The Outer Banks Vacation Pt. 02: In Good Time


When the idea of a trip to the Outer Banks with her Aunt Maélie was first hatched, Marietta had hoped they could go alone without her brother. Maélie had long been much more than an aunt to her – indeed, Marietta did not know how she could have navigated the perils of adolescence without her. Her own mother was a bit chagrinned by the phone bill she incurred to her aunt. But in the status fights of her high school it was her aunt who she would call for guidance. When she first fell for a boy, it was Maélie who advised her how to keep her head on straight. And on that night Marietta lost her virginity, it was Maélie she called immediately afterwards.

But sisterly duty, the knowledge that he was between girlfriends and not had an outing in a while, made her inquire. Besides, she needed Lukas’ contribution to the rental. However, while she envisioned going shopping, dining, partying and confiding with her aunt with no third party present, Maélie would not allow Lukas to be, as the expression goes, a third wheel.

“Maélie?” said Marietta, as she walked into the kitchen. “I hope I am not disturbing you.” Maélie looked up from the videogame she was playing. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I am,” was the response. “Resort restaurants don’t give the largest portions.”

“There’s a pizza place that does deliveries,” Marietta said.

“I thought you were going out tonight.”

“I was, until I heard that Lukas was going to stay overnight with that girl he met Then I begged off Charles, as I thought that it would be nice to have to the place to ourselves.”

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Resort affairs are for a day, good friends are forever.”

They called out and soon the pizza, a white garlic, arrived; and was eaten with gusto. While they were eating, Maélie mentioned, “I should take some credit for Lukas being with that Gina girl.”

Marietta laughed a bit despite herself. “Pretty face, but no ass or tits.”

Maélie gasped. “Marietta, don’t be so critical. She’s her age and she seems to like him. And you’re not overly busty yourself. “

“I know, but I do have this gorgeous hair. So tell me how you deserve credit for Lukas getting laid?”

“I could tell he was nervous. I knew that he was in need for a good strong release. So I have him a suntan lotion slash massage. I knew that would relax him.”

“‘Lotion slash massage.’ Where?”

“On the floor, I put down a blanket.”

“No, where on his body?”

“Where he needed it. On his arms, his back, his legs…his cock.”

“Maélie! Did you jack him off?”

“I wouldn’t put it that way. I caressed his penis, and got him to ejaculate.”

Marietta was shocked, but at the same time intrigued. “He’s your nephew. That’s – incest.” Her voice was not in the least accusatory.

“A little. I didn’t let him touch me. I knew he wouldn’t. And after he came, I knew he was ready to go out and find someone.”

Marietta felt as if she had to shock Maélie back. “I’ve seen his cock a couple times. He’s careless coming out of the shower. It’s quite beautiful.”

“Oh? And did you repay him at all? Show him your boobs?”

“No, although I’m sure he’d like to see them. I know he’d like to see yours. In fact, I’m pretty certain he used to jack off thinking of you. Until about a year ago, we talked about sex all the time. -Did you show them?”

“No,” Maélie lied slightly at first, then added, “I may have given him a glimpse of my bra.”

“Did it make him cum?”

“He shot halfway across the room,” Maélie exaggerated – although not my much. “It was enjoyable to see his body tense up just beforehand. I knew then he’d be less nervous, go and find someone.”

“I wish I could have seen it!”

“Oh, now who’s being the naughty relative?”

“Or in front of both of us. He could be our boy toy. What was his cock like?

“You’ve said you’ve seen it. It’s long and slender. His balls are heavy and I enjoyed holding them too.”

“But how does he respond?”

“Like most guys, he is very sensitive on the upper shaft. Below that, he’ll feel pleasure, but he won’t cum.

“So if my mouth was on him and I was sucking him off, I’d want to take him deep and tease him on the lower third, avoid the head?”

Maélie grimaced in mock disgust. “Didn’t you say you wanted to take a shower?”

“I did,” Marietta responded.

