to stir, but Beth was patient. She was licking my balls and slowly working my cock when it stiffened once again.

“Finally!” she teased as she moved up and mounted my cock. She was facing me and used one hand to direct me into her. She moved up and down slowly until I was fully inside of her. I heard a noise, but ignored it. Beth looked hot as hell riding me.

“Oh yeah!” a voice cried.

I looked over toward the door to the room and saw Sam. We both ignored him at first. Beth was bouncing on my dick. I reached up and pinched her thick, hard nipples. Sam walked into the room and shut the door.

“She a hot little number isn’t she?” Sam asked as he moved toward us.

“Sam, get out!” Beth cried, but didn’t stop riding me. I knew Sam. He was a horny bastard. I also knew that incest didn’t bother him. After all, I caught him sleeping with his oldest sister Sylvia the day before her wedding.

“Look at that ass move!” Sam said.

“Sam! Cut that out! I’m you’re cousin,” Beth snapped, but she was having problems focusing on him. She was really enjoying her ride. Sam looked at me. I shrugged.

“I’m willing to share,” I said. Sam grinned. Beth’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

“We can’t! He’s my cousin!” she cried.

“Two dicks pumping in and out of you. Come on Beth, do you really want to pass up this chance?” I asked, pinching her nipples hard. She groaned, leaned forward and kissed me. Sam took that as an invitation. He was out of his clothes in record time. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and said, “She likes her ass fucked.” Sam grinned, almost maniacally and shoved his dick into his cousin’s ass.

“Oh my God!” Beth cried as Sam and I took turns pushing in and out. The ecstasy she was feeling was plain to see in her face. I smiled and wondered if whatever Jewish doctor her mother found would be able to satisfy such a hot woman.

“My God! Two dicks at once!” she panted, and then looked back at Sam. “And one’s my own cousin!”

“Beth, if I knew you had this tight of an ass, I would have tried to fuck you years ago!” Sam growled.

“Just shut up and fuck my ass!” She snapped back.

“Incestuous bitch!” Sam cried and slammed his dick deep. Beth gasped. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She sounded like she was having problems catching her breath, but she didn’t break the kiss until she came.

“I’m cumming!” she cried. Sam grunted and filled her ass with his cum.

Wow!” he said. Beth and I smiled.

“I still owe you some oral satisfaction,” Beth said to me. I didn’t argue since my dick was still hard. Beth started licking the underside of my cock. It wasn’t long before Sam moved behind her.

“Do you mind if I fuck you?” Sam asked, but he was already lining up his hardening cock.

“You said it earlier,” she said, looking over her shoulder. “I’m an incestuous bitch!” Sam smiled and speared her pussy with his cock. She gasped and started sucking my cock again.

“How does it feel to get fucked by your own cousin?” I asked Beth. She moaned around my cock. Sam picked up the pace and I could hear his balls slapping against her clit. Sam came first, but I quickly followed. Beth didn’t want gaziantep escort bayan reklamları my cum so it sprayed all over her face and hair. She seemed to enjoy it. She came a moment later.

I was spent, so I stood and went to take a shower. I found them still on my bed. They were passed out in each other’s arms. I shrugged and moved to Sam’s bed. I fell asleep easily. A pounding awakened me.

“Not again!” I snapped as I rolled out of bed. Someone was knocking on the door, again! I had no idea how much time passed since I fell asleep. To tell the truth, I didn’t really care. I was exhausted and pissed! I threw open the door ready to yell at whoever was there, but froze when I saw Beth’s mother Helen standing there. She looked angry.

“Where is she?” the woman snapped. I shrugged tiredly. I noticed the shower running at the same time as Helen did.

“It that her?” she asked in angrily.

“Sam is in the shower,” I replied. I didn’t know who was in the shower for sure, but there was no one in the room right now. Since both Sam and Beth were here earlier, I was pretty certain I could guess what was happening in the shower.

“Well then, I’ll just check,” she snapped as if she caught me in a lie. I grabbed her arm.

“Don’t go in there. You probably won’t like what you find,” I said in warning. Beth’s mother ignored me and threw open the door. She fell back in shock as she found her daughter Beth leaning against one of the shower walls and her nephew Sam, Beth’s cousin, fucking her from behind.

“I told you not to open the door,” I said, pulling the door shut before Sam or Beth noticed. Helen just stood there with her mouth open. She was in her late forties, maybe early fifties. She had shoulder length auburn hair and an hourglass shape. It was pretty obvious where Beth got her ass from if you looked at her mother. Of course, Beth’s chest must be from her father’s side of the family. Helen’s breasts were humongous.

“Are you okay?” I asked in concern. She looked at me, but didn’t say anything. Beth started to get loud. We could hear her moaning. I looked into Helen’s eyes and saw the expected shock, but there wasn’t the horror I expected. Instead, her eyes were lust filled.

I moved closer to Beth’s mother and kissed her without making a conscious decision to do so. I also reached up with one hand and caressed one of her large breasts. I could feel the heavy-duty bra holding it in place. She kissed me back so I took her other breast in my remaining hand. I started massaging her heavy jugs as we kissed. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she started panting.

“I can’t! I’m old enough to be your mother!” she said as we broke our kiss.

“I have a nice long, thick cock just begging for your attention. Are you sure you want to pass this up?” I asked as I continued to play with her chest. Her hand reached down almost of it’s own accord. She wrapped it around my cock and groaned when she felt the size.

“It’s huge!” she said, biting her lip.

“It’s all yours if you want it,” I offered.

“But what if they come out of the shower?” she said fearfully. I laughed.

“They’re cousins and they’re fucking! I don’t really think they can do anything other than ask if they can join us,” I replied. Helen moaned even louder. Her hand slowly started massaging my cock.

“But I haven’t had sex since Beth’s father died!” she said desperately as I pinched her nipple through her blouse.

“Then you’re long overdue,” I replied. Helen bit her lip again and glanced down at my cock. She was mesmerized by it and reached out to cup my balls with her other hand. I knew that she was desperate for what I was offering. I couldn’t believe someone built like her hadn’t had sex in years. I was definitely going to address that tonight!

I pulled off her top. She tensed, but said nothing. Her tits were bigger than I thought. They seemed to explode out of her bra when I undid it. They hung down a fair amount, but they were still attractive. I buried my face between them and she moaned.

The final vestiges of resistance vanished when my hand slipped under her skirt and panties. Her clit was jutting out and I slowly moved my fingers back and forth over it. My hand was quickly covered in Helen’s juices. She pulled the rest of her clothes off by herself. Her ass was big, huge even, but interestingly her waist was small.

“I want to suck your cock!” she growled. I smiled and lay on my back.

“Come over here and sit on my face. I’ll eat you while you suck me off,” I replied. She was on top of me a moment later. Her thick thighs were on either side of my head as my tongue lashed her clit. She was holding my cock with two hands, jerking me off into her mouth. She nearly drowned me when she finally came. I stared to roll her off me, but she refused.

“I want to eat your cum!” she argued. I forced her off me and put her on her hands and knees.

“Later. Right now I need to fuck you,” I said. She looked ready to argue, but she sighed instead because my cock was already halfway in her. I was thrusting in and out of her slowly. I was kneeling behind her. Helen had a tight pussy, just like her daughter. I reached around and grabbed her tits. Their shaking drew me to them. Helen grabbed my hand away and took my middle finger into her mouth and started sucking it like it was a dick. I slammed into her even harder.

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