“Then I’m going up to bed to read. I thought I’d take a gaziantep escort break from sex, and instead I listen to you wanting to fuck your brother.”

Marietta looked mock-hurt. “Oh no, not to fuck him, just make him cum like you did. Maybe I can make him shoot further.”

“Go take your shower. Make it a cold one!” Maélie continued.

About an hour later, Maélie heard a knock on her door. She had on only one little lamp, the surf was audible through the window.

“Maélie?” a voice inquired softly. Given admission, Marietta walked in, wearing a thin cream coloured robe with her bare legs visible beneath. She was carrying a small box.

Maélie looked above her glasses. “What have you got for me.”

“Remember how I took too long in town today? How you were mad?”

“I’m still a little mad. Is this why you were late? Is it a gift for me?” Maélie said. “Yes, interjected Marietta as she approached Maélie’s bed, and handed it over. Maélie opened it with due care for the wrapping.

Maélie gasped as the torn wrapping revealed a Magic Wand vibrator, with attachments. “Marietta, this is beautiful. I’m not sure I can accept this. This must have cost you a lot.”

“I want you to have it. I thought a lot about it.”

“You certainly made a good choice. This will be a fine souvenir of our week together. It will end too soon.”

“I need to tell you something. I mean it to be more than a souvenir.”

“What are you saying?”

“When you cum with it, I want you to think of me.”

“Oh, I will.”

“No, I want to imagine I’m doing it to you, that it’s me making you cum.”

“Marietta!” Maélie exclaimed, again shocked. “For one thing, I didn’t think you were into girls. And even if you were, you could find someone very nice of your own age, easily-“

“For the first part, yes, I’ve had boys, but I know you’ve had women. You know I feel very open when you’re around, I’m much less shy. If I ever did full on sex with a girl, I’d want it with you, or someone just like you.”

“That’s sweet, Marietta.” Maélie examined the vibrator again.

“I’d like to hear you. Having sex while hearing -you- having sex the floor above, below you, well, that was the inspiration for the gift.”

“I guess I’ve been noisy a couple times.”

“Can I tell you a secret? The first night with Charles, I wasn’t turned on at all. The second night it almost seemed the same – I was on top of him and I was thinking, why am I doing this, I’m not really enjoying this, and I heard you upstairs with Martha. Charles heard you too, and he was making some crass remarks, but I tuned him out. Over above my head, my powerful aunt was being pleased, and I felt like something was coming down from above to – enable me. I felt strong and proud in my body. Charles’ cock, that was just a technicality. It was your excited voice that was getting me aroused. After he came, got off him, I used my fingers and I came seconds later. He enjoyed it a lot.

“It’s funny, I don’t usually make a lot of noise jilling off. When I’m with someone I feel like I can be as loud as I want. ” “And what do I owe you for this splendid gift?

“A kiss from you would be welcome.”

“Just a kiss, you minx.”

Maélie turned, turning to put down the vibrator. Marietta leaned over, and met Maélie’s lips with hers.

Maélie and Marietta had kissed on the lips often, but always at the point of meeting or departing. Never had they kissed for sheer affection, but this is what Marietta did now. She laid her lips very gently on her aunt’s, while Maélie became aware of the sea outside and cloudy moonlight on the window. It was a bit cold in the room, but Marietta’s lips brought a flush to her face. Marietta’s was a kiss beyond mere affection. Maélie had no idea that her niece’s lips could be so tempting.

Maélie made the mistake of relaxing to her pillow, her closed eyes inviting another. Marietta indulged her. After that, Maélie had no more ability to stop what was happening, as long as it was limited to her lips. Or her face. Or her neck.

Again and again, Marietta’s lips returned, and again Maélie met them. Her niece knew how much in control she was. It must have been five minutes of kisses on her lips before Marietta’s lips parted, and they took in each other’s breaths. Still another minute or two before Marietta’s tongue touched Maélie’s lower lip. Maélie’s gaziantep escort bayan tongue attempted to pursue, but the younger one’s evaded it.

Somewhere from a distance there were words, “Maélie, can I come in?” Maélie dizzy, nodded. Marietta with deliberateness removed her robe. Her aunt gasped.

Maélie had on a pair of pyjamas of no great worth as she had no romantic partner planned for this evening. Marietta, however, had on a teal coloured nightgown of considerable expense, that hung from her shoulders with thin straps. Lace decorated the neckline that plunged below the level of her nipples, which were noticeable beneath the green silk, along with matching panties that in turn hinted at a dark triangle beneath.

“Didn’t you bring anything more casual?” Maélie asked. “I did, but thought you’d appreciate this,” was the response.

As much as she cared for her niece, Maélie never had a high opinion of her looks. Marietta had very pale skin, undistinguished blue eyes, lips that were less than full. Her breasts were firm but very small. But now, with Marietta’s curly russet hair clean and the short nightgown showing her legs and suggesting her powerful stomach, Maélie saw that her niece was not only attractive, but striking, and Maélie was happy for it even as it lead to a dilemma.

Maélie thought, where was this leading, would she have to explain something to her sibling? Here she was in bed with that person’s child, and the appeal of someone who was like her, but with the genetic input of another family, she should say goodnight but she couldn’t. Indeed, Maélie couldn’t tear her eyes away as she sobbed, “Marietta, we can’t fuck.”

“I didn’t say I wanted that, aunt. I wanted you to give me pleasure, as you did with my brother. Just keep kissing me. You can stop and send me away any time you like, just like you could do with Lukas.”

“I didn’t want to be intimate with Lukas. I may want to be intimate with you.”

In a whisper Marietta responded, “Nothing will happen here that you don’t want.”

“Un moment,” Maélie responded. She turn on her ass until her legs were outside the bed, and she removed her pyjama bottoms. Marietta caught a glimpse of white panties with faded pink polka dots. “Okay, come in.”

Moonlight shown on Marietta’s hair as crawled in with and above her niece. Again came Marietta’s lips down on Maélie’s, this time less patient in parting her aunt’s. Their tongues touched and moved slightly past each other. Marietta’s tongue withdrew, then Maélie felt kisses on her cheeks, her jaw, her neck. She unbuttoned one button of her pyjama top If Maélie wasn’t aware of the moisture between her legs, she felt it now.

Lips fell on the younger woman’s neck, then her shoulders. Maélie’s small, deft hands pulled the nightgown strap from Marietta’s collarbone. Breathing heavily, she felt as the strap was pulled lower and lower until her breast was exposed. Was that really her aunt’s lips lowering to surround her nipple? She gasped as indeed that was the case. She felt the confluence of Maélie’s lips and tongue there, and the pleasure radiated throughout her body, then concentrated in her cunt. Marietta felt the need to show control of the situation. With her last bit of non-id thinking, she pushed Maélie gently from on top of her.

“Oh, God,” she stammered. “I’m sorry, but we’re going to fuck if we go on like this. You were right, I’m going to be bad. And right now I need to orgasm.”

“So you’re going back to your room?”

“How about I move over to the other side of the bed? You stay on your side. And I can try out your new toy.”

While Maélie lit a couple candles she had in the dresser drawer, Marietta unboxed the Wand, and then found a correct outlet. They hoped the instructions were no more than common sense, as they did not have the concentration to read the enclosed manual. Finally she had untangled the cord. Soon Maélie heard the burr of the Wand began as Marietta began to familiarize it with her clit.

Maélie turned toward her niece, who smiled at her as she pulled up her teal nightgown, then eased the matching panties from her hips, leaving her pubis in full view. Any previous uncertainty about her niece’s appearance was now remote. Marietta’s body was gorgeous. Maélie saw that Marietta had a matching russet triangle at the junction of her legs, which was quickly covered by escort gaziantep one hand guiding the Wand to her pubis without any preliminaries, the other hand distending the breast that her aunt had just pleasured. The next sight caused Maélie to watch in awe. Marietta’s face became more and more tense, but her gaze never dropped from her aunt, her friend, her sexual inspiration. The view of Maélie’s breasts that the bra accorded, along with the sight of her curvaceous legs, were sufficient to send Marietta into a sexual frenzy. Her legs- bucked frantically as two of her fingers went in repeatedly. “Do you like this, Maélie?” Her aunt nodded, transfixed.

Marietta put two fingers into her mouth. “I am tasting you here. You are the one penetrating me here, stimulating my clit. You are the one I want to please so much…” The rest came down to loud stream of thought. Compared to this, her sex with Charles was so ordinary, so matter of fact. Maélie could see a blush appear between her niece’s breasts. (God she wanted to roll over the short distance between the women and suck them again. But then she couldn’t stop putting her hand inside her cunt as well…they’d wind up fucking, like they said they wouldn’t do.) Marietta pulled her eyes away to look at her hands pushing into herself, again and again. Then she rocked back into the bed and cried out as her brain sent and intense message to her vaginal muscles, and with a series of ah- ah- AHHHHH cries, Marietta had a thunderous resolve. A bit of girl cum sprayed all over the sheets, in parallel to her brother’s ejaculation two days previous.

Maélie was tempted to take the Wand and apply it to herself, but the sight of her niece’s body led to further weakness on her part. She rose, removed her pyjama top and rolled over the short distance between them. Marietta again felt Maélie’s weight press upon her while her lips again felt the touch of the older woman’s, this time with even more intense passion. Marietta’s hands sought out the back of Maélie’s bra. Maélie felt mixed pleasure and panic as one by one her bra clasps became undone – has she never undressed another woman? She seems practiced…finally the bra came loose and Maélie’s large breasts were free to press into her. Marietta became excited to have access to the body she had long loved and envied;. But while Maélie was excited to have new appreciation for her niece, she knew this was a much more dangerous situation than with Lukas. As beautiful as his cock was, she was not tempted to put it inside her mouth or her cunt. But if Marietta wanted to enter her, Maélie knew she could not stop her. All she had now was the closeness of her niece to keep Marietta from reaching inside her panties. She clung to Marietta, who was happy for the kisses Maélie showered on her open mouth.

Their pubises touched. Marietta pushed up her leg between Maélie’s. Maélie in response felt a delicious pressure on her clitoris through her sodden panties. Maélie repeated the rocking motion, and felt an even more irresistible sensation. Holding her niece tight, Maélie rubbed against Marietta’s leg again and again, starting to cry out excitedly through the kisses. Umph-umph-umph-umph fuck fuck fuck fuck Marietta heard, surprised that her in-control aunt had become enslaved to her for the moment. Maélie had lost control of herself, and was compulsively humping her nieces lovely thigh, her cries becoming louder and louder. Maélie felt one of Marietta’s hands on her bare back, while the other pushed on her panties. As Maélie felt an orgasm building, she felt Marietta’s hand invade her panties, push them down until her ass was exposed. The response from the older woman was to cry out louder, as Marietta’s finger touched at Maélie’s anus, just out of reach of her vagina. errr-errr-ERRR! as shock coursed through Maélie’s body. Marietta herd cries as Maélie kept up the leg-humping until another orgasm left her exhausted and emotionally spent.

“Shhhhh, rest easy, Maélie. Go to sleep next to me.” Marietta removed the teal nightgown as Maélie removed her loosened bra and her panties. Maélie turned her back and spooned into her niece, then Marietta’s hand reached over Maélie’s back and sought out the spot it wanted. As she slipped her fingertips around her aunt’s swollen nipple, she felt the other’s hand rest upon hers. Maélie knew her niece could not do more than fall asleep next to her.

Just before dawn the rent a car that the three shared drove into the driveway. Lukas was home. In a panic, Marietta gathered up her robe, leaving behind her nightgown behind. She staggered down, not being able to find her room. She gave a garbled greeting to her brother, before bumping her way into her bedroom. Maybe he suspects what’s happened, she thought. But at least I won the race to touch Maélie’s body.

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